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AtomP Previews: Elite Dangerous [Frontier Developments]

The original Elite was a little before my time, which is a shame really as I probably would’ve gotten on with it like a house on fire had I found it. Elite was a free-form space trading, combat, exploration game, or rather it was *the* free-form, space trading, combat and exploration game. Then in 2013 […]

UKBA15 Feature

Vote For us at the UKBA15!

We have been nominated for best in Lifestyle and Arts & Culture at the UK Blog Awards 2015. Please help us win by voting. Voting is as easy as spelling your name!   To vote, click each link, fill in your name and email and submit.   Vote for us in the category Lifestyle Vote […]

Kevin's Music Reviews

Kevin’s Music Reviews: TOKiMONSTA – Desiderium

As she steps up from under the plates of the LA underground and makes her way to her own brand new label Young Art, electronic hip-hop producer TOKiMONSTA experiences a shift in sound that can best be described as a mixed bag. Rising as a formidable contender in the plane of artsy hip-hop and Flying […]


BLB Book Review: Storm Siren by Mary Weber

Within the war-torn Kingdom of Faelen, it seems hope of surviving is becoming less and less every day. However, salvation comes to its people in the form of seventeen year old, Nymia, a slave with a curse that the people of Faelen purged themselves many years ago. Now, in a twist of irony it seems […]

Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks

AtomP Discusses: Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks – Part Three

In the last article we looked at gamepads, a fairly profound shift away from classic PC gaming peripherals. Today we’ll be examining one of the older forms of PC peripheral, the joystick. This discussion on joysticks will look at regular joysticks and their usage scenarios, perhaps with recommendations for alternative or more advanced options such […]

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Bare Face Challenge

Dear reader, I challenge you to take a Bare Face challenge, if you haven’t yet. Since the last few days, this challenge has caught a wild fire in Second Life. There is a group in flicker, Bare Face Challenge where you may share your pictures. If you are on Facebook, share your picture with hash […]

Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks

AtomP Discusses: Controllers, Keys, Mice and Sticks – Part Two

  In last weeks article we ventured into fairly familiar territory with the mouse and keyboard, the established stomping ground of PC gaming. Today we’re going to be looking at something a little different, an (unwelcome) inheritance from the console peasants (in jest) in the form of the gamepad. I’ll try to cover what gamepads […]

MCM London Oct 2014 Banner

123 reasons why MCM Comic Con London was AWESOME (Oct’ 2014)


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