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Kevin's Music Reviews

Kevin’s Music Reviews: A Few New Tunes – Beats, Bikini Bottom blastbeats, and Weezer

Andy Stott – Faith in Strangers It’s been a great month for music and all things new and music newsy. Andy Stott is here to reciprocate his 2012 expertly-crafted Luxury Problems, just in time for the brisk weather to condemn you to the foggy bar countertops and the dark end of the dancefloor. From what […]

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Retro Monday – “Robot Wars: Metal Mayhem”

Slow week. Except for… You know… Only two major things happened this week. The first involves #GamerGate so I’m going to gloss over it swiftly with only the facts as not to offend the vocal. Anita Sarkeesian (yes her) was to do her usual talk at the Utah State University. A threat was then issued […]



What can I say about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Well I can start by saying it is better than the utterly abysmal Transformers: Age of Extinction earlier this summer. Not really the biggest of achievements though. Everyone’s favourite heroes in a half-shell are back and this time they are louder, in just about every way, than ever before. […]


Thoughts from the Cyberverse: Hatred and the controversy around it

It has become somewhat of a regular piece now for me to comment on recent controversies, so here is my take on the recently released trailer for upcoming Destructive Creation release Hatred. Background Earlier in the week, Polish game studio Destructive Creation unveiled their latest project, an isotopic shooter called Hatred, that puts you in […]


Barton’s Movie Reviews BFI London Film Festival Special – FOXCATCHER

Foxcatcher is the third feature film from director Bennett Miller, who has made a name for himself with the biographical dramas Capote and Moneyball. With Foxcatcher, Miller once again delivers a powerful drama with performances of the highest order. Foxcatcher is the true story of USA Olympic gold medal winning wrestler Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and the close relationships he shared with […]

Kevin's Music Reviews

Kevin’s Music Reviews: PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises – ClearSkies™

ClearSkies™ is brought to you by PrismCorp Virtual Enterprises to enhance your day-to-day experience. Every employee is given a free CD-ROM with our software to commemorate our 5th anniversary and are being distributed at a bargain value at local electronics stores and supermarkets. What kind of product is ClearSkies™? ClearSkies™ is a piece of computer […]


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