Top Ten Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids Part 2

5. ‘ An Elephant Never Forgets’

This is one of the first episodes I watched after reading the book, it basically looks at the rich and how parents who don’t care about teaching their children responsibility and humbleness could affect their children in really bad ways.  The story revolves around a rich family, the parents, who were away on a holiday to Africa bring back the leg of a baby elephant. The two children Percy and Belinda quickly find that the leg is magic and can grant any wish. How ever the children become quickly bored with the making wishes and it goes a step too far.  ‘An Elephant Never Forgets’ is a pretty standard story that scared me as a kid, it basically has the ‘be careful what you wish for’ tag posted on it.

4. ‘Grandmother’s Footsteps’

I love this story, I read the book and watched the TV series and it did it so much justice. There is an awesome ending and it is down right scary.  This is one of those ‘ wait until the last few seconds to reveal the scare’ kind of thing that Grizzly Tales always does. Nigel Planer’s voice over is just amazing in this story. It’s so chilling, so horrifying that this is another one I gave me nightmares and you would probably never see it coming. I feel like I’ve told you too much already. The story is about a little boy, who is scared and his grandmother basically just tells him a story to help him to go to sleep. I love this story, it’s so simple, but it works perfectly, this shows Jamie Rix’s talent for writing.

3. ‘Bunny Boy’

This is another one that gave me nightmares as a kid and is the reason I hate the song ‘Combine Harvester’ It has another classic Grizzly Tales scary imaginary that compliments the animation team. The story is that a boy name Bill does not like to eat his greens, no matter what his mother tries to get him to eat his greens it never works. He forms an alliance with a rabbit named Tubbs, who is a pest to Bill’s mother always destroying her vegetable garden. One day Bill’s mother successfully keeps Tubbs out of her garden and in the morning there is a nice green lettuce on the table. Bill decides to take the lettuce to Tubbs, through a wheat field, unfortunately its harvesting season. This story is scary.. It also has a, not death, but cringe worthy moment  that make you feel a bit uneasy. I think this one and ‘Cat Eye’s’ from the new series have the same cringe worthy gruesome imagines, that aren’t shown on television. They are implied so your imagination fills in what happens and that is what make it so great. ‘Bunny Boy’ , how ever, goes one step further with its ending.

2. ‘The Spaghetti Man’

I still feel a little uneasy watching this episode or reading the book, it is also one with creepy imaginary, Uncanny Valley and all. If you thought Bugaboo broke it, this guy burnt the corpse of the Uncanny Valley.This along with ‘ The Pie Man’ I am ashamed say, is what I use to keep my nieces quiet and behaved when ever I go out on the street with them. The story of The Spaghetti Man, surrounds young Timothy King, who refuses to eat anything that put in front him,  His mother tries her best to get him to eat but he decides to misbehave instead. This behavior summons the one and only Spaghetti Man. This is story along with number one is an example of one of the core focuses of Grizzly Tales which is ultimately getting children to listen to their parents. Grizzly Tales is littered with stories about kids who don’t listen to warnings from their parents and if they don’t listen them then something bad going to happen to them and this is one of them. I find it funny that Spaghetti man has an Italian accent.

1. ‘Mr Peeler’s Butterflies’

This is the final one I had nightmares about  when I was kid, I still think about the poem, I still try my best to go to bed on time. Mr Peeler’s Butterflies, is THE scariest story from Grizzly Tales for Gruesome kids, Mr Peeler got me to sleep on time when I was kid, he now gets my nieces and nephews to bed on time without a fuss at night, he will get my children, to bed on time with out a fuss. All You have to say is ‘Sleep, Sleep, close your eyes, don’t fish for Mr Peeler, for if you lay awake at night you’ll summon the sleep stealer’. The story focuses on Alexander, he will not go to bed. His parents try everything to get him to and he tries everything  not to.  They warn him if he doesn’t, Mr Peeler will pay him a visit. Of course Alexander doesn’t take their warning seriously. This is also an listen to your parents story. As terrifying as it is. I don’t know why it’s so scary to me, but its just  horrifying, maybe it is the idea of a fat man in a suit stealing my sleep. Maybe it is never going to sleep ever again. What I like about this story is that, there isn’t any creepy imaginary, it is just old fashion story telling. This is the story you’d tell around a camp fire or at a sleep over. It is the story you grew up with when you were child. Still to this day, I still can’t figure out why I find it so scary.

That is my Top 10 Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids, if you are interested in checking out the books. They are currently available on Amazon. You can catch the TV series on Nickelodeon.

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The Haunting Of Second Life Continues: The Shadow House

It’s Halloween once again and the haunts that occur in the virtual world of  Second Life have returned. It was almost a year ago that we gave you a taste of the chilling, twisted and horrific locations of these disturbances and this year it continues. We will begin with the Shadow House

The demon Yuumei is terrorizing the poor villagers of Touryuumon, to punish them for their insolence, he takes their village and replaces it with the Shadow House, a haunted ground on which none of the villagers would dare to tread. The villages cry out for hero to save them from Yuumei’s punishment.

Well, Yuumei seems to have his hand full playing Realtor, demons these days…

I heard he was a powerful demon once, dealing in souls. I guess the recession is hard on every one now a days.

So do you have what it takes to face Yuumei?

If so visit the Shadow House.

Songs That Scare Me Logo

Songs That Scare Me: Timothy by The Buoys

I don’t like this song, I do not like it one bit. The first time I heard Timothy by The Buoys, it was at a DJ set that a friend of mine was playing. It was a set about ‘Offensive Songs’ and when I heard it, I remember chills going down my spine. Two years later and this song still haunts me.

Timothy was written by Rupert Holmes and recorded by Pennsylvanian Rock band The Buoys in 1971. They were known for songs such as ‘Castles’, ‘Tell Me Heaven is Here’ ‘Look Back America’ and the most controversial song probably of all time, ‘Timothy’. Holmes stated that the song was deliberately written to be banned. and it was fairly successful hitting number 17 on the US Charts in 1971.  After the release of ‘Timothy’, Holmes learnt about a mine cave-in that happened in the mining community of Sheppton Pennsylvania in 1963. In an Interview he expressed guilt over writing it, stating that if he had known about the mine cave-in he would have never wrote the song.

So what is Timothy about?

Listen and find out for yourself.


New Scary Series Starts Next Week

It’s almost October and we all know what that means. Creepy, Scary and just darn frighting. The Torch loves Halloween, so we’re going to bring you guys a month of scares. Here is what we have so far.

Music Tuesday: The Scariest Songs We’ve Ever Heard. We all have that one song that sends chills down our spines when ever we hear it. So The Torch Team will share their scary song playlist.

Virtual Wednesday: The Haunting of Second Life Continues Last year we Journeyed into the Haunted Places of Second Life, letting you in on the scares that happen during this season and this year we are going to do it again.

Book Friday: Top Ten Grizzly Tales For Kids Part 1 & 2, An Awesome Scary Story: Harold and Comics Galore 3 Twisted Tales From The Mammoth of Horror Comics. Horror is my genre, I love reading horror stories and tales to terrify you. So I’ll treat you with my favourite horror tales.

That is what we have in store for you, I hope you enjoy Halloween at The Torch.


Urban Dead

Halloween might be over but there are always chilling horrors just around the corner, this time it is in the form of text-based game

Urban Dead. Released in 2005 it is a Multiplayer Survival Horror game set in the fictional city of Malton. Players can play as a survivor with occupations to help them survive in the zombie infected city. ( Military, Police, Civilian, etc) Players can even start the game as one of the undead. Each occupation you choose gives you a specialist ability that allows you to help yourself and other players that you may come across. Your main goal in this game is just to survive as the chaos spills out into the streets and surrounds you, trust me when I say this is easier said than done..

Urban Dead is a little slow at first and it does take some time to get use to but keep with it. Here is a tip: when you start use this time to get use to moving around your section. Find some place to call home and explore the surrounding areas. This game does have combat and is simple, it’s based on the percentage of damage a weapon can deal, and the best weapon to have is a gun, (of course).

This game is mostly for those who are patient and like text-based horror games. It isn’t fast paced and you do have to think about what your next move will be, like:  would you leave a heavily barricaded safe spot to go out and look for fuel for the generator? Or would you help another player with your last first aid kit? Or do you have enough action points to make it back to your home spot, if you decide to venture a few blocks away?

If you think you can survive in Urban Dead, why not give it a try? Just remember, if you die there is no game over.

Urban Zombie Lake

The Haunting of Second Life: Urban Zombie

This final haunted location will take you to a place where death is no more, where, well you can tell from the title, the dead walk the streets of an urban setting. Where your gun is your best friend.

Urban Zombie is a zombie sim like no other, pitting you against hordes of the undead that are pining for a taste of your flesh. Don’t worry, the owners of the sim aren’t sadist enough to throw you in the deep end without protection

Visit Urban Zombie, like a good maniac once said ‘ One day you might find even death itself may die’, and when that happens where you rather be? In the city, near a prison, or at the airport?


The Haunting of Second Life: The Haunted Coal Mine

This is the only haunted destination that will not be a teaser, I will be spoiling this one because I think it deserves a fair mention. While doing research for this teaser, to my dismay I found that the destination was gone, so I’m going to give as much detail as I possibly can for this, since I can’t get any pictures, I did manage to find a video of it on Youtube, which I’ll add it to this article.

The Haunted Coal Mine, was filled with atmosphere not only from the surroundings but also from 1930s music that played on the media stream. That seriously added to its creepiness. It did not rely on jump scares, it did have them but they were used in a professional way and were not used all the time, meaning you could visit the mine  several times,go through the whole thing and not once come across a jump scare then when you think you’re safe and go through again, BAM! right there. One example of a jump scare was in the elevator that took us from stage to stage,throughout the mine. The first time we went to the haunted coal mine, a face grew out of the wall appearing out of no where behind us. There was no noise, if we hadn’t moved ( I turned around to get a good look at the elevator) we probably wouldn’t have seen it, but we did and it did make us scream and had us on edge every time we stepped into the elevator.

Venturing deeper into the mine, we came across various doors, and once we entered those doors, we were taken to different places, one was a hell mouth, where you would unknowingly summon a demon, and another place that I remember was a serious mind screw. It was a world where everything was bigger than you, and I’m pretty sure you were meant to be an insect, that was the feeling I personally got from it. The more you walked through this world things would be come distorted and crazy and it really had you wondering if you were ever going get out, because the doors, that usually meant an exit back into the mine, would play tricks on you. You would think that you were going to exit finally and walk through a door only to find that it brought you back to the beginning of that world.

Then there was the mine cart ride, where you had lava pour beside you as you zipped through it and a huge demonic face grins at you as you go by.

The Haunted Coal Mine was a haunted place done right, it was filled with frights that would make think that you were never going to get out. You really got the feeling that the creators enjoyed making this place and it’s really sad that it didn’t last.

Check out the Short Walkthrough of the Haunted Coal Mine. It is actually A LOT bigger than what is shown in the video.

(Note: If it does still exist and I just couldn’t find it, please send us an email  and let us know that it’s still there, with slurl. We really want you guys to experience this place for yourself.)


The Haunting of Second Life: Isle of Dee

The Isle, where humans and mystical beings live side by side. Sounds peaceful right? Haha! Oh God no, if it was it wouldn’t be in this teaser now would it? Two different beings sharing an isolated Island. It’s funny what tension and paranoia can create. On one side the humans in the village, on the other the beings in the Wyle and in the middle…

Visit Isle of Dee to see what it has to offer, the residents are just DYING to meet you!



The Haunting of Second Life: The Last House on The Left of Sexy Mamas.

I have to admit this one was a weird find. For those of you who have no idea what the title means, Sexy Mamas is a store that offers clothes and other pregnancy items to Residents that wish to experience family life in our virtual world.

Ironically in a place where the beginning of life is celebrated, there is a part dedicated to Death. Apparently this place is on the SL’s Top Haunted Places Tour and Hunt for this year but it was around long before then and I didn’t even notice it was the haunted places tour until I came to take a picture of the place for this teaser..

This place is a traditional haunted house, with a bit of a spin it, it’s amazing not just because of its location but because well, it’s fun. It’s interactive and great if you just a place to have fun with your friends and give them a bit of a scare. And with all Haunted Houses, there is a ….secret in the basement.

Visit the Last House on the Left of Sexy Mamas, it is deliciously cheesy, fun, spooky, and worth checking out.

(small note: I know my directions are wrong, it’s actually the last house on the right then left of Sexy Mamas, but that is a bit of a mouth full don’t you think?)



The Haunting of Second Life: Caledon Middlesea

Caledon is one of the largest steampunk themed communities in Second Life. It is also home to something more sinister in its seas.

Caledon Middlesea is an island in depths of Caledon’s Sims that hold a dark secret within its bowels. As soon as you land you are trapped, with no way to escape and the only thing you can do is explore.

I tried to get a good landmark for this, but the landing point is fixed to the airship above the land so when you land there you’ll be on the airship. Just go outside and jump off but try to avoid the creatures that lurk in the water who would love to taste your flesh.

Visit Caledon Middlesea to uncover the mystery hidden in its walls. What is it, you ask? Well the answer is so RICH you’ll DIE when you find out!