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December Store Gift – Vaxer

I have a huge technical issue at the moment – I don’t have a working computer :( but here I am on a borrowed desktop with a December store gift to blog for you, so for today, all good! This one comes courtesy of Vaxer by way of monaLISA, there is also a female store gift to be had, […]

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MM You Have To Love MM Boards

I recently picked up this full outfit from the MM board down at [AdN], it includes the pants, shirt and shoes – great look, excellent texturing and even better, I got it for free. There’s only one catch, you have to get there early SLT time because it seems the board locks early, usually well before 12 noon SLT;  there’s also a […]

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Noobie Style Challenge II

I was stalking a few blogs earlier today and I came across a challenge that one of my favourite bloggers, Bouncer Criss had blogged about. I followed the link and thought, hey I’d like to give that a go! The rules are pretty simple, spend less than L$550, use only items currently available and don’t use […]

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Go On, I Dare Ya!

There I was taking a shortcut through the alley, it would cut at least 15 minutes off my walk time when I heard them come up behind me. Spining around I saw them, a motley bunch of low lifes… Today Atlas is wearing: Shirt – Poison: jack daniels shirt, group gift Pants –Connors:,Buckle back jeans, group gift […]

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Tux Me

Looking for that special look for the next time you’re out on the town with your best girl or are simply wanting to show your classy side for very few Lindens? Well this tux is perfect for you! I picked it up off the MM board at Copacabana late last week and although I think its […]

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Steam’s Page 3 Girl #7

I really have a soft spot for steam couture, so when I found out that the Secret Shelf  had a steam outfit out as a hunt gift, I contacted Mtiifu straight away and asked her to go check it out. This is what she found and I guess I pretty much liked it! Today Mtiifu is wearing: Eyes […]

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