Spring Days: Day 2 Linden Realms

The second day of spring finds you walking through a bright and colourful forest. On your travels you find yourself picking up crystals of different colours.

There is a rumble that seems to be coming from behind you… and just as you turn…

This is Linden Realms, Second Life’s very own MMORPG created by Linden Labs. You run around collecting different types of crystals. Each crystals gives you a Linden reward. But be careful….listen out for the rumbling. Continue reading

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Venturing into the Sn@tch Bargain Pit.

Today, we ventured into the long-lost bargain bit of S@tch City, a wonderful place, with a magical store called Sn@tch. It is a store that we’ve wrote about in our little Goth/Industrial culture in Second Life article, we did last year around this time. Anyway we are revisit store because like it updates its mech once in a while and while the store has all these amazing clothes and accessories, who could give up a bargain?

There are many more freebies down in the Bargain Pit of Sn@tch, here are a few we liked. These are the freebies, we loves at Sn@tch.


Sn@tch Nobu (Black): Comes in 5 different Colours including, Black, Red, Purple, Blue, & Brown. 0L$

Sn@tch Stripey Goth tights stockings and socks, comes in 6 different colours including, Pink, Red, Black, Grey, Purple, Green   0L$

Sn@tch Frankenboots 50L$


Sn@tch Dead Jenny (Blue) comes in three different colours including Green, Blue and Purple. 0L$

Sn@tch Candy Stockings (Pale Blue) comes in 10 different colours including, (Purple, Blue, Green, Grey, Black, Silver, Aqua, Champagne, Pink, and White). 0L$

In Her Shoes Shiny Blue Flats 0L$

Venture to Sn@tch City and take a look at their Bargain Pit.

Christmas Week – Raid the Marketplace: 20 Things I Want For Christmas

It’s almost Christmas time and everyone is looking around for that perfect gift. The Marketplace is one place where you can find, the perfect Christmas gift for everyone in your SL family and friends. This is a list Marketplace Christmas list of 20 things I would love to get for Christmas, maybe some of them would give you some idea of what to get for your Christmas List.  


1. JCNY Collection – 10L$ Lotus Ring
2. $$- NyTro – $$ – Anything
3. [Simple Things] – Anything
4. F I A S C A &Co. – Anything
5. b.nut – Anything
6. Alyssa Bijoux Jewelry – Diamond Elegance Choker
7. CFD Sculpt Pack 240 Full Premission Furniture Prefab Sculpty Collection
8. CS Design Store – Anything
9. HOC Industries – Anything
10. Mandela – Milky Way Nails and Ring
11. Tennis Shoes
13. [Pixels] – Anything
14. ..:::Beautiful Dirty Rich::.. Sexy Neko Style *Hair Salon* – Anything
15. Wing Factory Segway
16. The Beachstore – Anything
17. Emma’s @ Blue Moose - Emma’s Shoulder Snowman
18. Serenity Style –  Serenity Sweet Christmas Bear
19. Jenni Eros – Anything
20. Soul Sick – Anything

I DO Love Finding Random Hunt Gifts

Since Steam has been doing these hunt item introductions I thought I’d give it a go. Up late at night, after drinking A LOT of coffee and with nothing to do, I decided to go walking around a few of my very favourite Second Life Stores. Although I don’t have any Lindens to spend, ( I know right? Shocker!). I find it a little bit therapeutic to do some virtual window shopping. The idea of doing a hunt didn’t come to me until I spotted the …. sexist looking hunt gift ever.

Outfit items from America Bazaar #15Very Important Hunt

Nothing Slimy About S.L.U.G

The store S.L.U.G is set over two floors and has a nice range of clothes costing from L$19 up to L$400. The first floor has women’s clothing and full outfit’s, some even include shoes.

Upstairs has a great variety of clothes from men’s, ladies and more a more expensive range.  They sell everything from panties to that big night out gowns.

For the men, boxers to tux’s the store is simple but nice. However the pricing’s isn’t that clear until you hover over the image, but all in all a nice place as some of the price’s are really good  I would say this is a newcomer  friendly environment.

The music they play is called slow radio, not too bad but maybe not to everyone’s taste, all in all not the best looking store but worth a visit if you have a few Ls to spend.

Newbie-Friendly: 6 out of 10
Clothes rating: 7 out of 10
Overall Experience (including music): 7 out of 10
In the image above:
Lady is wearing the A STAR IS BORN BLACK FORMAL Full outfit at L$25
Look is wearing S.L.U.G. DARKEN JEAN OUTFIT costing L$99

Check out the store

Look Stoop

Raid the Marketplace: Halloween Cossies

It’s Halloween time in Second Life and everyone is looking for awesome costumes to wear to Halloween parties and events all over the Grid. But a great Second Life Halloween Costume doesn’t have to have to scraping their pockets for that extra bit of Linden, so there are a few of the many cheap and free costumes that can be found of the Second Life Marketplace.

                                                                                   Taliesins Tails BloodMoon Lilith Flexi: 100L$

                                             Skin: AL Vuro Group  Outfit: Beautiful Dirty Rich – Sexy Witch 1L$  Hair: Exile 

                                                                                     The Ring: Samara Avatar 0L$

                                                                     Tartessa Arts Halloween Monk Costume 1L$

                                                        Boots: J +T Halloween Boots 195L$  Outfit: Witch Dress 10L$

                                                                                   XC Ghost Bride Avatar: 99L$

A Girl & Her Happy Hats

You’d heard of the Woman who Lived in a Shoe? Well this is the Woman who has a store in a Hat and what a store it is! I stumbled across

The Happy Hats

The Happy Hat while on the The I <3 the 80’s Hunt and found that this small store was actually amazing. With cheap and affordable accessories from shoes to …well hats.

This awesome store is brain child of Rah Rehula who has been a resident of SecondLife since 2007 and through her love of building

Rah Rehula owner of The Happy Hats

brought to life a very unique store. “ The Happy Hat started because I was showing a group of Higher Education Faculty about how a business class could be created in Second Life.” Explains Rah, “After it’s creation, I decided to just keep it going. I chose a hat as the building design because one of the first persons I met in SL (FOUR years ago) was wearing a hat. She stated it was something most people did not do in SL; so I set out to perfect the hat. I love to be creative; it reduces my stress. I also love to share my work with others. This is why the products are “affordable” as to Linden standard.”

And affordable they are, the Price Range for The Happy Hat is a cool 10L$ – 50L$ so definitely worth checking out if you are interested in hats, shoes and affordable prices. 

Fancy Fuschia L$10

Grey Daze L$10

Green Ghost L$ 20

Gold L$10

This store never has a dull moment, since it is always participating in up coming hunts and has displays that customers can interact with. “I get bored very easily so I change the store décor every month and bring what ever holiday into the mix.” Rah also shed some light on her inspiration for Happy Hats. “My inspiration, I would say, comes from the designers and builders of Second Life. There is always a visual explosion here in virtual environment. Many times, I find myself mesmerized by other’s work.”

The Happy Hats is beautiful store to look at and doesn’t break your virtual pockets, that is perfect for new residents.

June Carlson 

Love Jewelry? Go To N@N@

Jewelry and Accessories are big part of SecondLife’s Fantasy, everywhere you look outfits are tied together with either a necklace, some amazing pair of earrings and an awesome bag.N@N@ helps SecondLife Residents find the perfect jewelry to tie their outfits together. from necklaces to earrings, it is totally worth taking a look at this amazing store.

Natem Andel, creator of N@N@ took time out from her business schedule to talk about her store. ” The inspiration for my jewelry is everything, it is an obsession really. I have a lot of freebies and affordable items that are available to newcomers. I don’t know what the future holds for my store but I do know that I want to continue to.” She adds, “ It is a treasure, I’ve put all my heart into my store and I am very happy with the outcome and want to thank the people who helped me a long the way.”

To check out this amazing store:

June Carlson

Money grows on trees

Did you know money grows on trees in SL? Well, for newcomers under the age of 45 days anyway. Spread throughout the grid there are many money trees that gives you money. Some will give you a fixed amount once each day if clicked, others will be “loaded” with money and you have to find the lindens among the leaves on the tree.

The ones that gives you money usually gives you a smaller sum, and the ones where you have to find the money usually gives between 1 and 15L$ each time, but you can pick them several times per day. They have a limit of how much you can pick each day and a max you can pick totally, but if you know where all of them are, you might get enough for that dress you’ve been looking at on the marketplace or those pair of shoes you saw in that store you once visited.


Get Twisted- +DV8+ Hunt

If you’re into Goth and Cyber fashion DV8 has a great event in store for you. This month they will be holding a month long hunt, based around the top, talented  designers of gothic, rave and cyber in all of SL.

The hunting starts on March 1st  and ends on 31st.

It's a popular event

The Twisted Hunt is brought to you by +DV8+, and sponsored by AvatarBizarre, +++BLUE BLOOD+++, Cheeky Pea, Dare Designs, *Dilly Dolls*, .:.:: Malfean Visions ::.:., MiChIGaN’s ShAcK, Roawenwood, and YellowJesteR. It features MANY more merchants across the grid, who invite you totheir parlors to find deliciously twisted prizes!

More information can be found in world at +DV8+ and visit the website: Twisted Hunt Website

Izzie Morgan.