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Ol Hige

Stories From My Youth: Jamaican Ghost Stories – Ol’ Hige

I swear my uncle was a master story teller. When I visited  his house, every night he would have a strange new tale to tell. My cousins and I would gather around him after dinner, pull the blankets around us and wait. He usually sat outside the back door, stuffing his Tobacco into his rolling […]

Kevin's Music Reviews

Kevin’s Music Reviews: Architecture in Tokyo – Summer Paradise Album Review

The vaporwave template has generally orbited to a broad but simple premise. The actual content varies, but the proverbial “aesthetic” remains the same – nostalgic, kitschy, far-removed yet completely familiar. These eccentricities can take many forms, sometimes with a political undertone, and others purely waxing affection for bygone eras and experiencing them turned on their […]

SL feature image

Making Strides

As the day for Halloween is nearing, so is the end of Seasons of Pink this year. Two regions were decked beautifully with a woodland and a path running with cobbled stones. In the center was the fountain with the maze surrounding it. Pink flowers lay spread across the region. The first ever stride for […]


Barton’s Movie Reviews – FURY

There are few things in this world as brutal and unforgiving as war. Often laying waste to built up areas and affecting the lives of many, war is just one of those things we wish didn’t happen at all. Over the years, Hollywood has produced many films depicting the horrors of war, whether that be World […]

Mancrate Haunting Featured

Ten things you need to survive a haunted house

It is October and that means Halloween is drawing close. We were issued a request by Mancrates to put together a list of things to survive, should you ever find yourself on the wrong side of the screen during a horror film.

After some research, it turns out that the absolutely, definitive horror genre seems to be Haunted House, so here’s our list of the ten things we would absolutely need to survive if we ever got caught in a haunted house.

X Plane 10

Atomp Reviews: X-Plane 10 [Laminar Research]

X-Plane 10 is pretty immense and it will be a different beast depending on what you’re looking for, so I’ll try to cover what I can in a reasonable space. This is the tenth iteration in the X-Plane flight simulator series. For the longest time the amateur flight simulator market was dominated by Microsoft’s Flight […]


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