This Week in Second Life xD

Continuing events:

Haunted Fest: Party throughout the month of October for Halloween in Tribute City! Events include live djs, tribute bands, a Halloween photo contest, a week-long merchant’s fair and, of course, lots of tricks and treats! For more information and updates: http://tributecity.blogspot.com.


Hackberry Hall: What you will find if you dare to open the door of this impressive old Victorian manor? Find out when you visit Hackberry Hall.

Arkhamville: Once up on a time in a land not so far away, there was a village where many dark and mysterious things happened and someone was murdered. Come solve the mystery of Arkhamville-talk to villagers, hunt for clues, explore the area. If you love to hunt and love to solve mysteries then this is the place for you. Just in time to get in the halloween spirit!

Scared To Death! Haunted House Ride: Bring your friends and come celebrate the season in this haunted house that features ridable pumpkin cars which seat up to 5 avatars! Come join the fun and have a spooky time!


Demonic Night Club: Demonic Night Club offers round-the-clock DJs playing the hottest rock, metal, industrial, alternative and Gothic music. Great for those who want to dance on the dark side.

The Dark Harlequin: The Dark Harlequin is a live music venue dedicated to goth, rock, metal, industrial darkwave, and punk! With a theme of Goth and "creatures of the night," this spot encourages everything from elves to vampires and lycans to ninjas. Don’t miss the mid-day shows on Sundays, typically held from 11 a.m.-11 p.m. (Pacific).


Pumpkin Town: Enter a world filled with pumpkins, witches, zombies and trolls. In Pumpkin Town, there are houses to search and gifts to find. Join the fun for live concerts, shows, deejay sets, scary story readings and contests. Open through October 31. More info go to the website

Fantasmagoria Inc. For Halloween 2012, Fantasmagoria Inc is proud to present the Witches Brew Hunt! Work you way through the haunted maze, solving puzzles as you go. Then brave the Haunted Hotel, avoid the pitfalls and its decidedly unsavory patrons. All the time look for the ingredients to summon up The Witches Brew. Find the cauldron and make sure you get the potion brewed in the correct order.



Sl’s Top Haunted Places Tour & Hunts: Tour and hunt across many types of haunted places in Second Life. The list keeps growing daily, so start here to grab landmarks for each haunt. This launch spot features spooky scenery, imaginative displays and interaction with the spirits to get you in the mood.

Ocean Key Great Pumpkin Simwide Hunt : Each of the 11 shops has placed a very valuable pumpkin inside their own stores filled with magic! 

Bloodline Hunt: Hunts R Us is proud to present our first Bloodlines themed hunt.  This hunt is geared toward creating community particiation and having fun with other Bloodlines members.  We have a wide range of sponsors including Bloodlines, Bitey Bish, Slutwear by Lexi, Huntress Breedables and many more.

For more hunts please go to SL Hunts

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