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Supporters in SL

“Where Visions Grow & Dreams Come True”

An international association for magazine publishers, bloggers and writers interested or involved in Second life’s magazine industry. Founded under the principals of “unifying the community for a greater learning experience,” ™MWGA caters towards supporting the growth of this industry via establishing networking relationships.

™MWGA is a non-profit association that allows Elites (magazine/blog owners) to send members information about their latest magazine issues, job opportunities, magazine related events including fund-raising and ad rates. Instead of members having to search the grid for magazine information they get full access through the association.

This is also a great way for members and elites to network and get more involved with the industry. Many desire to become writers, simply love to read issues and some want to be published in their issues to promote their business.
™MWGA opens this opportunity to interested individuals by giving you all the information on getting connected.

OUR MISSION: “To network, build and maintain positive relationships with professionals and those interested in learning, growing and celebrating creativity at its best.”

WANNA JOIN? (Place link in local chat then click on it) secondlife:///app/group/8920a755-d480-9f31-13de-6224404d90f7/about



Press Pass Media

For the best Notices about events, magazine releases, shows and so much more.



.:~The Oubliette~:.

Grey Gardens is a mystical store, filled with goodies for

drows and other mystical creatures of the night.

A word of warning: Don’t go here if you have arachnophobia ;)

Survivors of Suicide

Helping people in need, overcoming grief and to keep the memory of people lost to


SoS also have a lot of information about how to handle depression and other psychological effects

of loss and trauma.

Ohana Rock Club

Awesome tunes – Awesome Friends – What more could you need?

Visit Ohana Rock Club & you’ll receive a warm welcome & meet genuine folks, who enjoy having a PARTY every night!


SHUP BISHShup Bish Black

Est 2009 // 2500+ Gestures & Aways Adding // Unique & Original Gestures! // Bumpers, Dancers, Walkers, & More! // Freebie & Halfsie Packs // Freebies for Newbies // HUNTS! // 7Seas & NeoRealms Fishing On Site! // Stop in & Check us out!!!

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