Reap the Rewards

Over the months I had been talking about charities, causes and celebrations. For any kind of event, especially a charity one, many might be interested, but may not have the lindens to donate. Or for that matter we all need lindens to shop.

What are the ways to earn lindens?

 Jobs – The popular job agencies in Second Life are Jobs Factory SL Job Agency,  VHEA Employment Agency, Pisces Jobs, Yunix Job Agency,  Jobstar, Job Squad, Top Jobs, People Pool, Job Agency.



I would categorize Jobs as:

  • Club Jobs – Include the positions for: manager, host, DJs, dancers, etc. (Visit any job agency to get more information on openings and apply.)
  • City Jobs – Include positions like doctor, nurse, police, etc. (Since these are role play jobs, they seldom reach the job agencies. It’s better to approach the communities’ head for applying.)
  • Modelling Jobs – Include positions like models for ramp or designer boutique, etc. (There are various modelling agencies that train new models and help build their career. But, this also takes a lot of lindens. For starters, you may apply at shops to models their items. Clothing Couture, Grumble, etc hire models.)
  • Writer Jobs – Include positions like writer, poets, blogger, etc. (The best place to apply for these positions is to keep a tab on the  official communities page of Second Life. Join various groups related to Second Life bloggers on Facebook.) Continue reading
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Working in Second Life: Enjoy Life Jobs Agency

Like many newcomers to Second Life you may find yourself looking for a place either to get a job or earn a few Lindens. It is not as easy

Start your Second Life with Enjoy Life Jobs

as some may think to get a job on Second Life when you are a freshly made avatar. One reason is that people do not want to hire a person who is new on SL because of their inexperience with the game or because they do not think that a newcomer will stick at it hard when trying to predict what goes on in other people’s minds. However, there is a place that newcomers can come and get a job or find work in other locations. That place is called Enjoy Life Job Agency and the staff are really friendly and helpful to newcomers.

  • Enjoy Life Job Agency is a great place to visit because of all the things they have to offer. They offer low-cost to no-cost clothes to make you look less like a newcomer and more like someone who has been on Second Life for a while. Having a refined look and a good style on Second Life is really important and can help you land a fantastic job in a club or other place of business. Enjoy Life Job Agency can really help you get your start. They offer both greeter and model positions that can help you get started in the second life. They pay a small amount for a worker (four hours of work for one hundred lindens) not bad for a newcomer in Second Life. This is a great thing for newcomers to earn and save up to make their appearance ready for places that require a better look . Many places will not take on workers under 30 days old and sometimes even 60. The Enjoy Life way enables you get your foot in the door with experience in modeling or greeting and the time you need to be online.

So. If you are new to Second Life, need a job, and maybe some freebies, Enjoy Life Job Agency is one of many places to get started. It is also a good place if you need a camping ground for such games as Fish hunt, coin hunt, or even getting betaverse coins. You can also camp on the two available chairs which will let you to camp until they vanish.

This should get you started in Second Life and if you ever have any questions or need any advice do not hesitate to contact me in world with an IM or a notecard. Always remember that Second Life is always fun as long as you try to make it fun.  Check out Enjoy Life Job Agency and if you can’t get in world check out the website.

Kittysmiles Soulstar


NRRA Race Track; The officials have spoken – Man Week

We were at NRRA to check things out at the race track. Both Morphman and Izzie tried racing, just as Sven had done before and we talked a bit with two of the officials there, Yvanna Schuster and Tresbon TooCool, and they were kind enough to let us ask some questions.

Yvanna Schuster, interviewed by Izzie:

Yvanna Schuster

How long have you been in Second Life?

3 years

What is your job? How long have you been doing it?

I am a Track official at the NRRA and have been doing it for about 8 months

A little back ground of you place of work.  What do they do? How long have been doing it for?

The NRRA is sl’s Premium Drag Racing strip, we hold drag races just like in RL..with some  pretty large linden pots..I have been here at the track for 1 year and doing my job as a track official for 8 months.

How did you get into that field of work?

My partner who has since passed away took me to the NRRA he was their graphics person at the time. I was hooked from the second I learned how to race.

Do you need any specific requirements to do what you do?

You need to know how to race and have a pretty good understanding of the rules of drag racing on SL and at the NRRA

Do you have a regular salary? If so how much is that? 

No, not a regular salary, we get paid by tips and  part of the racers entrance fee which is 125L also goes to the host (Head Official) for the night. Some racers can be very generous so some nights you can walk away with 500L

 Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to give newbies who are interested in becoming a part of Sl’s growing Car and Drag Racing Organisation?

I would tell them be patient, come down and get on the demo bike and practice we are all there to help you if you need it..any questions any track official can answer, and if they can’t answer they are willing to find the answer for you.  It is also important that when you are being trained that you listen and not get frustrated, after you learn how to race it is fun and can make you some linden.

Tresbon TooCool, interviewed by Morphman:

Tresbon TooCool

What is your job at the NRRA racing track?

Well i race of course but i also do the graphic work including photo and car textures.
I also build stuff including that 3 story sim wide showroom and stage and some car parts.
Nina does a great job on the cars. going from an empty shell to the nice cars that you saw in the showroom.

How did you get into that line of work?

lol, To be honest I don’t even know. I think I made a sign for Nina,  then more signs, then eventually I did logos and other stuff while Scrap was busy painting the cars.

How did you first hear of the racing community?

I had a friend that was a dj at the track. I wasn’t interested in it at the time. My path to the NRRA is an odd one.
It all started with me having a Harley Davidson motorbike, it wasnt allowed on a sim so i went to find another bike. I ran into this guy from London :) and he showed me his cars including a top fuel. I saw the Bugatti and bought that and 2 bikes, then a few other cars.
I hopped on the track and it was a blast, but i could only get it to 9th gear and I wanted to see how fast it could go and found myself at the NRRA. My car didn’t have the settings so this girl named Larrisa taught me how to drag race. I joined Speed 4 Pleasure racing team and has been there ever since.

You have been helping us out a lot when we have been at the track, do you do this for everyone?

Oh yes, if you hit the sim I will teach you how to drag race.
I think its something that everybody should try out at least once. It’s funny how something so simple can give you an adrenaline rush.
At NRRA we try to keep things fresh instead of the same old thing over and over again. The other thing is that people don’t think about it but driving is an actual job. The amount of the pots have paid tiers for some. We have one race that pays a nice amount of lindens just to move on to the next round.

How often do you have races with cash prizes?
Minimum twice a day. We’ve done as many as 8 races in a day.
There’s an entrance fee of 125L$ that pays for the pot. NRRA people are a generous bunch so we often add to the pot.
Weve had over 20k in donations alone some races, that’s not too shabby.

What do you have to do to become a member of a drag racing team?

Well, most teams recruit, but since i train a lot i try to see if the other teams need people. If you have a group you can also start a team yourself and that can be lucrative for the team owner.
I’m always looking for groups to come on down to the track.

What does it take to become a pro drag racer according to you?

Okay, to me, I think it’s consistency. If you get consistent at hitting that reaction time (rt) of under .05 seconds you are a pro
I will give you a good example. There’s a drag racer that was trained within minutes he was constantly doing .04s, he did 7 in a row.
Luager, another official, and I were standing there like whoaaa. He eventually started doing .02s. within 24 hrs he took 1st place.
Everybody has a chance to win with practice

Can you still profit from racing if you don’t have the reactions for racing yourself?

Here’s the thing, all the races aren’t open pro. Races like comp elim, gasser and others work on a slow 3 light system, so you can get a better chance of timing with those. Everybody can earn a 500L$ commission.

What do you need to start racing?
An NRRA car :)
There are a few cheaper cars allowed but if you want the best you pay for it.

Do you have any tips for newbies that want to become drag racers?
Like Nike just do it
All they have to do is ask to trained

Nina Roar

London Week – NRRA, Car Crazy

Meet Nina Roar, an exceptional woman who went from a life as a housewife straight to the high-octane life of racing cars. And she doesn’t stop there, she builds them too. And she owns several teams, and a track.

Meet her company, Nina Roar Racing Association, NRRA for short.

So Nina Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do here in Second Life.

My company is called NRRA. NRRA is the parent company to many smaller ones, it’s about 700 members in all. The company is almost 2 years old at this point, I have been in sl almost 5 years now

Tell us about the event here in Hyde Park.

The event here at the park was a chance for my customers to compete against each other outside of racing. Each car in the show was a custom job,so they were competing against each other in that way.

I chose 2 judges from one of the parties here to judge the best painted and themed car. The prize was 10,000 L$.

It was also a chance to work with London, it was a very pleasant experience

Was this your first event in London?

Yes it was but i look forward to having more. I’m sure Jessii will come up with something lol

How do you feel about the things you have achieved and the fact that you were able to bring your passion into second life?

Honestly I feel it’s just the tip of the iceberg. I have so many plans for sl! I plan to bring struggling companies into the NRRA and guide them to where I feel they should be. I have a great staff that understands my goals. I am a minority company and I see a lot of companies trying to make it, but all end up as a club of some type. I saw the football stadiums, as grand as they are, end up with a dance floor in center field. People have the goals but not the guidance to achieve them. I feel we can help.

Point being: if you set out to own a team or a mall, then stay with that dream. Do not end up as a club because you feel you have to have instant traffic.

Do you promote newbie friendliness or do your company offer anything to the newcomers of Second Life?

As far as helping, I do what I can as an owner, but my teams are always reaching out and helping newcomers get adjusted to sl. We offer a lifestyle that a lot of people would love to live, making money as a pro driver. A new person can go from not knowing anything at all about sl, join one of my race teams, be trained in an hour and in 2 hours be racing for 100 usd pot. It’s unique in sl that you have an owner and staff such as we have.

I put 200 usd per week back into my race pots so that every driver has a chance to make a living as a driver. My goal is for the drivers not have to do any type of side work.

Do you have any other events planned?

Well no car shows planned as of yet but we have racing events daily, 2 per day. We also have events that span over a 16 week period. Those are very good for the drivers.

We have a televised event, NNROC, that we do every Thursday, on VWN1.

We also have once per month our Whale event. That’s a 5000L$ buy in. Drivers can pay in or find a sponsor, but the pot if you win is 500 usd. I’m not the only drag track in sl, and this gets touchy, but when I 1st got into this, not the building or the company but when i 1st started to frequent tracks I would experience racism. I would be the only female as well as the only african american. Voice in sl was new and i would hear a lot of things being said, so when i opened my track I knew that my 1st most important goal was to provide an atmosphere where everyone felt appreciated.

It’s all about racing when u step on the track, anything that might slow your times you remove. If an earring slows me by 0,01, I remove it. That small millisec can cause me to lose. It takes some getting use to but we have a lot of scripts and timers and they must be accurate so we have to work around them

Job Offerings

The Torch – Now Expanding

As you might have noticed, we changed the name, design and layout of the guide. Apart from this obvious change we’re also expanding.

We are now looking for new writers, photographers and models. As you might or might not know, this guide is run entirely without profit and therefore we can’t offer much more than the experience. Izzie Morgan, chief editor, is an educated journalist and therefore this guide will be dealt with as a regular magazine, with schedules and deadlines, so keep that in mind before applying.

We’re looking for people of all ages, both RL and SL.

If you’re interested in one or more of the jobs or if you have any questions, contact KennieM Resident or Morphman Resident inworld (Send a note card Please, just found out that our IMs are capped) or send an email to IMSLSG@gmail.com

About Writers:

Your job will be to visit the locations and take in the full experience, then sum it up in 3-500 words. We are looking at newbie-friendly locations, cheap stores and places that offer freebies and advice to newbies. When doing this, you should also look for the destination’s main group and advertise the article there and, if possible, get a quote or two from the owner/creator.

Besides the experience, you will be pick out freebies/dollarbies/cheap for the models and you will also be able to direct photographer for the location pictures.

What you need to apply for this job: Knowledge of how to teleport, be able to write in english and know how to look for the owner of the location.

Sections to apply for:

SL Destinations Writers

Fashion Writers

Advice Writers (aimed at older residents or those who have experience in all things SL)

About photographers:

You accompany the writers to locations and take as many pictures as you can, (not only the ones the writer directs you to take). You will also be needed at Photo shoots (Models will have to take direction from you)

As photographer, you should always ask for permission before taking pictures of someone else or their property!

Apart from experience, you’ll get your name attached to all photos and articles they’re published in and you get creative control over the photography.

What you should know before applying: How to take photos, how to change the environment settings and camera controls (all of these can be obtained through the one-hour photography class at Caledon University).

Sections to apply for: All Sections apply

About models:

Your job is basically to look pretty in front of the camera. You will wear what the writer directs you to wear and stand in a studio (where we have all the animations you’ll need) and let the photographer take pictures of you.

We’re looking for models of all shapes, colors and most sizes (no giants :P).

Apart from the experience, you get your name attached to all photos of you and you get to keep the clothes you’re modeling with.

What you need to apply for this job: an avatar with a shape and skin you like, preferably with a selection of hairstyles

Section to Apply for: Fashion Sections Only.


HeavenLy Rebel Bay Dance Club

If you see this, you're in the right place

As soon as you land,  the music hits you and makes you want to dance. This is of course, Mikey and HeavenLee

Baccarin’s Rebel Bay Dance Club. This upbeat mix of every music genre from various DJs, will never leave you bored while dancing on the dance floor.


Theme Nights are held  , 3 times a day, with themes that surrounds “Best in…” All have cash prizes that range from 200L$-1000L$ (the more people that show up the higher the prize)

The lady rebel Heavenlee

Shopping Near every club you will come across in SL have their own shopping sims, and Rebel is no exception. So you’re lucky enough to win a ton of cash from the theme events, you’ll have some place to spend them. There are several different stories here and many of their clothes can range from 40L$ to 600L$.
IMSLSG caught up with a quick chat with Rebel Bay Dance Club Owner, Heavenlee Baccarin, “Rebel is a relatively new club, we’ve been open for about 2 months. We are a very newbie friendly club, we help them with all the question that newbies need to know like where to find clothing and AVs. The staff here are always willing to help by telling them where to find good shops and how to earn money in SL for example where to find money trees.”

Rebel Creator, Mikey Baccarin states that, “Music is a big theme on SL, If the music is good people will come. Rebel Bay is a good place to meet people”

Rebel is not only a club, it’s a shopping sim and is going through recent changes,

A true rebel, Mikey

there will be private party and conference rooms to rent, also a place for small weddings.


Hostess Jobs ask Heavenlee. DJ jobs, Host jobs, no matter how old you are training if given. More in formation see heaven


Rebel also offer housing/skyboxes for a reasonable price of 285L$/week as well as stores to rent at 185L$/week

Rebel Bay Dance Club, caters to all styles of musics and Avis within SL. Definitely worth checking out, even if you don’t want to dance.

Rebel Bay Dance Club

Everyone here parties, even the poofballs

Newbie Friendly: 9 out of 10

Music:9 out of 10

Overall Experience: 10 out of 10

Izzie Morgan


Images by Morphman the Clown

The artist himself

Job in SL: Passion Jobs, Artist in SL

The artist himself

Jobs in SL: Painting Artist

Name: Elbow Muggins


Age: 2 years, 2 months (veteran)

How did you get into art?

As a young man of six years old, I would trace photos from coloring books, magazines and other publications then bring the tracing to school telling the girls that I drew them. I guess, at the time, I never stopped to think the girls I was trying to impress during lunch with my drawing skills, might have gotten the same coloring book for Christmas.  I never did get busted so it all turned out well.
What made you want to be come an Artist?

The chicks, the chicks.  aaaahahaha, not really. My parent’s took me to a National Museum and I remember seeingWinslow Homer, James Whistler and John Singer Sargent. They got me a Rockwell coffee table book that Christmas and I was hooked. I was seven years old.

Was it a RL passion that came over into SL?

(Was it easy to bring your RL passion to SL?)Yes, SL is well suited for visual art. With digital art and high quality scans getting photos, painting, sketches into SL is very easy. There are a couple of technical things surrounding getting art into SL and 3-D art and Sculpture require they own set of disciplines.
How much do your sell your art for?At first blush, this question could be misleading. Passion drives artists to create. People that are lazy, looking for easy money or to get paid to play will soon discover that  SL is much like RL in this respect. The viewing public as a whole considers “art” to be something you only see downtown at the big Museum, pictures in books or on greeting cards. What art really does is communicates, records, studies and pushes. There are a lot of thieves that will hunt the web, find an image, frame it and put it up for sale for a few linden because they figure art is nothing more than something to cover a wall. Maybe sometime we can look deeper into public perceptions about art. My advice is to search for and watch”Exit Through The Gift Shop”

The garden, where the gallery lies

How long did it take you to become a successful artist within SL?

The first time you sell a piece of art that you created, you’re successful.
Do you need any specific requirements to be an artist and sell your creations on SL?

Yes, Integrity for your craft and yourself. The technical stuff you can learn.
Do you have any words to share with newbies who are thinking about showing their work in SL?

Those with true passion will last. The frauds and lazy ones will only last as long someone buy their stuff for a couple of Lindens.

Izzie Morgan & Morphman the Clown

images by Elbow Muggins

Rock n Rol

Job in SL: DJing with Rock and Roll Michigan

SL isn’t just a place for fun, there are jobs available to those who want earn an extra bit of lindens to spend on more expensive clothes or even to get a place to call their very own. Many jobs in SL are hobbies that residents have found to be very profitable, such as being a business owner, a builder and even a writer. This article gives you an insight into one of these residents.

Name: Rock and Roll Michigan

Rezday: 06/18/2008

SL Age: 2 years and 6 months (Senior)

When did you know you wanted to be DJ? Or is it just a side job?

Well, that’s a long story, really. In real life it kinda even goes back to the summer when I was 11 years old, although I didn’t know it at the time (do we ever when we’re that young?) I saw a neighbor girl who I thought looked cute, so I started putting my tape player in my open bedroom window when I played songs on it. The idea really was that she’d hear them when she was out on their deck. In hindsight I doubt she heard a note of it, but in my mind she heard every last song I played on the thing. How naive, but it illustrates a point: Even then I was doing what I do now. I was DJ’ing.

Flash-forward to 2006. I was a brand new avatar in SL (on a different account, different name), and taking classes at Teazer University. One day I was dancing in the lobby of the school with some gal and talking about music. Two hours we were dancing and talking before she said she owned an online radio station and wanted me to work for them. That’s really how my SL DJ career got started, they trained me, put me on the air, and I had a blast, so I stuck with it.
How much does being a DJ pay you?

It varies. Some gigs I get paid a lot, like an art gallery opening where I was paid 2500 L$ plus 650 in tips. Other gigs I may make L$1000, or even nothing. It’s all over the map these days, I’ve found over the years tthe availability of jobs and the pay rates have changed a lot. There seems to be a lot of club saturation going on in the DJ market, every street corner has yet another club or two.

How long did it take you to get a job as a DJ?

No time at all, since I was asked to start, I didn’t go seeking out DJ gigs at first.

Do you have any specific requirements to be a DJ in SL?

Personally I think the #1 requirement to be a DJ is a passion for the music. I don’t care if you’re playing rap, opera, country, classic rock, death metal, or polkas, if you don’t have the passion and love for the genre it’s not going to communicate well with your audience and the experience isn’t going to be satisfying for anybody.
Have you got any tips to give newbies out there who are interested in being DJs?

Find your passion, and pour yourself into it. Your audience will thank you. Don’t expect to make a lot of money, you’d make more money standing at a cash register saying “Would you like fries with that?” but you wouldn’t be nearly as happy.

More information on Rock and Roll’s gigs coming soon…

Izzie Morgan

Image provided by Rock and Roll Michigan.