Weddings In Second Life

Second Life is a very wonderful place. I know, I know you have to be crazy to want to get married in a virtual world, but it does exist and it has become one of the most popular events that could happen in your second Life. The Second Life weddings are taken seriously, just like their real life counter parts. Every detail is planned out, there is a ceremony, and although Second Life relationships might not last as long as a real life one, it shows that there is a very sacred bond between partners. You can have a very expensive wedding and you can have a wedding on a budget. Then again you could always to a Wedding Fair, to find out what is it there and affordable. But before you get to that all important wedding day, there are a few steps you have to through, Second Life dating, Second Life Relationships, Second Life Partnering and Finally the Second Life Wedding.

Wedding Fair Expo 2011

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Raid The Marketplace: Shoes, Shoes Everywhere!

Sometimes I just love the Marketplace, the things you can find there are just amazing, and cheap too! This week I found a store that sells cheap shoes. Just 1L$! For everything! A part from a pair of boots, they’re 25L$


Sole Sisters – Jordan pumps 1L$

Sole Sister – Nicole Ankle Boots 1L$


There are a lot cheap items the marketplace store. Check it out!

Phoenix Firestorm 3.2 is OUT!

Love Mesh? Love Phoenix? Love Firestorm? Well Phoenix Firestorm 3.2 has been released, following  a few weeks after Linden Labs’ own Viewer 3.2, which got rid of the Basic and Advance Menus (Thank GOD!).

While the previous Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Mesh was a beta, this is, according the Phoenix Viewer Blog, is the official release. They comment:

“We realize this release has been long overdue and we appreciate your patience while we have been very very busy over here in Phoenix Project land working hard to be able to offer you an official release of the Firestorm viewer. It was very important to us to ensure that Firestorm was as bug free and feature complete as possible before calling it an ‘official release’. We did not want to disappoint or insult you by giving you something that isn’t ready and still calling it an official. Although this release isn’t entirely bug free (no viewer ever is of course) or 100% feature complete it sure is damn close! So with that said, we are very proud and excited to offer you the Official Phoenix Firestorm Viewer Release! “

- Phoenix Viewer Team

Enjoy Phoenix Firestorm 3.2  

Yumz Clothing

Welcome to Yumz, one of the best Urban Retail stores in Second Life. There is two reasons why I like Yumz so much: 

1. Clothes that fit the  Modern day Plus size shaped women in Second Life

2. Reasonable prices!

Created by Yummy Brentley, Yumz explores a part of Second Life that isn’t normally showcased and can be frown upon by many reisdents who have a preconceived image of what the human body should look like.

Price range is 200L$ and below including a ‘Throwbacks’ room located on the 3rd floor with cheaper clothes from 50L$. They also give away monthly gifts.

Newbie Friendly : 8 out 10

Music : 9 out of 10

Overall Experience: 9 out of 10

Yumz Clothing is now located in a region called Vogue, is home to other stores such as Chop Suey, and YungLovz.

Kawaii Hunt – The Best Bits

It has been a while since I’ve done a hunt and I was very happy to start with the Kawaii Hunt, a hunt that was inspired by all things nice, sweet and tender with a strong sense of Japanese anime culture. Running from November 21 – December 21, this hunt sparked my interested with its Strawberry themed hunt object and innocent outfits. I liked the Kawaii hunt because it is a great contrast to the Hunt Culture’s Sex sells and Twisted/Depraved norms. That and I found everything just adorable:

#51 (Outfit) Bonne Channel: Vintage Flower


#50 Sweet Kuki: *SK* Alma Dress


The Kawaii Hunt is still going on, so hurry if you want to get these amazing outfits for free. For more information don’t forget to visit The Kawaii blog. Don’t forget to join the ~ Love SL Hunts  ~ Group (copy and paste in Second Life):   secondlife:///app/group/541b2654-0741-d395-2a63-a7e9752d5ce8/about

If you want to find out more about other hunts around Second Life that are currently going or about to start check out SL Hunts.  Learn more about Second Life’s Hunt Culture . Have fun!


Roleplay and dance, Dark of the Moon party in Dee

Dark Of The Moon Dee Party is a mothful to say, but it is as awesome as it sounds. Celebrating the turn of the year to the darker times, all of Dee was rocking as DJ Cat (Cataplexia Numbers) played her sweet, fantasy themed songs. Now, don’t go thinking that fantasy theme means all new age, no no no, DJ Cat has everything from Enya to Led Zepelin in her archives.

Honored DJ Cataplexia Numbers

Honored DJ Cataplexia Numbers

As Runa says, dance and go nuts!

As with all great RP events, there was a lot of RPing going on on the dancefloor, where discussions went from childbirth, to what the result of mixing spiders and bunnies would be, to the taste of men… No, I mean the the actual taste of men, what they taste like.

The contest theme was Darkness, and everyone brought their greatest darkness-outfit to the light (no pun intended). The votes got a bit hairy, as there was too many great outfits to chose from, but finally Canned Haifisch and Elektra Panthar took shared second place, and there was an amazing three-way-tie between our own Izzie, ComCat Fenstalker and Nyal.

Roleplaying in Dee – Meet the newest citizen

Elizabeth gasps as the pain surges through her body. She leans against Morrice for support, as her knees gets weaker. He kicks the door to the hospital open as the fae cora waits inside with a bed ready made.

“Runa, it’s time” he says quickly as he leads her to the bed.

“Aye, firimar, I can see that” She remarks. “Now go outside and make yourself useful, guard the door or something.”

Left with no other choice, he sits down on the staircase outside the hospital doors, watching through the window as his dearest lies in labor beyond the screen.


Roleplays can be so much more than just clashing swords on the field of battle, as we have experienced. Actually, fighting has taken over so much that Dee outright banned the use of the combat system recently.

We have never been much for the combat, the ambiance is enough for us. Besides, where words fail, swords take over, and we’ve never been out of words so far *wink wink*.

Waiting for the newest Dee Resident

As roleplay gets deeper, it is not unheard of that women do get pregnant. Such was the case with Elizabeth and Morrice so long ago. Being on the run from the former countrymen, the due date came and went. It took almost a full week longer for the child to be born, but the wait was worth it as we saw the glimmer in Baby Isabels eyes as Cora Runa handed her over to us.

Another day in Dee, and this might be the greatest of days.

Yes Steam, Midnight Mania. Oh, How We Love Them

There are many reasons why we love Midnight and Mini Mania boards. Reason one? The amazing outfits they give us that would normally cost  a bundle.

This little gift came from: 

American Bazaar MM Board

American Bazaar Group (Copy and Paste in World and be rewarded) secondlife:///app/group/42a136d9-8cdf-e6b7-ec74-03f8a4cdea27/about

American Bazaar Blog: Keep up with their new products!

Second Life Black Friday Sales

This article is from 2011, for the 2012 Black Friday Sales article, click HERE!

It’s after Thanksgiving and after using the time to stuff your face, now you’re looking for presents to stuff under your Christmas Tree. That is what Black Friday is all about and just like real life everyone in Second Life is looking for that perfect Christmas Gift to give to their SL family members.

There isn’t any surprise that there are huge Black Friday Sales all over, the Grid, and here are a few that we found:

Virtually Linked’s TheLondonSims 

NY Couture 

The Penalty Spot

Maya Angels London

Other Places in Second Life 

Studio Nails