A Girl & Her Happy Hats

You’d heard of the Woman who Lived in a Shoe? Well this is the Woman who has a store in a Hat and what a store it is! I stumbled across

The Happy Hats

The Happy Hat while on the The I <3 the 80′s Hunt and found that this small store was actually amazing. With cheap and affordable accessories from shoes to …well hats.

This awesome store is brain child of Rah Rehula who has been a resident of SecondLife since 2007 and through her love of building

Rah Rehula owner of The Happy Hats

brought to life a very unique store. “ The Happy Hat started because I was showing a group of Higher Education Faculty about how a business class could be created in Second Life.” Explains Rah, “After it’s creation, I decided to just keep it going. I chose a hat as the building design because one of the first persons I met in SL (FOUR years ago) was wearing a hat. She stated it was something most people did not do in SL; so I set out to perfect the hat. I love to be creative; it reduces my stress. I also love to share my work with others. This is why the products are “affordable” as to Linden standard.”

And affordable they are, the Price Range for The Happy Hat is a cool 10L$ – 50L$ so definitely worth checking out if you are interested in hats, shoes and affordable prices. 

Fancy Fuschia L$10

Grey Daze L$10

Green Ghost L$ 20

Gold L$10

This store never has a dull moment, since it is always participating in up coming hunts and has displays that customers can interact with. “I get bored very easily so I change the store décor every month and bring what ever holiday into the mix.” Rah also shed some light on her inspiration for Happy Hats. “My inspiration, I would say, comes from the designers and builders of Second Life. There is always a visual explosion here in virtual environment. Many times, I find myself mesmerized by other’s work.”

The Happy Hats is beautiful store to look at and doesn’t break your virtual pockets, that is perfect for new residents.

June Carlson 

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Phoenix Rising_storefront

Phoenix Rising: Rise of Dollarbies.

Now you might have heard of the term, Dollarbie before. If not then listen up, a dollarbie is any item or clothes that can be purchased on SL for nothing more than one linden. 1L$. As a newbie, you will live off of these amazing deal, whether it be on the SL Marketplace or even inworld.
This bargain carried me through my newbie months. Once I was able to get some money from winning or taking part in events, and raiding several Money Trees, the dollarbie became my best friend. One store that gave me THE experience in dollarbie was Phoenix Rising.

Phoenix Rising is the brain child of Ashoka Eales and began in 2007. Since then it has become a very popular store specialising in the very sexy, the very naughty and the very stylish. PR specialised in both male and female clothing and offer two types of discounts, the dollarbie and the 25L$, the marketplace store shows you 25L$, while you can find dollarbie deals inworld, along with the 25L$ and a wide range of women’s clothing.

Sadly while walking through the store a few weeks I noticed that the male section was closed down with only a few items available.

While researching for this article several people have told me that Phoenix Rising is closing.  I am not sure about any of the details , but if this actually is happening I suggest that you bargain loving shoppers get down to Phoenix Rising as soon as you can.

The lag within the store can be horrible at times, but it is worth it. Phoenix Rising is an amazing store, with (now!) amazing bargains, fantastic and fashionable clothes. Don’t believe me? See for yourself!

Phoenix Rising Marketplace

Phoenix Rising Main Store

Newbie Friendly: 8 out of 10 (You might need to know how to leave how to control your camera, you will get stuck in lag quite a lot.)

Music: 8 out 10 ( up-to-date mainstream music with a few adverts in the middle.)

Lag: 9 out of 10 ( Extremely laggy might have to cam around to find anything)

Clothes: 9-10 (Different clothes to fit different styles, with different ways to wear them and Affordable)

Overall Experience: 8 out 10 (apart the lag, it’s a great place to find clothes.)

Woman’s Clothes Causal and Formal:

Left to right: (Bree) Brace 25L$ & Nardya’s Hallcuination 25L$, (Pat) Tastee Blue 1L$ & Elegance Mourning 1L$, (Cottie) Harmonica’s Song – Red  1L$ & Kieran’s Wild- short 1L$, (Wolly) Flirt 1L$ & Williamina’s Tease 25L$

Mens outfits:

Right to Left: (Roger) 25L$ Risk Grass, (Morphman)  Ion Brick 25L$, (Rock) Push Orange 25L$

Izzie Morgan

images by: Morphman the Clown & Izzie Morgan