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Legacy Pack available for Star Trek Online (updated)

In preparations for the launch of Legacy of Romulus, where you get to play from the Romulan point of view in addition to the existing Starfleet and Klingon factions, Perfect World is releasing the Legacy Pre-Order Pack.

This pack does not contain the game or the expansion, both of those can be found for FREE here (note: Legacy of Romulus comes out May 21), but gives you a lot of goodies when you get those.

Legacy Pack comes in two variants, the Romulan Starter Pack and the Romulan Legacy Pack.

Starter Pack ($19.99):

  • T’Varo Warbird Retrofit (Starship)
  • T’Varo Light Warbird (Starship)
  • Liberated Borg Reman (Bridge Officer)
  • Survivor of Romulus (Title)

Legacy Pack ($134.99):

  • Everything from Starter Pack
  • 7 additional ships (D’deridex Warbird Retrofit, Mogai Warbird Retrofit, Dhelan Warbird Retrofit, D’ridthau Warbird Battle Cruiser, Valdore Heavy Warbird, Dhael Warbird, Scorpion Fighter)
  • Reman species (Reman themed costumes, unique ship materiels, can only be played through the Romulan faction)
  • Special Reman Duty Officer Mini-Pack
  • 30 Master Keys
  • Reman “Nemesis” Uniform
  • Rihannsu (Title)

For more information and to pre-order your Legacy Pack, visit http://sto.perfectworld.com/legacypack



Closed BETA have now been opened. Players who are eligible for Closed BETA will be receiving mail from the development team and will be able to go on the TRIBLLE Test Server and create a Romulan character and play roughly halfway through the main story. Open BETA is planned to open closer to the launch, but no time or date have been set for that yet.

For more information on the Closed BETA of Legacy of Romulus, check the forum thread here.

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