Tribute City

Tribute City Week – Entertainers of Tribute

Tribute City is all about fashion, entertainment and atmosphere, but who is delivering it all to you? Today we’ll look at some of the employees of Tribute City, who they are and what they do.

Let’s start with the first name you’ll probably see when entering a club: the Host.

The hosts job is to make you feel welcome and be your liaison to the club management. As such it is important that the host is social and always on top of everything and a keen eye to spot newcomers is vital. Multi-tasking is also a requirement, as the host is often required to talk in several IMs, send out notices, hand out group tags and talk in group chat at the same time as they are talking to everyone in local chat. This can become hectic at times, but they never let you see that. The host will also let you know if there is an event running, what the event is about and how you can join in on it.

It is also the hosts job to manage eventual troublemakers, if there is no manager available at the moment, and to avoid it if it can be avoided. A good host is also a good judgement of character and can determine if the situation requires a warning, kicking from the club, banning or if it is just a misunderstanding that can be solved by talking.

Since hosting requires both social competence and administrative work, you can often see hosts becoming managers or DJs or both. One such person is Donna Redrose, host at all Tribute clubs, DJ at times, General Manager at Club Nation and Assistant Manager at the other Tribute clubs. With a title list that long, I was surprised to find she had time over to answer some of my questions.

Tell me a bit about yourself

“I am a happy bubbly person that likes to explore and have fun on Second Life, like meeting new people and  spending time in here chilling with the friends and family i have here in Second Life, I also just like to chill and try new things out in Second Life, there’s a lot out there and even tho i been here nearly 3 years there’s still a lot i am learning and finding out.”

How did you get into hosting?

“I got into hosting by hanging out in a pub everyday while i was still getting to learn the game and meeting people and the owner of the pub asked me if i wanted a host job so i took him up on the offer i worked my way up from being a host to being the club co-manager and then the manager  was there for a total of 2 and half years before i left working for that sim.”

How is it to work in Tribute City?

“Tribute City is the second sim I’ve worked on since I’ve been in Second Life and to me Tribute City is the best one I’ve worked on its a fun and friendly place to come and enjoy different types of music from the everyday chat tunes to the heavy metal and trance tunes. The Tribute City staff are all friendly and welcome all to the sim and like you all to have a good and fun time while on the sim.”

What does the future hold for you?

“Hmmm what does the future hold for me? Well hopefully i will become a better dj. I will still be enjoying the fun and hosting and djing on the Tribute City for a long time and to keep the vips still coming and enjoying the clubs here on the sim.”

How would an owner be able to keep up with everything without the help of: the Manager?

A club managers job is to be the owners hands, eyes and ears in the clubs and there are usually several managers divided into specific functions of the club, such as the Host Manager or the Event Manager. No matter what specific field of manager, if any, they all function basically the same. The manager need to set themselves in the position of the owner, always thinking what the owner would want to do in every situation and act accordingly. The manager takes care of the employees and the club while the owner is unavailable to do so. They make sure the employees are having a good working environment, that they are happy and that the owner is happy with them.

This job can sometimes force the manager into hard situations, so it is important that the manager can handle themselves under stress. Communication is another vital skill for the manager, they need to be on top of everything and preferably also keep an eye on what is happening around the other managers. It is not uncommon that a manager needs to fill in for another, so they need to know what to do in every situation.

It is also the managers job to keep griefers and trolls out of the club and to handle any problem that might arise.

A manager needs to be organized, a reason why many managers are also working as DJs. One such person is Anakin, DJ and General Manager for the clubs at Tribute City for the past 3 years.

How did you end up as manager?

” I started as a DJ for Jessi at one of her first clubs”

Do you need any specific requirements to manage a club?

“Time, reliability, SL knowledge and able to handle griefing and  good communication skills”

How is it to work in Tribute City?

“Fun, we have some great VIP’s and some awesome staff, it couldnt get any better. I credit Jessi for a lot things shes done for Tribute City… what more could you ask for??
I admit she’s one of the best owners to work for and i am proud to be her GM.”

It’s time for the main source of the entertainment: the DJ

The DJ is responsible for keeping you entertained through not only the music, but the whole experience. You will often find the DJ to have a special niche, a gimmick to set them apart from others. It’s part of who they are and you’ll see it in everything they do, the clothing, the choice of music, even the tip jar where they are allowed to have one. Most DJ’s will devote their entire avatar to their gimmick.

It is important to handle requests and to be quick about finding the right song for the right moment, as there is often things said in chat or done in the club that will become a part of the entertainment if the DJ plays the right song. As an entertainer, it is important for the DJ to draw in the crowd, make them feel like they are having the time of their life and to give them something to tell their friends. They have the main responsibility to fill the club up with people, even if they aren’t interacting directly with them.

DJ’s often have their own fanbase and often work more than one club, some DJ’s are known to have more than 10 000 devoted fans. Just like a stage artist in real life, a SL DJ has to keep their listeners involved.

A DJ needs to be organized, inventive and have a flair for entertainment. One such person is Mia Deluca, which you might remember from our article on Coach & Horses.

Tell us a bit about yourself

“I have been DJing on SL pretty much since I started. A friend opened a place and needed a manager and a DJ so I did both. Gradually learning and expanding. Then had a bit of a break from SL and when I returned I found myself DJing again and then filled in for a manager for a while and next thing I knew was managing a Pub. Have recently stopped managing and focused on just DJing as less time consuming.”

How did you end up as a DJ?

“A friend opened a place and asked me to manage and we needed DJs so gave it a try.”

Is DJing your only SL job?

“Technically it is my only SL job though I do also have a Secondhand shop on Tribute City as well.”

How is it to work in Tribute City?

“It is wonderful to work in Tribute City. The owner, Jessii, is great and I have known her for a bit longer than I have been DJing at Club Capital. All of the Tribute City staff is great, friendly and easy to get along with. Tribute City has awesome VIPs, many who are at as many events as they can be and you get to know them. Plus always seeing new faces to.”

What does the future hold for you?

“Well I hope to continue DJing at the venues owned by Jessi for as long as she will have me. I wouldn’t mind helping manage a venue if was offered with Jessi so that option is available for future. And I hope to continue my Secondhand Shop where I sell used clothing (mostly) not to make a fortune, just to get rid of inventory no longer use without just deleting it”

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Become a DJ in 8 steps

So, you’ve all seen the DJ’s, you’ve all heard them play. Have you also secretly wanted to be them?

Here are my collected “wisdom” (a term I use loosely about myself :P) from my time as a DJ, both in SL (for about a year) and RL (about 10 years).

1) The player! This is essential, you need something to play on. There are many alternatives, but the main ones are SAM Broadcaster (pricey, but one of the best), Virtual DJ (Mid-range, but reliable) and Winamp (free, but rather unreliable and a bit clunky, you also need a plugin for it to work with Shoutcast)

2) The stream! You need a stream, which is basically a web address that you send everything you play to. You set up your player/plugin with the address and some additional info (like what you want to appear on the DJ board, if the club has one and the format that the songs should be displayed in in the chat on Phoenix/Firestorm viewers), Many clubs in SL have their own streams that you can borrow, but that limits you to that club. You can also use an apache server to stream from your own computer, but unless you have around 100MBPS up on your broadband, this is not an option. The best option would be to rent a stream, either directly from SL in one of the many stream rental places or over the internet. The former is more convenient and you have everything already set up for SL, but the latter gives more control and can be a bit cheaper if you know what you are doing. Steams in SL can be as cheap as 100L$ for a day (great for auditions or events) or 800L$/month (great to keep on a subscription if you get a job at a club).

3) The music! As a beginner, pick a genre and stay to it. Throughout your whole career you should think of mixing up the songs, so you don’t play too much from the same artist. Every genre have great mix-collections (either on CD’s or as downloads) that give a good, solid foundation. A mix-collection is usually about 2 hours long (the length of most sets in SL clubs) and have all different artists. You can then start to expand by getting more from the artists that you notice people are liking. A good start is to have enough songs for 8 sets of 2 hours, that’s 16 hours worth of music, all of different artists, so you don’t play the same artist twice in a set, but the latter is the DJ’s preference.

SAM Broadcaster User Interface

4) The workplace! Clubs around SL are many, and it might be hard to find the one YOU like, and DJ’s are plentiful. Even with that, I can assure you that ALL clubs in SL are looknig for DJ’s. The DJ business is hard, you WILL be playing for empty dancerooms a lot in the beginning, before you get a following. Once you get fans, your reputation will rise and you can expect more and more crowd. Just give it your best and you’ll make it in SL club circuits. The mistake many DJ’s do is that they try it out for a month, notice that noone is there and quits. The thing the great DJ’s of SL, the legends, did when they started was to play for the sake of music, not for the crowd or tips. Playing for a club so full the sim crashes is a wonderful feeling, but it takes time to get there.

5) The following! That brings us to your identity. I know this might seem counterintuitive, but before you even get the stream, create an identity. What do you want your host to call you? Once you have that, create a group named “DJ X fan group”, where X is your identity. Invite your host to the group and give him/her invite rights, put the group as free to join and open enrollment and make sure your crowd knows you have the group, so they can join it. Send notices before EVERY event you’re playing at!

6) The Host! The hosts job is to work the crowd, to get seats filled and take care of them. Your job is to play the music and make sure you get the right music for the moment. IF you have time over, you can join the chatting, but that is the lowest priority. That’s why you have a host there.

7) The Mic! Even thou it’s not a necessity, hearing a DJ talk over the music hightens the emotions of every visitor. Get a mic, get used to talking in it and use it while DJing. Don’t use it too much thou, use it after a song when you got tipped, other than that, just use it for announcements every 4-5 songs at a maximum. Remember that people are there for the music, not the talking.

8) HAVE FUN!!! This is the most important part! If you’re in a bad mood, it will reflect on your performance. The transitions get sloppy, your voice will sound harsh and you won’t pay as much attention to the crowd. If you’re not happy at any of your sets, there might be something wrong at that particular club. Don’t be afraid to tell the club owner or manager(s), that’s what they are there for. If it’s the music that gets too repetetive, they might allow you to do a few sets outside the clubs genre, if it’s a problem with a person, you might get some help sorting it out. If all else fails, try working at another club for a while, there is nothing preventing you from working at several clubs at once. Be careful thou, know your limits. When doing something you love, you risk overdoing it and I’ve seen many DJ’s go down by being overworked. When you have a timeslot at a club, it’s easy to get stuck on the idea that you HAVE to play then and there, every week, indefinitely. Then you get to another club, get an offer to play there, and suddenly you’re stuck with more sets than you can handle, but don’t have the heart to say no to any of them. Don’t be afraid of telling the owner or manager that you feel overworked, they might consider pulling you down to one set every other week instead, or give you a leave of absence for a month or two.

Club InFuZion

A new club is out in Second Life, Club InFuZion owned by  Fox Daviau and has been opened for 3 weeks. Now managed by Form Club FreQ Owner Starry Sparkle:

InFuzion Logo

InFuzion: Hot new Club in Second Life.

” Infuzion is a place where we all can get together, joke around, play games, and have good conversation. Also we are very welcoming, to not just nekos but everyone who walks into the club. A lot have asked if just nekos are allowed to work here, but I always let them know that ANYONE is allowed to work here with experience.

I also keep an open mind to the fact that everyone has to start some where, and If I have the time to train some one I will. For example Isabell Starfall is a host here, and has never worked before. She is now employee of the week this week. Because she has offered so much help, and always is on time, she proves she loves working with us, and joining us when she’s not working.”

– Starry Sparkle

Club InFuZion have an array of activities to make your entertained and coming back for more. From ‘Best in’ contests to trivia balls and sploders that go up 2k L$ (Lindens). They even provide private parties such as engagement parties to birthday parties and will provide the DJ and Decorations.

To check out Club InFuZion 

United for Change: Second Life Benefit

Second Life is all about Charity and this August LLK is holding a charity benefit, raising money for children in Africa. The benefit will take place from August 26th to August 28th, with events that highlight African Culture.

From the Press Release: 

LLK (Live and Learn in Kenya) is a german association installed on Second Life for more than a year now (led by Brique Topaz), which is raising funds to help children in Kenya.
It’s an non-profit aid NGO.
Desolation, hunger, thirst, poverty, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution… Here is the daily life of Kenya’s children living in slums of Rhonda Nakuru. « Live and Learn in Kenya » is helping everyday in order to make the daily life of these children better.
This association has many missions faithful to the Charter of Rights of the Child : to allow education and scholarship to these children, provide medical care and hygiene, and of course allow them to eat everyday.
LLK is looking for sponsors to finance the education of poor children, which means all a child need to go to school : fees, uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies…
LLK has also an organization in Germany, medical/ dental partner « Arzt und Zahnarzthilfe Kenya», providing quarterly medical and dental cares, check-up and vaccinations.
Their feeding program is also a big success. Thanks to their operation called « Shared Joy », the organization can distribute meals for almost 500 children per day.
All the funds are donations.
100% of donations are directly transferred to Kenya to take care of children, provide education, medical care, feeding, a home and host families. Nobody earns money in LLK.


Benefit Schedule


The Demonic Night Club – Fantasy Week

On a industrial estate, somewhere in Second life you can find a place where everybody is welcome. Not only humans but every creature can enjoy their time here.

Inspire yourself and head over to the Demonic Night Club!

When you teleport it takes a while before all is rezzed. But it’s worth to wait, because the music here’s great if you like rock and metal. The Demonic Night Club is always open and there’s 24 hours a day live music streamed by great DJ’s.

You enter the sim on a crosspoint. From here you can walk outside and visit many shops. It’s worth a watch, because there’s a great variety of stores and the builds are impressive.

When you don’t want to shop, you can take the stairs down and dance with lots of people with the most diverse avatars.

The club has a grunge atmosphere with ia stagen the middle with impressive light effects where the dancers and the DJ do their act.

Around the stage you can find dance balls for couples and singles and this great club has 4 dance floors!

Recognisable visitors who were so kind to model: chesslyn lyric & nicolas schreiner

On the walls you can get information about the Demonic Dance club. You can find a board with information about the DJ and the music that’s playing.

Although the fantasy in the club is well represented by the art and the building, the realism of the furniture, like the stereo system, makes you feel like you’re in a real life party.

When I danced I saw the most amazing avatars. I danced between a wizard, demons, humans and lot’s of vampires.

It’s really a nice idea, that people can be here with the avatar they want and play the role they like, without bothering others.

For people that don’t want to roleplay. The place is safe for everybody. It’s for example forbidden to bite in the club and you’re not allowed to combat here.

And what’s nicer to meet other avatars and listening to great music in an environment where everybody can feel comfortable?

The place is great for new residents. First of all you’re safe here and you can explore several cultures in Second Life in just one club.

Aside from that, the Demonic Empire offers a safe possibility to purchase Linden Dollars in several ways without the need of registering your credit card on your SL account. You can find this in the huge mall in the south.

The Demonic Empire is a very active place. That’s why this place is also interesting for designers and creators that needs a store. And good news, there are still a few places for rent.

They’re also in need for good DJ’s and good dancers. If you have talent, it might be interesting to contact the owners.

Thanks WebMaiden Tomorrow and Rokko Luminos for make such an open and wonderful environment for the Residents of Second life!


[Editor added] In the comments section we got this link, where someone has made a video about the club. Check it out!

Article by: Justum

Photos by: Justum


London Week: Jobs in SL; DJ

We have a double feature for you today. Not one, but two  profiles on DJing in London. Eva Adored and Kyle Enimo is London’s two top DJ’s and they’re more than happy to share what they know.

Eva Adored

DJ Eva Adored

Job Title: DJ
Rezday : March 8
How long have you been in Second Life Eva?

I just survived my first year of SL.
What is your job? How long have you been doing it?

I’m a DJ, I’ve been doing it for about seven months now.

A little back ground of you place of work? How long have you been doing it for?
I’ve been DJing in London for seven months. I mostly work at Club Capital in Mayfair, but I have also worked at 5th Ave in Knightsbridge and also at the former Rendezvous club in Kensington. At Capital we mostly play Top 40’s, and in addition to great tunes, the Lead Host (the amazing Wendlyn Portillo) and I like to give our guests a real show, we aim to entertain.

How did you get into that field of work?

Several months ago I was the manager of Rendezvous in Kensington and one night a DJ had to cancel due to some real life issues. It was a bit late in the day to look for a new one, so I decided to give it a try. I was quickly trained by two other amazing DJs, Stavros Jolbey and Thom Macbain (also a London DJ). After my first set I never looked back.
Do you need any specific requirements to do what you do?

Other than software, stream and a massive music collection, the next tool of the trade is personality. If you can engage with the listeners then you’re doing your job. Not all DJs can voice, but I prefer to. I think it helps the listeners to connect more with both the music and the environment in the club, which at Capital is extremely lively.
Do you have a regular salary? If so how much is that?

I am paid a salary, but that is confidential information between myself and my employer.

Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to give newbies who are interested in becoming a part of Sl’s DJing and Music Industry?

Yes, go for it! If you hear a DJ whose style you like in particular, and I don’t mean music, then send them an IM or notecard. Most of the DJs I know are very friendly people and happy to help anyone interested get started.

Kyle Enimo

Name: Kyle Enimo

Job: DJ at the clubs around London, mostly Club Capital

How long have you been in Second Life Kyle?

Since 2006, that’s how long? 5 years…

What is your job? How long have you been doing it?

I am a dj and have been doing it for the past four years

Can you give a little background about Capital and your work there?

Capital is a london based club and all djs are different.

When in London I change up my style. Like i was actually in a europe club. I change with my surroundings.
Capital is different in that the people are always there for a good time, not just contests.
I play trance and club music. I make my own club mixes, mainly of todays top 40

How did you get into DJing?

I love music. I love all music whether its rock, oldies, jazz, blues, classical, pop, hiphop and you can guess from that
I can mix and blend to my atmosphere
Djing is like performing, it’s an art and it takes a person who loves music, can do what people want and pelase a crowd
So i jumped on and started djing at clubs with no traffic and horrible tips, then other club owners saw my potential and then from there it grew to weddings and special events

Do you need any specific requirements to do what you do?

You need ability to get music
You need software like Fruity Loops to make your own mixes, which is what i use and you need good software like Sam Broadcaster and you need to be able to use voice and take requests

Do you have a regular salary? If so how much is that?

At london sims I make 600 a gig, in some clubs i make 250 a gig
I make anywhere from 1000-5000

Do you have any tips or words of wisdom to give newbies who are interested in becoming a part of Sl’s growing music industry?

If you love music and have a passion for it and like being the center of the crowd, dj.
When you’re the dj you control that crowd, your job is higher than a host, because your voice hosting pretty much.
It’s a good job, but don’t do it if you don’t enjoy it.
I see djs everyday, I’ve made requests and took them like 30 mins to get a track on and I was the only on requesting and sometimes I get we don’t take requests.
Me,  it takes me bout 40 secs to get a request in que. I can have 5 requests lined up in a row in about one and a half minute, but lots of djing means a big library of music.


Club FreQ’s Grand Opening Event

Club FreQ had it’s grand opening on March 11th and the torch was there.

As if it wasn’t enough with many DJ’s spinning their discs, just as many hosts making sure we had the greatest of times and twice as many dancers to keep us entertained, they also activated the contest board. This club isn’t kidding, they started with 1000L$ on the board and the contest was “Best in whoever shows up”, also known as “Come as you are”. The price quickly rose and before we had to leave the party it was up to 2000L$.

We had both owners, Starry and DJ Release, in the office for a quick interview. After sorting out some technical issues, we were off chatting about the sky, the earth and everything in between.

What are Club Freq’s aims? Starry and DJ Release

DJ: We’re both DJ’s in real life and we want to give that back to the people who visits.
The goal right now is just to give pople a place to have a great time.
Having a place where they can all get together and just enjoy the music withou having to worry aobut this or that or people just talking smack.

Do you have any events that are aimed at Newcomers?

Starry; As far as that goes *giggle* We try to aim our events at everyone, so we try to make it newcomer friendly.

DJ: I wouldn’t mind to DJ for newcomer events, but we have had two hectic weeks now so we just aimed it at everyone.

Do you have any opportunties that are aimed at newbies?

Both: Dancers!

Starry: We also have makeovers for the dancers, for free, to make them feel less like newbs.

DJ: We had one that looked like a newb, and you managed to make him over pretty well *looks at Starry* but unfortunatley we had to let him go.

Best thing about your  job?

DJ: The best thing for me is mainly the club and it’s kinda like a SL for SL, a world away from the rest of the world. It’s a place where I can go and mix or do what I want to do. Nobody can tell me what to do, because it’s our club. We can do whatever we want and people still shows up.

Starry: I can make my dreams come true, in terms of hosting. I can create my visions and see them happen. It’s a way for me to see what I’ve accomplished.

What kind of music do you play? Are you varied or are you just one type of genre?

Starry: top40 and any kind of club music

DJ: We play anything except for country, rock and classical

Starry: Well, we have a bit of rock in it

DJ: Yeah, but any kind of electronic music, but we try to keep from the downers, the drama kind of music. I want a place where people can turn up the volume and just kick off and dance in RL.

Where you nervous about your opening night?

DJ: I was fine, but this one *points to Starry* couldn’t have enough clones to deal with all the nerves.

Starry: The opening night was a mess. We lost staff, people didn’t show up and schedules wasn’t held as they should have.

DJ: The stress was so fierce for her that we got into a RL fight, she was stressed and I tried to calm her down. There was a moment where she was sobbing RL and then she went on mic and sounded all cheerfull and smiling, but she was really stressed out. We learned a lot thou and are now a lot more organized.

Photos by: Morphman

Starry and DJ Release

Jobs in SL: Club Freq

Everyone in Second Life achieve their goals in different ways. Some bring their real life work into SL as a way of sharing what they love to do with people from all over the world. This can be said for Club Owners and DJs alike. Club Freq is a new club in Second Life and is the brain child of DJ Release and his partner Starry Sparkle.

Name: DJ Release

Starry and DJ Release

Rezday: 10.28.2010

Job Title: DJ & Owner of Club Freq

SL Age: 138 Days

Name: Starry Sparkle

Rezday: 1/31/2006

Job Title: DJ & Owner of Club Freq

SL Age: 1869 days

When did you know you wanted to be DJ? Did you do any other side jobs?

DJ Release here, and I’ve been a RL DJ and music producer for 13 years. My fiance Starry Sparkle has been a DJ in RL and in SL since ’06. She was the one who brought me into the game a few months ago by telling me that I could DJ in SL. I loved the idea and I’ve been an SL DJ from the first day I started playing! :-) I had to, like anyone else, bumble through SL lost and confused about what was proper and what was not.

But I had Starry here to help me in that aspect and keep me on the right track. I worked at a few clubs before we got to this point. The only thing will keep you in SL is Lindens (L$) and the only way I found to do that is to make things, or offer a service. *Note: people in SL are just like people in RL (go figure lol) they love attention!

Even with all of my years of experience as a RL DJ, I’m not that much of a vocal DJ. Starry on the other hand is! She loves to get involved and hype the crowd up, and the people love her for it! Not to mention,  she makes about L$1000 more than me on an average shift. So for any aspiring DJ’s out there, Remember MORE VOICE/INTERACTION = MORE  L$$$. lol.

My best advice is to find something that you enjoy doing, get your avi to look the way YOU want it, and then DON’T SPEND ANYMORE! lol (than you have to). Save your L$ and think about what you want to do with it. We decided to open a Club together, and Land can be quite expensive! We pay over L$6000/month for just our land! … We didn’t have that much to get started, but we found someone who was nice enough to let us pay weekly, and because of that we were able to have just enough to get started. And little by little, piece by piece, and through the help of some amazing people we were able to get to where we are in such a short time.

When did you decide you wanted to be club owners?

This is something we talked about before, but it was like a “Wouldn’t that be nice” kinda thing. Then a few weeks ago we decided to just go for it! SL is the PERFECT place to take risk! If you fail, you may be out of a few thousand $L, or maybe even ten’s of thousands of $L, but your credit in RL won’t be destroyed and you can always take what you learn and start over once you save up enough again.

But I highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend working under other people to get a feel of what works and what doesn’t. If you have RL experience than you may want to jump right in. But if you don’t know the 1st thing is to be carefull! Owning a club is A LOT of work when trying to get it off the ground! Remember, it’s better to give yourself plenty of time before you open, and it’s ok to push back your opening date!

Don’t get in such a rush to have fun and call yourself a club owner so that you end up unprepared that your club will bomb!  It’s always worth taking the time and doing it right. If it wasn’t for Starry, and the experience that she had, I would have been lost! I would have opened the club and never have even known why it failed. lol. But she’s shown me just what it takes, and it can’t be a fly by night job. Do it right the 1st time and you’ll be glad you did!

How much does your club make?

So far people have donated over L$8000in the last 2 weeks since we’ve gotten started! We’re very thankful for their support. We honestly have no clue how much to expect from the club, but we’re not trying to get SL rich with this club. Our plan is to try to keep the club ‘floating’. We would like to offer our employee bonuses, and big cash prizes on the board for contest winners. We also have to be able to pay for land and anything else the club needs.  We want to be able to drive a large amount of traffic to the club. All of this is going to cost, so more than likely everything that the club makes will go back into the club in some form or another. (Always pay your club 1st!)

Do you any specific Requirements to be a Club owner  in SL?

Experience! lol Fail, and try again…. Fail again, and try again! …. There’s no end to how many times you can do something in SL until you get it right, so if it’s what you really what, than keep pushing!

Have you got any tips to give newbies out there who are interested in being Club Owners?

Don’t take this adventure by yourself! I believe it’s imperative that I have Starry by my side! I couldn’t do it without her, and I’m sure she feels the same about having me here. It can be stressful when you’re starting and you NEED someone you can count on and someone you can trust through and through with your SL soul! It really helps knowing that you’re not in it alone. Also, get that experience!

Try your hand at a few different things. Even if you’re not a DJ, try it for a month to get a feel of what DJ’s go through so you can communicate better with your DJ’s when the time comes. Host. Hosting will help you get a feel for the SL club life and what’s needed to be done. It can be a big responsibility and host can make or break a club (if everything else is properly in place). Just start somewhere, you need to get $L anyway right? Why not get paid while learning from someone else? Try to work your way up and become manager, or maybe even co-owner with a club owner who needs the help (But be carefull not to become someone’s sugar avi!)


Club Industry – Industrial goth club and mall

Club Industrial

Owner: Aaron Connell & Osiloa Jorgensen

If you like hard pumping german industrial, dark settings and dystopian settings, then look no further than Club Industrial.

This place is like it’s taken directly from Johny Mnemonic, with it’s gigantic stage, full of wires, lights and other whatshamacallits thrown together, it’s hangaresque dancefloor and the heavy industrial looks. It does help that the people are all dressed in gothic clothing and gear too.

The floor is always filled with party-hungry people and there’s lots of dance choices for those of you that don’t have your own dances. There’s always at least one DJ on the stage, along with at least one host and 2 dancers, with a layout that makes it easy to see who is who without getting the feeling that they’re sepparated from the rest of you. The club has built in tipjars, in the form of oildrums, clearly labeled and put next to each dancer/host/DJ, without breaking the aestethics of the room. Even thou the song ticker board is the same one every club out there uses, it’s positioned and accessorized in such a way that it fits with the rest of the room. In fact, it took me three visits to even notice it, that’s how good it fits with the rest of the stage. Don’t worry if this happens to you, thou, because everyone here is friendly enough to answer your every question, no matter how silly you feel for asking it.

To the right of the stage there’s a coffee machine with a newbdoll (an object in the shape of a new resident) haning out. Next to him is a door that takes you to the Machine Room, another part of Club Industry, with the same visual style, but in this stage they play all the music not allowed in the main club. It is also used as a hangout, with places to sit and even a small bar by the side. Be careful when you exit this room, because there is two doors. One will lead you back to the main club, the other to the adjacant swamp. Don’t get me wrong, this swamp is beautiful, but it might be confusing if you haven’t scouted the area before.

The mall to the left of the main club stage, you’ll find the huge 2-floor mall, filled to the max with gothic and neko friendly gear, clothes and accessories. The layout is like the rest of the club, dystopian and futuristic. Don’t worry, even if it’s in another region to reduce lag, you’ll still hear the music pumping from the main club.

Facilities: Main and sub rooms, sploder in the main room, lots of dances, crew board for easy contact, mall

Newbie Friendliness: 8 (Lots of helpfull people, little you need to know, but the gear most visitors have is quite expensive, thou it’s not a requirement)

Lag: 3-4 (a little lag now and then, mostly depending on number of visitors, as expected in any club)

Music: Heavy industrial in main room, prog, indie, rock and other styles in the subroom

Personal rating: 8 (I think this is one of the best gothic clubs I’ve seen so far)

Written by: Morphman

Images by: Morphman

DJRandom Resident the Wild Child of Rock

Job in SL – DJing with DJ Random

Here’s another take on the work as a DJ in Second Life, this time from a college of mine, DJ Random. If you haven’t already, check Rock And Roll Michigans answers here.

Name: DJ Random

DJRandom Resident the Wild Child of Rock

Rezday: 1/13/2011

SL Age: 42 days (alt, main age: 1 year 6 months)

When did you know you wanted to be DJ? Or is it just a side job?

I wanted to be a DJ when I first saw DJ Callandor in Wet Willies (ed. note: A club in SL) – he inspired me to be a DJ

Yeah this is my main income

How much does being a DJ pay you?

10k a week on average, sometimes more sometimes less

How long did it take you to get a job as a DJ?

About a month at first, then, once I trained, my friend Gator gave me a shot on a quiet spot – it went crazy from there – that spot is now busy

Do you think there’s any specific requirements for being a DJ in SL?

Yeah,  you need loads of music and the ability to get more… I personally feel to be a GOOD DJ you need to have presence

Have you got any tips to give newbies out there who are interested in being DJs?

Sure yeah … Get as much music as you can for the genre, listen to people’s requests, speak on mic – it really helps you to build a fanbase, make people feel comfortable and relaxed around you … Everything will fall into place

How do you feel about being a successful DJ in SL?

It means everything to me – I love the feeling I have in a room full of people dancing and going crazy – its my passion and to give 100% is natural to me. I’d give anything to be one of the top DJ’s on SL

Morphman the Clown

Image provided by DJ Random