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Torric Rodas story: Bullied to success & Doctor Who: 50th Anniversary

Saturday November 23rd will be a landmark moment in SciFi history as the famous Doctor Who series will celebrate it’s 50th year since it first aired on BBC. Once a decade, even in the 90’s when the show was off the air, BBC airs a special episode of Doctor Who. The special always contain several incarnation of the time traveler and several of his companions, as The Doctor and The Doctor (or as the case has been before, the 5 Doctors) take on the greatest threat time and space has ever faced.

To celebrate this, London City in Second Life and The Torch will throw a huge celebration. Just as the shows creators often keep the episodes a secret until the last moment, so will London City wait to announce what exactly this event will be, so stay tuned both in the London City groups and here on The Torch to find out in the next couple of days.

We had a chat with the creator of London City, Torric Rodas and asked him to give us some background on the community. The story was both sad and filled with hope. As many others, both in Second Life and real life, Torric and his friends were bullied hard during the start of London City. They used this, however, and managed to turn it around to their advantage. Here is his story: Continue reading

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Hidden Gems of Second Life: New London Village

Tower Bridge in New London Village

Tower Bridge in New London Village

This week’s HIdden Gem is New London Village! If you are looking for your own slice of England or London in Second Life, then this sim is a must visit! I last covered New London Village, as part of the Torch’s Around the World Series. The sim has had many changes since my last feature story.  Before we go into changes, let’s explain the concept of New London Village.

Continue reading


Dead Man Band – French Kiss

UK based band Dead Man Band recently released their self-titled EP, Dead Man Band EP. One of the four tracks available is French Kiss and I’ve taken a look at it.

As soon as I turned the song on I got the feeling that Dead Man Band has taken a lot of inspiration from the 70’s and 80’s garage bands, with just a hint of the current Danish rock band Volbeat. I also get a small hint of punk in the attitude of lead singer Dave Kirk.

The EP features Tom Warner on guitar, Joe Thompson on drums and Dave Kirk on the vocals, with former member Sam Taylor on bass and guitars.

The band was founded in 2009 and have since been playing at venues like The Scream Lounge in Croydon and Rattlesnake in Islington. They have described their own music as “Big bass, funking guitar, pounding drums and in-your-face vocals”, something I must agree with.

Listening to Dead Man Band EP, I can’t help but notice the care taken in every beat of the drum, every stroke of the strings and every word sung. This isn’t some youth centre band, the quality is right up there with the big name bands such as Gasoline, AC/DC and Clutch.

French Kiss is about a party fella that wants more of what he experienced with the person this is sung to. It’s as if nothing else matters as long as he gets to be near this person again, he’d do anything to get that feeling again. The tone is upbeat and happy, in a sortof mellow way. It is hard to describe, but I get the feeling I want to both bounce around the room and a feeling of longing at the same time when hearing this song. Very much like the singers words goes, I want to bounce off the walls, and I want it all, and I want it now.

I’m giving French Kiss 10/10, a recommended buy.

If you are interested in Dead Man Band, you can find them on Facebook and you can buy Dead Man Band EP on Bandcamp for whatever price you think it’s worth (you can listen to the songs before you buy to see if you like it) and it is available in MP3, FLAC and a number of other formats.


Spector – Celestine (a indie music review)

Spector consists of the 5 London boys Frederick Macpherson (previously known from, among others, Les Incompetents), Christopher Burman, Thomas Shickle, Jed Cullen and Danny Blandy. After some recognition and live tours with bands like Florence and the Machine, they have decided to release their debut album “Enjoy It While It Lasts“, scheduled for August 13th this year.

Their latest single, Celestine, is all about grabbing the now. There is no time better than the current time and if you wait too long it might be too late. Starting off on a low note, they quickly pick the pace up and before the third line is sung, you’ll be dancing in your chairs while listening to this song.

Macpherson is singing to Celestine about how he wants her to let go of the past and see him for who he is today, that they both are young now but that won’t last forever. Even if mistakes are made, and he might feel miserable and not so confident, now is still a better time than tomorrow to take in life as tomorrow these feelings about himself might change, but not the feelings towards Celestine.

However, if she waits too long, and he regains his confidence, he might meet a girl who was miserable before and Celestine will miss her chance.


The music video starts of with a gag that was eerily close to how I found this video, with a youtube search and a typo. And of course, it is in the desert, where all the great videos are recorded (according to one of the many texts that pops up in the video). As many early videos, this feels a bit under-directed, but you can clearly see that they had fun with it and every element in it still manages to be relevant to the song, even if nothing in it really is what they sing about. Confidence is shown through a mirror, misery through loneliness and time is shown by a glass ball and reverse footage of water splashing.


I give Spector – Celestine 4/5


Flying Tigers: Sports Festival

In London Olympics Flying Tigers are having their own Sports Festival.  16 days of partying, fashion shows, exhibitions cheerleading performances, sports games.


Flying Tigers’ Sports Festival Schedule of Events

**This schedule is subject to change**

Unless specifically stated, all events will take place on the WW2 Tribute Sim

July 24 to July 26, 2012:

-Exhibitors set up all day

Friday, July 27, 2012:

-Sports Festival Opens

-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games

-12pm slt – DJ Anakin

-1pm slt – Second Life Cheerleader Performance

Saturday, July 28, 2012:

-12pm slt – DJ TBD

Sunday, July 29, 2012:

-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair

-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games

-10am slt – DJ Anakin

-12pm slt – Korn Tribute Band Concert

-5pm slt – Flying Tigers Air Show

Monday, July 30, 2012:

-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-10am slt – DJ Prettybones
-2pm slt – DJ Cath

Tuesday, July 31 2012:
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-10am slt – DJ Mia
-12pm slt – DJ Anakin
-5pm slt – VAW Show

Wednesday, August 1, 2012:
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-10am slt – DJ Sweetdizzy
-4pm slt – DJ Anakin

Thursday, August 2, 2012:
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-10am slt – DJ Sweetdizzy
-4pm slt – DJ Anakin

Friday, August 3, 2012:
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-12pm slt – DJ Anakin
-6pm slt – Champion Horses’ SteepleChase Event (Champion Horses Sim)

Saturday, August 4, 2012:
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-12pm – Paintball Tournament
-6pm slt- Champion Horses’ Cross Country Event (Champion Horses Sim)

Sunday, August 5, 2012:
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-11am slt – Champion Horses’ Harness Races (Champion Horses Sim)
-12pm slt Lady Gaga Tribute Band Concert
-After the Lady Gaga Tribute Band Concert – DJ TBD
-6pm slt – Champion Horses’ Awards Ceremony (Champion Horses Sim)

Monday, August 6, 2012:
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-12pm slt – DJ Anakin
-2pm slt – DJ Cath

Tuesday, August 7, 2012
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-12pm slt – DJ Anakin
-4pm slt – DJ Cath

Wednesday, August 8, 2012
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-12pm slt – DJ Jami
-4pm slt – DJ Anakin

Thursday, August, 9, 2012
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-12pm slt – DJ Neilio
-4pm slt – DJ Anakin

Friday, August 10, 2012
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-12pm slt – DJ Anakin

Saturday, August 11, 2012
-All Day – Exhibitor/Merchant Fair
-All Day – Free Tennis, Basketball, European Football/Soccer Games
-11 am slt – Last Man Standing Aviation Contest

Sunday, August 12, 2012
-11am slt – L’Amour Management Sports Fashion Show
-2pm slt – DJ TBD

Second Life Black Friday Sales

This article is from 2011, for the 2012 Black Friday Sales article, click HERE!

It’s after Thanksgiving and after using the time to stuff your face, now you’re looking for presents to stuff under your Christmas Tree. That is what Black Friday is all about and just like real life everyone in Second Life is looking for that perfect Christmas Gift to give to their SL family members.

There isn’t any surprise that there are huge Black Friday Sales all over, the Grid, and here are a few that we found:

Virtually Linked’s TheLondonSims 

NY Couture 

The Penalty Spot

Maya Angels London

Other Places in Second Life 

Studio Nails 



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London Week – Take a Stroll Down High Street London pt.2

What can I say, I’m swedish, so when I saw the sign saying Så Roligt I just had to walk in there. It was not what I expected, but it was a pleasant surprise.

This store sells sexy clothes to a reasonable price, ranging from 100-300L$ for a complete outfit.  I asked Rolig Loon, the owner and creator, about the shop and her involvement with London.

What is the history behind the name?

Rolig Loon


It’s a play on my own name.  In Swedish, “rolig” means “funny,” as in a funny story.  In Danish or Norwegian the same word means “calm.”  I’d be happy if I could live up to either of those descriptions, so it seemed right to try for the same feel in my shop.  The play on words?  “Sa roligt!” means “Such fun!”

What has been your main inspiration?

The challenge of creating things that I’d be pleased to wear myself, and the satisfaction of finding that other people like them too.  I design clothes that ought to appeal to professional women, the kind of clothes that help you look attractive without making the clothing the center of attention.   Even as I create negligees, I am inspired by the challenge of using a fabric or the cut of a bodice to augment the wearer’s own personality, not letting the garment be the showpiece.  I prefer dresses myself and I like interesting, colorful prints, so I’m often inspired by finding a pleasing fabric.

Do you have anything aimed at new residents in your store?

Not specifically, but I really don’t think of newcomers as different from long-time residents.  I price all my clothing in a range that ought to fit anyone’s pocketbook, and I design for an average figure so most things should fit with a minimum of adjustment.  I will be most pleased if a dress from Sa Roligt! is one of your first purchases in SL and is still a favorite a year later or more.

SLURL to Så Roligt

A taste of Så Roligt’s clothes:

Another store on High Street is Fenwitch & CO, one of Rob Fenwitch several stores. This store sells gadgets for stores, offices and such for a really low price. I ran into Mr. Fenwitch himself while taking a stroll, he’s often seen wandering around London, so I asked him a few questions.

Why did you chose London for your stores?

Rob Fenwitch


I was a resident in London before and was asked to stock and run two freebie shops for the estate. Later I was asked to open two more; one in Hyde Park and later in Knightsbridge. By this time I was living in and working for VL London so it seemed natural to open shops here once I had started to make things.

What has been your main inspiration?

The things I sell in my shops are things I originally made for my own use. I opened the firework reseller store in Kensington because I needed some fireworks and there wasn’t a shop in London that sold them.

Are these London stores the only stores you have?

I have one other branch of Fenwitch & Co. in a SIM which I share with friends.

Do you have anything aimed at new residents in your store?

The freebies shops are entirely aimed at new residents. In particular, I noticed that mens clothing was quite rarely found in freebies stores so I made a point of stocking those.

What does the future for the Fenwitch stores look like?

Alas, the magic 8 ball works no better in Second Life than it does in Real LIfe.

Article by: Morphman

Photos by: Morphman

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London Week: Take A Stroll Down VL’s High Street.

Virtual London’s high street, like the real high streets of London, is filled to the brim with glamorous shops from clothing to art gallaries. Like real London VL’s stores aims at everyone, from those who have different tastes and styles, with stores that are affordable to those that are unbelievable exspensive.

In Corpore was created by young designer Sara Zuta, her amazing causal and formal wear (for both men and women) are  affordable at a price range of 60L$-200L$, great for a newbie who has just come into some fresh Linden Dollars. The Torch SLG  got an exclusive interview with one of London’s leading designers:

How did In Corpore come into existence?

Sara Zutra

Well .. it was no accident … one day, as always, I was having fun in SL, and received an invitation for a lecture on creating clothes. As I am always open to learn, I went to that class, and I was excited about the possibilities to express my tastes in that I use every day in real life. Shortly after I wanted to show my creations in  a store and so, my first and dearest came up shop in SL … at Mayfair, London.

What are the basic aims of In Corpore?

Show the people behind SL, which I think in terms about clothes, which, to me, has a sense of good taste, an opportunity to show to friends and other people in SL what I can do.

How did you store get involved with the London Sim?

I can not remember the exact date, but it was some time ago … It was not hard to choose, since London (at RL)  is one of the places in the world who appreciate the most. And yes London is very well constructed, showing many similarities with the RL London and with the same atmosphere.

How does In Corpore  contribute to the newbie population of SL?

In Corpore is always available to help new people coming into the SL. And especially my self. One of my biggest concerns is to help the newbies ,so they feel comfortable in SL and to keep in mind that the key is fun . If you visit my shop, my cat (Acacio) will show that there is for a small preview of the possibilities that SL offers for fun.

If you have a newbie collection, can you tell us a bit more about your newbie collection?

My collection is made ​​to suit all tastes. Some of my clothes are made ​​for simple newbie use. The more complicated (for use) are accompanied by the most detailed instructions available. And I’m always open to help using my creations.

Do you have any up coming offers for newbies?

My offerings are for newbies quality, irresistibly attractive prices and, more importantly, show that Second Life is a world where all possibilities are possible. Even improve their English;)))) And here is the invitation for me to make a visit to my store in London Sim .. and make a leisurely stroll through London at SL;)

A taste of In Corpore:

Newbie Friendly: 8 out 10 (Fantastic clothes easy to find, gives to the landmark with to the main store, prices are affordable)

Clothes: 7 out of 10 (Great range of clothing for women, but only three choices for men, still very well made)

Over all experience: 8 out of 10 (The main store is very welcoming, the music is smooth and relaxing, the cat Acacio follows you around while you shop, which is fun)

Take A Stroll Down the High Street to In Corpore

From affordable quality clothes, to stores of expensive high fashion Virtual London’s high is available to everyone. K-Code is another London Resident that the Torch SLG has come across before. In late February K-Code stunned the run ways of Virtual London Fashion Week. Designer Kara Derseler met with the Torch SLG for a short interview to tell us a bit more about her fabulous clothing line.

Tell us a bit about yourself and how K-Code come into existence?

Kara Dresler

I started K-CODE as a project to escape tha daily stress. But this is not an easy business at all, it involves a lot of work so … LOL … my stress is still there :)) But, on the other hand, I really enjoy doing this :)As for myself, I am working computer graphics in real life as well. Unfortunately, I don’t have as much time as I would like to take care of my SL business but I try to do as much as I can with the little time left from RL

What kinda for clothes does K-Code produce?

I make mostly casual or cocktail clothes right now. But, in the future, I would really like to extend the range of products if the time will allow me.When I started this project my first aim was to make clothes that I would like to wear. … LOL… in SL or RL alike. But I haven’t covered all that yet

How did you store get involved with the London Sims?

When I started my business I was looking for good places to rent stores and, of course, I found the London sims which was and is a great place for business. I like very much the architecture here. It gives you the feeling of being in real London and  there are a lot of different kinds of spaces to rent in order to satisfy any kind of demands the tenants might have. And the London team is so great!! The people envolved in this team are always very kind and reliable. They are doing a great job here ! :) So, I am very happy to be a part of London This city is very lively, there are always exciting events and parties going on here so it is definitely a great place to be a part of!  Are you clothes affordable to newbies? Depends on what the newbie would like to wear or would like to spend inworld. I am aware that a lot of newbies are looking for freebies. For a while, at least. Until they sort out what they would like to do with their virtual existence. Well, there are not freebies in my mainstore yet but I always take part at hunts other discounting events with my satellite stores.

Is K-Code taking part in any events or does K-code have any new offers coming out?
I will soon take part as an event that is very close to my heart and that is Project FUR Japan for helping the animals that suffer after the earthquake in Japan. I don’t know yet where this event will take place but we will find out this very soon.Of course new releases are and will be available in the mainstore soon. And in the most of my satellite stores as well.

A taste of K-Code:

Newbie Friendly: 8 out of 10

Clothes: 9 out of 10 (Clothes are well made tailor to fit all shapes and sizes, but makes a HUGE dent in your pocket, if you’re a woman.)

Overall Experience: 8 out of 10

Take a Stroll Down the High Street to K-Code

The City London gives you everything you ever wanted, from amazing museums to places to shops and to live. In SL, Virtual London does the same, giving the residents the real of London without having to get out of their seats.

Izzie Morgan

Nina Roar

London Week – NRRA, Car Crazy

Meet Nina Roar, an exceptional woman who went from a life as a housewife straight to the high-octane life of racing cars. And she doesn’t stop there, she builds them too. And she owns several teams, and a track.

Meet her company, Nina Roar Racing Association, NRRA for short.

So Nina Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do here in Second Life.

My company is called NRRA. NRRA is the parent company to many smaller ones, it’s about 700 members in all. The company is almost 2 years old at this point, I have been in sl almost 5 years now

Tell us about the event here in Hyde Park.

The event here at the park was a chance for my customers to compete against each other outside of racing. Each car in the show was a custom job,so they were competing against each other in that way.

I chose 2 judges from one of the parties here to judge the best painted and themed car. The prize was 10,000 L$.

It was also a chance to work with London, it was a very pleasant experience

Was this your first event in London?

Yes it was but i look forward to having more. I’m sure Jessii will come up with something lol

How do you feel about the things you have achieved and the fact that you were able to bring your passion into second life?

Honestly I feel it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have so many plans for sl! I plan to bring struggling companies into the NRRA and guide them to where I feel they should be. I have a great staff that understands my goals. I am a minority company and I see a lot of companies trying to make it, but all end up as a club of some type. I saw the football stadiums, as grand as they are, end up with a dance floor in center field. People have the goals but not the guidance to achieve them. I feel we can help.

Point being: if you set out to own a team or a mall, then stay with that dream. Do not end up as a club because you feel you have to have instant traffic.

Do you promote newbie friendliness or do your company offer anything to the newcomers of Second Life?

As far as helping, I do what I can as an owner, but my teams are always reaching out and helping newcomers get adjusted to sl. We offer a lifestyle that a lot of people would love to live, making money as a pro driver. A new person can go from not knowing anything at all about sl, join one of my race teams, be trained in an hour and in 2 hours be racing for 100 usd pot. It’s unique in sl that you have an owner and staff such as we have.

I put 200 usd per week back into my race pots so that every driver has a chance to make a living as a driver. My goal is for the drivers not have to do any type of side work.

Do you have any other events planned?

Well no car shows planned as of yet but we have racing events daily, 2 per day. We also have events that span over a 16 week period. Those are very good for the drivers.

We have a televised event, NNROC, that we do every Thursday, on VWN1.

We also have once per month our Whale event. That’s a 5000L$ buy in. Drivers can pay in or find a sponsor, but the pot if you win is 500 usd. I’m not the only drag track in sl, and this gets touchy, but when I 1st got into this, not the building or the company but when i 1st started to frequent tracks I would experience racism. I would be the only female as well as the only african american. Voice in sl was new and i would hear a lot of things being said, so when i opened my track I knew that my 1st most important goal was to provide an atmosphere where everyone felt appreciated.

It’s all about racing when u step on the track, anything that might slow your times you remove. If an earring slows me by 0,01, I remove it. That small millisec can cause me to lose. It takes some getting use to but we have a lot of scripts and timers and they must be accurate so we have to work around them


London Week: Jobs in SL; DJ

We have a double feature for you today. Not one, but two  profiles on DJing in London. Eva Adored and Kyle Enimo is London’s two top DJ’s and they’re more than happy to share what they know.

Eva Adored

DJ Eva Adored

Job Title: DJ
Rezday : March 8
How long have you been in Second Life Eva?

I just survived my first year of SL.
What is your job? How long have you been doing it?

I’m a DJ, I’ve been doing it for about seven months now.

A little back ground of you place of work? How long have you been doing it for?
I’ve been DJing in London for seven months. I mostly work at Club Capital in Mayfair, but I have also worked at 5th Ave in Knightsbridge and also at the former Rendezvous club in Kensington. At Capital we mostly play Top 40’s, and in addition to great tunes, the Lead Host (the amazing Wendlyn Portillo) and I like to give our guests a real show, we aim to entertain.

How did you get into that field of work?

Several months ago I was the manager of Rendezvous in Kensington and one night a DJ had to cancel due to some real life issues. It was a bit late in the day to look for a new one, so I decided to give it a try. I was quickly trained by two other amazing DJs, Stavros Jolbey and Thom Macbain (also a London DJ). After my first set I never looked back.
Do you need any specific requirements to do what you do?

Other than software, stream and a massive music collection, the next tool of the trade is personality. If you can engage with the listeners then you’re doing your job. Not all DJs can voice, but I prefer to. I think it helps the listeners to connect more with both the music and the environment in the club, which at Capital is extremely lively.
Do you have a regular salary? If so how much is that?

I am paid a salary, but that is confidential information between myself and my employer.

Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to give newbies who are interested in becoming a part of Sl’s DJing and Music Industry?

Yes, go for it! If you hear a DJ whose style you like in particular, and I don’t mean music, then send them an IM or notecard. Most of the DJs I know are very friendly people and happy to help anyone interested get started.

Kyle Enimo

Name: Kyle Enimo

Job: DJ at the clubs around London, mostly Club Capital

How long have you been in Second Life Kyle?

Since 2006, that’s how long? 5 years…

What is your job? How long have you been doing it?

I am a dj and have been doing it for the past four years

Can you give a little background about Capital and your work there?

Capital is a london based club and all djs are different.

When in London I change up my style. Like i was actually in a europe club. I change with my surroundings.
Capital is different in that the people are always there for a good time, not just contests.
I play trance and club music. I make my own club mixes, mainly of todays top 40

How did you get into DJing?

I love music. I love all music whether its rock, oldies, jazz, blues, classical, pop, hiphop and you can guess from that
I can mix and blend to my atmosphere
Djing is like performing, it’s an art and it takes a person who loves music, can do what people want and pelase a crowd
So i jumped on and started djing at clubs with no traffic and horrible tips, then other club owners saw my potential and then from there it grew to weddings and special events

Do you need any specific requirements to do what you do?

You need ability to get music
You need software like Fruity Loops to make your own mixes, which is what i use and you need good software like Sam Broadcaster and you need to be able to use voice and take requests

Do you have a regular salary? If so how much is that?

At london sims I make 600 a gig, in some clubs i make 250 a gig
I make anywhere from 1000-5000

Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to give newbies who are interested in becoming a part of Sl’s growing music industry?

If you love music and have a passion for it and like being the center of the crowd, dj.
When you’re the dj you control that crowd, your job is higher than a host, because your voice hosting pretty much.
It’s a good job, but don’t do it if you don’t enjoy it.
I see djs everyday, I’ve made requests and took them like 30 mins to get a track on and I was the only on requesting and sometimes I get we don’t take requests.
Me,  it takes me bout 40 secs to get a request in que. I can have 5 requests lined up in a row in about one and a half minute, but lots of djing means a big library of music.