Reap the Rewards

Over the months I had been talking about charities, causes and celebrations. For any kind of event, especially a charity one, many might be interested, but may not have the lindens to donate. Or for that matter we all need lindens to shop.

What are the ways to earn lindens?

 Jobs - The popular job agencies in Second Life are Jobs Factory SL Job Agency,  VHEA Employment Agency, Pisces Jobs, Yunix Job Agency,  Jobstar, Job Squad, Top Jobs, People Pool, Job Agency.



I would categorize Jobs as:

  • Club Jobs – Include the positions for: manager, host, DJs, dancers, etc. (Visit any job agency to get more information on openings and apply.)
  • City Jobs – Include positions like doctor, nurse, police, etc. (Since these are role play jobs, they seldom reach the job agencies. It’s better to approach the communities’ head for applying.)
  • Modelling Jobs – Include positions like models for ramp or designer boutique, etc. (There are various modelling agencies that train new models and help build their career. But, this also takes a lot of lindens. For starters, you may apply at shops to models their items. Clothing Couture, Grumble, etc hire models.)
  • Writer Jobs – Include positions like writer, poets, blogger, etc. (The best place to apply for these positions is to keep a tab on the  official communities page of Second Life. Join various groups related to Second Life bloggers on Facebook.) Continue reading
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Behind the scenes: inVerse Graphics

inVerse Graphics creates 3D designs for the metaverse. It s about melting art, tradition with futuristic designs. Taking guidance from nature, inVerse creates houses and 3D buildings for Second Life metaverse residents. Their unique selling proposition is to have high detailed textures with low prims and low impact on land. The creations elaborate a mix of modern and traditional lines imparting value and meaning.

Their creativity is not limited to metaverse. they develop trademarks brand signs, websites for clients outside the purview of metaverse. Developing new brand logos and improving existing ones helps their customers have an impressive visual identity.

Please tell us when and how did inVerse Graphics start? Continue reading


Second Life Walkthrough: How to Get Lindens in SL? ( How do I get a job?)

Second Life has its own, very active, economy and currency. It is called the Linden Dollar (L$) and is about 0.01USD = 1L$. Time  for a few FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I need Lindens?

To buy goods and services, such as clothes and a place to live.

How do I receive Lindens?

There are two ways:

1) Buy Lindens from the Second Life website using real money. You can do this by signing in to the Second Life website (using your SL username and password), go to your Dashboard, then to buy. It will ask you how much you want to purchase noting that the minimum allowed is at least 500L$ or 3.00USD.

2) You can get a job in world. There are several jobs that you can do in Second life. You can find these jobs through Job Agencies in world.( Search Job agencies). You can also create items to sell for Lindens or open your own business.

What kind of businesses/jobs are there in Second Life?

There are several jobs/businesses you can become involved in. The most common jobs are available through clubs and other music based establishments  , working as a DJ, Host/Hostess, and Dancer. There are others jobs that are less common such as Managers, Assistants, Models, Writers etc.

Businesses include Clothes Designer,Builder, Script Writer, Club Owner, Property Owner, Blogger (Fashion, News, Music & Destinations). These are jobs that takes a lot of commitment, so if you do not have the time and don’t want the stress the most frequent jobs would be more ideal for you. Some jobs, particularly the most common ones, have a promotion system (Start at the bottom and work your way to the top) but this depends on the owners. 

How do I find work?

Job agencies are a great way to find jobs. There are tons Job centres and agencies for you to find work. Most jobs require you to fill out an application form and send it to the employers. 

What are employers looking for?

Many employers are looking for Reliable employees, someone who will show up when they say they will and do their job well. As a result many employers will not hire you until you are 30 days old and in Second Life on a regular basis.

There are some jobs that will need experience and even training. Being a DJ in SL will require you to have training and experience (There are schools and help guides out there that specialize in  DJ training). Hosting is another job that requires training,  most clubs will offer to train you since  Hosts need  to use different marketing equipment to pull customers in.

Helpful Links:

So You Want To Own A Business in Second Life Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 & Part 4

Becoming a Dj in 8 Steps 

Jobs in Second Life Series

These are some of the questions that have been the FAQ for the Torch, if you have any more questions ask at valkyrie@thetorchslguide.com

Well,  you have the money, how about we look for a place you can call home? Join us next time on Second Life Walkthrough.

Man Week– Second Life Goes Medieval

Many aren’t aware of the role-playing side of second life. Specially designed and laid out Sims set up for your role-Snapshot _ Dice's Sanctuary, The Cape (11, 98, 21) - Moderateplaying fun. You can be anything from knight in shinning armor to a bandit from the old west to a samurai warrior. One of the most popular is the Medieval Period. A world where creatures both real and of fantasy thrive. But entering in these worlds you must look the part. I went on a search to find the best costumes available. My first start was marketplace. I go there because of the search engine that allows you to search in detail for what you need. You can also search for items in a certain price range if your budget is limited. Searching from $0L to $200L I found a place called Madison’s Creations.

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Man Week– Girl, What A Man!

This week is Man Week, a week dedicated to the men of Second Life. We will be shining a light every manly thing out there in SL from how to dress your male avatar to looking at the  rawness of machine ( yes there are vehicles again this year). We would like to start it off with a homage to you all from us. We sent out the Torch Girls to find their Masculine sides, and with that, I would like to introduce you to. Page ( Paige), Blaire (Blair), and Jesse (Jessii)

Izzie's pics 11

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Man Week Begins! – Male From Scratch.

Hi Folks

As you might know it’s man week here at the Torch and my mission was to make a male avi from scratch and kit him out for 200 lindens.

To be honest I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, because lets face it, although second life has come on in leaps and bounds as far as men’s fashion is concerned they are still pretty under represented, especially in the cheap or free area but despite that I think I managed to put together a guy that in my personal opinion is kind of handsome. So without further ado I bring you Shad! 7 foot something hunk of man.

URLS to follow.

So the first thing that needed to be done was to find a good base, that being shape and skin and the hunt brought me to FILTHY at the Place Alexandra sim. While perhaps most well known for some gorgeous female skins and shapes. She also does a great range of men’s too and the best news for people with a limited budget is that the creator Alexandra Barcelos has some of her older skins still available for the incredible bargain price of 99ls! And that gents includes shape, a range of skin tones and separate hair base. What more could you ask for?

Filthy – Sid skin & shape – 99ls – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Red%20Wing/24/198/32

The next stop was for eyes, This was a pretty easy choice for me to make because MAYFLY has some beautiful offerings in a variety of colours are all really realistic and cheap. But the best thing for the purpose of my mission is that they have a free pair. The London fog free eyes are a gorgeous piercing blue and you can choose if you want to wear the normal texture or wear them in a mesh version. They are stunning and definitely the kind of eyes a lady likes to get lost in.

Mayfly – London fog mesh eyes – 0ls – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Noul/194/107/652

Onto clothes and my favourite subject shoes! For these I headed to Second Life marketplace and did a raid and in no time at all had come up with this, so sharp it could cut you suit from Savvy Avvy for just 50ls. I was surprised by the quality of this outfit, It’s detailed, smooth and perfectly textured, it’s a must have for any guy out there that wants a bit of elegant nonchalance, It can be worn in a number of ways, while I opted for the white open neck shirt, there is also a black open shirt and buttoned up versions with a tie too, so it’s perfect for a number of occasions.

Savvy Avvy – Business suit – 50ls – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/savvy-avvy-Business-class-mens-suit-set-ONLY-50-L-FOR-ONE-WEEK-ONLY/362071

The shoes from HOC apparel are also off the marketplace and were also 50ls.  They are seamlessly sculpted with an impeccable finish, They go perfectly with the suit and the ability to change the texture via menu makes them adaptable enough to go with your favourite jeans too. You are definitely walking away with a bargain.

HOC apparel  – leather loafers – 50ls – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/HOC-Apparel-Leather-Loafers/311559

Now suited and booted, last on the list was hair and I admit I was stumped on this. I mean I love hair but I had never really paid attention to mens, and seeing as I was down to the 1ls of my budget, I was stuck. I needed help and so I turned to my very stylish SL bro for advice and he pointed me in the direction of EXILE by Kavar Cleanslate, He does a wide selection of men’s hair and has a few free offerings too. I chose the Echo style because I like the rumpled, windswept look especially in contrast to the smooth style of the suit. It was the perfect finishing touch and brought it all together.

Exile – Echo hair – 0ls – http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Covet/134/113/33

1ls left and while I could have come in under budget I splurged and spent it on an animation override. It was another surprise find on the marketplace.  The Vista animations basic male AO is a good starting point as far as animation overrides go, It really is basic with only a few stands and a walk, but you can add animations into it as you go along  and it can be turned into something unique to you.

Vistaanimation – Basic male AO – 1ls – https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/VISTA-ANIMATIONS-BASIC-MALE-AO/298450

So that brings us to a close. 200ls dead on the nose and a complete avatar, with a little hunting and patience it can be done and with style. So get out there gents and shop your little hearts out.

Huge thanks again to the amazing Damion Theas for the picture.

Raid The Marketplace: It’s Swimsuit Season!

Although it doesn’t really look like that outside right now in England, it’s actually summer and many of us ( who are lucky enough to have the sun baring down on us), should be heading out to the beach. Thank goodness we will live in a virtual world, where sunny days exist until we decide that we’re going to make it all sad with wind lights and textured rain. The girls (and guys of the Torch SL Guide) decided to raid the marketplace, for that perfect outfit to help us soak up those virtual rays. We found Isabel Silversmith’s collection:


Miss Paige is wearing:

.:: DELISH ::. One Piece Swim Suit – Teal – 1L$


.:: DELISH ::.   Cut Out V2 -  Black – 1L$


.:: DELISH ::. Tiki Swim suit – 29 – 1L$

Mr Morphman

 .:: DELISH ::.  Male Swim Trunks -  V1 19 – 1L$


Miss June is wearing:

.:: DELISH ::. Cut Out Swim Suit – V1 01 Black – 1L$

 June Gold

.:: DELISH ::.Cut out Swim suit – V5 Gold – 1L$


Mr Look is wearing:

.:: DELISH ::. Male  Swim Trunks -  V1 27 – 1L4


Miss Izzie is wearing:

.:: DELISH ::. Cut out Swimsuit V4 – 08 Steel Blue – 1L$


More of these brilliant swim wear check out .:: DELISH ::. on the Marketplace

Raid the Mark- Um How Do I Open Items From The Marketplace?

Opening packages that have been delivered to you through Second Life’s marketplace is really hard, right?

Nope. It’s quite easy, although a lot of people have troubles with it, especially when you end up with a massive box attached to your avatar’s arm or whole body. Here is a step by step guide to opening a package delivered to you from the marketplace.


Step One: Drag the Item from your inventory on to the ground. This is known as Rezzing. Most items delivered from the Marketplace be transferred in the ‘Objects’ Folder in your inventory.

Opening Packets part 1

Step Two: Right click the items and go to open. Some items allow you to click directly on the package to open them. Vendors call the act of clicking on the box to open, ‘Touch’.

Opening Packets part 2

Step Three: When a box is ‘touched’, or right-click and opened, a window of content will appear on your screen. This will show  you all the items within the package. ‘Copy to Inventory’ will  transfer the items into your inventory.

Opening Packets part 3

Step Four: Your new items are now in your inventory ready for you to wear or rez. Remember clicking the Recent tab will show you all the items that have recently gone into your inventory. This tab only works from the time you log in until the time you log out. Once you’ve logged back into Second Life you will have to go Inventory diving for anything you need. If you remember the name of the item, you can use the ‘Search Filter’ bar to help.

 Opening Packets part 4

That’s it, I told you it wasn’t hard.

Oh, almost forgot, to delete the package after you have transferred your items, just right-click and delete, it will place the empty box into your trash folder. Keep rezzing areas prim free and clean for other residents!

Raid the Marketplace: The Bridal Outfits

While doing research for the Grumble Wedding, I stumbled upon another marketplace store that would be awesome for those who are looking for a wedding or brides maid dress.

CMORE Bridal White - 199L$

CMORE Amelia Pink  - 100L$

The CMORE store is just as awesome and affordable take a look! 

(Special thanks to Lily Stoop and Jensien Danick beautifully for these pictures)