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Jewelry and Accessories are big part of SecondLife’s Fantasy, everywhere you look outfits are tied together with either a necklace, some amazing pair of earrings and an awesome bag.N@N@ helps SecondLife Residents find the perfect jewelry to tie their outfits together. from necklaces to earrings, it is totally worth taking a look at this amazing store.

Natem Andel, creator of N@N@ took time out from her business schedule to talk about her store. ” The inspiration for my jewelry is everything, it is an obsession really. I have a lot of freebies and affordable items that are available to newcomers. I don’t know what the future holds for my store but I do know that I want to continue to.” She adds, “ It is a treasure, I’ve put all my heart into my store and I am very happy with the outcome and want to thank the people who helped me a long the way.”

To check out this amazing store:

June Carlson

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JC Loves Da 80s too: Review of Shizz I <3 the 80s hunt

From August 1st to August 15th SecondLife Hunt group <(^_0)> Shizz went back in time to the 80s in their I <3 80s hunt.

The 80s is coming!

 Being an 80s child myself (but being unfortunate enough to be born when the 80s was coming to an end) I was thrilled to jump into the time machine and explore this Shizz original. Like all hunts, I <3 80s hunt had its good points and its bad points. My first impression of the I<3 80s hunt wasn’t very good, there was a bit of confusion, the location that was meant to be the start location wasn’t there. The landmark didn’t really work and sent me to an info hub. After popping into the hunt group for some much needed help, I was sent on my way and from there the hunt got better.

 Now the positives, it is very rarely that you see a hunt that has a diverse amount of hunt gifts.  I <3 80s had gestures and I will be using them every chance I get. S..s..s..s..A..a..a..a.F…f..f..f. Gotta love it.

 There were some locations I enjoyed and others I didn’t. The hunt was challenging has hunts are meant to be. There was the odd, hint that had nothing to do with where the hunt gift was, but that seems to be a norm within the SL hunt society. Then there were the unbelievably clever hints that really had me scratching my head for example, V tattoo’s subway was well hidden and I enjoyed the search, though I wasn’t sure about going into a place that had dead bodies covered up on the floor. Another hunt location I really enjoyed was N@N@, clever hints make a hunt, and N@N@ expressed this in their Exclusive Gems hint.

 Number 15 was the hardest location I came across in the whole hunt, I even had to call in help and even then I skipped to the next one.

 A hunt is only as good as its hunt group, and I <3 80’s hunt group was great, very friendly and willing to help (though even number 15 had them confused).

 Overall I enjoyed the I <3 80s hunt and any hunt that has a party at the end of it is cool in my book.

Ain't no party like an 80s hunt party!

 Written By June Carlson

Pictures from <(^_0)> Shizz Hunt Group