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The Torch: Events

The logo for the torch sl guide club walkaboutThe Torch SL Guide: Club Walkabout
Ok, so you have all been on a real binger, haven’t you? Dragging from one bar to the next all night long. What if I told you that you can do that in SL too?
The Torch SL Guide presents the Club Walkabout, 24 hours of clubbing goodness, enjoying some of the finest clubs in SL.


  • This is a newcomer friendly event, please treat everyone with respect.
  • Point them to the next club once your event is over.
  • Winners of your contests do not have to be newcomers.
  • If you are having themed events give enough time for newbies to get into theme.
  • Not being “in theme” is not a good enough reason to kick someone from the club.
  • Be helpful to newcomers who don’t know how to dance, this is meant to be a fun experience for them, No Drama.
  • If there are trouble makers, you as club owners have the right to take action against them.
  • The Torch SL Guide can’t take responsibility for how visitors act.
  • Above all have fun and enjoy yourselves.

July 20th-21st Friday-Saturday

We are currently taking in suggestions for clubs to include in this walkabout. Do you own a club and wants to be a part of this, fill out this form and send to us before July 1st. You don’t need to have an event, but if you do, you would need to pay eventual prize money yourself.

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