Second Life Walkthrough: How to Get Lindens in SL? ( How do I get a job?)

Second Life has its own, very active, economy and currency. It is called the Linden Dollar (L$) and is about 0.01USD = 1L$. Time  for a few FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I need Lindens?

To buy goods and services, such as clothes and a place to live.

How do I receive Lindens?

There are two ways:

1) Buy Lindens from the Second Life website using real money. You can do this by signing in to the Second Life website (using your SL username and password), go to your Dashboard, then to buy. It will ask you how much you want to purchase noting that the minimum allowed is at least 500L$ or 3.00USD.

2) You can get a job in world. There are several jobs that you can do in Second life. You can find these jobs through Job Agencies in world.( Search Job agencies). You can also create items to sell for Lindens or open your own business.

What kind of businesses/jobs are there in Second Life?

There are several jobs/businesses you can become involved in. The most common jobs are available through clubs and other music based establishments  , working as a DJ, Host/Hostess, and Dancer. There are others jobs that are less common such as Managers, Assistants, Models, Writers etc.

Businesses include Clothes Designer,Builder, Script Writer, Club Owner, Property Owner, Blogger (Fashion, News, Music & Destinations). These are jobs that takes a lot of commitment, so if you do not have the time and don’t want the stress the most frequent jobs would be more ideal for you. Some jobs, particularly the most common ones, have a promotion system (Start at the bottom and work your way to the top) but this depends on the owners. 

How do I find work?

Job agencies are a great way to find jobs. There are tons Job centres and agencies for you to find work. Most jobs require you to fill out an application form and send it to the employers. 

What are employers looking for?

Many employers are looking for Reliable employees, someone who will show up when they say they will and do their job well. As a result many employers will not hire you until you are 30 days old and in Second Life on a regular basis.

There are some jobs that will need experience and even training. Being a DJ in SL will require you to have training and experience (There are schools and help guides out there that specialize in  DJ training). Hosting is another job that requires training,  most clubs will offer to train you since  Hosts need  to use different marketing equipment to pull customers in.

Helpful Links:

So You Want To Own A Business in Second Life Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 & Part 4

Becoming a Dj in 8 Steps 

Jobs in Second Life Series

These are some of the questions that have been the FAQ for the Torch, if you have any more questions ask at

Well,  you have the money, how about we look for a place you can call home? Join us next time on Second Life Walkthrough.

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Second Life Walkthrough: Just Joined Second Life? What Now?

First of all, welcome to Second Life, congratulations on getting your account and taking your first confusing steps into this confusing as all hell virtual world. Now you are here? What do you do first? Some Residents of SL would say that nothing really interesting happens until you reach 30 days old, but that isn’t true. It is true that you can’t really do anything until you are 30 days, like apply for jobs but we’ll get to that when we get to the living in Second Life bit of this walk through. You can do anything you want before you reach your 30 days in SL and Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life, have happily done something to help newcomers find their way.

I always tell newcomers that the best way to experience SL in their first few weeks is to explore the places in the destination guid. Back to Linden Labs making the kind of easier for new residents to explore the world.

Seven places as soon as your land in world, introducing you to Seven part of Second Life.



Second Life is ripe with culture and very creative people, one of ways residents show their creativity is through art. If you are interested in seeing the amazing creations of Second Life’s Art community go through that Portal.



Second Life’s roleplaying community is large, with several different kinds of sims dedicated to Roleplaying. From Lovercraftian Horror to Medieval Fantasy to Futuristic Cyber, if you are interested in checking out Second Life’s Roleplaying Go through the portal.


Popular and Social

These two Portals lead you to popular hotspots as well as social communities, great places to hang out and meet other Second Life residents. Go through the portals to meet new people and make friends.



There are so many musical places in Second Life, from clubs to pubs, live musicians to teaching schools for wannabe musicians. Follow this portal to start your musician journey.


Editor’s Picks

These Destinations were picks by the editor of the destination guide on the Second Life website. This portal leads to them.


Linden Realms

Second Life’s very own video game, Go on quests, collect crystals and earn Lindens. Just head through the portal.



Finally a portal that leads to the seedy side of Second Life, the adult sims.

Exploring Second Life will allow you to see and experience  every part of Second Life before you finally decide on what you’re interested in doing, but what happens when you don’t have found that special thing and you’ve reached 30 days? Well how about we answer a few questions that we are always asked here at The Torch. About things  that happen in every day Second Life, beginning with ‘How do I get a job in Second Life?’


Second Life Fashion: Que Bella for the Bigger Woman.

Second Life as a visual medium can be all about what you look like and does have a bit of an issue withuebella_002 body imagine. The virtual world is a place where you can be anything you want to, whether it’s a furry, a child avatar or even an 8 ’10 giant. It is hard to find clothes when you decide not to be within the “normal” shape and size. Child avatars do have stores that are made  for them, the same thing goes for furries, but what about humans that decide to be a bit more curvy than normal or taller. Que Bella, created by Issybella Quintessa, is one of a few stores found in Second Life that are aimed at the bigger more curvy female avatar. Their price ranges from around 50 – 120L$ so they are affordable. Continue reading

So You Want to Own a Business in Second Life – Land Sales & Rentals

In this installment of So You Want to Own a Business in Second Life, we will look at the land sales and rentals business in Second Life. The land sales and rentals business in Second Life can be one of, if not the most, expensive type of business to own in Second Life.

Before jumping into the land market in Second Life, decide how much you can afford to spend in Second Life, as costs can jump relatively quickly. Land in Second Life is divided into mainland or estate property. Mainland property is limited to 40 avatars, has no covenant, and you do not get estate rights with mainland property. If you own a private estate, then you can have a max of 100 avatars, your choice of a covenant, and you get the estate permissions.

Continue reading

Man Week Begins! – Male From Scratch.

Hi Folks

As you might know it’s man week here at the Torch and my mission was to make a male avi from scratch and kit him out for 200 lindens.

To be honest I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, because lets face it, although second life has come on in leaps and bounds as far as men’s fashion is concerned they are still pretty under represented, especially in the cheap or free area but despite that I think I managed to put together a guy that in my personal opinion is kind of handsome. So without further ado I bring you Shad! 7 foot something hunk of man.

URLS to follow.

So the first thing that needed to be done was to find a good base, that being shape and skin and the hunt brought me to FILTHY at the Place Alexandra sim. While perhaps most well known for some gorgeous female skins and shapes. She also does a great range of men’s too and the best news for people with a limited budget is that the creator Alexandra Barcelos has some of her older skins still available for the incredible bargain price of 99ls! And that gents includes shape, a range of skin tones and separate hair base. What more could you ask for?

Filthy – Sid skin & shape – 99ls –

The next stop was for eyes, This was a pretty easy choice for me to make because MAYFLY has some beautiful offerings in a variety of colours are all really realistic and cheap. But the best thing for the purpose of my mission is that they have a free pair. The London fog free eyes are a gorgeous piercing blue and you can choose if you want to wear the normal texture or wear them in a mesh version. They are stunning and definitely the kind of eyes a lady likes to get lost in.

Mayfly – London fog mesh eyes – 0ls –

Onto clothes and my favourite subject shoes! For these I headed to Second Life marketplace and did a raid and in no time at all had come up with this, so sharp it could cut you suit from Savvy Avvy for just 50ls. I was surprised by the quality of this outfit, It’s detailed, smooth and perfectly textured, it’s a must have for any guy out there that wants a bit of elegant nonchalance, It can be worn in a number of ways, while I opted for the white open neck shirt, there is also a black open shirt and buttoned up versions with a tie too, so it’s perfect for a number of occasions.

Savvy Avvy – Business suit – 50ls –

The shoes from HOC apparel are also off the marketplace and were also 50ls.  They are seamlessly sculpted with an impeccable finish, They go perfectly with the suit and the ability to change the texture via menu makes them adaptable enough to go with your favourite jeans too. You are definitely walking away with a bargain.

HOC apparel  – leather loafers – 50ls –

Now suited and booted, last on the list was hair and I admit I was stumped on this. I mean I love hair but I had never really paid attention to mens, and seeing as I was down to the 1ls of my budget, I was stuck. I needed help and so I turned to my very stylish SL bro for advice and he pointed me in the direction of EXILE by Kavar Cleanslate, He does a wide selection of men’s hair and has a few free offerings too. I chose the Echo style because I like the rumpled, windswept look especially in contrast to the smooth style of the suit. It was the perfect finishing touch and brought it all together.

Exile – Echo hair – 0ls –

1ls left and while I could have come in under budget I splurged and spent it on an animation override. It was another surprise find on the marketplace.  The Vista animations basic male AO is a good starting point as far as animation overrides go, It really is basic with only a few stands and a walk, but you can add animations into it as you go along  and it can be turned into something unique to you.

Vistaanimation – Basic male AO – 1ls –

So that brings us to a close. 200ls dead on the nose and a complete avatar, with a little hunting and patience it can be done and with style. So get out there gents and shop your little hearts out.

Huge thanks again to the amazing Damion Theas for the picture.

So You Want to Own a Business in Second Life – Part 4 (Content Creation)

The Second Life prim categories

In this installment of So You Want to Own a Business in Second Life, we will look at content creation.

Prims, prims, and more prims! Everywhere you look there are prims arranged and made into some of your favorite items. From your Second Life furniture to that car you may drive around on the mainland, someone had to create those prims and you can too!

When getting started with content creation, decide what exactly you want to make. You can make clothing or furniture. You could decide to build vehicles or residential/commercial structures.  You can also build whatever strikes your fancy!

After you decide what you want to start building, make sure you are familiar with popular design programs such as Photoshop or Gimp, if you want to make your own textures. If you plan to build in mesh, then you should be familiar with programs such as Blender or Maya.

You can find some tutorials on these programs and many others on the official Second Life Wiki Creation Portal. Some of your creations may require scripting, so you should brush up on the Linden Scripting Language (LSL). You can find help on using LSL by visiting the official LSL Portal.

You can also find classes in world from a variety of places. Two of some of the most popular content creation courses can be found at Builder’s Brewery and Caledon Oxbridge University. You can also find many other classes by visiting the Creator Resources category on the Second Life Destinations Page.

Of course you can use the many available clothing templates or full perm items that you can find in world or on the Second Life Marketplace to help cut the time when creating content. However, be sure to read the licensing terms on anything you obtain in world or on the marketplace, that you want to use in your own creations. Licensing can vary from item to item.

You can either use content you create for your own personal usage or you can make it available commercially on the Second Life Marketplace, via an in world shop, or use both methods to sell your content. Most content in world is sold via the usage of vendors. You can find a variety of vending packages in world and on the marketplace, be sure to become overly familiar with your chosen vending system or you may decide to script your own.

With any business in Second Life, content creation requires time and patience, as well as a great deal of customer support if you make your content available commercially, but the results can be rewarding and fun!

Join us next week, as we discuss the property business in our next installment of So You Want to Own a Business in Second Life.


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Baby bump 03

Having A Family in Second Life: Maternity Chic!

Hi all,

For my first post for the Torch, I thought I would do a little follow up on the family segment and bring you all some very cute maternity clothes that are perfect for the long, lazy days of summer, They will keep the mum to be cool and comfortable without emptying your wallet.

For the first offering I bring you a gorgeous little dress from Maddison Wexhome. It lovingly drapes over your bump in a cascade of chiffon, while the accompanying leggings hug your stomach and bring it all together in an outfit that reeks of cool, casual elegance. The floral detailing is so pretty and it takes the minimum of adjusting. Considering it can be worn in a couple of different ways it’s a total bargain at just 99ls.

Baby bump 04 – 99ls

The second gem from Maddison Wexhome is a gorgeous little baby-doll top and white capri’s. With a slight boho vibe, it enhances your assets and baby bump in a way that is sexy yet not overt, The colours hint are fresh and relaxing, ideal for the summer days and again at 99ls what more could you want.

Baby bump 03 light green – 99ls

There is a lot more on offer at this store, for both mums to be and the rest of you girlies out there. It’s cheap and great quality, I highly suggest you stop by and have a look for yourself.

The next store I have for you is PS expectations. I have to say I was spoilt for choice, there were so many outfits that were simply gorgeous and really reasonably priced but with difficulty I managed to narrow it down to just a few.

The first is a beautiful top called Tess, also in a flattering boho style, the hint of cleavage tantalises, while the baby-doll skims your curves in a celebration of colour, Teamed with the Capri-cious pants it is a great outfit that is perfect for relaxing or running round snapping up some more bargains. With the top at 99ls and theCapri’s at just 75ls it’s a must have.

Tess – chocolate cherry – 99ls

Capri-licious – 75ls

Now comes something slightly more daring, if you want to proudly show off your bump in a sexy yet understated way, this is the top for you. The diamante detailing lends some glitz and glamour that makes it ideal for the summer evenings, It can be teamed with jeans or a skirt, or as in the picture the oh so versatile capri-licious pants.

Robin in lake – 99ls

We have the days and the evening covered now, but what when it turns to those sultry summer nights? You want something that makes your partners temperature sky rocket while letting you remain cool and comfortable. The Allure outfit also from PS expectations fits the bill in every way. You can see it hints at everything yet doesn’t reveal too much, the lace detail across the bodice and sheer baby-doll will get your partners pulse racing and who knows it could spark a conversation about babies two and three.

Allure – 99ls

Definitely drop by this store I can guarantee you will find something you will love.

As with anything else in second life there is a plethora of choices out there, this is just a small selection. So don’t be afraid to explore or even ask in a maternity group for recommendations. I guarantee you that you will love it.

Happy bargain hunting and see you soon.

P.S Big thanks to Damion Theas for doing the pics and Abeni Fanshaw for modeling

Venturing into the Sn@tch Bargain Pit.

Today, we ventured into the long-lost bargain bit of S@tch City, a wonderful place, with a magical store called Sn@tch. It is a store that we’ve wrote about in our little Goth/Industrial culture in Second Life article, we did last year around this time. Anyway we are revisit store because like it updates its mech once in a while and while the store has all these amazing clothes and accessories, who could give up a bargain?

There are many more freebies down in the Bargain Pit of Sn@tch, here are a few we liked. These are the freebies, we loves at Sn@tch.


Sn@tch Nobu (Black): Comes in 5 different Colours including, Black, Red, Purple, Blue, & Brown. 0L$

Sn@tch Stripey Goth tights stockings and socks, comes in 6 different colours including, Pink, Red, Black, Grey, Purple, Green   0L$

Sn@tch Frankenboots 50L$


Sn@tch Dead Jenny (Blue) comes in three different colours including Green, Blue and Purple. 0L$

Sn@tch Candy Stockings (Pale Blue) comes in 10 different colours including, (Purple, Blue, Green, Grey, Black, Silver, Aqua, Champagne, Pink, and White). 0L$

In Her Shoes Shiny Blue Flats 0L$

Venture to Sn@tch City and take a look at their Bargain Pit.

So You Want to Own a Business in Second Life – Part 2 (Clubs)

On our second segment of this series, we will focus on the club business in Second Life.  In case you missed the first part of our series on business owning in Second Life, you can view that story here.

If you are new to Second Life, it will not take you long to hear about clubs, events, or djing!  Owning a club in Second Life can be fun and rewarding, but it also takes a great deal of time, planning, and organization.

Since owning a business in Second Life, mirrors business owning in real life somewhat, I am going to employ a real life business concept—the SWOT Analysis.  No this is not MBA 101, but you should analyze your own capabilities before jumping into what can be a costly venture in Second life.  I have streamlined the concept of SWOT into four categories.  Please consider these five things, as they are the key to making or breaking your club in Second Life:

  1. Budget- Decide from the beginning, how much of your real life money you can put into a club.  You will need money to pay for property for the club, as well as for events if you decide to hold contests, and for advertising the club.  There is also the possibility of paying for special events, dj’s, or event hosts. You also have to budget for club equipment and the actual club building.
  2. Theme-Will your club have a theme? Is it going to be a rock, pop, top 40’s, country, etc type of club? You can also make your club appeal to a specific community in Second Life, such as goth, vampire, furry/neko, steampunk etc to name a few. What will the rating be? Adult, mature, or pg?
  3. Location-do you want your club located on the mainland or will you rent private estate land? Each type of property has it’s plusses and minuses.
  4. Staff-How will you find DJ’s and hosts? Do you have the time to host or dj yourself? Will you used managed DJ’s or will you simply send out in DJ groups?
  5. Time-Do you have the real life time to devote to the club? This is very important, particularly if you cannot find enough staff to keep your club going, you may end up hosting or DJing or at times doing both.

If, after considering the five things above and you still would want to own a club in Second Life, then keep reading! So let’s imagine you have a club set up, fully staffed, and you are ready to open for business. Before you throw open the doors, consider the following tips:

  1.  Consistency-It’s important that you have a consistent schedule, not only for your staff, but for our VIP’s.  People have routines in Second Life and if they know their favorite club is opened a certain time, they are more than likely to plan to go to your club.  Try to narrow down days and times that work for your staff and your VIPs.
  2. Advertising and Promotion-this is important so people know you even have a club in the first place!  Make sure your location parcel is listed in search, take out a classified ad, and put your club on your picks.  Encourage your staff to do this as well.  You should also strive to put events in the Second Life event’s listing daily. Of course promote your events in your group. Consider setting up a blog and tweeting events using the Secondlife tags.
  3. People-keep the drama out of your clubs, ensure that your club staff and the VIPs are happy! This means listening and paying attention to their wants and needs to ensure that your club can function without any real hassles.

Once you are ready to open and have considered everything on this list, the next steps is to keep your club fresh and a great place to be in, this means reevaluating things such as times, themes, genres, and even the location of the club. Of course paying attention to the trends of Second Life also helps.  Remember owning a club can be challenging and a lot of work, but it can be as fun as you want it to be!