Spring Days 3: Irie Vibes

Feel the rhythm feel the beat over at Irie Vibes on the third day of Spring. This Caribbean themed club is for Reggae lovers all over the world.

You don’t always have to be on the dance floor to enjoy the music, vibes has a beautiful beach for you to relax on .

What? Is going to beach in Spring not a thing? Well it is in the Caribbean!

Snapshot2_001 Snapshot2_004 Snapshot2_005 Snapshot2_006

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Tribute City

Spring Days: Day 1 Tribute City

The days of Spring is here, the snow has melted, the flowers are beginning to blossom and there is a warm breeze in the air. It’s time to put away your winter rags and go shopping for a new Spring Wardrobe. So where do we go to find it? Tribute City of course.

Tribute City is a sim filled with stores to find the perfect outfit to suit you. Did I forget to mention there are several clubs and events happening everyday? Well it does, so you can totally show off your new outfits while winning Lindens in their Contests Events. Continue reading


Romantic Spots of Second Life: Dreamscape Romantic Get Away

Dreamscape Fantasy Escapes are a string of sims dedicated to bringing romance to couples in Second Life. Originally a honeymoon getaway, owned by Mikhail Obscure and his Second Life partner Sophia Vanderverne, it features 11 unique and perfect locations to have an amazing romantic retreat with your better half. They include a castle, six sinter wonderland spots, and three tropical destinations. Lovers can choose whether to stay for 24 hours – 3 days or more with the perfect price range of 24 hours being as little as 150L$ (Lindens) to 3 days being as high as 8000L$. Don’t have Lindens? Why not turn on your stream and follow the tunnel down to dance floor? Romantic Love songs play 24/7 on the sim. Here is a little taster of what the tunnel has to offer:

Snapshot_001 Snapshot_002 Snapshot_003 Snapshot_004

Take your date to the romantic sphere that is Dreamscape Fantasy Escapes.


The Romantic Spots of Second Life: Ajax’s Romance Garden

It’s that time again, last year around this time we talked about relationships in Second Life. We gave our page to three couples who wanted to share their stories about meeting each other and falling in love in the virtual world. Well this year, we thought we would look at the Romantic spots of Second Life, the places where couples go to relax and enjoy their relationship. Since our Haunting of Second Life series was so popular, we are going to do the same, but this time adding a few pictures along with the articles.

First up is the magical garden, Ajax’s Romance Garden, one of the first romantic spots in Second Life that you are likely to visit (since it’s on the destination guide). With love songs streaming 24/7 this is the perfect spot to bring your loved one on a date. There are events in the Romance Garden ballroom, you’ll have to join the group to find out more information. Why is it called a Romance Garden? Well that is easily answered with these pictures be low.

Romance_Garden_006 Romance_Garden_005 Romance_Garden_004 Romance_Garden_003 Romance_Garden_002 Romance_Garden_001

Why not bring your Valentine to a romantic picnic at Ajax’s Romance Garden?

Roleplay and dance, Dark of the Moon party in Dee

Dark Of The Moon Dee Party is a mothful to say, but it is as awesome as it sounds. Celebrating the turn of the year to the darker times, all of Dee was rocking as DJ Cat (Cataplexia Numbers) played her sweet, fantasy themed songs. Now, don’t go thinking that fantasy theme means all new age, no no no, DJ Cat has everything from Enya to Led Zepelin in her archives.

Honored DJ Cataplexia Numbers

Honored DJ Cataplexia Numbers

As Runa says, dance and go nuts!

As with all great RP events, there was a lot of RPing going on on the dancefloor, where discussions went from childbirth, to what the result of mixing spiders and bunnies would be, to the taste of men… No, I mean the the actual taste of men, what they taste like.

The contest theme was Darkness, and everyone brought their greatest darkness-outfit to the light (no pun intended). The votes got a bit hairy, as there was too many great outfits to chose from, but finally Canned Haifisch and Elektra Panthar took shared second place, and there was an amazing three-way-tie between our own Izzie, ComCat Fenstalker and Nyal.

Club InFuZion

A new club is out in Second Life, Club InFuZion owned by  Fox Daviau and has been opened for 3 weeks. Now managed by Form Club FreQ Owner Starry Sparkle:

InFuzion Logo

InFuzion: Hot new Club in Second Life.

” Infuzion is a place where we all can get together, joke around, play games, and have good conversation. Also we are very welcoming, to not just nekos but everyone who walks into the club. A lot have asked if just nekos are allowed to work here, but I always let them know that ANYONE is allowed to work here with experience.

I also keep an open mind to the fact that everyone has to start some where, and If I have the time to train some one I will. For example Isabell Starfall is a host here, and has never worked before. She is now employee of the week this week. Because she has offered so much help, and always is on time, she proves she loves working with us, and joining us when she’s not working.”

– Starry Sparkle

Club InFuZion have an array of activities to make your entertained and coming back for more. From ‘Best in’ contests to trivia balls and sploders that go up 2k L$ (Lindens). They even provide private parties such as engagement parties to birthday parties and will provide the DJ and Decorations.

To check out Club InFuZion 

United for Change: Second Life Benefit

Second Life is all about Charity and this August LLK is holding a charity benefit, raising money for children in Africa. The benefit will take place from August 26th to August 28th, with events that highlight African Culture.

From the Press Release: 

LLK (Live and Learn in Kenya) is a german association installed on Second Life for more than a year now (led by Brique Topaz), which is raising funds to help children in Kenya.
It’s an non-profit aid NGO.
Desolation, hunger, thirst, poverty, illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution… Here is the daily life of Kenya’s children living in slums of Rhonda Nakuru. « Live and Learn in Kenya » is helping everyday in order to make the daily life of these children better.
This association has many missions faithful to the Charter of Rights of the Child : to allow education and scholarship to these children, provide medical care and hygiene, and of course allow them to eat everyday.
LLK is looking for sponsors to finance the education of poor children, which means all a child need to go to school : fees, uniforms, shoes, books, school supplies…
LLK has also an organization in Germany, medical/ dental partner « Arzt und Zahnarzthilfe Kenya», providing quarterly medical and dental cares, check-up and vaccinations.
Their feeding program is also a big success. Thanks to their operation called « Shared Joy », the organization can distribute meals for almost 500 children per day.
All the funds are donations.
100% of donations are directly transferred to Kenya to take care of children, provide education, medical care, feeding, a home and host families. Nobody earns money in LLK.


Benefit Schedule

The Rose theatre

Angel manor: The ingredients for a perfect night in Second Life

When you combine the great skills of building, the superb view of textures and details, the love of art in all forms and the desire to entertain people and make them feel at home you have the wonderful sims of Kaya Angel. The Rose Theatre and Angel Manor Estate.
When you teleport with this link. You will be surrounded by a wonderful waterscene with beautiful fountains.
If you walk south you’ll enter a huge building which is absolutely worth to visit. If you like to be entertained, this is the place to be. The Rose Theatre has a wonderful ballroom, an incredible theatre and even a nice cinema.
The Rose Theatre has also a nice gallery with many styles of art.

I have a great fascination for bows, don’t ask me why but I adore bows in architecture. In real life I added several bows when I enlarged my house and still feel excited about them every day. Because I can’t log off my real life person in Second Life, you probably will understand, that I bring this fascination with me in Second Life.
The architecture of The Rose Theatre won’t fascinate only me. Kaya misses a lot of warmth in the modern buildings in real life and tries to add this in the architecture he makes here. The buildings he made are created with so much detail and love. I wished they created buildings like this in real life.

On the east and west of the start location you will be amazed with impressive gardens. You will be entertained here with a stunning view. You can dance there or even swim. And isn’t it romantic to have a breakfast with your lover on a paradise like this?

This year Kaya has surprised us and created a new sim. When you walk north from the start point you will find his newest creation. Angel Manor Estate. A new impressive and wonderful sim. About this part I’ll write today.

I walk up the big stairs and enter the building. I’m already amazed, the floor of the entrance is spectacular. The textures are a bliss.

From this point you have 3 ways to walk. I take the entrance to the west and arrive on a dining room. There’s so much to see here. Kaya didn’t forget any detail. Try to explore every room on the west wing, every room is a surprise to see. I love the library.
Back to the entrance I explore the east wing. This is a piece of art also. Don’t forget to watch the art here too. It fits perfect in this building. And the garden from up here is amazing.

I walk to the north and arrive in a room with staircases. I walk downstairs and arrive in the basement. Here’s a pool and the visual effects are incredible.
From the basement you can take a little tour by boat.

I go back upstairs and walk north. I arrive in a wonderful ballroom. And also on this wing, the building has amazing rooms. All unique but fit together perfectly.
If you want to chat with your friends and need a location where you can relax in a warm environment. The bar is a perfect location.

I walk back and take the stairs up and walk south. Immediately the enormous chandelier catches my eyes and the balcony gives you a good view of The Rose Theatre. Mmmm I love all those bows!

At the end of the hall on the west wing is a room where you can dance and relax. Take some time to watch the ceiling here and the wonderful light effects. Do the same when you explore the east wing.

On this part of the sim, there’s another paradise for nature lovers. There’s a wonderful garden with butterflies.
And you even can find a zoo with many animals. For example okapi’s and ostriches.
Kaya also paid attention to the beach lovers. There’s a small private beach where you can cuddle with your lover and watch the ocean.

Kaya started The Rose Theatre on a smaller parcel. He wanted to make a ballroom in 1930 style. Nowadays it turned out to a complete entertaining location. And the good news. If there’s something you like, you can buy most buildings and furnitures here!

Kaya has many plans with The Rose Theatre. You will hear much more in the future from the Rose Theatre. Kaya loves art and want to give people a chance to perform or exhibit.
Both sims will give you a chance to have a complete night of entertainment.
Kaya doesn’t like commerce and though you can buy everything, you’re welcome here just for entertainment too. But if you see something you like. Please buy it, it will support the sims.

The Rose Theatre can be found on the internet as well.
Click here to find The Rose Theatre on facebook or watch the website of the Rose Theatre.
If you like machinima, there are some nice movies of The Rose Theatre.

Thank you Kaya Angel for making such incredible art and sharing it in Second Life.



Secret Love

The love of 5 musketeers on Secret love

Did you know there’s a place in Second Life where love is the keyword of success? Where you can feel butterflies in your stomach and where you can feel like Prince Charming or Cinderella?
Today I like to tell you about a sim where you can fall in love, spend hours with your lover and even can marry.
Love your life on Secret love!

You enter the sim on a heart-shaped island, that’s connected by bridges to other islands. On every island there’s something to do. Heart island gives you several options to explore the sim. You can take a taxicab or fly around on a very special way…
This time I decided to walk around and tell you a few secrets about this sim. I take the north bridge and walk in the direction of the huge waterfall.
If you want to have some privacy with your lover you can peek under water or walk further north. You’ll find there a very nice building. Here you can buy your lover roses. All ingredients to make you beloved one feel in heaven are available.
But Secret Love has much more to offer. You can take a ride with the air balloon or if you prefer staying on ground level, you can take the boat.

Secret Love isn’t only nice and has many tools to entertain you, it’s very practical too. The sim offers an ATM/DX point where you safely can transfer rl money to SL without the need of register your credit card.

I continue my walk towards another great building, a Rajah. Here you can dance and relax, cuddle in the bedroom or play games in the penthouse. Enjoy the scene and walk outside on the 3rd floor. Here’s another great spot to dance.

Back on the ground I walk towards the castle, entering a nice garden and find a few boxes where the sim is collecting money for charity.
Dionne, the queen of the Freedom Caretakers Group, started 3 years ago an organisation to help orphans in Bobodioulasso in Burkina Fasso.

Dionne: I found babies drinking water. There was no money for cereal. So I came home and started this organisation and now these babies drink milk.

The organisation isn’t like the big organisations. No expensive director and all the donations go directly to the orphans.

Dionne: We ask from the people one euro a year. All cost goes directly to the orphans, there isn’t one Pennie for us. Even when we travel to Africa we pay for all the expenses ourselves.

The organisation is located in the Netherlands and they have a website where you can read about it. The original dutch site or a translated version to english click here.

Let’s go back to Secret Love. The castle with the pretty garden is a very romantic place. You will be surrounded with flowers and butterflies. The garden will lead you to another part of this place: Freedom Too. Very beautiful too and completely different, but also worth to visit.

I walk south and cross te bridge that leads to another nice garden with a very romantic building, called Dionne’s house.
Not only the building is fascinating. The view here is admirable.

When you walk in the direction of the blockhuts, you’ll find another garden where you can picnic together. I walk further to the east and find a bathhouse with a wonderful view of the ocean.

I follow the coastline and arrive on a funny place. A ruin where you can dance. And if you like fireworks. You can make your personal fireworks show here too.

If you think this is all, you’re wrong. If you take the taxi cab you’ll find many options to visit.
I selected the Bazaar, where you have a shopping mall and you even can find some freebies! There are shops available for rent here for a very fair price and if you’re homeless and searching for a home, you even can rent houses here.
In the middle of this little village you have a huge ballroom and an art gallery.

I take a cab again and head over to Arctic, where you will be amazed with a nice winter scene. If you don’t like winter. Head over to the Blue world.

If you prefer some action take the cab to the Runaway, where you can rezz a plain and test your skills.

All of this is just a small part of what you can do here. You can spend here hours with all different kinds of entertainments.

Secret Love exists since 2008. First is was just a place for the family (Freedom Caretakers). They lived there and learned to build. Nowadays this place is open for everybody.

Saronda Jewell: “We created it as a home for many to enjoy a warm place within Second Life.”

Last year Secret Love had an upgrade and the traffic starts to grow. So this really is a good place to meet new people.

The Freedom Caretakers is a very warm group. They call themselves the 5 Musketeers. All have unique talents and they all have the same goal here.

starlite Steampunk: We all work together…but saron has the eye for development.

Secret Love changes with the seasons. And with the different seasons there are different activities here.

Shahzad Kharg: “You should have seen the island at Halloween. Starlite was in charge of that.”

Sometimes they have special events here. They have planned to do much more in the future. And like the diversity of the sim, their events are very diverse too. They have plans for games, hunts and even an air combat.

Shahzad Kharg: “We intend to have competitions for every one to participate and win prizes.”

Secret Love is very flexible. When someone want to have a wedding here, they’ll change the sim into a perfect wedding location.
You can find the Freedom Caretakers here most of the time when they’re online. They’re very friendly for everybody. If you accept their two rules they will make you feel at home.

No nudity in public and second RESPECT for everybody here.

They accept people from all kind of cultures outside SL and inside SL. Secret Love is a great place for everybody, but they’re very friendly for newbies. If you have a problem or a question. They’re always happy to help you.

Dionne Jewell: When I see the real world there’s so many tragedy, so many wars, so much sadness. I wanted to create a place where people could meet from all over this real world in Second Life. Understanding each other and be friends. I know its possible as long as we all respect each other.

Saronda Jewell: Even Second Life can be very hurtful with jealousy, gossip and cheating. I do meet a lot of hurt people in Second Life. We want to make a difference and show its possible to share TRUE friendship and love in SL.

I felt in love with Secret Love and the Freedom Caretakers in 2010. I’ve never seen a group with so much love and respect for people. You can feel this when you speak with them, but also when they aren’t around. You can feel their love in their creations.

A warm thank you to Dionne and Saronda Jewell, Starlite Steampunk, Shahzad Kharg and Jim Lurra for spreading your love and make our Second Life a place how the real world should be.

TP to Secret Love



Salute - Featured

Salute Restaurant – Wonderful Evenings

Owner : xinglela Ragu
Sim Rating: Mature
Restrictions:  Building / Rezzing not allowed, No Pushing

Salute Restaurant is a special and Unique place, serving a well rounded menu, along with a dash of romance and a dollop of dancing.  Come with me and let me show you around this wonderful restaurant of fine dinning by the sea.

As you rezz at the landing point you will marvel at the wonderful scenery around the restaurant that will give you lovely views while you dine.  Also you will discover different pose balls, one for a proposal, one for a bike ride together, and also one for sitting together with back towards a beautiful back drop so you will be able take a picture together for your keep sake.

If you make your way north from the landing point you will come to some steps, walk up those and you will find yourselves at the foyer of the restaurant.  Here you will locate a bar,  with stools to sit on while you drink your beverage.  To obtain a drink you can click on the wine bottle or glasses at the end of the bar, you will receive a drop down menu and form there you can choose what sort of drink you would like.  If you prefer you can lounge in the finely upholstered furniture just inside the door.

Once at the restaurant entrance, you will be greeted by a Salute hostess.  If you click the hostess you will get a blue drop down menu of who to contact if you need assistance while dining at the restaurant.  You will find six tables for two people around the edge of the restaurant.  Three are framed by the front windows so you can take in the ocean views while dinning.  There is one table of four in front of a fire place, perfect for a double date.  After sitting at your table of choice, click the place mat and you will receive a blue menu.  The diner may then simply click what it is you want to drink and eat.  Click on the rolled up napkin next to the place mat to be offered eating utensils.  After accepting them, you will find them in your inventory.  Wear the utensil you want to use.  Click on the coaster at your place setting for a menu of drinks.  If your wish to adjust your pose click on the chair and select one from the menu that drops down on your screen.

Your evening can continue after dining with some dancing provided by a couples dance ball at the center of the dining room.  If after dining or dancing you decide to stroll around a bit you may discover a special area  for weddings.  If you want to know more please contact  xinglela Ragu for further details.   You may also Use this land mark to visit a park with great sceanery, owned by xinglela Ragu, that has more dancing as well as painting and picnicing to enjoy.

Come and bring your friends, a loved one you wish to make feel special, or even come to Salute’ Restaurant for a special event.
Hope to see you at Salute Resturant.

Article and photos by: Loulane Perl of Wonderful Evenings