Reap the Rewards

Over the months I had been talking about charities, causes and celebrations. For any kind of event, especially a charity one, many might be interested, but may not have the lindens to donate. Or for that matter we all need lindens to shop.

What are the ways to earn lindens?

 Jobs – The popular job agencies in Second Life are Jobs Factory SL Job Agency,  VHEA Employment Agency, Pisces Jobs, Yunix Job Agency,  Jobstar, Job Squad, Top Jobs, People Pool, Job Agency.



I would categorize Jobs as:

  • Club Jobs – Include the positions for: manager, host, DJs, dancers, etc. (Visit any job agency to get more information on openings and apply.)
  • City Jobs – Include positions like doctor, nurse, police, etc. (Since these are role play jobs, they seldom reach the job agencies. It’s better to approach the communities’ head for applying.)
  • Modelling Jobs – Include positions like models for ramp or designer boutique, etc. (There are various modelling agencies that train new models and help build their career. But, this also takes a lot of lindens. For starters, you may apply at shops to models their items. Clothing Couture, Grumble, etc hire models.)
  • Writer Jobs – Include positions like writer, poets, blogger, etc. (The best place to apply for these positions is to keep a tab on the  official communities page of Second Life. Join various groups related to Second Life bloggers on Facebook.) Continue reading
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Look At Phoenix Rising

pheonix rising_003I found this really cool shop called Phoenix Rising, the shop is laid out really well but the best part is everything I clapped my eye’s on was only L$25. The clothes are really well made, the shop is very clean, sleek and modern so I hope you all get to pop in there and enjoy it as much as I did.

Coolmama is wearing an outfit called the Motive Red Phoenix rising and guess what that complete outfit was L$25 and for me Phoenix Rising Mason jeans and my top was called Phoenix Rising Push shirt in teal this came to a total cost of L$50




By: Look Stoop.

Venturing into the Sn@tch Bargain Pit.

Today, we ventured into the long-lost bargain bit of S@tch City, a wonderful place, with a magical store called Sn@tch. It is a store that we’ve wrote about in our little Goth/Industrial culture in Second Life article, we did last year around this time. Anyway we are revisit store because like it updates its mech once in a while and while the store has all these amazing clothes and accessories, who could give up a bargain?

There are many more freebies down in the Bargain Pit of Sn@tch, here are a few we liked. These are the freebies, we loves at Sn@tch.


Sn@tch Nobu (Black): Comes in 5 different Colours including, Black, Red, Purple, Blue, & Brown. 0L$

Sn@tch Stripey Goth tights stockings and socks, comes in 6 different colours including, Pink, Red, Black, Grey, Purple, Green   0L$

Sn@tch Frankenboots 50L$


Sn@tch Dead Jenny (Blue) comes in three different colours including Green, Blue and Purple. 0L$

Sn@tch Candy Stockings (Pale Blue) comes in 10 different colours including, (Purple, Blue, Green, Grey, Black, Silver, Aqua, Champagne, Pink, and White). 0L$

In Her Shoes Shiny Blue Flats 0L$

Venture to Sn@tch City and take a look at their Bargain Pit.

Raid the Marketplace – Outfits for Ass Kickin’.

A few days ago the Destination guys did an article on a zombie survival sim and it got us fashion folk thinking, there must be some affordable clothes in Second Life that would be perfect for a bit of butt kicking action so here we have another Raid the Marketplace. Two outfits for different types of people who love their ass kicking. (Note: the guns in the following pictures are 500L$ each and can be found in the gun shop at on the Dead Zone zombie survival Sim.)

For the Femme Fatale we have the latex wear:

Wanted Black with Boots – From a Marketplace store where everything is 7L$

For the  more comfortable Bad Girl selection which is made up of ( from head to toe):

*B.D.R.* Halter Top Pack – 1 L$

-K12-Gift Vol001 Hoodie – 1L$

VA Creations – Straight Jeans – 0L$

CC Design – Basic Sneakers Black – 10L$


Well that’s two outfits for ass kicking.

A special thanks to Dead Zone’s Hutch and Pepper don’t forget to check out the stores and Dead Zone sim, as well as the Torch SLG’s Destination: Dead Zone review. Remember to watch your back when you’re out there!

It’s Winter Time!

Christmas Is all about togetherness plus some lovely clothing so here’s two idea’s for the love or maybe just that good friend in your Second Life

First off we have myself Look Stoop in the “Winter” outfit by BULLET (Blue) this set cost L$75 Includes



Shoes and cap and look’s really great on

By Bullet

Chipmunk Zhong is warring *B.D.R.* Basics: Baby It’s Cold Outside (Pink) / Winter Promo!

This fab outfit come with A wonderful coat, Jeans, Earmuffs (not shown in our picture) tongue with snowflake, A blush tattoo layer and some fab pink boot’s

By B.D.R.

This outfit cost L$99 and my wonderful wife was over the moon

A big thanks to chippy who stepped in last minuet thank’s sweet love you bunches

Look Stoop

The Bottom Line

The Bottom line is a bargain basement store  on the Seabourne sim. Down there you will find many things from classy dresses to dungeons, all items sold in this store are priced between L$0 to L$99.

They sell period costumes, furniture and school clothing. They also have Neko items such as cages and clothing for adults and children which are  all at a reasonable price. They sell accessories such as hand bags, belts,  ties and bangles


They  have a small collection of men’s clothes plus  furniture including writing desks.

The store is a bit dark  and doesn’t seem too welcoming, there is no music on the sim but the overall sim is very lovely. There are two other stores here but for newcomer to SL this is a great place to find bargains and freebies. The store also has maternity department for the expecting mothers of Second Life




Newbie Friendly : 8 out of 10

Music well there wasn’t any on the sim so that a  0 out of 10

Overall Experience: 6 out of 10


By: Look Stoop

Yes Steam, Midnight Mania. Oh, How We Love Them

There are many reasons why we love Midnight and Mini Mania boards. Reason one? The amazing outfits they give us that would normally cost  a bundle.

This little gift came from: 

American Bazaar MM Board

American Bazaar Group (Copy and Paste in World and be rewarded) secondlife:///app/group/42a136d9-8cdf-e6b7-ec74-03f8a4cdea27/about

American Bazaar Blog: Keep up with their new products!

Second Life Black Friday Sales

This article is from 2011, for the 2012 Black Friday Sales article, click HERE!

It’s after Thanksgiving and after using the time to stuff your face, now you’re looking for presents to stuff under your Christmas Tree. That is what Black Friday is all about and just like real life everyone in Second Life is looking for that perfect Christmas Gift to give to their SL family members.

There isn’t any surprise that there are huge Black Friday Sales all over, the Grid, and here are a few that we found:

Virtually Linked’s TheLondonSims 

NY Couture 

The Penalty Spot

Maya Angels London

Other Places in Second Life 

Studio Nails 



Alli & Ali Designs: Just Heaven

Alli & Ali Designs is a name that you will hear a lot in Second Life, they are one of the top hair designers in Second Life and a few months ago the Torch SL Guide had the privilege of Interviewing them:


How did Alli&Ali Designs come into existence?

We formed our business in February 2007, and it has evolved since that time.  We started by helping new residents get set up in SL, and set up a small shop with our initial designs.  The small shop eventually grew into a big shop, and is now the business you see today. 

What are the basic aims of Alli&Ali Designs ?  
Our mission is to make products that SL residents will enjoy using in various aspects of their Second Life, whether it be in role play, doing business, clubbing,  parties, events, and more.  We want people to have fun and look great! Our personal interest in this business is, that we want to have fun living out our creative side.


A&A Tekesha Hair Fire, (updo with curls)How does Alli&Ali Designs contribute to the newbie population of SL?

We’ve provided free tutorials since 2007 and we provide freebies of our products on a regular basis.  We also provide a safe respectful environment for all customers.  We understand that getting started in SL can be difficult, so we do what we can to ensure that they have a place to start without getting overwhelmed. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the dollarbie deals on your markplace store?

The dollarbies are special offers of our hairstyles in one color. The idea is, that people can try to wear the style in their daily life, for a low price, and if they wish to have other colors, they can buy our regular products at 175 L per color.
Visit their Online Store for fantastic dollarbie sales or go visit their inworld store to see more of their products. Interested in finding out about their upcoming items, check out The Alli&Ali Designs Blog. 

Ho::Wear to xXxtreme

Sexy sassy clothes for women by women, you never have to look very far for good quality clothes that don’t have to break the bank. Clothes from two of the greatest fashion designers in Second Life. These are amazing clothes from HO:.Wear and xXxtreme:

Andy ‘Bubbles’ P is modelling, (left) xXxtreme Hottie, Price: L$ 25 and Ho:.Wear One Piece Diamond, Price: L$ 50.

Val is modelling Ho:.Wear Ride Like the Wind, Price: L$50 and xXxtreme’s Cheyenna (Green)

BreeElle is modelling xXxtreme’s Diamond Girl Grey ( L$0 off the board but original is L$150) and HO:.Wear’s Zealous White  L$ 25.

Beautiful clothes by beautiful women, modeled by beautiful women for the beautiful women of Second Life. Interested in checking out the stores? xXxtreme & Ho Wear, You can also check out the blog for Ho::Wear and online store.

Enjoy ^_^

Special Thanks: Andy ‘Bubbles’ P, Valkyrie Storm and BreeElle Adored. Stop by their Second Life Profiles and Show them some love!