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The Three Moon Series ~ Part I

“This girl was once visited by the Priest Kings, who had taken her aboard a heavenly vessel to the beautiful planet just like her home. She used to be a beautiful woman, wealthy, free willed and wise until a mishap struck her village when she was taken captive by huge men who seemed unworldly.

Today she drops down to the ground, chained and wounded on the soft grass beneath her heels. She has surrendered herself to the world of unworldly men towards a servitude for life. She has no mind of her own, she has to beg for every necessity and her own survival. She is taken by a Master of the land. She serves her Master during the day and at night when she is allowed to her kennels, she looks up to the sky through the only small window where she sees three moons, something like her home yet so much different from earth, her home” :Kajira

The photograph is taken by Hayden Cerise, slightly edited to make it PG rated from the site:

Gor is a planet located somewhere in the Universe, just opposite of planet Earth. Like Earth has a satellite,the moon, it is said to have three satellites. The planet is beautiful with hard ground, soft green grass and a crystal clear water flowing around with untamed seas. Just like Earth. Although there is an existence of a  technology that is not yet familiar with Earth people, like the vessel which is used to travel across the Universe, yet they live like the historic Romans and Greeks of Earth in old rugged buildings with handmade tapestries. A lot of their livelihood is very similar to the Earth people. They tend the fields, harvest grains, milk bosks, verrs and other animals, cook, mine, make weapons and trade.

The photograph is taken from the community page of Second Life. The link to the City of Esalinus is

Gorean culture is based on the series of fictional novel written by John Norman. A few specifics about the author was written originally by Scott Sanford, which was unlinked to his site and updated by the staff at tLi. John Norman is the pen name of John Frederick Lange, Jr., Ph.D (June 3,931 till present). John Lange was born in Chicago Illinois, with two other siblings, David and Jennifer. He studied at University of Nebraska and later obtained his Ph.D from Princeton with a 149 page dissertation entitled, “In Defence of Ethical Naturalism: An examination of Certain Aspects of the Naturalistic Fallacy, With Particular Attention to the Logic of an Open Question Argument (Princeton University, 24-12, page 5636; order #AAI6401330)” He wrote many Gorean novels, Telnarian Histories trilogy and several other books. The list of books can be obtained from the following site. His works has been produced as a full length motion pictures and have sold millions of copies world wide in different languages. Although he has always tried to suppress his books and thoughts, the idea caught the cyber wind with mass appreciators and followers. More about John Norman can be searched on the web or wiki.

Gorean culture can be much related to John Cater, the movie or the Book series “War of Gods” by Lizzy Ford. The first book in the series, Damian’s Oracle was much like the story of a kajira (slave). The only difference would be a kajira is a being not human, stopped aging but not a vampire either. Those who have read or watched the movie would somewhat agree. There are many other novels and movies that would suffice with the idea of Gor. Until I started researching more, that I understood that this culture has been taken from our society and is a reflection of what we have.

Although some of us may be judgmental with the basic idea of slavery based on a science fictional novel. Yet if we look closely enough, we can see like all fiction, it is based on practicality. Suppose, on an isolated island, equal number of men and women are there and no outside factor has decided their rules or their ruler. What would happen? Given the human nature, some will try to dominate, some will submit. There would be a fight among the dominants and the one who wins would make the rule. Others would submit. The ones who disagree with the rules will be caste away.

Such idealistic situation can arise only in the books, that is in theory. If we look around, we deal with issues of other forms of slavery in our world every day. Although, it is said that slavery is a primitive thought, but is it true? Are we free willed? We submit to our boss at work, to our spouse at home, to our elders out of respect. Although it is not slavery, but it is also not free will. These few things are our service out of love and respect.

So, what happens when such relationships are exploited. Its not an alien motive, there are domestic violence on both men and women, women trafficking, prostitution, murders and other criminal activities. We deal with such extremities on the daily basis.

Is this what Gor is all about? Some of it is. Few may think contradictory. It is the most difficult spot that I have found myself ever, a culture that makes you ask question and ultimately you end up asking yourself doing justice with right and wrong. Like all societies there are all kinds of people, good and bad, even with the rules. The idea of slavery, just because one is woman, is the most offensive. This pushed me to plunge into their society, the Community of Gor.

Question 1) Why is Gor popular?

Question 2) Why is Gor hated?

Often Gor, is compared with the negativity of a being, the wild beast that lay under our skin which surfaces. However, the concept of Gor, is close but nothing as cruelty or criminal-ism. In this series, I will try my best to answer these questions put forth by readers. Meanwhile, a little of your view would help too on what do you think of Gorean culture?


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Behind the Scenes ~ Gullah Creole with Indea Vaher

Indea Vaher is an artist in real and virtual world. Her work has been documented and recognized by many local, national and international publications such as the Black Enterprise Magazine and many more. In her real life, she has been recognized as a genuine illustration of the history and traditions of African American Southern culture. Her inspirations can be well justified by her roots that are buried in Louisiana, where she spent the major 25 years of her life. Her inquisitiveness to learn more about her genealogy led her to the discovery of the commonalities between Sea Islands and Louisiana which is showcased in her arts of The Gullah/ Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor. This Corridor extends from Wilmington, North Carolina in the north to Jacksonville, Florida as designated by the Congress. However, the influence of the culture extends to Louisiana. Her artwork has been featured in many galleries and museums in real life. The artist has received many honors and awards.

Before getting any further, lets understand more about the art. What is Gullah?

The Gullah people have been able to preserve much of their African cultural heritage because of geography, climate, and patterns of importation of enslaved Africans.  The Gullah have preserved much of their African linguistic and cultural heritage. They speak an English-based creole language containing many African loanwords from African languages in grammar and sentence structure. Properly referred to as “Sea Island Creole”. Gullah storytelling, cuisine, music, folk beliefs, crafts, farming and fishing traditions all exhibit strong influences from West and Central African cultures. Read more at The Saminaka Compass~Gullah Connections.

Indea says, “I’ve spent most of my adult life painting and displaying my art. I’ve painted for a lot of reasons, but primarily to honor the Gullah-Creole women of history.

Indea, a self taught mixed-media artist and instructor, is well known for her brilliant coloring, intricate human and landscape forms. BOSL describes her art as “..start of free labor. This is beautifully captured in Indea’s artwork, through bold colors of blues, yellows and reds.” ~ As published in the June, 2014 issue.

the mossy tree

Indea says, “I eventually chose to live most of my adult life in the south preferring nature to concrete. However growing up in two worlds gave me a special way to appreciate the way we are, when viewing the way we are.

Not only, Indea Vaher is a well established artist in real life, but she has also made an impression in second life. She has been the featured artist at the Paris Couture for the month of March, 2014. The theme was tribute to women of St. Isabella Island.  Watch the video on YouTube.

Her other major works in Second Life includes;

  • Founding of  Sunrise Mansion Art Gallery and Museum Complex 2009 – Present
  • St Isabella Island 2010 – 2011
  • SRM’s Heritage House Cultural Center 2011- 2012
  • Administrator Virtual Harlem and Virtual Montmartre 2010 – Present
  • Virtual Montmartre Gallery 2010- Present

She says, “The sim is an expansion of these ideals expressed in my artwork, and includes; Plantation House: Main Gallery; features my Artwork and guest artists. Presentation area: Speakers and exhibits focusing on various related subjects changes monthly.”

The sim includes the following places worth visiting

  • Gullah House: Videos, exhibits and Information about the Gullah Culture
  • Midwife’s House: A bayou house with information and an installation about Midwives and their contributions historically up to the 1960’s.
  • Ibo Landing: The Middle Passage Experience with the Remembrance Slave ship docked,  with video, images and information; routes, capture, daily life on the ships, and revolt.
  • Praise House: Video, images and information on early worship by enslaved Africans , many traditions still practiced today as many are still standing.
  • Remembrance Memorial Garden: The Garden is a place of beauty where people can go and reflect in serenity and peace, created and donated by   Le Petit Beau Jardin or the beautiful little garden group (LPBJ),  with spiritually healing symbols in its design.  We hold entertainment events here, Live music DJ’s etc.

Indea says, “I use my art in second life as a means to open the door to a specific area of African American history. My art is used primarily to educate people about the Gullah Culture, and the people of the Sea Islands which is known by very few outside the region.  I am not trying to promote my art here, but use it to bring exposure too this very important and endangered way of life; as developers are rapidly moving out the native indigenous residents of the area and destroying so much of the valuable history there.”

Indea Vaher is also the administrator for Virtual Harlem and Virtual Montmartre through collaboration with the sim’s owner Dr. Bryan Mnemonic. She has worked with him for over two years, initially with a project which included plans for a Northern Migration experience from the south to the New York Harlem sim. She helps in holding events, curating exhibits, securing artists for galleries and giving tours on the two historical sims.

In the last interview with Bianca Xavorin, we came to know about Indea Vaher. I took this opportunity to interview such a well established artist. It was an honor for me.


Debby: How did you come to know about Second Life? Do you showcase your art in any other virtual world?

Indea Vaher: I was invited by a friend to attend a virtual classroom in 2008 which I was reluctant to do, I wasn’t into computer games or even chat rooms, however she was persuasive. I forgot about the class as soon as I saw the 3D environment and was so intrigued that I continued to login to explore, I never returned to the class, lol.No, I don’t showcase in any other virtual platforms.

Debby: Is selling of art in real life different from second life? What was your experience?

Indea Vaher: Yes, selling in second life is so much easier. Anyone can rent a space for few lindens and call it a gallery, upload JPEGs and there you go! There are no insurance issues in Second Life, as in real life it’s a primary concern to make sure your original work is well protected. When travelling crating pieces and shipping can be timely and extremely expensive and requires negotiation with the organization or gallery you are working with. Where is second life you rez it on a prim and tp the location.You don’t really need to worry about PR much in sl if you belong to art groups you post send out notices. In real life you need to send press releases and hope to be picked up by as many blogs, newspapers and publications as possible pray you get a cover, and good reviews after the shows have opened. However, you can experience some of that in SL, which is a microcosm of real life in all areas.

Debby: The virtual grid has many new artists evolving every few days. Would you like to try an artwork in Second Life using the SL environment?

Indea Vaher: I consider everything we do in sl is artwork. We forget because it’s immersive that we are viewing this 3D environment on a 2D flat screen. The trees, water, sky, all of the wonderful builds, even the avatars are wonderful works of art. Each resident is an artist in the way he or she decides on the skin they choose combined with the shapes and various choices of clothing, we are all creating within a graphic context all the time in second life.I created Sunrise Mansion Art Gallery and Museums as an artwork in SL, if you visit I have extended the conceptual theme of my artwork, which is African American Southern History. The Gallery, and builds are in direct correspondence to that.

Debby: As an artist would you recommend anyone in real  life to use virtual world as another platform to showcase their art?

Indea Vaher: Yes, I would, so many people are blocked and or inhibited artist and virtual experimentation has awakened them to that artist within. So many real life artists are already in sl using and laying everyday.

Debby: How much impact does second life have when you create real life art?

Indea Vaher: I think it has had a subliminal effect. It has also made me want to learn digital art.

Debby: Among the work you have done, which is the most favorite in your eyes and why? Would you like to share some with us?

Indea Vaher: It’s difficult to say which is my most favorite; I think they all are in different context, however, I’d love to share.

Debby: Are you inspired by any other artists? Any specific works of theirs that you would like to tell us about?

Indea Vaher: Yes, growing up I was inspired by Paul Gauguin, and also by fashion illustrations.

Debby: Any comments that you remember given by any of your fans?

Indea Vaher: Yes, I am most inspired by those who said my work moved them to tears. I appreciate n I’m honored to know a work has moved one to that emotion.


Debby: What would you like to tell your fans through this podium?

Indea Vaher: That I’m honored and I appreciate those who have shown support, and that it’s this that inspires me to continue to create. Thank you.

Debby: What would you like to tell the young artists, both real life and virtual life?

Indea Vaher: Stay focused, cherish your individuality, honor God/ Universe (whatever your spiritual belief) for allowing you to be a creative vehicle and don’t give up.


Interviewer’ Take

Indea Vaher is a very humble and a considerate person, even though, she is a well established artist in real world and the virtual world. With over two decades of experience, she is a self made artist and an instructor at various Universities, she is still very down to earth. Her work is a thought provoking eye opener for many of us. Our outlook changes towards the way we view the world when we see her artwork. The artistic quality to splash the lifestyle of Gullah on the canvas using bold deep colored lines is so well portrayed that we can easily connect with each one on a personal level.

*Note: The lines in italics are the words of Indea Vaher.

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4th of July, 2014 Celebrations

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Its 4th of July. Its not everyday, that we get to celebrate the Independence Day. So, whats special on this day at Second Life?


Where are the Gifts?

  • Independence Day Market

Click here to teleport.

It is the place where you will find everything. Starting from clothes to drinks and to fireworks. Its an umbrella for all the gifts to celebrate 4th of July,2014.

  • VIP Creations Skin and Clothes

Click here to teleport.

Many free female and male outfits are available for the love of celebrating 4th of July. Its a must visit place to grab all the free gifts.


  • Market Place

Click here to visit the link.

If you are out of choices or you want some other style, you can always visit the market place link.


Where is the Party?

There are many clubs and arties around the grid celebrating 4th of July, 2014. Among them a few worth mentioning are as follows. Click the links below to get the teleporter.



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SL11B ~ Pod Tours and Guide Book

I wanted to visit the SL11B, like someone who is new and exploring. With 11 sims to explore and only 2 weeks time, its fairly possible to miss a few. In this article I will talk about the Pod Tours and the Guide, which can help you visit the 11 sims easily. And all will be in the grasp of your hands.


  • Pod Tours

The major attractions which no one wants to miss is the Pod Tours. The specialty of these tours is that it when you sit in them, it guides you through all the exhibits telling you what you will expect. It is more like a guided tour. There are many pod stations and 22 free pods are always available at any time. This means it does not behave like a real life crowded bus or train. The pod tours are divided in two, one would visit the Eastern sims and the other the Western sims, with a 4 minute interval departure at each station. The Eastern sims tour lasts for about 45 minutes while the Western sims tour lasts for about 38 minutes.

One of the station that I visited was at SL11B Pizzazz where there are gift centers too.

Teleporter ~

One of the bloggers of the PR Team, and a good friend blogged about the bucket list visits of SL11B. The following photographs are taken by Bambi Chicque. With her in the snapshot is Owl Dragonash.

In the following picture, if you look closely, you can also see that the pod has turned to a boat and hot air balloons. The snapshot is compiled by Bambi Chicque. Click here to visit her blog.



  • Guide to SL11B Community Celebrations

The second way to visit all sims and know more about them, is to look into the Guide book assembled by the SL11B PR Team. This guide gives an outlook to the builders, the exhibit photographs, the description about each exhibit and the photographer who took it. The best thing about this Guide is that is gives the landmarks to each exhibit.

There are 2 versions available. One is on the web site and the other is in-world.

Click here to get the web version of the Guide

Teleporter to the in-world destinations.

This is also currently available with all the greeters stationed at SL11B. However, if you are looking for a vendor kiosk, you may ask contact Alianna Logan, Bambi Chicque or Debby Sharma. This will be soon be available at the market place too. I will update the link as soon as we have one.

In the next blog, I will talk about the SL11B Hunt . Stay tuned till then and have fun because we are 11!

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SL11B ~ Get Your Selfies

In the last article Press Tour, I covered the major landing points of SL11B. In this one I will show you the loads of gifts you can gather. However, if you want to know more about the Live performances going on you may look at the SL Community Blog.

Each individual exhibit has been asked to give out a gift. Which means, apart from the two Gift Centers:

There are many more to grab. One such I mentioned about the Kitty Cats. Take the teleporter here.

This one is a special edition given to all residents irrespective one has joined the Kitty Cats group or not. It comes with a birthday cap and SL11B as its fur.

While grabbing all the gifts, I heard about the “Celebrating Your Second Life Snapshot Contest” going on. Here are the details for you to participate. It has a chance to win L$10,000 as a reward.

According to Doctor Gascoigne. the important person behind the whole celebration. “While our flicker group is filling up quickly with great photos, I am a little disappointed  to see the photos missing one important thing- YOU”. Which is absolutely true. Without “YOU”, the Second Life would not have existed. Nor would the celebrations be possible. So, go clicking your Selfies for SL11B. After all, its only one time that you are 11 years old. You can get the robot avatar in the picture above free at market place, here is the link.


What are the Contest Rule?

  • It starts on June 16th and ends on July 14th, 2014 at 10:00 am
  • You must be 18 years or older in real life.
  • You can submit only one photograph per day.
  • File format must be in gif, jpg, jpeg with a maximum size of 20 MB.
  • Entry participants must have active Second Life and Facebook account prior to their participation.
  • Snapshots cannot be submitted previously to any kind of promotion or exhibition or displayed publicaly through any means.
  • Read more, click here. These are the general Linden Lab rules, which one must know before they accept to participate.


How to Enter?

  • Take a Snapshot of Avatar Celebration and log in to the Official Second Life Facebook Page.
  • Like the page and look for a tab called Contest in the more section or click here.
  • Provide your name, Second Life avatar name or the Legacy name, your email address and upload the snapshot.
  • Upload in their Official Flicker Group too. and rename the picture as “SL11B Selfies ~ Your name”


What are winner’s ruins?

The first prize wins L$10,000 which is approximately worth US$40.

The second prize wine L$5,000 which is approximately worth US$20.

The third prize wins L$3,000 which is approximately worth US$12.


Next in the series of SL11B, I will talk about Pod Tours, one of the newest attraction there.


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SL in RL

There are some days when you badly want to go into Second Life and your hands are tied up due to a server break down. Although this reason doesn’t happen for most of you, some of us have to have it time to time. There may be natural disasters in the neighboring states and the internet would not respond. Such was my condition last night when I had a cocktail party to attend. The only internet service I could reach with great difficulty was the mobile internet. This was the beginning of the reason for the search of other programs available to us on mobile internet to open Second Life.


Few weeks back, I had written an article on SL Go application.

A few others are as follows:


A paid android application on the Google Play which is as good as the SL Viewer on a system.  It is an OpenSim and Second Life client., where you can teleport to your favorite destinations, chat in instant messages and local. You can also interact with objects, manage your inventory and view the world like a viewer in 3D. The biggest merit of all is it supports mesh. Its size is 6 mb and requires android 2.3 and up.


An OpenSim and Second Life client which helps the user to message in ims, groups or local, auto response in ims when away, manage inventory, search, mini map, ability to teleport and more. The file size is 677 kb and requires android 1.5 and up. It is a paid app, wherein the first 14 days are free.


An android application, available on Google Play, which has a list of Second Life clubs associated with it. You can download the app (only 999 kb) to play the live stream of music played at those clubs. It requires Android 2.2 and up versions. A Shoutcast and Icecast compatible application which has stylish buttons and the best thing is the music can be played in the background.


A free application to send instant messages to people who are online or nearby. Another feature other than chat is you can open your mini map. To teleport to a selected destination, you have to purchase the app.. The file size is as low as 249 kb and works with android 2.1 and up. It supports only Second Life client.


As the name suggests, DroidSL is for Second Life clients only. It is a one way communication service that allow users to send instant messages to other Second Life avatars. A 807 kb file supporting android 1.6 and up can be only used to send text that act like pages.


A fine application by Inch SynchTech, where you place a robot, i.e., bot at a place or a region where you would want to interact with others. The bot acts in place of your second life avatar like a proxy, when you are away from your region. All you need to do is rez the bot (11 prims with modify permissions) and you will receive messages that are sent to you by the visitors of the region as pages. The bot also helps keep a check on the lag and sim restart options. Avatars can be added or banned using the system.  A limited time free trial can be availed to check the system out. The file size for your phone is 229 kb for android 2.2 and up.


What are your reviews about these software? Are they worth or something new must come up?

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Prep up for Second Life’s 11th Birthday

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” 

~ Winston Churchill

Second Life sits on the carriage waiting for the big doors to open. The Second Life Community is waiting for the 11th Birthday Celebrations of Second Life. Although the main event begins from June 22nd,2014, the sims open to exhibitors on May 30th, 2014. The applications for volunteers, exhibitors and performance artists have just ended on May 20th, 2014. The celebrations is huge which can be glimpsed with over 1200 applications received for exhibitors, performers and volunteers applications. There are 243 plots and 3 grand stages. There are 11 sims, one for each year of its success story.

A few residents have made a few videos on SL11B, you may want to take a look at them to know what to expect this year. – Saffia Widdershins – Canale di pallina60 Loon – Lauren Weyland

Although the preparations started months ago by the Second Life Residents, the first ground work was laid on April 29th, 2014. The various sneak peaks can be viewed at SL Community Celebrations. A few of the sneak peaks are:

The Auditorium by Pygar Bu

Photo credits: Vivena Resident

The Dj stage

Photo credits: Vivena Resident

The Cake Stage by Loki Elliot

Photo credits: Vivena Resident


As the date, 22nd of June, draws nearer, more and more information and pictures will flood in. Till then stay tuned and sing the old-gold song ~ “Happy Birthday to You!!”~

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Behind the Scenes ~ Bianca Xavorin

Art, the creative involvement of people viewing life from a different vantage point. It is to portray the outburst of feelings in an act such as dance or music or on a piece of paper or in capturing the moment. Each piece of art conveys unique meanings to each observer. The beauty amplifies when the two ends of the thread, that is, the creator and observer, are tied firmly.

The virtual worlds enhances the environment of art like the care needed for a plant to grow. Among the few famous artists, Bianca Xavorin is a name often talked about. I had the privilege of knowing her closely. Bianca Xavorin grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia in a very happy home, filled with music, laughter and oodles of love.  She studied at The Philadelphia college of art, Chester County Yellow Springs Studio. Other studies in the arts include 12 years of Piano and extensive study in Dance. She is always up for a challenge in the world of art. You may contact her in world or through the social networking site, called Facebook.

She says, “My goal is to create a picture that captures a subjects soul, tells a story, and emulates a feeling. Creating special sets from scratch is a passion for me. Ripping apart my sim is nothing new to create the perfect atmosphere. By the way, I have a craving for happiness. I hope it is contagious.

Her work of art can be viewed in the links below:

Her upcoming show at the gallery this weekend is themed as “Gods and Warriors”. 

From the mists of myth and legend, Bianca Xavorin conjures the spirits of Gods, heroes and warriors and restores them to life. Once more, they tread the earth to perform mighty deeds of power and daring.

Be in awe of the beauty of their weapons, the cunning of their Armour and the birthmarks on their skins. To visit The Gallery Mexico click here to teleport to the second life map.

The first interview that Bianca Xavorin gave can be viewed in the The Spotlight For You ~ Bianca Xavorin Gedenspire Taking the opportunity given by Shammas Maximus, I had he honor to interview Bianca.

Debby: How long have been an artist?

Bianca Xavorin: I have been since around 2012 in Second Life. With my SL work, I would say around 2012. I liked everyone who took pictures, but I did not get into art until Graham Collinson started to teach me. I came here to learn video aka Machinima. Then I realized I needed to learn the basics. Lighting is a very powerful thing. I did not know how to use it.

Debby: Do you think the real life artists draw inspiration from second life or vice versa?

Bianca Xavorin: You know there is something funny with that. There is an unsaid battle in Second Life with artists, real life vs second life. Some real life artists feel what we do is not art. I feel we are all artists. What I learned in real life art school and college is still the base. I use it for my art. So, to answer your question, yes I think the inspiration comes from both worlds. 

Debby: How much exposure or success rate can real life artists have if they portray in virtual worlds?

Bianca Xavorin: I can give you names of those artists, so you can ask them yourself. One such artist is Indea Vaher, wonderful woman. She was the featured artist at The Paris Metro last month. She has a website with her works. Click here.

Debby: Every art tells something. Has there been any work of yours that has been described in a different way other than the way you thought it to be?

Bianca Xavorin: Oh yes, let me find it, it was this morning. oh oops it was in local chat. Anyways, another artist, Boris Twist said my work looks like real life paintings. On facebook there have been some quotes that humble me. I think the biggest one that stays with me is the one Ernie wrote.

“Sometimes you can feel the meaning, the longing, the wistful beauty sought by an artist. At those times you can be sure you are in the presence of truth.  You wish you could express yourself as well. Here is a woman with the courage to reveal her inner being … and her dreams. Love is here, and the eternal loneliness, too.” ~ Ernie Farstrider

“The portraits she creates have such vibrancy and vividness. Lighting just adds to the effect and softens the figures and faces of her subject matter.” ~ Lady Victoria Lenoirre – Editor at BOSL Editor in Chief, CEO & Founder at Artech Musings and Writer for UWA and BOSL. at Second Life

 “Bianca’s portraiture is deeply emotional. If the eyes are the windows to the soul then the camera is the channel by which we can venture in. In Bianca’s capable hands, the camera is ruled with a silken glove.” ~ Kylie Angel (kylie.sabra): *The Rose Gallery*  “Optimum Exposure”

“Erotic art is the age-old depiction of the delights of earthly, carnal love. Bianca Xavorin brings a fresh and probing eye to to this celebrated tradition. She goes beyond titillation or reportage to create intimate portraits of a shared fantasy world. Here is an artist showing us what she finds beautiful, tender, and tantalizing.” ~ Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire

Debby: Do you showcase your works in any other virtual worlds? If so which are they?

Bianca Xavorin: Yes, Inworldz. There is a little art community there made of brownstones. I joined the community since the Holidays. I was asked to come there. Actually my sister, Lora aka Lyrical helped me get started.

Debby: If an artist is successful in virtual world, how much success do you think they can expect in real world? Have you thought of doing a real life show?

Bianca Xavorin: I have transferred some of my art onto canvas. I have sold some SL prints. There is a web site I am in the process of putting together that other second life artist can use to sell their art. Let me get you the link. Handing you this link to Toy’s page. He is the most organized and is opening up gates for second life artists.

Debby: Which other artists are your favorite?

Bianca Xavorin: My idol is Skip Staheli, Toysoldier Thor are the people who have crossed over to both worlds with their art. A great friend and artist, Wheelerwood Oppenwall, we offer support to each other and push to better ourselves.

Debby: Would you like to give us any hint about your future escapades?

Bianca Xavorin: My plans are to move the art into real life. Also I want to get started on Machinima. I use to produce TV in real life and seeing what can be done in second life blows my mind. The artists here are amazing and supportive with each other. Off the record, most of the time I do not put my art up for sale. First it is not what I am here for. And second, I do it  because I love it. I spend over 3 hours painting, it is hard to put a price on that  when people ask me for price sheets. I ask for donations, if I choose to do the shoot. This is because not everyone can afford it. Shamas Maximus was my first client, who commissioned me. He wanted an original that nobody else could have.

Debby: What would you like to tell the young artists and your fans.?

Bianca Xavorin: Windlight, graphic settings are important. But most important is to have fun. I use the Lumipro Camera. I am not sure if you have heard it. When I started using it, my work jumped to another level. Let me show you super fast. I do not use photo studios. I love using the landscapes of  second life.

You can buy the LUMIPro Hud in the market place. The best function is that the photographer gets to control the avatar, even the eyes of the other avatar are straight looking towards the camera. The RGB balls emit light which creates the likely shadow that the photographer is looking for. Along with the wind-light and graphic settings, the photographer may choose to edit a little outside the viewer. The only quotient is that, if you cannot see the shadow without the HUD in your viewer, you will not see the shadow it with HUD too.

Interviewer’s take:

Bianca Xavorin is a humble and friendly person. Her passion can be seen in her works and her down to earth notion of taking challenges. Learning never stops. Her will to push herself towards perfection is an example for us to learn the passion she brings on stage. She says, “My inspiration is my partner Captain Sir Walter Gedenspire. My mentor is Graham Collinson. East Gallery owned by Ernie Farstider gave me my first break and it beats me if I do not create amazing work for him”. When asked about her taste and style in art. She replied, “I like to say I am a Protege’ of Graham Collinson  but have developed into my own style“.

Bianca is the featured artist for next month, June, 2014, for The Paris Metro Show. The show will have opening and closing ceremonies with Live DJs performing at various events during the month. The show honors one artist of second life each month, who have made a difference.

To view her gallery you can visit in world. The following are the links to the second life map: – Gedenspire Gallery – Paris Eiffel – Paris Metro Couture

*Note: The line in italics are the words of Bianca Xavorin – Gedenspire. The lines have been edited to correct the grammar only.

SL feature image

The Sport Series ~ Part IV [Golf]

A game that has a dictionary meaning of being played with clubs, with wooden or metal heads used to hit a small white ball in number of holes, 9 or 18 in succession which are situated at various distance with natural or artificial obstacles. Better still a game known to be played by the wealthier. A game which has been talked about since decades. A game which has defined personalities like Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer and others.

Such a game as Golf is played in Second Life at different locations. One such location is the

Emerald Crystal Golf Course

LittleOneSusan Teardrop, the owner of Emerald Crystal Golf Course has created a scripted field where a player can enjoy in the lush greens of mountains and rivers. When you reach the destination you will be offered a notecard and also a tutorial for first timers.

Where to get a Golf Kit?

Teleport to the Pro or free golf club

Receive the object and wear the golf club. A menu will be displayed and you may choose to follow instructions or skip the tutorial. If its your first time choose “ok”. You will also be given a Golf Hud at the same time. Wear the Hud.


*Note: In the screen, I have edited the hud and increased its size. You can choose to do so too. Right click on the HUD > choose edit > press ctrl+shift > and click and drag the white corners. Note that the HUD only moves on X and Y axis, since it is a 2D object.

What does the Golf Hud do?

The hud will show you the putter,  wedge and driver buttons…they all shoot differently…the driver for long shots…the wedge for medium high shots…the putter for the short shots on the greens at the flag poles.

Use the directional arrows on your keyboard to change the direction of the arrow at your feet.

Then click the ground area to see the bars build, showing the force you will hit the ball with. You will see little tick marks show up close to your avi & that tells you how hard you are about to hit the ball (the red bars).

Once you have released the left click, you ball will shot in the direction. You can see the while line marked for the ball’s bath. When the ball reaches the green patch, a white arrow will be shown to identify the ball’s place.

What are the tips to play the game?

1. Set your graphics to MID and raise draw distance and particles at least half way

2. Enable your voice in preferences, a small white dot appears over your head. align this dot with the pin on the green (the flag post is where the pin is, also called the cup) and your shot will be heading in the right direction.

3. For more finely tuned shot direction. Hold the shift key down while you line up the shot with your arrow,  the increments will be closer and allow your aim to be more precise.

4. Keep an eye on the wind percentage & your particle count in graphics should show you the direction of the wind.

Although many people play around the grid, see if you can get a top score. Other places to Play golf:

Teleport to Aero Golf Club

Torch Top 5

The Torch Top 5 – 10/3 2014

5) OUYA will come to more devices

OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman announced earlier this week that the storefront, called Discover, will be available to several Android devices. The decision to open it up to more devices than the console itself is inspired by Amazon’s Kindle setup, where you have the Kindle devices, but you can access the books from almost any smart device.

They will put certain hardware requirements on Discover to ensure the customer can play all games offered.

4) Archie is back

The popular 1940’s American Classic comic Archie will be back sometime next year. This is thanks to the star and creator of Girls, Lena Dunham, who has been approved to write a new four-part story about Archie Andrews.
Dunham has been a long-time fan of the series and was sent a box full of Archie comics by the publishers for her research. Within a week she had read them all and pitched a story to the publishers, who approved it right away.

Dunham’s Archie stories will be released sometime in 2015.

3) Power Suit available soon

Italian robotics company Percro has engineered the first publicly available and cost efficient robotic power suit, Continue reading