JC’s Trip to American Bazaar

On one of my very random shopping trips, I found myself in fantastic, sexy urban store American Bazaar. and came out with this amazing outfit for 148L$:


[AB] Anna Vest dark red. L$59

[AB] Smexy jeans rust L$89

Shoes from Grumble Grumble Jean set

Hair Truth Hair (dyed red).

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Venturing into the Sn@tch Bargain Pit.

Today, we ventured into the long-lost bargain bit of S@tch City, a wonderful place, with a magical store called Sn@tch. It is a store that we’ve wrote about in our little Goth/Industrial culture in Second Life article, we did last year around this time. Anyway we are revisit store because like it updates its mech once in a while and while the store has all these amazing clothes and accessories, who could give up a bargain?

There are many more freebies down in the Bargain Pit of Sn@tch, here are a few we liked. These are the freebies, we loves at Sn@tch.


Sn@tch Nobu (Black): Comes in 5 different Colours including, Black, Red, Purple, Blue, & Brown. 0L$

Sn@tch Stripey Goth tights stockings and socks, comes in 6 different colours including, Pink, Red, Black, Grey, Purple, Green   0L$

Sn@tch Frankenboots 50L$


Sn@tch Dead Jenny (Blue) comes in three different colours including Green, Blue and Purple. 0L$

Sn@tch Candy Stockings (Pale Blue) comes in 10 different colours including, (Purple, Blue, Green, Grey, Black, Silver, Aqua, Champagne, Pink, and White). 0L$

In Her Shoes Shiny Blue Flats 0L$

Venture to Sn@tch City and take a look at their Bargain Pit.


Snowpaws is an amazing store for new residents, from a price range of free – 280L$. They are very newcomer friendly with 24 Lucky letter boards, 6 Midnight Mania board and 4 Slap & Dash board. The store is modern looking and very open, the decor is minimal and with a beautiful atmosphere to shop. Snowpaws is also involved in many hunts in Second Life.

There aren’t any Mens clothes sadly, but you quickly forget about that when you their music of Pop and R&B distracts you for a second or you see your letter on one of the many prize boards.

Newcomer friendly:  8 out of 10

Music: 8 out of 10

Overall Experience: I got to give this place a big fat 9 out of 10 as this place is super

Raid the Marketplace: The Bridal Outfits

While doing research for the Grumble Wedding, I stumbled upon another marketplace store that would be awesome for those who are looking for a wedding or brides maid dress.

CMORE Bridal White – 199L$

CMORE Amelia Pink  – 100L$

The CMORE store is just as awesome and affordable take a look! 

(Special thanks to Lily Stoop and Jensien Danick beautifully for these pictures)

Here Comes the Bride: An SL Wedding

A few weeks ago I introduced the Weddings of Second Life, now its time to show what a Second Life Wedding looks like and how to get one. Of course you need to be engaged to be married first of all and you can’t do that without being an Second Life Relationship. If you haven’t realized yet time in Second Life moves fast and as soon as you first that special someone you share a connection with. It isn’t long before you are asking her/him for their hand in marriage. Here is the Second Life Wedding/ Partnering of June Carlson and Smorkola Resident very much in love allowed us to document their Second Life Wedding. This is the Second Life Wedding that has been done on a Budget, using only clothes from the store Grumble Grumble and their wedding venue Eversong. We used the gift cards that are already available through the in store Mini & Midnight Mania boards which are available to Grumble’s ever-growing shoppers.

Grumble Chapel 750L$


As Bride and Groom stand at the aisle exchanging their vows to each other you can see that the traditional ceremony in Second Life isn’t much different from a real life one. Bride Maids, Maid of Honor  with the best man and grooms men with families on each side.

Usually the Bridal parties’ outfits would cost a bit more than 1000 dollars each:

Satin Cascade Cocktail Dress (Pink) : 125L$

Cascade Gown ( White) : 150L$

Taking to the dance floor the Groom men’s change their outfits for a more less formal vest suit:

Men’s vest ( different colours) : 85L$

Men’s dress shoes : 60L$

Complete suit (from original photograph) 300L$

The most expensive thing in the whole wedding is meant to be the wedding dress. Not in this one. It looks awesome and happens to be the second most expensive thing in this wedding.

Victorian Gown White including Veil, Pearl Necklace and open toe Stiletto: 425L$

We will like to introduce to you, Mr and Mrs Carlson. The total tally for their wedding would be (without the Grumble gift cards) 2455L$.

Your Second Life wedding can cost as much or as little as you want. It all depends on how much money you have to spend.

(Big thanks to Grumble to letting is do our Grumble Wedding!) 

Raid the Marketplace – Outfits for Ass Kickin’.

A few days ago the Destination guys did an article on a zombie survival sim and it got us fashion folk thinking, there must be some affordable clothes in Second Life that would be perfect for a bit of butt kicking action so here we have another Raid the Marketplace. Two outfits for different types of people who love their ass kicking. (Note: the guns in the following pictures are 500L$ each and can be found in the gun shop at on the Dead Zone zombie survival Sim.)

For the Femme Fatale we have the latex wear:

Wanted Black with Boots – From a Marketplace store where everything is 7L$

For the  more comfortable Bad Girl selection which is made up of ( from head to toe):

*B.D.R.* Halter Top Pack – 1 L$

-K12-Gift Vol001 Hoodie – 1L$

VA Creations – Straight Jeans – 0L$

CC Design – Basic Sneakers Black – 10L$


Well that’s two outfits for ass kicking.

A special thanks to Dead Zone’s Hutch and Pepper don’t forget to check out the stores and Dead Zone sim, as well as the Torch SLG’s Destination: Dead Zone review. Remember to watch your back when you’re out there!

Yes Steam, Midnight Mania. Oh, How We Love Them

There are many reasons why we love Midnight and Mini Mania boards. Reason one? The amazing outfits they give us that would normally cost  a bundle.

This little gift came from: 

American Bazaar MM Board

American Bazaar Group (Copy and Paste in World and be rewarded) secondlife:///app/group/42a136d9-8cdf-e6b7-ec74-03f8a4cdea27/about

American Bazaar Blog: Keep up with their new products!

I DO Love Finding Random Hunt Gifts

Since Steam has been doing these hunt item introductions I thought I’d give it a go. Up late at night, after drinking A LOT of coffee and with nothing to do, I decided to go walking around a few of my very favourite Second Life Stores. Although I don’t have any Lindens to spend, ( I know right? Shocker!). I find it a little bit therapeutic to do some virtual window shopping. The idea of doing a hunt didn’t come to me until I spotted the …. sexist looking hunt gift ever.

Outfit items from America Bazaar #15Very Important Hunt

Ho::Wear to xXxtreme

Sexy sassy clothes for women by women, you never have to look very far for good quality clothes that don’t have to break the bank. Clothes from two of the greatest fashion designers in Second Life. These are amazing clothes from HO:.Wear and xXxtreme:

Andy ‘Bubbles’ P is modelling, (left) xXxtreme Hottie, Price: L$ 25 and Ho:.Wear One Piece Diamond, Price: L$ 50.

Val is modelling Ho:.Wear Ride Like the Wind, Price: L$50 and xXxtreme’s Cheyenna (Green)

BreeElle is modelling xXxtreme’s Diamond Girl Grey ( L$0 off the board but original is L$150) and HO:.Wear’s Zealous White  L$ 25.

Beautiful clothes by beautiful women, modeled by beautiful women for the beautiful women of Second Life. Interested in checking out the stores? xXxtreme & Ho Wear, You can also check out the blog for Ho::Wear and online store.

Enjoy ^_^

Special Thanks: Andy ‘Bubbles’ P, Valkyrie Storm and BreeElle Adored. Stop by their Second Life Profiles and Show them some love!


Love Jewelry? Go To N@N@

Jewelry and Accessories are big part of SecondLife’s Fantasy, everywhere you look outfits are tied together with either a necklace, some amazing pair of earrings and an awesome bag.N@N@ helps SecondLife Residents find the perfect jewelry to tie their outfits together. from necklaces to earrings, it is totally worth taking a look at this amazing store.

Natem Andel, creator of N@N@ took time out from her business schedule to talk about her store. ” The inspiration for my jewelry is everything, it is an obsession really. I have a lot of freebies and affordable items that are available to newcomers. I don’t know what the future holds for my store but I do know that I want to continue to.” She adds, “ It is a treasure, I’ve put all my heart into my store and I am very happy with the outcome and want to thank the people who helped me a long the way.”

To check out this amazing store:

June Carlson