Top Five BCSL: Best Clubs in SL

Second Life have some very good clubs out there, places you can relax and just party when you have a hard day in real life. So here is Best Clubs in Second Life.

Top 5 Best Rock Clubs in Second Life 

5. Ohana Rocks 

Using a word that means family, Ohana is a rock club is just that, family. Created by Marcus Zenia and Molly Sommersley, this club churns out tune after awesome turn that lets you spam gestures like no bodies business.

4. Wet Willies 

Another amazing Second Life rock club that plays hits from the 80’s, 90’s and noughties.

3. The Under ground  

A rock club through all the ages, the underground is one of the oldest rocks clubs in SL and definitely worth checking out.

2. Club 4377 

Created by Cornholio Darkthorn, but is now run by Svetlana Larimore and Bane Jinx. It kicks out deadly tunes on a daily basis.

1. Demonic Rock Club 

Last but not least Demonic Rock Club. One of the favourites at the Torch SL Guide, for three reasons. one, the best djs, hottest hosts, finest dancers. two, the greatest place to finds awesome avatars and three korn!

That is Top Five Best Rock Clubs in Second Life!

2 comments on “Top Five BCSL: Best Clubs in SL

  1. Been to a few of these clubs. NOT impressed in the least and I haven’t been back. I’ve been to better clubs with better music and people, instead of this ear splitting static and the filthy language that so many low class kids feel makes them so hot and hip.
    How about finding some clubs with ‘class’ instead of more trash. Something with elegance and beauty instead of these cluttered, laggy dumps??

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