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Hidden Gems of Second Life: Requiem

For this week’s Hidden Gems of Second Life, we will take a look at the cool sim of Requiem. I was told about Requiem from a good friend of mine, who goes here for 7Seas fishing.  The sim is big on 7Seas fishing and holds a daily event at 2:05 pm slt every day.  Requiem […]

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Full Perm Mesh-Sculptie-Texture’s Fair

  If you are a creator or builder in Second Life, then you will love the FULL PERM Mesh, Sculptie, and Texture Fair, which is currently running in the Old Europe Sim.

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Phoenix Viewer: Now With Mesh Option

A couple of months ago we reported a rumor that stated that the Phoenix Viewer would have mesh. They explained that Phoenix could not have mesh because of the codes that were used to make Mesh available in viewer 1.5. According to the Phoenix Blog, that is now   made possible. The Phoenix Crew gave thanks to the […]

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The (relatively) new third party viewers

It seems you can’t keep a good viewer down as new third-party viewers have popped up with updated mesh support.  Astra, Catznip, and Niran have joined the family this September, providing an alternative to SecondLife’s Default viewer. Catznip Catznip, created by Trinity Dejavu and Kitty Barnett is an a user-friendly third-party viewer which is based […]

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Phoenix Viewer will Have Mesh Support?

According to Jessica Lyon, one the developer of Second Life third party viewer Phoenix/Firestorm, announced that their Phoenix Viewer might have Mesh support. Thou Viewer1-based viewers is supposed to be unable to hold mesh support, recent development with the Cool VL viewer, developed by Henri Beauchamp who is an avid fan of Viewer1, the technology for mesh […]

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Mesh Viewers – Where are they?

We have talked a lot about what mesh is, but not how you can experience it. Therefore I’ve taken the liberty of compiling this list of mesh-able viewers for you, just click the name for a link to the download page. Viewer3 The standard SL viewer from Linden Labs. Great for newcomers, but it isn’t […]

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No Place Like the Market Place: Freebie/Cheapie Mesh

First I’d like to say Mesh isn’t the easiest thing to put on or model. This is my first mesh freebie shoot, it was very unpleasant. Anywho Mesh is upon SecondLife and is only limited to the Viewers that have Mesh(Firestorm Viewer 3, Kristens Viewer and Default Viewer 3). It’s nice to know that there […]

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