Hidden Gems: Brunel Hall Hotel and Restaurant


Brunel Hall Hotel and Restaurant

In this week’s Hidden Gem, we explore Brunel Hall Hotel and Restaurant. Brunel Hall Hotel and Restaurant has been owned and operated in Second Life for the past 4 years by Victor1st (Victor or Vic) Mornington. This unique location is located in one of the steampunk sims of New Babbage.

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That's just PART of the map - mainland is marked

Romantic Spots in Second Life: Take a Walk Down Mainland

Our final spot for this year saw us walking down Mainland, a group of sims put together which are meant to be the main islands of Second Life.

With all these sims put together to form Mainland it is the perfect spot for a nice walk after a date. Stretching far into the distance, it is filled with peace and quiet, cafes, pubs, and even castles. If you can’t be bothered to walk, you could always take a ride on the Pods that runs around all of Mainland.

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Romantic Spots of Second Life: Dreamscape Romantic Get Away

Dreamscape Fantasy Escapes are a string of sims dedicated to bringing romance to couples in Second Life. Originally a honeymoon getaway, owned by Mikhail Obscure and his Second Life partner Sophia Vanderverne, it features 11 unique and perfect locations to have an amazing romantic retreat with your better half. They include a castle, six sinter wonderland spots, and three tropical destinations. Lovers can choose whether to stay for 24 hours – 3 days or more with the perfect price range of 24 hours being as little as 150L$ (Lindens) to 3 days being as high as 8000L$. Don’t have Lindens? Why not turn on your stream and follow the tunnel down to dance floor? Romantic Love songs play 24/7 on the sim. Here is a little taster of what the tunnel has to offer:

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004

Take your date to the romantic sphere that is Dreamscape Fantasy Escapes.


The Romantic Spots of Second Life: Fishing in Virtual Ryukyu

The thing that everyone loves about Second Life is that they can go to any real world replica destination they please. If you want to go to the island of Hawaii, you can do so with a click. New York? Sure! Paris? Oui oui. Want to go to Dublin to explore Irish culture? Yes, please. All done with the click of a landmark.

So with this ability why not have a romantic date in the Village of Virtual Ryukyu, a place dedicated to ancient Japanese culture. Created by Second Life Residents Inuyasha Meiji and Silverfox ‘Giniji’ Rainbow. It is the perfect spot for those who would love to share their interest with ancient Japanese culture. Here you can relax by the sea as the music stream takes your away on an oriental journey. You can you go fishing, take a stroll around the village, watch a friendly combat in the local dojo, or even enjoy the local cruise (Yes there is traditional Japanese food here. You can’t eat it but adds to the immersive experience. It will have you craving for the real thing though, so be warned :).). This is truly a beautiful place that should be shared with your loved ones. So take your date to Virtual Ryukyu, go fishing and enjoy your Valentines Day.

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Follow Virtual Ryukyu on Twitter and check out their blog


The Romantic Spots of Second Life: Ajax’s Romance Garden

It’s that time again, last year around this time we talked about relationships in Second Life. We gave our page to three couples who wanted to share their stories about meeting each other and falling in love in the virtual world. Well this year, we thought we would look at the Romantic spots of Second Life, the places where couples go to relax and enjoy their relationship. Since our Haunting of Second Life series was so popular, we are going to do the same, but this time adding a few pictures along with the articles.

First up is the magical garden, Ajax’s Romance Garden, one of the first romantic spots in Second Life that you are likely to visit (since it’s on the destination guide). With love songs streaming 24/7 this is the perfect spot to bring your loved one on a date. There are events in the Romance Garden ballroom, you’ll have to join the group to find out more information. Why is it called a Romance Garden? Well that is easily answered with these pictures be low.

Romance_Garden_006 Romance_Garden_005 Romance_Garden_004 Romance_Garden_003 Romance_Garden_002 Romance_Garden_001

Why not bring your Valentine to a romantic picnic at Ajax’s Romance Garden?

Second Life Relationships: Rachy and Dark Folsom’s Story

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this is the perfect time to talk about Second Life relationships. Like all chat rooms, social sites and other virtual worlds where people come together, a few are bound to pair together. Second Life is no different, but it seems that having a relationship in this virtual world has a little extra kick that makes it stand out from the traditional chat rooms and  dating sites. Over the next few weeks we will be telling the stories of three different couples who have met in Second Life and are now in a relationship. These are all long-term relationships. 

Dark and Rachy Folsom in Second Life

“ We first met in a club and Dark was standing in my way, I couldn’t hit the teleport button so I asked him to move. He was a big avatar, back then I guess we all were, it was SL’s Amazon Era. Anyway the way I asked him to move wasn’t very nice so once when I got into the club, I sent him an instant message and apologized for being rude. We started talking in IM for a few minutes and he complimented me on my dance moves. I was a little confused about this and asked him how he knew my moves were good. He was in club too and had been watching me this whole time, he then asked if I wanted to dance and I accepted. We danced together and just talked the night away.

The next day when I logged in he IM-ed me and asked me what I was doing that night, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything from him and I didn’t think that it would turn into anything. Nevertheless we went out dancing that night and I think its safe to stay that it all went from there. It just became a relationship without either of us ever saying it was. We just fell into naturally.

We have had arguments, every relationship does and at one point we did split up because he didn’t feel he could carry on with the relationship. The biggest thing was time difference, I lived in the UK at the time and he was in the USA so the time difference was by 5 hours. We did talk about it and I think the reason for the split was he didn’t  feel that he wanted just an online relationship and didn’t feel he could ask for it be any thing other than that.

We did bring some of the relationship into real life. We talked through Skype and phone calls. We often talked about real life and how we would like to meet each other and then about 3 months after meeting and talking I did fly over to see him and met face to face. I was

Meet Rachy and Dark in the flesh

there for 2 weeks. Our first meeting was a bit weird, because it wasn’t like I was meeting someone I met online, it was like meeting an old friend. We felt like we had known each other for years and that allowed us to take our relationship to whole other level. During my two weeks he asked me to marry him in Second Life. When I flew we did just that, then after eight weeks of being in the UK, I couldn’t take it any more. I packed my bags and flew back to the states for a three month visit. About three weeks before the three months were up, we started talking about what it was going to be like with me not being there, what it would be like back in the UK and to be honest it was too much to bare. We did a quick check with immigration to see what would happen if I stayed and about two weeks before my visa was up we got married in real life. We got the correct papers and everything and here I am in the states four years later, still very much in love and still playing Second Life.

August will be our 5th year of marriage in Second Life and Real life. Meeting in Second Life was a big advantage because if we hadn’t met in SL we would have never been together now because there is simply no way, no chance of meeting your soul mate who lives half way across the world.

I believe the reason why relationships in Second Life work out is because of communication, our relationship was based on communication because we didn’t have anything else, no TV, no Movies, no nights out just SL. When you’re in world what else can you? Yeah you can dress up but mainly it’s talking and back then it was all keyboard talk so you really get to know that person. Dark and I, are very like-minded and added to the fact that I really liked him in real life makes it even better. I got the best of both worlds, I got a man I could talk to, a man I found very attractive and a man who is my best friend. Of course everyone’s experience is different, I was just lucky, I guess. “

Now they have a family. Awwwwww!!!!

All Second Life relationships are different, not everyone will find their soul mate in this virtual world, but it seems that a lot of people are falling in love and sometimes relationships form but never go into Real Life.

Don’t miss the next Second Life Relationships, when another long-term SL couple will tell their story. 

Raid the Marketplace: The Bridal Outfits

While doing research for the Grumble Wedding, I stumbled upon another marketplace store that would be awesome for those who are looking for a wedding or brides maid dress.

CMORE Bridal White - 199L$

CMORE Amelia Pink  - 100L$

The CMORE store is just as awesome and affordable take a look! 

(Special thanks to Lily Stoop and Jensien Danick beautifully for these pictures)

Here Comes the Bride: An SL Wedding

A few weeks ago I introduced the Weddings of Second Life, now its time to show what a Second Life Wedding looks like and how to get one. Of course you need to be engaged to be married first of all and you can’t do that without being an Second Life Relationship. If you haven’t realized yet time in Second Life moves fast and as soon as you first that special someone you share a connection with. It isn’t long before you are asking her/him for their hand in marriage. Here is the Second Life Wedding/ Partnering of June Carlson and Smorkola Resident very much in love allowed us to document their Second Life Wedding. This is the Second Life Wedding that has been done on a Budget, using only clothes from the store Grumble Grumble and their wedding venue Eversong. We used the gift cards that are already available through the in store Mini & Midnight Mania boards which are available to Grumble’s ever-growing shoppers.

Grumble Chapel 750L$


As Bride and Groom stand at the aisle exchanging their vows to each other you can see that the traditional ceremony in Second Life isn’t much different from a real life one. Bride Maids, Maid of Honor  with the best man and grooms men with families on each side.

Usually the Bridal parties’ outfits would cost a bit more than 1000 dollars each:

Satin Cascade Cocktail Dress (Pink) : 125L$

Cascade Gown ( White) : 150L$

Taking to the dance floor the Groom men’s change their outfits for a more less formal vest suit:

Men’s vest ( different colours) : 85L$

Men’s dress shoes : 60L$

Complete suit (from original photograph) 300L$

The most expensive thing in the whole wedding is meant to be the wedding dress. Not in this one. It looks awesome and happens to be the second most expensive thing in this wedding.

Victorian Gown White including Veil, Pearl Necklace and open toe Stiletto: 425L$

We will like to introduce to you, Mr and Mrs Carlson. The total tally for their wedding would be (without the Grumble gift cards) 2455L$.

Your Second Life wedding can cost as much or as little as you want. It all depends on how much money you have to spend.

(Big thanks to Grumble to letting is do our Grumble Wedding!) 

Smooth Jazz at Bella Vida Jazz Club

The sounds of the decades are flowing through the walls of this Jazz Club. One thing you have to love about SL is that it is a very musical place. Every where you look you can find, clubs, and pubs that range musically, from classic rock to modern, from blues to hip hop, from classical to jazz all are available in Second Life. We have looked at classic rock, urban and Metal clubs before., but never a Jazz Club. Personally I am a firm lover of Jazz and my first SL Jazz club will forever be Phatcats, but that review will come sometime later. For now lets concentrate on Bella Vida Jazz Club.

Smooth Jazz of the Decades flow through this amazing club, I happen to come to this club on a day that there was a live artists. The fabulous and funny Wytchwhisper Sadofsky, who lit up the stage. When there aren’t any live artists running around being just incredible and making you tap your feet to their tunes, Bella Vida slows down with the sounds of the old favourites, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and new favourites like Norah Jones.

Any good club must have friendly people and Bella Vida is OK in that department. If you are a music lover and want a place with a relaxing atmosphere this is the place for you.

Newcomer Friendly: 5 out of 10

Music: 9 out of 10

Lag: 6 out of 10

Over all experience: 6 out of 10


Weddings In Second Life

Second Life is a very wonderful place. I know, I know you have to be crazy to want to get married in a virtual world, but it does exist and it has become one of the most popular events that could happen in your second Life. The Second Life weddings are taken seriously, just like their real life counter parts. Every detail is planned out, there is a ceremony, and although Second Life relationships might not last as long as a real life one, it shows that there is a very sacred bond between partners. You can have a very expensive wedding and you can have a wedding on a budget. Then again you could always to a Wedding Fair, to find out what is it there and affordable. But before you get to that all important wedding day, there are a few steps you have to through, Second Life dating, Second Life Relationships, Second Life Partnering and Finally the Second Life Wedding.

Wedding Fair Expo 2011