Second Life Walkthrough: How to Get Lindens in SL? ( How do I get a job?)

Second Life has its own, very active, economy and currency. It is called the Linden Dollar (L$) and is about 0.01USD = 1L$. Time  for a few FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I need Lindens?

To buy goods and services, such as clothes and a place to live.

How do I receive Lindens?

There are two ways:

1) Buy Lindens from the Second Life website using real money. You can do this by signing in to the Second Life website (using your SL username and password), go to your Dashboard, then to buy. It will ask you how much you want to purchase noting that the minimum allowed is at least 500L$ or 3.00USD.

2) You can get a job in world. There are several jobs that you can do in Second life. You can find these jobs through Job Agencies in world.( Search Job agencies). You can also create items to sell for Lindens or open your own business.

What kind of businesses/jobs are there in Second Life?

There are several jobs/businesses you can become involved in. The most common jobs are available through clubs and other music based establishments  , working as a DJ, Host/Hostess, and Dancer. There are others jobs that are less common such as Managers, Assistants, Models, Writers etc.

Businesses include Clothes Designer,Builder, Script Writer, Club Owner, Property Owner, Blogger (Fashion, News, Music & Destinations). These are jobs that takes a lot of commitment, so if you do not have the time and don’t want the stress the most frequent jobs would be more ideal for you. Some jobs, particularly the most common ones, have a promotion system (Start at the bottom and work your way to the top) but this depends on the owners. 

How do I find work?

Job agencies are a great way to find jobs. There are tons Job centres and agencies for you to find work. Most jobs require you to fill out an application form and send it to the employers. 

What are employers looking for?

Many employers are looking for Reliable employees, someone who will show up when they say they will and do their job well. As a result many employers will not hire you until you are 30 days old and in Second Life on a regular basis.

There are some jobs that will need experience and even training. Being a DJ in SL will require you to have training and experience (There are schools and help guides out there that specialize in  DJ training). Hosting is another job that requires training,  most clubs will offer to train you since  Hosts need  to use different marketing equipment to pull customers in.

Helpful Links:

So You Want To Own A Business in Second Life Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 & Part 4

Becoming a Dj in 8 Steps 

Jobs in Second Life Series

These are some of the questions that have been the FAQ for the Torch, if you have any more questions ask at

Well,  you have the money, how about we look for a place you can call home? Join us next time on Second Life Walkthrough.

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Things to Do in Second Life – Week of March 3, 2013

Check out some of the fun and exciting things to do and see in Second Life this week:


Relay for Life: 
in Second Life TeamRegistration has opened!! Please see the websites below for
more information:

ST Patrick’s Day Themed:

2013 St. Patrick’s Day Town:  The festive atmosphere of St. Patrick’s Day Town blows through the senses like a virtual Irish breeze. Ride flying gold coins, dance a jig with Leprechauns, drink green beer while, sing along with friends at the outdoor pub piano and fill your basket with all things Irish. Follow the rainbow to the most colorful party around: St. Patrick’s Day Town.

The Green Festival:  Come to Tribute City as they celebrate all things green with a month-long festival to honor St. Patricks Day! Events include contests, raffles, live DJ’s, tribute bands, fun rides and much, much more. For more information, be sure to visit


Catch the North Gang: The German Community launches its first event in 2013: Catch the North Gang. Hunt all members of the north gang in numerous shops for a chance to win and win up to L$ 1,500. Every North member carries a suitcase filled with stolen property and a code letter. Collect all parts and code letters and find the solution words. Running from February 20th to the 28th, good luck!


Zodiac! – Pisces: This month’s Zodiac brings you to the magical watery world of Pisces. The creativity really blossomed in this round, making it the most popular month of Zodiac yet! If you’re looking for new and beautiful creations from some of SL’s top designers, make sure you visit Zodiac before this ends on March 15th.

L’Accessoires: L’Accessoires is a monthly fashion event beginning on the 15th of every month until the 8th of the following month. Some of Second Life’s top designers showcase exclusive original accessories and shoes. Join the monthly flickr contest to have a chance to win fabulous prizes from the designers! Details are at the venue.

Music & Festivals:

My Attic at The Deck:  My Attic at The Deck is a special event that occurring every two months. My Attic combines the talents of the tenants of The Deck with special guests, and producing a collection based on pop music, this special theme. Don’t miss out on all the wonderful items and amazing prices. Act fast, this event only lasts from February 21st to the 28th.


Alice in RMK Gothic: Follow the white rabbit as it runs throughout the RMK Gothic sim dropping tickets. Collect enough tickets to exchange them for fabulous prizes! For more information, see the official blog over at

The Evil Bunny Hunt 3:  The evil bunny is back and he’s been very busy spreading Easter chaos, stealing eggs and being, well, evil. Follow his devious trail of nice and naughty eggs to find the golden egg stash at the end. Just be sure to watch out for that carrot and always beware the fluffy tail. In fact, just generally watch out, that rabbit is tricky and surprisingly quick.

Marathon Caye Spring Awakening Hunt:  Welcome to the newest installation at the Woods of Marathon Caye: the fine arts gallery. Come here for featured Second Life artistry and an enjoyable place to socialize. Marathon Caye is in full spring season mode as well, so why not try their Spring Awakening Hunt. Explore the sim to find spring daisies bearing gifts. Happy hunting!

Catch the North Gang:  The German Community launches its first event in 2013: Catch the North Gang. Hunt all members of the north gang in numerous shops for a chance to win and win up to L$ 1,500. Every North member carries a suitcase filled with stolen property and a code letter. Collect all parts and code letters and find the solution words. Running from February 20th to the 28th, good luck!

The Tainted Love HuntThe Tainted Love Hunt is a grid-wide treasure hunt focusing on anything but that nice, romantic Valentines Day love. Expect obsessional love, painful love, even loving unto death. Featuring great prizes from some of most troubled, twisted and talented people in Second Life, the Tainted Love Hunt runs from February 1st to February 28th, 2013.

Art & Exhibitions:

Danger in Evolution: DangerInEvolution is a project born from an artistic collaboration between Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo for the LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts). DangerInEvolution makes it possible to see the contradiction at the heart of any technological and scientific evolution that fails to take into account, maturity and an awareness and value of all potential risks. The installation is open from now until the end of February.


Global Domination:  Global Domination will immerse you in exciting and interactive puzzle solving game play. It will take you through a challenging journey through the globe as you solve puzzles based on different countries around the world. Solve all the puzzles and win amazing prizes from some of Second Life’s favorite stores. Come get your passport today to play for fun and then finish for your prizes!

The Winter Safety Game: Winter weather can be a killer. The challenge of The Winter Safety Game is to prepare home, barn, and car for a winter blizzard and travel safely through it to Grandma’s 75th birthday party. Score points by interacting with content, encountering a variety of hazardous situations and solving problems. Collect enough points to access skating, fireworks, and prizes at the party. Open now through March 20th.

Things to Do in Second Life – Week of January 27, 2013

Check out some of the fun and exciting things to do and see in Second Life this week:

The Stupid Cupid Hunt:  That Cupid, he’s so stupid! Flying around, shooting arrows everywhere, making everyone dizzy, trailing little hearts wherever he goes… He’s trying to make love matches all across SecondLife! It’s time to stop Cupid before he gets any more stupid! Find the arrows at stores across SL to lead you to Cupid’s love nest and fall in love with over 20 sponsor prizes! Running from February 1st to the 15th, don’t miss it.

The Tainted Love Hunt: The Tainted Love Hunt is a grid-wide treasure hunt focusing on anything but that nice, romantic Valentines Day love. Expect obsessional love, painful love, even loving unto death. Featuring great prizes from some of most troubled, twisted and talented people in Second Life, the Tainted Love Hunt runs from February 1st to February 28th, 2013.

Cold Winter Nights Hunt:  The Cold Winter Nights Hunt is a high quality gridwide hunt from 50 of your favorite designers and stores. Set your diary to midnight on January 15th and get ready to hunt! Each quality item in this hunt only costs 10 Lindens! Be sure to check out their website for more details:

The Room 326 Hunt:  The Silent Peacock Hotel has been recently closed for an investigation after 15 people have disappeared from their premises. The only thing the people have in common is that they all have spent a night in Room 326. Do you dare to enter and discover the evil secrets it holds? Event held through Jan. 31.

Art & Exhibitions:
Danger in Evolution: DangerInEvolution is a project born from an artistic collaboration between Kicca Igaly and Nessuno Myoo for the LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts). DangerInEvolution makes it possible to see the contradiction at the heart of any technological and scientific evolution that fails to take into account, maturity and an awareness and value of all potential risks. The installation is open from now until the end of February.

CitySphere:  Welcome to Citysphère, a new vision of Second Life. A city with 132 buildings distributed on a floating sphere, this mind-bending experience features three times the surface area of most sims and must be seen. For more information, and important Citysphere advice, go to The exhibition runs throughout the month.

Stardust Art:  Stardust Art is an exhibition curated by Francesca Barbi Marinetti, and takes place both Rome and in Second Life at MIC. Featuring art from a host of artists, all creations have been dedicated to the actress Monica Vitti. These digital works will be included in a machinima video that will be screened at Margutta RistorArte January 14. Come and enjoy!

Charity Music Box for Children:  Music Box for Children, held through Jan. 22, is an auction and sale in favor of SOS Children Villages in India. Set in a wintery landscape by Trill Zapatero, take a free pair of ice skates, enjoy the sounds and art! The installation features works by Betty Tureaud, Bryn Oh, Eliza Wierwight, Eupalinos Ugajin, Giovanna Cerise, Igor Ballyhoo, Melusina Parkin, Pol Jarvinen, Rebeca Bashly, SaveMe Oh, Rose Borchovski, Trill Zapatero, Ub Yifu and much more.

The Winter Safety Game:  Winter weather can be a killer. The challenge of The Winter Safety Game is to prepare home, barn, and car for a winter blizzard and travel safely through it to Grandma’s 75th birthday party. Score points by interacting with content, encountering a variety of hazardous situations and solving problems. Collect enough points to access skating, fireworks, and prizes at the party. Open now through March 20th.

Raid the Marketplace – Outfits for Ass Kickin’.

A few days ago the Destination guys did an article on a zombie survival sim and it got us fashion folk thinking, there must be some affordable clothes in Second Life that would be perfect for a bit of butt kicking action so here we have another Raid the Marketplace. Two outfits for different types of people who love their ass kicking. (Note: the guns in the following pictures are 500L$ each and can be found in the gun shop at on the Dead Zone zombie survival Sim.)

For the Femme Fatale we have the latex wear:

Wanted Black with Boots – From a Marketplace store where everything is 7L$

For the  more comfortable Bad Girl selection which is made up of ( from head to toe):

*B.D.R.* Halter Top Pack - 1 L$

-K12-Gift Vol001 Hoodie – 1L$

VA Creations – Straight Jeans - 0L$

CC Design – Basic Sneakers Black - 10L$


Well that’s two outfits for ass kicking.

A special thanks to Dead Zone’s Hutch and Pepper don’t forget to check out the stores and Dead Zone sim, as well as the Torch SLG’s Destination: Dead Zone review. Remember to watch your back when you’re out there!

Weddings In Second Life

Second Life is a very wonderful place. I know, I know you have to be crazy to want to get married in a virtual world, but it does exist and it has become one of the most popular events that could happen in your second Life. The Second Life weddings are taken seriously, just like their real life counter parts. Every detail is planned out, there is a ceremony, and although Second Life relationships might not last as long as a real life one, it shows that there is a very sacred bond between partners. You can have a very expensive wedding and you can have a wedding on a budget. Then again you could always to a Wedding Fair, to find out what is it there and affordable. But before you get to that all important wedding day, there are a few steps you have to through, Second Life dating, Second Life Relationships, Second Life Partnering and Finally the Second Life Wedding.

Wedding Fair Expo 2011

Working in Second Life: Enjoy Life Jobs Agency

Like many newcomers to Second Life you may find yourself looking for a place either to get a job or earn a few Lindens. It is not as easy

Start your Second Life with Enjoy Life Jobs

as some may think to get a job on Second Life when you are a freshly made avatar. One reason is that people do not want to hire a person who is new on SL because of their inexperience with the game or because they do not think that a newcomer will stick at it hard when trying to predict what goes on in other people’s minds. However, there is a place that newcomers can come and get a job or find work in other locations. That place is called Enjoy Life Job Agency and the staff are really friendly and helpful to newcomers.

  • Enjoy Life Job Agency is a great place to visit because of all the things they have to offer. They offer low-cost to no-cost clothes to make you look less like a newcomer and more like someone who has been on Second Life for a while. Having a refined look and a good style on Second Life is really important and can help you land a fantastic job in a club or other place of business. Enjoy Life Job Agency can really help you get your start. They offer both greeter and model positions that can help you get started in the second life. They pay a small amount for a worker (four hours of work for one hundred lindens) not bad for a newcomer in Second Life. This is a great thing for newcomers to earn and save up to make their appearance ready for places that require a better look . Many places will not take on workers under 30 days old and sometimes even 60. The Enjoy Life way enables you get your foot in the door with experience in modeling or greeting and the time you need to be online.

So. If you are new to Second Life, need a job, and maybe some freebies, Enjoy Life Job Agency is one of many places to get started. It is also a good place if you need a camping ground for such games as Fish hunt, coin hunt, or even getting betaverse coins. You can also camp on the two available chairs which will let you to camp until they vanish.

This should get you started in Second Life and if you ever have any questions or need any advice do not hesitate to contact me in world with an IM or a notecard. Always remember that Second Life is always fun as long as you try to make it fun.  Check out Enjoy Life Job Agency and if you can’t get in world check out the website.

Kittysmiles Soulstar

The (relatively) new third party viewers

It seems you can’t keep a good viewer down as new third-party viewers have popped up with updated mesh support.  Astra, Catznip, and Niran have joined the family this September, providing an alternative to SecondLife’s Default viewer.


Catznip, created by Trinity Dejavu and Kitty Barnett is an a user-friendly third-party viewer which is based on the original V2. According to Catznip’s blog Catznip 2.6 & 2.8 were released on September 20, 2011. Catznip seems like the Imprudence of  V2, keeping things simple and does not over complicate the user experience. The Torch SL Guide recommends this viewer to first time Second Life users.


Niran’s Viewer is a German Based Viewer and is a Kristens Viewer modification. After discontinuation of the Kristen viewer, Niran developer NiranV Dean started on Niran’s blog :

Kirstens Viewer continues?

YES! , it’s not yet dead i want to continue it , im having fun merging bugfixes and features atm , building my own Viewer and using it =3 *proud is*
                                                                                                                                              – NirvanV Dean
Like Kristens this viewer is aimed at photographers, builders and film makers.


Astra is another open source viewer based on the Snowglobe Viewer 1.5. The Torch SL Guide could only get little information on Astra, and this was only found on the Living in a Modern World Blog, so check it out for more information on the Astra Viewer

A Girl & Her Happy Hats

You’d heard of the Woman who Lived in a Shoe? Well this is the Woman who has a store in a Hat and what a store it is! I stumbled across

The Happy Hats

The Happy Hat while on the The I <3 the 80′s Hunt and found that this small store was actually amazing. With cheap and affordable accessories from shoes to …well hats.

This awesome store is brain child of Rah Rehula who has been a resident of SecondLife since 2007 and through her love of building

Rah Rehula owner of The Happy Hats

brought to life a very unique store. “ The Happy Hat started because I was showing a group of Higher Education Faculty about how a business class could be created in Second Life.” Explains Rah, “After it’s creation, I decided to just keep it going. I chose a hat as the building design because one of the first persons I met in SL (FOUR years ago) was wearing a hat. She stated it was something most people did not do in SL; so I set out to perfect the hat. I love to be creative; it reduces my stress. I also love to share my work with others. This is why the products are “affordable” as to Linden standard.”

And affordable they are, the Price Range for The Happy Hat is a cool 10L$ – 50L$ so definitely worth checking out if you are interested in hats, shoes and affordable prices. 

Fancy Fuschia L$10

Grey Daze L$10

Green Ghost L$ 20

Gold L$10

This store never has a dull moment, since it is always participating in up coming hunts and has displays that customers can interact with. “I get bored very easily so I change the store décor every month and bring what ever holiday into the mix.” Rah also shed some light on her inspiration for Happy Hats. “My inspiration, I would say, comes from the designers and builders of Second Life. There is always a visual explosion here in virtual environment. Many times, I find myself mesmerized by other’s work.”

The Happy Hats is beautiful store to look at and doesn’t break your virtual pockets, that is perfect for new residents.

June Carlson 

Love Jewelry? Go To N@N@

Jewelry and Accessories are big part of SecondLife’s Fantasy, everywhere you look outfits are tied together with either a necklace, some amazing pair of earrings and an awesome bag.N@N@ helps SecondLife Residents find the perfect jewelry to tie their outfits together. from necklaces to earrings, it is totally worth taking a look at this amazing store.

Natem Andel, creator of N@N@ took time out from her business schedule to talk about her store. ” The inspiration for my jewelry is everything, it is an obsession really. I have a lot of freebies and affordable items that are available to newcomers. I don’t know what the future holds for my store but I do know that I want to continue to.” She adds, “ It is a treasure, I’ve put all my heart into my store and I am very happy with the outcome and want to thank the people who helped me a long the way.”

To check out this amazing store:

June Carlson

Money grows on trees

Did you know money grows on trees in SL? Well, for newcomers under the age of 45 days anyway. Spread throughout the grid there are many money trees that gives you money. Some will give you a fixed amount once each day if clicked, others will be “loaded” with money and you have to find the lindens among the leaves on the tree.

The ones that gives you money usually gives you a smaller sum, and the ones where you have to find the money usually gives between 1 and 15L$ each time, but you can pick them several times per day. They have a limit of how much you can pick each day and a max you can pick totally, but if you know where all of them are, you might get enough for that dress you’ve been looking at on the marketplace or those pair of shoes you saw in that store you once visited.