A Christmas Carol

Christmas Classics: A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

Ebenezer Scrooge was a cruel man filled with hatred and greed, he didn’t care about any one but himself. It is Christmas eve, a holiday that Ebenezer truly hates, always spitting a hate filled ‘hum bug’ to any one who wishes him a happy holiday.

How ever Mr Scrooge is in for a rude awaken when he is visited by an old friend who tells him that he will have three unwanted visitors if he does not change his hating and cruel ways.

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is a classic Christmas story that has been told and retold since its release in 1842. It has become a part of our Christmas Traditions and has sparked several plays, books and film adaptation (including the horrible 2009 Mathew MaConughey film ‘Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, ugh). If you don’t know the premise of this glorious cautionary tale, a rich cruel man named Ebenezer Scrooge is visited on Christmas eve by his old partner who tells him that he will be visited by three Holiday spirits and if he does not change his hateful ways chains await him in the after life. Did I forget to mention his old partner has been dead for 7 years?

It is worth a read and I don’t mean watching one of the adaptations, I mean the actual book, but if  you are truly interested in watching an adaptation, I suggests watching the 1971 version simply because the visual style is amazing. The film uses mood and tone to tell the story. It is a chilling film from start to finish empathizing the horror aspect of the story, because of course we have all forgotten that A Christmas Carol is actually a horror story wrapped up in a cautionary Christmas tale.

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The Haunting of Second Life: The Haunted Coal Mine

This is the only haunted destination that will not be a teaser, I will be spoiling this one because I think it deserves a fair mention. While doing research for this teaser, to my dismay I found that the destination was gone, so I’m going to give as much detail as I possibly can for this, since I can’t get any pictures, I did manage to find a video of it on Youtube, which I’ll add it to this article.

The Haunted Coal Mine, was filled with atmosphere not only from the surroundings but also from 1930s music that played on the media stream. That seriously added to its creepiness. It did not rely on jump scares, it did have them but they were used in a professional way and were not used all the time, meaning you could visit the mine  several times,go through the whole thing and not once come across a jump scare then when you think you’re safe and go through again, BAM! right there. One example of a jump scare was in the elevator that took us from stage to stage,throughout the mine. The first time we went to the haunted coal mine, a face grew out of the wall appearing out of no where behind us. There was no noise, if we hadn’t moved ( I turned around to get a good look at the elevator) we probably wouldn’t have seen it, but we did and it did make us scream and had us on edge every time we stepped into the elevator.

Venturing deeper into the mine, we came across various doors, and once we entered those doors, we were taken to different places, one was a hell mouth, where you would unknowingly summon a demon, and another place that I remember was a serious mind screw. It was a world where everything was bigger than you, and I’m pretty sure you were meant to be an insect, that was the feeling I personally got from it. The more you walked through this world things would be come distorted and crazy and it really had you wondering if you were ever going get out, because the doors, that usually meant an exit back into the mine, would play tricks on you. You would think that you were going to exit finally and walk through a door only to find that it brought you back to the beginning of that world.

Then there was the mine cart ride, where you had lava pour beside you as you zipped through it and a huge demonic face grins at you as you go by.

The Haunted Coal Mine was a haunted place done right, it was filled with frights that would make think that you were never going to get out. You really got the feeling that the creators enjoyed making this place and it’s really sad that it didn’t last.

Check out the Short Walkthrough of the Haunted Coal Mine. It is actually A LOT bigger than what is shown in the video.

(Note: If it does still exist and I just couldn’t find it, please send us an email info@thetorchslguide.com  and let us know that it’s still there, with slurl. We really want you guys to experience this place for yourself.)


The Haunting of Second Life: Isle of Dee

The Isle, where humans and mystical beings live side by side. Sounds peaceful right? Haha! Oh God no, if it was it wouldn’t be in this teaser now would it? Two different beings sharing an isolated Island. It’s funny what tension and paranoia can create. On one side the humans in the village, on the other the beings in the Wyle and in the middle…

Visit Isle of Dee to see what it has to offer, the residents are just DYING to meet you!



The Haunting of Second Life: Caledon Middlesea

Caledon is one of the largest steampunk themed communities in Second Life. It is also home to something more sinister in its seas.

Caledon Middlesea is an island in depths of Caledon’s Sims that hold a dark secret within its bowels. As soon as you land you are trapped, with no way to escape and the only thing you can do is explore.

I tried to get a good landmark for this, but the landing point is fixed to the airship above the land so when you land there you’ll be on the airship. Just go outside and jump off but try to avoid the creatures that lurk in the water who would love to taste your flesh.

Visit Caledon Middlesea to uncover the mystery hidden in its walls. What is it, you ask? Well the answer is so RICH you’ll DIE when you find out!



This Week in Second Life–Halloween!

Continuing events:

Haunted Fest: Party throughout the month of October for Halloween in Tribute City! Events include live djs, tribute bands, a Halloween photo contest, a week-long merchant’s fair and, of course, lots of tricks and treats! For more information and updates: http://tributecity.blogspot.com.


Hackberry Hall: What you will find if you dare to open the door of this impressive old Victorian manor? Find out when you visit Hackberry Hall.

Arkhamville: Once up on a time in a land not so far away, there was a village where many dark and mysterious things happened and someone was murdered. Come solve the mystery of Arkhamville-talk to villagers, hunt for clues, explore the area. If you love to hunt and love to solve mysteries then this is the place for you. Just in time to get in the halloween spirit!

Scared To Death! Haunted House Ride: Bring your friends and come celebrate the season in this haunted house that features ridable pumpkin cars which seat up to 5 avatars! Come join the fun and have a spooky time!

More this Week in Second Life…


Something wicked this way comes in the form a fashion event, a celebration of everything that is dark in Second Life on this, the dark month of October. Venture into the graveyard, with your Linden bills held tight, or else one of the undead will reach out of hell and snatch it from you!

Spooky You is a celebration of dark and twisted fashion. The disturbed and tormented souls of 50 SL vendors gather around from October 15th to November 3rd to celebrate and they are extending an invitation to you! With hellish fun from trivia contests, to testing your luck with their UnLucky Chairs as well as Trick or Treat items that cost 1L$ – 10L$.

Dance your life away with the Grim Grinning Ghosts at their Halloween party on October 29th.

Your Hearse IS HERE! 

Happy Halloween.