Farewell +DV8+

We at the Torch SL Guide have some bad news, our beloved Cyber, Goth, Punk Store +DV8+ Is closing. In this current economy stores in virtual worlds are suffering just as much as those in the real world. Although there are multiple reasons why a store with in Second Life would close, I am glad to say that it isn’t because of economical issues why +DV8+ is leaving us. Of course not, they are the most successful store within their genre! Still it is very sad to see them go, no more ‘This Week @ +DV8+’, no more Twisted Hunts, (maybe, we don’t know if the Twisted Hunt will be leaving us as well),  and no more sitting in +DV8+ while writing articles and listening to Goth World Radio  (as I am doing right now).

So, there is a Clearance Good Bye Sale going on, right now, where everything is 50L$ … well almost everything is DV8_001and will continue until they close. I am not sure when this will be so, getting there as soon as you can might be a good idea.

Vasha & Dysturbed Sin, we will miss you, your store has played the soundtrack to many Torch articles ( and my university dissertation), your knowledge of hunts helped us with our very first SL hunt, and your store and networks paved the way for The Torch SL Guide follow  and make networks of our own. For this we are grateful and we will miss you.

The Torch SL Guide, +DV8+ Deviant Forever

Get Twisted +DV8+ Hunt

Goth, Punk & Cyber Culture in Second Life

Twisted Hunt – The Pay Off

Twisted Hunt Review – Seriously Twisted 

Twisted Hunt – Unseelie 

Here comes the Hunts 

Chillin @ DV8


Another update: As a final farewell, Fashion + Freebies for Men gathered many deviants to pay homage to the store

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Chillin’ @ +DV8+

+DV8+ is an affordable store that features some of the greatest alternative fashion this side of the Grid.  This Week I’ve been chillin’ @ + DV8+:

Outfit: +Dv8+ Nuada –  Jade ( Free Group Gift)

Boots: + DV8+ Hades Boots – Ultramarine (From Lucky Board)

Skin: ..::Beauty Killer::.. Nancy Skin Goth (Dark Lips) From 2011 +DV8+’s Twisted Hunt (NeverMore)

Hair: Truth Hair< Janelle – Crow 250L$


Outfit: +DV8+ Ataraxia – Merlot ( Free Group Gift)
Shoes: +DV8+ Innogen Boots – Black (From Lucky Board)
There are two things you have to like about +DV8+:
One is their amazing contribution to Second Life’s alternative fashion and hunt Culture and two is the countless free produces they give to those who would like to sample it but don’t have the money to fund their fashion addiction.
Oh..and the music!
There are actually three things you have to like about +DV8+, the music is just awesome and is surprisingly very easy to write to and very relaxing.

Check out the first article we wrote about +DV8+ and Cyber Culture 



Something wicked this way comes in the form a fashion event, a celebration of everything that is dark in Second Life on this, the dark month of October. Venture into the graveyard, with your Linden bills held tight, or else one of the undead will reach out of hell and snatch it from you!

Spooky You is a celebration of dark and twisted fashion. The disturbed and tormented souls of 50 SL vendors gather around from October 15th to November 3rd to celebrate and they are extending an invitation to you! With hellish fun from trivia contests, to testing your luck with their UnLucky Chairs as well as Trick or Treat items that cost 1L$ – 10L$.

Dance your life away with the Grim Grinning Ghosts at their Halloween party on October 29th.

Your Hearse IS HERE! 

Happy Halloween.

Here Comes The Hunts

All over our virtual world there is a culture forming; a culture that bringsCummere Mayo from Depravity Hunt residents together, a culture that provides for those who have little and gives them a lot more than they can handle. This culture is the ever growing Hunts, a series of treasure-hunt type events that happen every month around the Grid.

Hunts are simple. Residents are shown an item they need to search for over a number of store locations. Each location gives a hunt hint, which can either be as simple or as deviously clever as the hunt organiser and store owner want it to be. The Hint leads to a hunt gift which is an item ( gesture, clothes, shoes, hair or animation) that has been provided by the store that the hunt gift is placed in. SecondLife is home to a great number of hunt groups that make it their mission to bring its residents regular hunts. Many of these hunts are aimed at specific groups of residents as well as different cultures, for example furry , goth/dark , steampunk and dolly culture.

Dysturbed Sin and his partner Vasha Martinek are the owners of the goth, cyberpunk store +DV8+ and play a huge part in the Hunt Culture of Second Life. Not only do they challenge the ideologies of culture and fashion, but they are known to be the creators of the most difficult hunt on the Grid: The Twisted Hunt. The idea around their hunt started when they opened their store three years ago. “At the time, gridwide hunts were still a fairly new idea,” says the Twisted co creator Dystubed Sin, “ We noticed that on the few hunts we did, most of the gifts were happy-go-lucky items and rather cheap items that no one really wanted. This is how the idea of the Twisted Hunt came to be. We wanted a Hunt that would cater for the dark culture in Second Life with gifts that represent what the stores have to offer, as well as introducing residents to locations that they never knew existed.”

Dysturbed Sin, owner of DV8

Dysturbed Sin

DV8’s Twisted grid hunt has opened the door for other hunts that dare to step away from the ordinary. Depravity Hunts is another group that has dedicated its time to Second Life Hunt culture. Unlike Twisted, Depravity is a more flexible hunt group that dabbles in the ordinary as well as the extraordinary. With their themes, they have provided regular hunters with a number of themed hunts such as Darkness Behind Close Doors, August Heat, Salivating Schlongs and Titillating tatas. It was created by Cummere Mayo and Sredni Eel who met through Twisted Hunt. “Depravity can be campy and cheeky, and we do not care to be overly pc. We fit into a nice little niche within the hunting community. I do not think Hunt Culture is recent. I think it has always been a popular and important part of what makes up SL. Sadly I think that in the last couple of years, older residents have not been educating the newer residents about the existence of hunts. It seems to be only recently that people have realised just how much a part of the SL community hunts have been.”

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, hunts challenge what is seen as the norm in Second Life. In addition, many hunts are there to express themselves in other ways. The Nature’s hunt group started in 2010 with their first hunt. It concentrates on the beauties of Nature in Second Life. Resje Bailey, the creator of Nature’s Hunt, comments on her own experiences with Hunt Culture and the future of hunts, “Hunts do benefit the residents. It’s a win/win situation. The participating stores offer a nice gift or an item at a much reduced, almost symbolic price, to gain exposure for their store and the products they sell. In return the Hunters get an item or gift from the stores they visit when they are doing the hunt. They get to see a lot of new sims and stores they were not aware of before.”

As Second Life grows these groups agree that the future of Hunts is in the hands of the hunters. While Cummere comments that “ As long as Second Life exists there will always be a hunt culture.” Dysturbed and Resje are left uncertain about what the future may bring them and theirs groups. One thing is clear is that hunts will continue to happen every month, giving out free gifts to those who are interested in them.

Twisted Hunt Fall 2011 – Unseelie

The notorious Twisted Hunt is back with a vengance. With no less than 205 stores, this the hardest hunt in SL will keep you busy all month, from 1 september to 30 september.

The fall edition of 2011 has the theme of Unseelie and the theme colors are ghastly blue, giving you those fall chills that really creeps up your spine.  This is to celebrate all that goes bump in the night and the Grim Fae that rules the Unseelie Court.

I fyou wanna follow the news on the hunt, go to the hunt blog, but don’t expect any help, it’s not called the hardest hunt in SL for naught. The starting point at DV8 gives you more than what the creators think you deserve in the means of hints ;)

Zombie PopCorn Hunt

JC’s ZombiePopCorn Hunt Review! ^_^

OMG, my first hunt review for the Torch SL Guide, how exciting! Anyways, I did the ZombiePopcorn Hunt. A Hunt that was not only fun to do but gave out the most excellent of prizes. Along with this review I have picked out my very favourite outfits from the hunt that I have done so far (Don’t worry I plan to finish it). * claps her hands together *, now the treats.

First, before I start, please note that these outfits were free with the hunt. There are some items in the pictures that were just there to make it all look good.

Let’s get started:

The ZombiePopcorn hunt follows the theme of zombies and movies. Duh! It isn’t particularly a hard hunt but it isn’t really easy either. It is the right level of difficulty to be fun and enjoyable. In this hunt (like every other hunt there is) Object view ( aka Perv Camming) is your best friend. The hints differ with every store, there are hints

The Mouse will lead you to the gift. PiNkMaReS HoUsE's clever hint puts you on the trail of a squeaky popcorn stealing mouse.

that don’t really make much sense, (but then every hunt has ONE  those hints) and then there are very clever hints that actually require you to use your brain.

I started the ZombiePopcorn hunt as soon as the clock struck June 1st and everything was amazingly organized and they were actually ready to start on June 1st.

JC you patronizing cow, why wouldn’t they be ready on the date they said would be?

Shut up, it does happen and it happens a lot more often than you think. There were one or two problems, for example two landmarks were down, but the landmarks were given to the ZombiesPopcorn group in a notecard so this meant I could just skip the next one. Putting the landmarks in a notecard is a bonus in my book, if a sim or region is down (In SL there will always be a sim going down somewhere) you can just continue the fun without having to wait for sim to start-up again. At the end you can always double back to the ones you’ve missed.

Now for my favourite bit, the treats. A hunt is only as good as the gift they give to us folk who don’t like to spend money in Second Life, and because there are so many of us (who are lazy or cheap as hell) hunts just become more popular with time.  I am half way through the ZP hunt at number 31, I love all of the gifts that I found, but the Torch SLG bosses would only let me pick 4.  So in no particular order they are:

The ZombiePopcorn Hunt is a thrill, taking you to 62 great Second Life stores. With little to no problems (apart from very laggy locations),  ZP will have you searching high and low for their little Popcorn Zombies  and you have until June 15th to find all of them.

For more info on the ZombiePopcorn Hunt and other Amazing Second Life Hunt that are happening in the Month of June, check out The Torch SLG’s Hunts of the Month.

Popcorn Zombies do make awesome Hunting partners! Mine is called Bruce Al’buttery 

Words by: June Carlson

Photographs by: June Carlson

Dark Future Hunt

Dark Future Hunt – Review

The first of May saw the coming of Bad Juju’s Dark Future Hunt. This hunt followed a virtual look at an apocalyptic future. A kind of, what is Second Life was hit by a nuke war. Featuring stores such as +DV8+, }Edge of Sanity{  and the

A group of Creepy Clowns greets you at Delaney's Delirium

NSA Hunt’s Filthy Things. Unlike the +DV8+ ‘s Twisted Hunt, The Torch SLG was able to finish this one in about two


It was interesting, and fun, some stores were easier than others, others used the ‘No Rules’ rule to max. There were one or two locations in the hunt that had us scratching our heads, for example Delaney’s Delirium was not only a creatively made store but their hint took the hunt to a whole new level, it was plain and simply very very clever. You had to pay close attention to your surrounds ( or wade through the decoys in a black and neon store).

The amazing thing about the Dark Future Hunt were the gifts that you find during the hunt. So the Torch SLG will be showing you our favourite gifts from the hunt.

1. BCB Dark Future Hunt Female #20

Lookin' sexy while keeping the toxic fumes out

2. +++BB+++ Murderella (Lite Version) #5 w/ Indigo Oddites #24

Out for a walk in a sexy latex & red mask

3. ^Re.Birth^ #30 Best Outfit Ever!

My dream has come true, I always wanted to be Tank Girl!

4. #32 Les Scureries De Fairy

Don't have a place to stay? Try the naughty box ^_^

5.  #34 Repulse (complete with ‘infected’ tattoo), #39 + Little Bat + (complete with shape and skin) # 40 {Gaea Designs} (barcode tattoo) 

I've been infected, but don't worry I have the cure.

6.  # 49 Lushish Catz & # 52 Wicked Sexy Cycles 

In sexy outfit on a hot bike going for a ride through the waste lands.

There are more amazing gifts available to everyone who takes part in the hunt. If you’re interested in the twisted look at a Dark Future, if your interested in video games like Fall Out 3, movies like Tank Girl and Book of Eli, you will love the Dark Future Hunt!

by Izzie Morgan

photographs by June Carlson 

Watchers of Poe

Twisted Hunt Review: Seriously Twisted!

Not ones to fail completely at something, the Torch SLG, took another brave wack at the infamous +DV8+Twisted hunt. Without a doubt we can tell you that this hunt is hard. Not so hard to make you wanna shoot yourself in the foot or gouge out your own eyes, (those some the store owners would probably love to see that),  but it is still hard none the less. There are 218 Hunt destinations and each one has its own spin and style. Some were a lot twisted than others and over the 50 that we did, these 4 made us want to either run and hide like quivering babies or just want to break down and cry.

There is the box, Go on cam in and take it.

16 Grey Gardens: Archnaphobics beware, the spider queen might be holding the holding the box you’re looking for.  The Torch spend two days on this location looking for boxes, which is particularly hard when we have an editor who is severely afraid of spiders and a giant stone spider might have been holding the box we were looking for.Or maybe its the other little spiders? You never know until you cam close.

Swear the ceiling is getting lower and lower

18 Re.Birth: Follow the clues, go into the well, go into the cave behind the house, she’s waiting for you. We will never look at a big red house the same way again. Re.Birth truly creeped us out with its creepy red background and Silent Hill-like clues. It was the first that creeped us out so much that as soon as we found the landmark to the next location we were happy to leave the main prize behind. Oh, and was it just us or was the ceiling getting lower every time we teleported in?

Empty Boxes, all over the place

25 Lemon & Cream: The burnt skeleton welcoming you has you walked in, the empty hunt boxes and the seriously messed up creature in the basement that you would not want to be locked. Lemon & Cream, had the members of Torch pulling their hair out from the beginning. We even found the Steampunk main prize ( an hour into the hunt) before we found the Twisted one ( it took us two days)!

That is just plain twisted

37 Reality Designs & Reality Couture: To makers of this hunt location. The Torch truly would like to takes our hats of you, and  then strangle you! Why? Duh, because of the Maze! The whole place was unbelievably teeth grinding hair pullingly twisted and was another one that made The Torch say, screw you and your prize. With decoy boxes that…..you know what you’ll figure it out. Let’s just say that we left this one behind.

The Torch SLG hopes to continue this truly Twisted Hunt, and considering its our first we really enjoyed ourselves. Its a little sad that we might not get to finish it, but we loved it and got a lot of awesome prizes.
Twisted Hunt, You rock!

Izzie Morgan


Twisted Hunt – The Payoff!

We tried out the Twisted Hunt earlier this month, and it was awesome.

The -DV8- start zone, the first landing of the hunt

Twisted Hunt has long been rumored to be the hardest hunt in SL and we noticed these rumors were true. Many of the store owners are really sadistic when it comes to hiding their prizes and some even go through the trouble of putting out decoys that messes with you if you touch them and mazes that you have to go through to even get to the area where you’re supposed to search. Prizes hidden in walls, underground and within transparent object so you only can see them if you look from the right direction is common practice for the shopkeepers.

If that wasn’t enough, many have several prizes, wich can keep you occupied for hours on end… for each prize! Even tougher than that, there are no less than 218, yes two hundred and eighteen, stores that participates in this springs Twisted Hunt, that has been named Nevermore after Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven”.  Nevermore is also what you will scream at the screen when you try to find that little red box that you have been looking for in over 4 hours, only to find yourself back at the store within a day to try again.

As we said earlier this month, the Twisted Hunt is organized by -DV8- and -DV8-‘s own Vasha Martinek has told me a bit about how it is to organize a hunt this big.

What is your role in the Twisted Hunt?

My official title is Organizer; basically I work with Dysturbed Sin, the other Organizer, to get the hunt themed, planned, organized, and launched — as well as managing it while the hunt is going on.

How did the Twisted Hunt come into existence?

We started kicking around the idea to have the hunt in December 2008, shortly after we opened +DV8+. We held the first one in March of 2009. We were participating in another hunt that was very… cute and fluffy. We’d looked for hunts aimed at the darker, stranger crowd in Second Life, but we couldn’t find anything – despite that being a pretty large community. It didn’t take long for us to decide that the freaks needed a hunt of their own,
and we were willing to be the ones to do it.

Vasha and DysturbedHow many people are involved in this hunt?

That’s a difficult question to answer, really. There are two organizers – Dysturbed Sin and myself. There’s one Lead Twisted Assistant – Samantha Zwickel – plus a handful of Twisted Assistants who help keep things running as smoothly as possible. There are nine sponsor stores in addition to +DV8+, representing 12 creators. There are 208 stores beyond the sponsors, representing over 250 creators. And finally, there are over 4,000 hunters in the group right this second — which doesn’t cover the people who have finished the hunt and left the group, or who are doing the hunt without the benefit of the group, or who will join tomorrow, etc.. It also doesn’t cover the people who throw parties and events to celebrate the hunt, or the people who attend those affairs. So – to take a wild guess? It’s safe to say the Twisted Hunt, start to finish, involves 5,000-8,000 people each time it runs.

How did you manage to get so many shopowners into the hunt?

I’m not sure we can claim that we got so many shop owners into the hunt, really. I think it’s probably more truthful to say that the community attracts people who are interested in what it has to offer. For many creators in Second Life… the opportunity to share ideas with other creative people, contribute to something larger than themselves, and give something back to all the people who buy their creations and keep their doors open – all at the same time – is very appealing.

How long did you have to prepare for this hunt?

About 20 minutes. Okay, it might have been a bit longer, it just feels like 20 minutes. Compared to many other hunts, we start our application process pretty late — sometimes a mere 28 days before the hunt begins. Often, the welcome packages and acceptance notes are going out 2 weeks before the hunt starts; sometimes even later. Twisted hits hard and fast, and for the months of February and August, it just plain takes over. Aside from
processing applications and getting all the hunt boxes and such ready — we also have gifts to make for our store, an endgame to build, and more. We always end up pressed for time, and there are always a few sleepless nights
— but it’s always worth it in the end.

Which is your favourite hunt spot and why?

My favorite spot is the endgame. That may be a little awful to say, since we built it – but then, that’s part of why it’s my favorite spot. The ‘Evil, Evil Twisted Endgame’ isn’t a store. It doesn’t exist any other time of the year. It  will exist for the duration of one hunt, and then be gone forever. In short, the endgame is a maze. We build them each time, sheerly for the purpose of putting a very challenging last stop on the hunt. It’s only reason to exist is to provide a little fun for the people who travel it.

Have you tried the hunt yourself? If so, how far did you get?

We’ve done every Twisted Hunt from start to finish except for the one last September — and that one we didn’t get to finish because so much first life stuff kept happening. We plan to do this one as well – though as usual, we’ll  wait until the last week, letting as many hunters go ahead of us as possible. In a way, you might say we do the hunt several times – since daily we travel to locations on the hunt to make sure all is well (as do all the assistants).  Generally we don’t pick up the prizes though, until we can do the hunt going one to the next like other hunters. I’ve noticed that many of the hunt merchants actually do the hunt, in addition to creating for it – something I’ve  always felt was testament not only to the quality of the hunt, but also of creators’ degree of involvement. They’re some of the busiest folks in Second Life — but twice a year, everything grinds to a halt long enough for them to enjoy the fruits of their community labors. We love it.

What is best thing about being a part of the hardest hunt in SL?

My immediate answer is – the people. Sure, there’s the odd troll, occasional whiner, periodic killjoy — but mostly, the hunters, merchants, assistants… all of them are just awesome. We’ve made some really good friends on  this hunt. People who are now married in real life have met on this hunt. The people are the best part of Twisted, hands down. But you asked what’s best about being a part of the hardest hunt in SL — and I’d be remiss if I  didn’t say just how much fun it is to create part of the game that is Twisted Hunt. There are plenty of hunts that make things easy, or at least easier. But we love making the game a challenge; we love finding formidable hiding  spots, making up puzzling clues, and making sure  the prize is worth all that trouble. In fact, the hunt is SO challenging that we give hunters a group tag that says ‘Twisted Survivor!” when they complete it — because it really is  an accomplishment.

Have you started thinking about the next hunt?

If anyone else in the world was asking, the answer would be… “No! Go away until July!” — possibly accompanied by some eye-twitching.

But in truth… we’re always thinking about the next hunt. We stay on the lookout for tools that could help us be better organizers, or help merchants be better participants. We consider problems from previous hunts and how  to minimize them, and we kick around themes and color choices until it’s time to decide on one.

As for what’s coming in September, well — that will just have to be a surprise. ;)

We also met the drow Shyntylene Lauria, the creator of Grey Gardens (stop number 16 in the hunt) and asked her about her store and her involvement in the hunt.

How long did you have to prepare for this hunt?Shynttylene Lauria

I think I had three weeks to a month, was really plenty of time for me.

Is this your first time or have you done this before?

This is my first time as a Merchant for Twisted Hunt, though I was a merchant in the Twisted Krissmuss shopping spree they did in December, before that I’d only participated in the hunts, but it’s definitely more enjoyable to be a merchant in it

Tell us a bit about your Store Grey Gardens

Originally it was our land we called Grey gardens, my co-owner Franny Hoof named it while Iw as offline the day we got it. It was named after the Grey gardens that was owned by Edith Beale, Jaquie Kennedy’s cousin. Franny and I like desolate, rundown things, they have character to them. So when I finished building the store which used to be called ‘Mr McGregor’s Garden’ that says something about Franny and I, seeing that’s where bunnies went to die. I decided the store may as well be called Grey gardens, so we had to make it look decaying, run down, sanded grass. Our items may not be that way, but then, Grey gardens was renovated. for the people we are we couldn’t really make run down items. Franny deals in furniture and garden pieces, I like to work with Staves, jewelry, Spellfire food, bits of furniture and my artwork. We sell a variety really.

What has your main inspiration been when designing your items?

When I made my staves or started on them, a few friends of mine who were Priests and Priestess’ often mentioned they could never find a stave that was hooked up with some HUD, all they wanted was a stave where they could slide scripts into themselves and not have a new system that they’d never use. that inspired me to make staves, being a Priestess myself, I’m always on the look out for staves, it was easier just to build a stave in the end and get them out on the market for customers. jewelry I just saw some sculpt maps once and though ‘That seems like an idea’ I guess my inspiration comes from shopping about and seeing sculpts thinking. Oh. I can put that with that, and get that, maybe someone will like it. I’m just mostly random, it’s the way to be when you build.

Could you tell me the short version about drow in Second Life?

Drow in SL are very intersim, our characters carry over in many different sims, we all interact, you have to really, we’re neither a large nor small community but we seem to all know one another either through an act, roleplaying or by name. Just like in Forgotten Realms of D&D Houses here are also strong, knowing some of the top and feared Houses helps. I’m not going to mention any out of respect to all Drow Houses in SL. you can guarantee you’re going to be known from place to place though. Like FR or D&D you have the deities, most on SL are worshipers of Lloth, then you have the Eilistraee and Vhaeraun Drow too, but we tend to stick to the laws of Lloth and live how Drow would live as best we can on SL.

Article by: Morphman

Photos by: Morphman and Vasha Martinek


Goth, Cyber and Punk in SL

Goth, Cyber and Punk culture is a big part of Second Life. Like in RL its a brings culture and difference to the world, challenging the norm while expressing their inner desires. There are a lot of Goth, Cyber and Punk stores  out there but there isn’t a lot of time to cover them all, so we’re giving you the three best ones (in our opinion) for these three types.

+DV8+ is one of the best in goth and cyber clothing stores that SL has to offer.  Their sleek, sexy, dark fetish outfits are awesome for those looking for something to wear on dark night out. Or even those who just like the twisted flavour of goth fashion.
Even the store itself, screams the uber ideals of goth culture with its black walls and floors. The music, from the industrial genre, gives you a feeling a darkness but still makes you want to dance around like a mad avi.

The Torch SLG, got an exclusive interview with the brains behind +DV8+ and listened intently as he told us about +DVB+…..in a notecard.
How did DV8 come into existence?

+DV8+ formed After Vasha Martinek and I had smaller stores on our own and decided to join together in a project. We were avidly into the goth industrial and cyber goth scene and couldn’t find clothes that were still cyber goth but still made the avatar look sexy and dark at the same time. We started with some accessories and hairs and them moved on to clothes. After two years we’ve grown considerably in size and even deviated from just cyber and latex to a quite expansive velvet and goth line as well.

What are the basic aims of DV8?

We want to make clothes and accessories that express some of our darker and sexier thoughts and set them at a price that is reasonable for everyone to buy. By having a large selection of styles and colors we hope that there is something for everyone, and seeing that we keep to the same basic colors that we use it’s very possible to mix and match outfits and for them to look like they were made for each other.

How does DV8 contribute to the newbie population of SL?

Dysturbed Sin

We are always offering cheap deals and even free gifts for people who belong to the +| DV8 Deviants |+ group (free to join). Along with a large selection of freebies that we keep in out in our “Riot Room”. We also have luck chairs, Riotvends (that always go down to L$25) as well as several other games. There is also a fishing pond for people can fish for items in the pond and it just takes more time than money but we also offer the individual pieces for L$25 for those exceptionally hard to catch items.

Can you tell us a little about the Twisted Hunt that you are hosting this month?

Twisted Hunt is our biannual hunt that included several of the best (Dark and Twisted) creators on the Grid. The prizes are always way beyond what one would expect from a hunt. I’ve seen items that normally sell for thousands of lindens as gifts on the Twisted Hunt. One thing to keep in mind is that this is not an easy hunt, but the rewards are well worth it. The Twisted Hunt group is always giving out hunt item clues as they are updated. Even though this is a hunt it is much more than just finding prizes. This is a community and sometimes its a way for people to get to meet people and an exceptional way to meet new friends. Even though we know that this hunt is difficult we encourage people to go on the hunt and still chat in the group. Maybe even form parties to go hunting together in. There’s nothing like a large mass of people having a great time invading sims all together.  We also know that some times people get frustrated at a certain location so we have every location and slurl on the twistedhunt.com website. This month is one that we are particularly proud of because the theme is “Nevermore” and we have seen some great gifts and some astonishing enthusiasm from the creators, many have even altered their stores to coincide with the hunt.

The hunt is truly the hardest Hunt in SL, Torch spent a little over an hour looking the first box and couldn’t find it. Eventually we just gave up.

Newbie Friendly: 8/10 (Friendly group to help out newcomers as long with rooms that cater for them too.)

Music: 8/10 ( awesome industrial music but it has to be your taste)

Lag: 10/10 ( Unbelievable Laggy!)

Clothes: 9/10 (Amazing clothes that fit within the goth and cyber genre Love it!)

Overall Experience: 8 out 10 (The lag is crazy…but for some reason I just keep going back!)

Don’t DV8

Samples of DV8 clothes from the bargain bunker:

Legacy, inspired by the new Tron movie, includes pants, shirt, boots and a disc that attaches to the back, all for 100L$

Cleric comes with shirt and pants with optional braces and choker. The boots are sold separately at DV8. Both for 100L$ each.

Tokyo 2081, all of the clothes and some options, for only 100L$. The shoes are Danse Macabre, also only 100L$ and comes with a free posestand

Coat, shirt, pants with optional undershirt and underpants are Parade Merlot for 100L$. The shoes are Rivet Kicks, that comes in many different colors, each color in three different styles for 100L$



Sn@tch is a Punk Alternative clothing store that offers  glamorous and amazing clothes to fit your punk and urban needs.  As soon as you step out of the teleport you are greeted with a fishing hole, and freebie  corner, filled with Riotvend lucky chairs and even a Panda.  The alternative music that feeds through the virtual sky giving its visitors an enjoyable stay, while they are fishing or just waiting for their letter to come up on the lucky chairs. The teasingly purple walls of Sn@tch calls you into the store itself, while a map shows you all the sections of it.
Created by Ivey Deschanel in 2007, this clothing line shows diversity and sex appeal within Punk culture with its clothes being aimed at everyone who loves Punk Fashion. The Price range for Sn@tch is from 100-300L$ but the Bargain Pit, which is located at the basement of the store, is 0L$-50L$.  It definitely worth checking out.

Newbie Friendly: 9/10 ( Lucky Chairs, RiotVend and a Bargain Pit that is affordable)

Music: 8/10

Lag: 8/10 ( You go through the floor once in a while.)

Clothes: 9/10 (Diverse and awesome clothes that any one can wear.)

Overall Experience: 9/10

Sn@tch me up some Freebies

Sample of Sn@tch’s clothing:

Shirt, overshirt and pants are Laid Back and comes in 6 colors for the shirt and 3 for the pants. The ones displayed are Black-Faded pants with Red shirt. Shoes are Hustlers and comes with many motifs, this one is Union Jack. All of it is free

The dress is Little China Girl from Sn@tch and the shoes are Eterna Stilettos from DV8, all of it for free.

Bar Fly primdress for 50L$, Fleshbites piercing and Plush skin-tone that comes in a 12-pack for only 50L$

Roads to Hell jacket and Cheetah jeans for 50L$

This outfit is Social Leverage for a low 50L$




Torch touched on Sys once before, during Virtual London Fashion Week. So we really don’t need to go over  it all again.  For those of you who didn’t read the Fashion Week Articles, [sYs] is Cyber fashion, created by sisters Systi Cisse and Syane Cisse. their futuristic take on Fashion, wraps up our Goth, Cyber and Punk week nicely.

As you land in the Avant Garde shop, you find yourself standing in the middle of a futuristic Tron like universe, with the sys logo glimmering above your head. You are awed by the colours of light blue and greyish black as you walk through the clothing department and you are greeted by a familiar robot ( familiar for those who have seen the wall-e movie) called Gary.
While [sYs] is not the cheapest of the three stores you have to admire it for its use of the avant grade style. The clothes are beautifully made and welcomes you to explore a different kind of world. The price range of [sYs] is between 200-400L$ and with its amazing look and its mix of house and electro music, its worth look around.

Newbie Friendly: 7/10

Music: 9/10 (Love the music, it just makes you want to dance all the time)

Lag: 5/10 ( little to no lag)

Clothes: 9/10 (beautifully made, worth getting an SL job for!)

Overall Experience: 9/10, (They have a ROBOT!!)

Take me to the Robot!

Sample of SyS clothing:

This outfit and the one above it are two variations on Digital for 280L$ (shoes not included)

Oufit is Penumbra for 380L$, complete with Dolls - Evandelia ankle boots for 280L$ and Soundglasses for 290L$

Sentinelle for 380 with Spectron Soundglasses for 290L$, a black Legbag for 320L$ and Cold Fusion kneebots from Violet Studios for 400L$


Written by: Izzie Morgan

Images by: Morphman The Clown