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Why I Relay and why should You?

With the RFL Fever going on, this time I will take a leap towards another direction and talk about Cancer.  You all know about cancer and RFL.  I have written articles in the past, if you wish to read type, “RFL or Cancer” in the search box on this site. Whenever I talk about cancer, people ask me a few common questions.


What is Cancer?

Cancer - An abnormal  growth of cells in a certain body part.

Types of Cancer - Cancer can affect any part of the body, i.e, bladder, brain, breast, cervical etc. Types of Cancer also includes Colorectal Cancer, Lung Cancer, Melanoma, Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma etc. and other list of cancer types.

Symptoms - Unusual Lump in body, persistent sore or ulcer, persistent cough or hoarseness, change in mole of skin, change in bowel habits, unexplained pain, weight loss, sweats at night, tiredness or fatigue, rash or unusual textures on skin, abdominal pain, abnormal bleeding, difficulty in swallowing, difficulty in urine.


Why I relay?

During the last few days, I was away to visit my uncle (mother’s elder brother), stage IV cancer. He has been given chemotherapy for about a year. The environment in our family is gloomy since the time the therapy stopped. Which means that it is just a matter of few months. At the same time my first cousin sister (uncle’s daughter) was expecting.  After the baby was born, the environment changed.

The baby brought a positive energy among everyone. My uncle started spending more time with the baby. In the last few days he was standing up and walking again, doing his own chores.


My point is death is inevitable. We all have to face it one day with or without pain. But, the time when someone close to you is slipping away in front of your eyes and you can not do anything about it, is the worst feeling ever in human life. The days when we were just sitting by the bed and hope fluttered away. When the heart tore apart yet the tears didn’t roll down. When each member of the family used to escape to washroom to cry in deep sorrow.

Death at that time was not coming for just the patient but to the whole family.

With the baby born, her smile, her cry everything about the baby changed the atmosphere. There was a hint of smile in everyone’s face. Smiles and laughter recovered my uncle. There was hope in the heart.


What is the Mantra?

Mantra for Family

Find reasons to keep encouraging the affected to live. Only hope can bring life.


Mantra for Survival

Since the older generations we have been hearing from our grand parents that

Had we lived by the mantra, the ratio of survivors could have been more.

Do you Relay? If yes, why do you Relay? Share your stories in the comments section.


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10th Relay Season has begun

Everyone is excited for the Relay Season to arrive. The Relay for Life of Second Life is going to have its major events starting this March up until the Wrap up Party in August. The RFL of SL is in its 10th Year of fundraising for the Relay for Life (American Cancer Society).

What happens in Relay for Life?

This is one of the biggest events that happens in Second Life. There are shows, events, parties, shopping, games, etc. that take place. The designers, builders and creators come together to put forth a mega event. All the proceeds go to Relay For Life organization. The total funds raised and the details can be viewed in the Totals Page.

What is special this Year?

This is the 10th consecutive year for Relay. This calls for mega celebrations. The Events this Year are categorized into Mega Events and Special Events.

Upcoming Event:

The Kick-Off Journey


March 7th, 2014 at noon SLT until March 9th, 2014 at 10:30 pm SLT.


American Cancer Society (ACS) Island

How can I contribute to Relay for Life in Second Life?

Apart from being an active participant in the season, you may help in three other ways: Continue reading


A Final stroll through the 2013 RFL Christmas Expo

The 2013 RFL Christmas Expo ends on December 14, 2013 at 10 a.m. SLT.  After that, the sims officially become the home for the AVI Choice Awards.  Attendance is by ticket only, and the tickets have been sold out for days.  Congrats to all the nominees and, in advance, to the deserving winners.

I apologize for the tardiness of my final post regarding this wonderful Expo and fund raiser for Relay for Life and the American Cancer Society.  I couldn’t let this end without saying a few quick words about the shops I visited on the Wonder sim.

DaD’s is the sim sponsor and anchor store here.  The store offers fireplaces, Christmas furniture, flowers and some cute outdoor holidays decorations.  RFL vendors in the store offer several decorated fireplaces, a cuddly spot with a cute snowman and both gold and silver wire Christmas trees with falling stars.   One of the sweetest things in the DaD store was a teddy bear floating around in a hot air balloon, wishing everyone a Happy Christmas.  You can purchase your own teddy bear, who holds a sign you can write your own message on.  Happy Christmas right back at ya, DaD.

I’ve always enjoyed visiting Spyralle, and I was very pleased to see them with a shop at the Expo.  Spyralle has a passion for fractal designs, and the offerings in the store here include clothing items, tables, wreaths and crystal Christmas trees.   One of the trees is in a RFL vendor, as is a very cute mesh sweater and pair of poinsettia topped boots.  Unfortunately, the sweater demo wasn’t working when I touched it, so I didn’t take a chance, but the flowered slippers went home with me. Continue reading


A Stroll Through the 2013 RFL Christmas Expo – Part 4

As I continued to walk the cobbled streets of the Peace sim at the 2013 RFLChristmas Expo, I was again struck by the number of great stores occupying this space.  Many are well known to me, such as Evie’s Closet and Aphrodite Shop.  Oh, and in case you don’t know about Aphrodite, they have the nicest café at their in-world location, very family/kid friendly.  Do check it out. Nice way to spend some time with your SL children.

I decided to begin today by visiting some merchants not so well known to me.  DG Designs offers clothing and jewelry.  The RFL vendors included two candy-ribboned formal gowns, and I liked the swing dresses on another wall.  I wasn’t sure if they are mesh or not, but I believe they are.

DG Designs

My actual favorite in the store was the Gatcha machine, offering some really cute holiday pendants.  I played the game and got three fun ones to wear this season, and a duplicate to give to my sister. I may go back for more. DG Designs is also participating in the Expo Bell Hunt and has a Naughty/Nice gift for you to click. Continue reading

12-6-13 Santa_008

A Stroll through the 2013 RFL Christmas Expo – Part Two

This was another splendid day for strolling at the 2013 Christmas Expo Sims, benefitting Relay for Life of Second Life and the American Cancer Society.  You could almost feel the crispness of the chilled air and hear the rustling of the last autumn leaves, clinging for life to the ice covered tree branches.  The Victorian setting was, and continues to be, perfect for walking along, peaking into windows that almost frost with your breath, then slipping inside for warmth and some pleasant shopping experiences. Today I visited the Hope sim, starting with the anchor store and sim sponsor, LivGlam.  Glam is so appropriate for this venue.  The Expo shop for LivGlam is stylish and overflowing with product.  So packed, in fact, that I had to step gingerly to avoid bumping into things, but it was worth the visit.  Beautiful items to chose from, including the dress that was offered in the Relay vendors….Breath Again.  Superbly continental.

Expo 12-7-13_002

As I mentioned in my earlier article, proceeds from all items sold in the Relay vendors go directly to the American Cancer Society for their continued research and aiding individuals diagnosed with cancer and their families.  Thank you so much for your generosity LivGlam. Just a door down from LivGlam I found Libby’s Holiday Store.  The shop featured many bright and cheery Christmas themed craft items, most with a sparkling hue.  Libby’s has a fantasy feel to it, because of the shimmer she paints with.  No drab colors here.  Even the balloons sparkle.  In fact, one of Libby’s RFL vendors contains balloons with a hugable teddy  bear and the other has a sled pulled by the jolly old elf himself.  So, if you like your decorations with sparkle, make a point to visit this shop. Continue reading


A Stroll through the 2013 RFL Christmas Expo — Part One

With the immensity of Relay for Life’s Christmas Expo, how in the world can you choose what to write about?  I’m at a loss for the answer, so I just decided to let fate make the choices for me as I randomly strolled around, checking out the stores.

First of all, major cudos to ALL of the shops, merchants and service providers who donated their time and products to make this winter fund raising event such a success.  Relay for Life continues to support the American Cancer Society’s research efforts to fight cancer, find a cure and make life better for those battling the disease.

There are four sims which comprise the Expo shopping area, done in the style of a Victorian Village.  Just walking through the sims is a treat.  The buildings were designed and made by Cassie Eldemar, who stepped in to solely complete the assignment when her co-builder had to leave due to family issues.  The facades look so real and give the village a look which makes you want to search your inventory for those Victorian clothes you’ve stored away.  Add twinkling lights and snow covered landscape and you have a perfect holiday shopping setting, not to mention photo ops galore.

Each sim is sponsored by a premier merchant, which serves as the anchor store.  I visited the JOY sim first, sponsored by Black Tulip.  Black Tulip was known to me from various grid hunts I’ve engaged in.  I found lots of fun items of an instructional and building nature inside the store.  In addition to sponsoring the sim, Black Tulip participated further by placing vendors inside their store, with sale proceeds of these items going directly to the ACS.  The vendor item I liked was a neat Snow Globe, available either finished or a base that you could use to create your own.


I walked next door into a store called Potomac, which I was not familiar with.  I was delighted to find many really cute crafty items.  I’m a RL quilt lover, and the red Christmas cutie available in the RFL vendor will be going home with me.  Also offered in vendors was a bird house and candle arrangement. Continue reading

It’s Time to Hunt for the Bells!!

The 2013 Relay for Life of Second Life’s Christmas Expo has many fun and exciting activities this year. One fun activity is the Hunt for the Bells Hunt. Below is the official press release for this great event:



DATES: December 5 to 15 (10am slt)


The bells are ringing across the Christmas Expo and it is time to find them! TP into any of the Christmas Expo sims and start hunting for gold bells, which are hidden in some of your favorite merchant shops!

Continue reading


Celebrating 100 Years of Hope with RFL Christmas Expo

Irrespective of where you are around the globe, in our minds we all know that the holiday season has just begun. The symmetrical snow flakes falling on the Christmas tree reminds us that it is time for warm celebrations and to give gifts. Children wait eagerly for presents while elders wait for the family gatherings. Peace, white and warmth seem to surround us. One of Second Life’s ways of celebrating the lavish holiday season is with the Christmas Expo  supporting the Relay for Life.

What is Relay for Life?

It is a nationwide program supported by American Cancer Society. Around 4 million people have come forward to donate funds for the treatment of patients and continued research for a cure . The society gives awards to people who donate their support. Continue reading


Relay For Life of Second Life: Relay Rap

=RELAYFOR LIFE SL LOGoRelay Rap Press Release Oct 2013

Relay Rap Special Making Strides Edition – Sunday Oct. 20th 3.30pm
Arinultra Cay

Relay Rap is T1Radio’s public service talk show for and about Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society in Second Life. The show normally airs weekly from January through RFL weekend is hosted by Trader Whiplash and covers RFL, the Mission of the American Cancer Society, Events, news and other timely items related to the relay and the Society..

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and around the world and grid, participants are taking part in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. In SL people are holding special events, placing MSABC Kiosks and vendors out and raising awareness and funds to support the Society’s cutting edge research projects, support programs for survivors and helping to bring an end to Breast Cancer. One of every 2 newly diagnosed breast cancer patients turn to the American Cancer Society for information and support and Making Strides assures that the Society is there when needed.

This Sunday Trader, co host Nuala Maracas and guests, MSABC of SL Chair Gem Sunkiller, and RL/SL couple, Survivor / Caregiver LyricWinterWolf and Robby Composer will discuss Lyrics recent battle with Breast Cancer. This is expected to a powerful story of one couple from diagnosis to treatment to recovery.

The event can be heard on T1Radio, and live in SL at Arinultra Cay.

Since 1913 the American Cancer Society has been part of nearly every Breast Cancer breakthrough and has funded 47 Nobel Luareates. For more information about Breast Cancer, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer or the mission of American Cancer Society visit American Cancer Society Island in SL
( ) ; or call 800-227-2345