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BLB Book Review: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

Within the war-torn Kingdom of Faelen, it seems hope of surviving is becoming less and less every day. However, salvation comes to its people in the form of seventeen year old, Nymia, a slave with a curse that the people of Faelen purged themselves many years ago. Now, in a twist of irony it seems […]

Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks

AtomP Discusses: Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks – Part Three

In the last article we looked at gamepads, a fairly profound shift away from classic PC gaming peripherals. Today we’ll be examining one of the older forms of PC peripheral, the joystick. This discussion on joysticks will look at regular joysticks and their usage scenarios, perhaps with recommendations for alternative or more advanced options such […]

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Bare Face Challenge

Dear reader, I challenge you to take a Bare Face challenge, if you haven’t yet. Since the last few days, this challenge has caught a wild fire in Second Life. There is a group in flicker, Bare Face Challenge where you may share your pictures. If you are on Facebook, share your picture with hash […]

Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks

AtomP Discusses: Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks – Part Two

  In last weeks article we ventured into fairly familiar territory with the mouse and keyboard, the established stomping ground of PC gaming. Today we’re going to be looking at something a little different, an (unwelcome) inheritance from the console peasants (in jest) in the form of the gamepad. I’ll try to cover what gamepads […]

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123 reasons why MCM Comic Con London was AWESOME (Oct’ 2014)

Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks

AtomP Discusses: Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks – Part One

Limitations in my available time has created a fairly significant problem when it comes to reviewing and previewing games; I haven’t really played any. What I have had recently is a desire to write on HIDs (Human Interface Devices) and my ever growing collection. These articles will cover a variety of different device types, looking at […]

Kevin's Music Reviews

Kevin’s Music Reviews: Last.fm Top Artists of the Month

This week I’ll be going over my top ten most-played artists of the past month, according to last.fm., and ranting briefly about why they are where they are on my rank and including samples.

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Retro Monday: “Alien Carnage”

Busy week and year… This week has been one of the most busiest weeks I’ve had in a while. Before the week even began there was MCM London, 3 days of games, cosplayers, (and to a lesser extent) movies, TV and comics. I had one day to recover then I was off to a wedding. […]


Barton’s Movie Reviews – NIGHTCRAWLER

“If you want to win the lottery, you have to make the money to buy a ticket.” Lou Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) is an aspiring video journalist who lives by these words each and every day of his life. We meet Bloom however, as a man trying to make his name in the world through any […]

Ol Hige

Stories From My Youth: Jamaican Ghost Stories – Ol’ Hige

I swear my uncle was a master story teller. When I visited  his house, every night he would have a strange new tale to tell. My cousins and I would gather around him after dinner, pull the blankets around us and wait. He usually sat outside the back door, stuffing his Tobacco into his rolling […]


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