Things to do in Second Life – Week of February 3, 2013


Check out some of the fun and exciting things to do and see in Second
Life this week:

2013 Relay for Life
in Second Life Team Registration begins on February 8, 2013! Please see the websites below for more information:

Valentines Day Themed:
Love Potion No. 9.9 Hunt:Phinneas Phicklephogg needs a challenge. He has mastered all the lessons in the Spellmaster’s Guide to Alchemy, 2nd Edition and life has become a monotany of talismans, wards, and curses. With Love in the air, people are pounding down his door for ways to protect and control the heart,
but the one thing he can’t create is True Love in a bottle. Or can he? Join Phinneas’ adventure to brew Love Potion 9.9. Perfection may be overrated but the rewards of True Love never are!

The Tainted Love Hunt: The Tainted Love Hunt is a grid-wide treasure hunt focusing on anything but that nice, romantic Valentine’s Day love. Expect obsessional love, painful love, even loving unto death. Featuring great prizes from some of most troubled, twisted and talented people in Second Life, the Tainted Love Hunt runs
from February 1st to February 28th, 2013.

Valentines R’ Us: Choose from a great selection of Valentine’s gifts this year at Valentines R’ Us. Whether you’re looking for roses, chocolates, unique cards or formal
wear for that most romantic of nights, you’ll find it at Valentines R’ Us.

Love Bug: Love is in the air, and the passionate music lovers at the Velvet are celebrating Valentines Day with a festival of amorous music. They’ve built a drive-in cinema
and lined up 11 lovely DJs to entertain under the big screen this Valentine’s day, February 14th, from 12 am ’til 11 pm. Like an awkward first date, you might not be watching the movie, but you can be sure the soundtrack will sweep you off your feet. Grab some popcorn, head on down to the Velvet Drive-In and catch the Love Bug.

Ready for Love Festival: Come to Tribute City as they usher in the Valentine love season with a month long festival! Events include singles parties to find that perfect
someone, a couples photo contest to show off that perfect someone, a merchant’s fair, live DJs, tribute bands and more. For more information, visit

The Stupid Cupid Hunt: That Cupid, he’s so stupid! Flying around, shooting arrows everywhere, making everyone dizzy, trailing little hearts wherever he goes… He’s trying to make love matches all across SecondLife! It’s time to stop Cupid before he gets any more stupid! Find the arrows at stores across SL to
lead you to Cupid’s love nest and fall in love with over 20 sponsor prizes! Running from February 1st to the 15th, don’t miss it.

The Tainted Love HuntThe Tainted Love Hunt is a grid-wide treasure hunt focusing on anything but that nice, romantic Valentines Day love. Expect obsessional love, painful love, even loving unto death. Featuring great prizes from some of most troubled, twisted and talented people in Second Life, the Tainted Love Hunt runs from February 1st to February 28th, 2013.

Cold Winter Nights Hunt:  The Cold Winter Nights Hunt is a high quality gridwide hunt from 50 of your favorite designers and stores. Set your diary to midnight on
January 15th and get ready to hunt! Each quality item in this hunt only costs 10 Lindens! Be sure to check out their website for more details:

Art & Exhibitions:
LEA Arts Festival:  
What better way to showcase the work of over 30 artists, performers and machinimatographers than with a month-long celebration in February? The
LEA Arts Festival features twenty full sims of art installations, machinima screenings, artist talks, interviews, performances, classes and more! Opening day is Feb 2nd with a packed schedule of great events. Read more at

Danger in Evolution: DangerInEvolution is a project born from an artistic collaboration between Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo for the LEA (Linden Endowment for
the Arts). DangerInEvolution makes it possible to see the contradiction at the heart of any technological and scientific evolution that fails to take into account, maturity and an awareness and value of all potential risks. The installation is open from now until the end of February.

CitySphere: Welcome to Citysphère, a new vision of Second Life. A city with 132 buildings distributed on a floating sphere, this mind-bending experience features
three times the surface area of most sims and must be seen. For more information, and important Citysphere advice, go to The exhibition runs throughout the month.

 The Winter Safety Game:
Winter weather can be a killer. The challenge of The Winter Safety Game is to prepare home, barn, and car for a winter blizzard and travel safely through it to Grandma’s 75th birthday party. Score points by interacting with content, encountering a variety of hazardous situations and solving problems. Collect enough points to access
skating, fireworks, and prizes at the party. Open now through March 20th.

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Around the World: Old NYC

On this edition of Around the World, we have a treat for all of you Big Apple fans out there! This week we explore the Old NYC Sim.


Old NYC was started in 2008. The previous sim owner, spent an entire year to build the sim, which included the Brooklyn Bridge, which currently spans two sims. In 2009 the original sim was sold to the current sim owners, Rickie Jameson and Delilah Buscaylet, who added the Staten Island sim, rebuilt the sim, and expanded the Brooklyn Bridge to span over both sims. The sims are not based on roleplay but more of a residential feel for people to enjoy their own slice of New York in Second Life.

Continue reading

Man Week Begins! – Male From Scratch.

Hi Folks

As you might know it’s man week here at the Torch and my mission was to make a male avi from scratch and kit him out for 200 lindens.

To be honest I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, because lets face it, although second life has come on in leaps and bounds as far as men’s fashion is concerned they are still pretty under represented, especially in the cheap or free area but despite that I think I managed to put together a guy that in my personal opinion is kind of handsome. So without further ado I bring you Shad! 7 foot something hunk of man.

URLS to follow.

So the first thing that needed to be done was to find a good base, that being shape and skin and the hunt brought me to FILTHY at the Place Alexandra sim. While perhaps most well known for some gorgeous female skins and shapes. She also does a great range of men’s too and the best news for people with a limited budget is that the creator Alexandra Barcelos has some of her older skins still available for the incredible bargain price of 99ls! And that gents includes shape, a range of skin tones and separate hair base. What more could you ask for?

Filthy – Sid skin & shape – 99ls –

The next stop was for eyes, This was a pretty easy choice for me to make because MAYFLY has some beautiful offerings in a variety of colours are all really realistic and cheap. But the best thing for the purpose of my mission is that they have a free pair. The London fog free eyes are a gorgeous piercing blue and you can choose if you want to wear the normal texture or wear them in a mesh version. They are stunning and definitely the kind of eyes a lady likes to get lost in.

Mayfly – London fog mesh eyes – 0ls –

Onto clothes and my favourite subject shoes! For these I headed to Second Life marketplace and did a raid and in no time at all had come up with this, so sharp it could cut you suit from Savvy Avvy for just 50ls. I was surprised by the quality of this outfit, It’s detailed, smooth and perfectly textured, it’s a must have for any guy out there that wants a bit of elegant nonchalance, It can be worn in a number of ways, while I opted for the white open neck shirt, there is also a black open shirt and buttoned up versions with a tie too, so it’s perfect for a number of occasions.

Savvy Avvy – Business suit – 50ls –

The shoes from HOC apparel are also off the marketplace and were also 50ls.  They are seamlessly sculpted with an impeccable finish, They go perfectly with the suit and the ability to change the texture via menu makes them adaptable enough to go with your favourite jeans too. You are definitely walking away with a bargain.

HOC apparel  – leather loafers – 50ls –

Now suited and booted, last on the list was hair and I admit I was stumped on this. I mean I love hair but I had never really paid attention to mens, and seeing as I was down to the 1ls of my budget, I was stuck. I needed help and so I turned to my very stylish SL bro for advice and he pointed me in the direction of EXILE by Kavar Cleanslate, He does a wide selection of men’s hair and has a few free offerings too. I chose the Echo style because I like the rumpled, windswept look especially in contrast to the smooth style of the suit. It was the perfect finishing touch and brought it all together.

Exile – Echo hair – 0ls –

1ls left and while I could have come in under budget I splurged and spent it on an animation override. It was another surprise find on the marketplace.  The Vista animations basic male AO is a good starting point as far as animation overrides go, It really is basic with only a few stands and a walk, but you can add animations into it as you go along  and it can be turned into something unique to you.

Vistaanimation – Basic male AO – 1ls –

So that brings us to a close. 200ls dead on the nose and a complete avatar, with a little hunting and patience it can be done and with style. So get out there gents and shop your little hearts out.

Huge thanks again to the amazing Damion Theas for the picture.

Venturing into the Sn@tch Bargain Pit.

Today, we ventured into the long-lost bargain bit of S@tch City, a wonderful place, with a magical store called Sn@tch. It is a store that we’ve wrote about in our little Goth/Industrial culture in Second Life article, we did last year around this time. Anyway we are revisit store because like it updates its mech once in a while and while the store has all these amazing clothes and accessories, who could give up a bargain?

There are many more freebies down in the Bargain Pit of Sn@tch, here are a few we liked. These are the freebies, we loves at Sn@tch.


Sn@tch Nobu (Black): Comes in 5 different Colours including, Black, Red, Purple, Blue, & Brown. 0L$

Sn@tch Stripey Goth tights stockings and socks, comes in 6 different colours including, Pink, Red, Black, Grey, Purple, Green   0L$

Sn@tch Frankenboots 50L$


Sn@tch Dead Jenny (Blue) comes in three different colours including Green, Blue and Purple. 0L$

Sn@tch Candy Stockings (Pale Blue) comes in 10 different colours including, (Purple, Blue, Green, Grey, Black, Silver, Aqua, Champagne, Pink, and White). 0L$

In Her Shoes Shiny Blue Flats 0L$

Venture to Sn@tch City and take a look at their Bargain Pit.

It’s Winter Time!

Christmas Is all about togetherness plus some lovely clothing so here’s two idea’s for the love or maybe just that good friend in your Second Life

First off we have myself Look Stoop in the “Winter” outfit by BULLET (Blue) this set cost L$75 Includes



Shoes and cap and look’s really great on

By Bullet

Chipmunk Zhong is warring *B.D.R.* Basics: Baby It’s Cold Outside (Pink) / Winter Promo!

This fab outfit come with A wonderful coat, Jeans, Earmuffs (not shown in our picture) tongue with snowflake, A blush tattoo layer and some fab pink boot’s

By B.D.R.

This outfit cost L$99 and my wonderful wife was over the moon

A big thanks to chippy who stepped in last minuet thank’s sweet love you bunches

Look Stoop

Weddings In Second Life

Second Life is a very wonderful place. I know, I know you have to be crazy to want to get married in a virtual world, but it does exist and it has become one of the most popular events that could happen in your second Life. The Second Life weddings are taken seriously, just like their real life counter parts. Every detail is planned out, there is a ceremony, and although Second Life relationships might not last as long as a real life one, it shows that there is a very sacred bond between partners. You can have a very expensive wedding and you can have a wedding on a budget. Then again you could always to a Wedding Fair, to find out what is it there and affordable. But before you get to that all important wedding day, there are a few steps you have to through, Second Life dating, Second Life Relationships, Second Life Partnering and Finally the Second Life Wedding.

Wedding Fair Expo 2011

Yes Steam, Midnight Mania. Oh, How We Love Them

There are many reasons why we love Midnight and Mini Mania boards. Reason one? The amazing outfits they give us that would normally cost  a bundle.

This little gift came from: 

American Bazaar MM Board

American Bazaar Group (Copy and Paste in World and be rewarded) secondlife:///app/group/42a136d9-8cdf-e6b7-ec74-03f8a4cdea27/about

American Bazaar Blog: Keep up with their new products!

Second Life Black Friday Sales

This article is from 2011, for the 2012 Black Friday Sales article, click HERE!

It’s after Thanksgiving and after using the time to stuff your face, now you’re looking for presents to stuff under your Christmas Tree. That is what Black Friday is all about and just like real life everyone in Second Life is looking for that perfect Christmas Gift to give to their SL family members.

There isn’t any surprise that there are huge Black Friday Sales all over, the Grid, and here are a few that we found:

Virtually Linked’s TheLondonSims 

NY Couture 

The Penalty Spot

Maya Angels London

Other Places in Second Life 

Studio Nails 



I DO Love Finding Random Hunt Gifts

Since Steam has been doing these hunt item introductions I thought I’d give it a go. Up late at night, after drinking A LOT of coffee and with nothing to do, I decided to go walking around a few of my very favourite Second Life Stores. Although I don’t have any Lindens to spend, ( I know right? Shocker!). I find it a little bit therapeutic to do some virtual window shopping. The idea of doing a hunt didn’t come to me until I spotted the …. sexist looking hunt gift ever.

Outfit items from America Bazaar #15Very Important Hunt

Alli & Ali Designs: Just Heaven

Alli & Ali Designs is a name that you will hear a lot in Second Life, they are one of the top hair designers in Second Life and a few months ago the Torch SL Guide had the privilege of Interviewing them:


How did Alli&Ali Designs come into existence?

We formed our business in February 2007, and it has evolved since that time.  We started by helping new residents get set up in SL, and set up a small shop with our initial designs.  The small shop eventually grew into a big shop, and is now the business you see today. 

What are the basic aims of Alli&Ali Designs ?  
Our mission is to make products that SL residents will enjoy using in various aspects of their Second Life, whether it be in role play, doing business, clubbing,  parties, events, and more.  We want people to have fun and look great! Our personal interest in this business is, that we want to have fun living out our creative side.


A&A Tekesha Hair Fire, (updo with curls)How does Alli&Ali Designs contribute to the newbie population of SL?

We’ve provided free tutorials since 2007 and we provide freebies of our products on a regular basis.  We also provide a safe respectful environment for all customers.  We understand that getting started in SL can be difficult, so we do what we can to ensure that they have a place to start without getting overwhelmed. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the dollarbie deals on your markplace store?

The dollarbies are special offers of our hairstyles in one color. The idea is, that people can try to wear the style in their daily life, for a low price, and if they wish to have other colors, they can buy our regular products at 175 L per color.
Visit their Online Store for fantastic dollarbie sales or go visit their inworld store to see more of their products. Interested in finding out about their upcoming items, check out The Alli&Ali Designs Blog.