More Menstuff

I had a quick fly through a bunch of other stores participating in the Menstuff Hunt and threw together the following outfit. This time I wanted to grab some mesh gear and see how it has progressed as a fashion choice, hope you enjoy:

He wears:
Skin: {.essences.}, Dinu - Menstuff Hunt gift #14
Shape: Body Doubles, Jacob – Menstuff Hunt gift #96
Hair: KMADD, Aria Club black 5 – Menstuff Hunt gift #2
Hairbase: Jaryths Barber Shop, Black – previous Menstuff hunt gift
Eyes: KMADD, Plastic doll – Menstuff Hunt #2
Beard: Badazz, Facial hair only 12 – Menstuff Hunt gift #65
Outfit: B&T Mesh Studios, B&T Male Mesh Hoodie and Shorts Combo – Menstuff Hunt gift #61
Shoes: S1Nners, B&W Mesh Sneakers – Menstuff hunt #34
Pose: Pics n Poses, Behind-MENSTUFF-16 - Menstuff Hunt #91

And by the way, I took this photo inside your free house available over at Help Island!

As always the items shown were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

So what are you waiting for, go get some more free stuff!!

Words: Steam Engineer
Photography: Steam Engineer

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Man Week Begins! – Male From Scratch.

Hi Folks

As you might know it’s man week here at the Torch and my mission was to make a male avi from scratch and kit him out for 200 lindens.

To be honest I didn’t think I was going to be able to do it, because lets face it, although second life has come on in leaps and bounds as far as men’s fashion is concerned they are still pretty under represented, especially in the cheap or free area but despite that I think I managed to put together a guy that in my personal opinion is kind of handsome. So without further ado I bring you Shad! 7 foot something hunk of man.

URLS to follow.

So the first thing that needed to be done was to find a good base, that being shape and skin and the hunt brought me to FILTHY at the Place Alexandra sim. While perhaps most well known for some gorgeous female skins and shapes. She also does a great range of men’s too and the best news for people with a limited budget is that the creator Alexandra Barcelos has some of her older skins still available for the incredible bargain price of 99ls! And that gents includes shape, a range of skin tones and separate hair base. What more could you ask for?

Filthy – Sid skin & shape – 99ls –

The next stop was for eyes, This was a pretty easy choice for me to make because MAYFLY has some beautiful offerings in a variety of colours are all really realistic and cheap. But the best thing for the purpose of my mission is that they have a free pair. The London fog free eyes are a gorgeous piercing blue and you can choose if you want to wear the normal texture or wear them in a mesh version. They are stunning and definitely the kind of eyes a lady likes to get lost in.

Mayfly – London fog mesh eyes – 0ls –

Onto clothes and my favourite subject shoes! For these I headed to Second Life marketplace and did a raid and in no time at all had come up with this, so sharp it could cut you suit from Savvy Avvy for just 50ls. I was surprised by the quality of this outfit, It’s detailed, smooth and perfectly textured, it’s a must have for any guy out there that wants a bit of elegant nonchalance, It can be worn in a number of ways, while I opted for the white open neck shirt, there is also a black open shirt and buttoned up versions with a tie too, so it’s perfect for a number of occasions.

Savvy Avvy – Business suit – 50ls –

The shoes from HOC apparel are also off the marketplace and were also 50ls.  They are seamlessly sculpted with an impeccable finish, They go perfectly with the suit and the ability to change the texture via menu makes them adaptable enough to go with your favourite jeans too. You are definitely walking away with a bargain.

HOC apparel  – leather loafers – 50ls –

Now suited and booted, last on the list was hair and I admit I was stumped on this. I mean I love hair but I had never really paid attention to mens, and seeing as I was down to the 1ls of my budget, I was stuck. I needed help and so I turned to my very stylish SL bro for advice and he pointed me in the direction of EXILE by Kavar Cleanslate, He does a wide selection of men’s hair and has a few free offerings too. I chose the Echo style because I like the rumpled, windswept look especially in contrast to the smooth style of the suit. It was the perfect finishing touch and brought it all together.

Exile – Echo hair – 0ls –

1ls left and while I could have come in under budget I splurged and spent it on an animation override. It was another surprise find on the marketplace.  The Vista animations basic male AO is a good starting point as far as animation overrides go, It really is basic with only a few stands and a walk, but you can add animations into it as you go along  and it can be turned into something unique to you.

Vistaanimation – Basic male AO – 1ls –

So that brings us to a close. 200ls dead on the nose and a complete avatar, with a little hunting and patience it can be done and with style. So get out there gents and shop your little hearts out.

Huge thanks again to the amazing Damion Theas for the picture.

The Renaissance Hunt – So Far

Fashion Writer Look Stoop and I went on the new Renaissance Hunt, and got a lot of awesome stuff. Let’s get the review bit of the hunt out-of-the-way.  It was not to hard and not to easy, the right kind of difficulty for a Second Life Hunt. The hunt clues were very clever in some destinations and others seemed as if they didn’t even bother trying to make or hide the hunt gift. There was a maze, which was once again the right amount of difficulty, not too easy not too hard. It was mostly the destinations that intrigued us more than the prizes. The different Renaissance and Medieval themed places amazed us, and peaked my already developed interest in the Medieval culture of Second Life.  Worth doing for the destinations, some gifts are good, others not so great.

For more information on the Renaissance hunt, check out their blog and the hunt will be going on until the 31 December 2011 so get in it while you can!

Interview with Allie Munro (Grumble Grumble)

For a newcomer Grumble Grumble is the best place you can go get cheap and affordable clothes, from gift cards, to mini and midnight mania boards to product campers. Grumble Grumble is the store to go to when you’re new to Second Life. Who is the mastermind behind it? Her name is Allie Munro and she was kind enough to give the Torch SL Guide an interview:
I took a year-long hiatus from Second Life, right after my now RL husband had come over to meet me. We met on Second Life and now are very happily married :)  To cut a long story short, we came back online to SL in November 2009 and realized how many things had changed. We managed clubs, danced etc and wanted something more.  Our very dear friend and family member Serenity Quar had been working on making shoes and neko items and so we decided to open a very small business in a mall location. We opened it at Bad Girls and started out with shoes, tails and gestures which my husband Skar Scorpio made. He had DeeJayed in RL and SL for over 8 years. The place had a completely different theme and look at that time. We had an old 2-story warehouse with a club out back with an old subway car inside that you could dance on.

I have my Masters in Graphic Design and have had a long career doing everything from entertainment at Disney World, CNN, Sports Illustrated and nationally recognized talk shows, so that the creative streak in me was ready to go and see what we could come up with.

Grumble opened on December 12, 2009.  About six months later, after starting to participate in some hunts, we decided to change our look to a more modern, clean-lined feel as it was the trend at the time and revamped our brand.

Six months later we realized we needed more space and purchased the Grumble sim, redesigning its look once again.

We also added Club Chrome at the same time as the sim.

In May of 2011 we redesigned the sim, removing the mall and went to a 8 building theme where each department had its own space, (the current layout of the sim).  We are again full so you never know, you may see a Grumble 2 sometime in the near future.

I remember it being terrible when I joined SL, having no clue on how to do anything. The information centre was not nearly as informative and there really was no significant help.  We all wanted to be a familiar name in SL, offering good quality items for you and your home at low prices.  With today’s economy, people do not have the same in-world money as they used to spend . We therefore operate on the idea that the better pricing you have on your designs, the more people will buy them (because they are a great deal and good quality). We like to offer a lot of gift cards to help assist people with their purchases. It tends to give you repeat customers when they know they can spend their money at Grumble and come away with a lot more product for it.

We aim at everyone. We offer everything from men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, shoes, neko, home-store, kids-store, gestures, and seasonal/holiday store. We have a Bridal Boutique and also our Eversong Weddings sim that includes sugar-bakery and Cobble Rose Florist. We have moved our pet store and breedables from the Grumble sim to the Silver Pine Stables sim.

My main inspiration? If I told you the truth you would think I was crazy, but all in all we wanted to be different, to stand out, and to help people enjoy SL.  We love making people happy. We love hearing how much they love something. Believe me, we put up with a lot of negativity and screaming every day, people griefing the sim and such, but we love what we do.  I get bored easily and one day I will decide to do a bridal boutique or build a bakery. Fasten your seat belts. Who knows what comes next?  Serenity would say it is because I like to torture her. She is our builder for all 4 sims and we keep her extremely busy.What would Grumble customers do without her?

For the newbie population? We have campers, lucky chairs and mini mania boards. They have gift cards from 25-100L. There are approximately 6-10 hunts/month, sim-wide Grumble hints and weekends with full outfits for only $10L. We think that we have quite a bit to offer the new SL population as they can find almost everything they need right here at Grumble for a fraction of the cost.

Interview by: Look Stoop

A Girl & Her Happy Hats

You’d heard of the Woman who Lived in a Shoe? Well this is the Woman who has a store in a Hat and what a store it is! I stumbled across

The Happy Hats

The Happy Hat while on the The I <3 the 80′s Hunt and found that this small store was actually amazing. With cheap and affordable accessories from shoes to …well hats.

This awesome store is brain child of Rah Rehula who has been a resident of SecondLife since 2007 and through her love of building

Rah Rehula owner of The Happy Hats

brought to life a very unique store. “ The Happy Hat started because I was showing a group of Higher Education Faculty about how a business class could be created in Second Life.” Explains Rah, “After it’s creation, I decided to just keep it going. I chose a hat as the building design because one of the first persons I met in SL (FOUR years ago) was wearing a hat. She stated it was something most people did not do in SL; so I set out to perfect the hat. I love to be creative; it reduces my stress. I also love to share my work with others. This is why the products are “affordable” as to Linden standard.”

And affordable they are, the Price Range for The Happy Hat is a cool 10L$ – 50L$ so definitely worth checking out if you are interested in hats, shoes and affordable prices. 

Fancy Fuschia L$10

Grey Daze L$10

Green Ghost L$ 20

Gold L$10

This store never has a dull moment, since it is always participating in up coming hunts and has displays that customers can interact with. “I get bored very easily so I change the store décor every month and bring what ever holiday into the mix.” Rah also shed some light on her inspiration for Happy Hats. “My inspiration, I would say, comes from the designers and builders of Second Life. There is always a visual explosion here in virtual environment. Many times, I find myself mesmerized by other’s work.”

The Happy Hats is beautiful store to look at and doesn’t break your virtual pockets, that is perfect for new residents.

June Carlson 

Love Jewelry? Go To N@N@

Jewelry and Accessories are big part of SecondLife’s Fantasy, everywhere you look outfits are tied together with either a necklace, some amazing pair of earrings and an awesome bag.N@N@ helps SecondLife Residents find the perfect jewelry to tie their outfits together. from necklaces to earrings, it is totally worth taking a look at this amazing store.

Natem Andel, creator of N@N@ took time out from her business schedule to talk about her store. ” The inspiration for my jewelry is everything, it is an obsession really. I have a lot of freebies and affordable items that are available to newcomers. I don’t know what the future holds for my store but I do know that I want to continue to.” She adds, “ It is a treasure, I’ve put all my heart into my store and I am very happy with the outcome and want to thank the people who helped me a long the way.”

To check out this amazing store:

June Carlson

Here Comes The Hunts

All over our virtual world there is a culture forming; a culture that bringsCummere Mayo from Depravity Hunt residents together, a culture that provides for those who have little and gives them a lot more than they can handle. This culture is the ever growing Hunts, a series of treasure-hunt type events that happen every month around the Grid.

Hunts are simple. Residents are shown an item they need to search for over a number of store locations. Each location gives a hunt hint, which can either be as simple or as deviously clever as the hunt organiser and store owner want it to be. The Hint leads to a hunt gift which is an item ( gesture, clothes, shoes, hair or animation) that has been provided by the store that the hunt gift is placed in. SecondLife is home to a great number of hunt groups that make it their mission to bring its residents regular hunts. Many of these hunts are aimed at specific groups of residents as well as different cultures, for example furry , goth/dark , steampunk and dolly culture.

Dysturbed Sin and his partner Vasha Martinek are the owners of the goth, cyberpunk store +DV8+ and play a huge part in the Hunt Culture of Second Life. Not only do they challenge the ideologies of culture and fashion, but they are known to be the creators of the most difficult hunt on the Grid: The Twisted Hunt. The idea around their hunt started when they opened their store three years ago. “At the time, gridwide hunts were still a fairly new idea,” says the Twisted co creator Dystubed Sin, “ We noticed that on the few hunts we did, most of the gifts were happy-go-lucky items and rather cheap items that no one really wanted. This is how the idea of the Twisted Hunt came to be. We wanted a Hunt that would cater for the dark culture in Second Life with gifts that represent what the stores have to offer, as well as introducing residents to locations that they never knew existed.”

Dysturbed Sin, owner of DV8

Dysturbed Sin

DV8′s Twisted grid hunt has opened the door for other hunts that dare to step away from the ordinary. Depravity Hunts is another group that has dedicated its time to Second Life Hunt culture. Unlike Twisted, Depravity is a more flexible hunt group that dabbles in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. With their themes, they have provided regular hunters with a number of themed hunts such as Darkness Behind Close Doors, August Heat, Salivating Schlongs and Titillating tatas. It was created by Cummere Mayo and Sredni Eel who met through Twisted Hunt. “Depravity can be campy and cheeky, and we do not care to be overly pc. We fit into a nice little niche within the hunting community. I do not think Hunt Culture is recent. I think it has always been a popular and important part of what makes up SL. Sadly I think that in the last couple of years, older residents have not been educating the newer residents about the existence of hunts. It seems to be only recently that people have realised just how much a part of the SL community hunts have been.”

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, hunts challenge what is seen as the norm in Second Life. In addition, many hunts are there to express themselves in other ways. The Nature’s hunt group started in 2010 with their first hunt. It concentrates on the beauties of Nature in Second Life. Resje Bailey, the creator of Nature’s Hunt, comments on her own experiences with Hunt Culture and the future of hunts, “Hunts do benefit the residents. It’s a win/win situation. The participating stores offer a nice gift or an item at a much reduced, almost symbolic price, to gain exposure for their store and the products they sell. In return the Hunters get an item or gift from the stores they visit when they are doing the hunt. They get to see a lot of new sims and stores they were not aware of before.”

As Second Life grows these groups agree that the future of Hunts is in the hands of the hunters. While Cummere comments that “ As long as Second Life exists there will always be a hunt culture.” Dysturbed and Resje are left uncertain about what the future may bring them and theirs groups. One thing is clear is that hunts will continue to happen every month, giving out free gifts to those who are interested in them.

Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 – Unseelie

The notorious Twisted Hunt is back with a vengance. With no less than 205 stores, this the hardest hunt in SL will keep you busy all month, from 1 september to 30 september.

The fall edition of 2011 has the theme of Unseelie and the theme colors are ghastly blue, giving you those fall chills that really creeps up your spine.  This is to celebrate all that goes bump in the night and the Grim Fae that rules the Unseelie Court.

I fyou wanna follow the news on the hunt, go to the hunt blog, but don’t expect any help, it’s not called the hardest hunt in SL for naught. The starting point at DV8 gives you more than what the creators think you deserve in the means of hints ;)

AutAware - Featured

Autism Awareness Hunt

Autism! Most of you readers have been in contact with an autistic person, but few of you knows what it really is. Sky Amaranth knows first hand what it is and how to deal with an autistic person, as her 13 year old brother has Aspergers, one of the many varieties of autism. She didn’t like how many people treat persons with autism, and came to the conclusion that not enough people knows what it is, therefore she started the Autism Awareness Hunt.

Sky came to the office after a day full of interviews, a bit shy at first, but soon she warmed up to both me and Izzie and answered all our

Sky Amaranth, the creator of the Autism Awareness Hunt

questions with pride and hapiness in her heart.

“I like to design clothing, I do photography, I’ve had a store for a while. I’m always thinking of new ideas.”, Sky said when asked about the hunt.”My idea came from charities I have seen all over SL, but the biggest inspiration was my brother.” Sky started the hunt right after the Mothers Day Hunt, wich was the first hunt she had put together. That hunt had some issues, but so far, the Autism Awareness Hunt has gone smoothly.

“I want to put the word about autism and how it affects not only those who have it, but those around that person. It’s not a disease that you can catch, or a deadly illness.”, she continiued. “I cannot stress this enough, people with autism does NOT use their illness as a cuthc, they simply cannot control what goes through their mind.”

There has been many participants in the hunt, and it is still in it’s early stage. There aren’t many venues, but still the traffic has been very high and Sky and the others involved hopes that the word about autism will spread from those who participate.

She has her own store, True21, with high quality fashion for a low price, and she has a special line of clothes made for this hunt where the money, along with money from an auction she held, will go to research about autism. She spends a lot of time and money on the clothes, but sells it for a cheap price. “I don’t mind, I’m not in it for the money”, she said. Most of her creations have been entirely her own brainchilds, but one line, the Love Pink series, has been inspired by her favourite RL store, Victorias Secret.

I asked her if she wanted to give the readers a final word, and this was her reply: ” PLEASE do not treat children and adults with Autism like they are an outsider, they are people just like you and I. Like I said before I can’t stress it enough; Treat them as you would like to be treated!”

We will post updates about the hunt, as well as reviews about some of the stores and items from the Autism Awareness Hunt in the weeks to come.

If you want more information about autism, or if you want to share your experiences, check out the official Autism Awareness website.

Here is a link to the starting point of the Autism Awareness Hunt: True21

Here is the link to their BLOG

Article by: Morphman


Dark Future Hunt – Interview with Juju Neximus

Here’s one of the articles that slipped through the cracks somewhere. You may blame Jr. Editor Morphman for this one!

In hte light of the Dark Future Hunt in May, we had an interview with the creator of the hunt, Juju Neximus. It was meant to be released in the review article, but you get it as  a bonus today instead.

Juju Neximus

What is your role in the Dark Future Hunt?
I dreamed it up and made it come true. I have a few friends I had jump in with some of the work,
from the hud to the blog. But mostly it’s my brain child.

How long did you have to prepare for this hunt?
About a month and a half from the time I dreamed it up to the start date.

Is this your first time or have you done this before?
It is my first time organizing a hunt, and the first dark future hunt. But I am good friends with
the Twisted Hunt creator and have helped her in the past with store checking and the like, so I
kinda knew what to do, organization wise, because of that help.

 Who came up with the HUD idea? I’ve never seen it done that way before.
Well I did. I actualy saw a script for a landmark hud, and it made me jump around and exclaim,
that’s how I can do this hunt! I was already kicking the idea around, but there were a few things
organization wise I always considered nightmares, and constantly changing landmarks and relying on
the store before to set that up was a logistical nightmare.
My partner is an amazing scripter and he offered to make his own script for it.

Did you find any part of the organisation challenging? Were there any problems?
Umm checking stores, I should have done that a little sooner. A couple had no sign out and I was
rushing to contact them at the last minute before it all started, to get everything set up.

Where did you get the idea for this hunt?
Well I am a huge geek, I love all sorts of futuristic genre movies, shows, even love the table top
Rifts RPG by Palladium. From the art to the storie lines, a future not as bright, a fallen society,
trying to survive and be what they once were, it all fascinantes me.

Tell us a bit about your store, Juju.
I started creating things and passing them around to friends, to the point that they said I needed
a warning label of,”May cause your inventory to explode!” Finaly I started geting good at it and
they started telling me I needed a store. I still kinda have that mentality, making pretty things
for my friends, and I try to keep my prices lows and make things I know I would love to wear.

What has your main inspiration been when designing your items?
Mostly my RL intrests, which are soo varried. I love fantasy, sci-fi, horror, goth, and just soo
many other things. I see sculpts or things IRL that just kinda make me go ,”Oh that will make an
awsome ….”
I adore the art of Brom and Boris valejo and draw alot of ideas from them as well as mythology

Are building and selling the only things you do?
I captain a roller derby team for+DV8+ called the Dreadnaughts, I host, I run around and play all
over the grid, I RP in Toxia when I find time. And I have been known to run a mean table top DND
game here in SL.
I made a table with all the dice needed and links to the online 3.5 edition books. I made it for
the Geekgasm hunt a while back, and it has been a great sorce of fun!