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The Man Week is soon coming up. Starting from the 7th to the 11th of April, 2014. This time I was told to come up with something in relation to man and 3D world. Which gave me an idea to write about creating an avatar and roam around the sim to experience life of a Man. To do so I had to create an avatar in Second Life. The challenge I took was to create one with minimum Linden Dollars and at the same time not compromising on the quality.


The following are the links to Market Place to buy skin, shape, hair, clothes, shoes, accessories. All the items are in the range of L$0 to L$10.


Skin L$1


Shape L$6 L$1 L$5 L$1 Continue reading

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Shopping Time! ~Group Gifts

Shopping time! Men and women alike, everyone likes to shop. Frankly, after all the holiday celebrations, I am broke.  So, here are few options to have fun shopping in Second Life without spending a penny.

  • Freebies
  • Lucky Chairs/ Boards
  • Scratch and Win Boards
  • Hunts
  • Group Gifts
Dollarbies and items worth L$10 are also an option. But, I don’t even have that much, so what do I do?
Freebies? No, they are not usually quality clothes. I am bad at hunts. So, I went out hunting for Group Gifts. Many famous designers offer group gifts which are quality items. A few give out gifts every month. So, why not grab them? Although it’s a few days since New Year, there are few shops in Second Life offering New Year gifts.

The following groups are free to join. At a few of these places you will also find hunt items, lucky chairs, scratch and win boards and “Gacha” items.

Here are the landmarks where you will find the Group Joiner and the Group Gifts:

Some of the most popular places for both men and women are:

Other places include (Women )
For Clothing (in alphabetical order):

For Lingerie

Are group gifts only for those who are looking for free stuff?  No.  they are for everyone. It is a designer’s gift for being brand loyal.

 For men and women:
If you want to be updated about various group gifts join the following groups:
  • women stuff
  • men stuff
  • Top Designers
  • * Group Gifts *
  • Fashioncentric –  (fb pageGet the Free Hud
  • The Liason Update group
I hope this blog was informative enough and gives you lots of places to visit and to have fun while shopping with friends.
Any more info you want to add you are most welcome. There is always room for improvement.

*There are many more you can always search for them.


Tribute Week The Bridge of Tribute


Kara Dresler – Owner of K-Code

To end our Tribute Week, we covered the Bridge of Tribute City to its shopping district. Like other sims Tribute City has its own affordable High Street, with items not only for older residents but for newcomers as well. On the streets of Tribute there are several stalls owned by . residents so you don’t always have to go into the stores to get nice clothes. The stores of Tribute are also varied from builders skit stores, to dresses to stores that showcase Tribute former pride and glory the NexGen vehicle back in the days when they were known as the Flying Tigers.

The Stores themselves, when you’ve managed to pull yourself away from dancing at one of the many events that are held in the city, have items with different price ranges from 0L$ to 950L$. It also an extremely newcomer friendly city with newcomer hubs and stores like Enteral Appearance who give dollarbie skins and shapes for male and female avatars. and Miss Jewell whose items start at an affordable 150L$  and so much more. So much we actually have a list of them in the Torch side office at Tribute.

KcodeTribute is not only a good place for consumers but for business owners as well Kara Dresler,, owner of K-CODE states, “ I love Tribute City, it is a really great place for setting up a business! Jessii Warrhol-Giano, one of the city owners, is also a fantastic event manager so entertainment is definitely one of the city highlights. Tribute clubs are among the best ones in Second Life, the DJs here offering visitors very good music and great time. In addition, people can always find a wide array of events that, along with the great clubbing experience, brings a lot of traffic and consequently a very good exposure for your business. A team of friendly and experienced managers are always there to help you setting your business and to offer you promotional packages in order to increase your brand awareness. The streets here are very lively, there are visitors everywhere all day long and I am really happy to be a part of this wonderful city and to have such a great feedback from my Tribute satellite store”

If you are interested in setting up your own store, Tribute City is a great place to start, with a great traffic affordable stores and stalls.

That’s it, Tribute Week is over! Go and check it out!


Second Life Walkthrough: No Place Like Home

So you have a job, you’ve gotten used to the basic things in Second Life, but there is still one little thing missing. A place to Forrentset your home. Now when you log into SL now, you normally log in to the last location we were when you logged out again. If you had a home, that would be a set point for your log in.

So how do you find a place to stay? There are several rental companis in SL that sell parcels, skybox and such. Parcels are a little advance, that is when you are really interested in making a full commitment to Second Life, it also comes under LAND OWNERSHIP, which is something we’ll get into another time. Boy, is that totally complicated. There are two ways of finding a place to call home. They are:

Becoming a premium Second Life member.

Becoming a Premium Second Life Member opens a lot of perks and rights to you, such as getting a weekly allowance, and a place which is called a Linden Home. You are given a home, with a set amount of prims (Prim: the number of objects you can have in your home) and a space. It will also open premium areas. You will have to pay for the subscription, So you’ll have to check the website.

But you can also

Just look at an apartment that has cheap weekly rent

There are hundreds of rental offices in Second life that provide low priced housing. Most of these homes are either Skyboxes or apartment complexes. Something you will notice each difference which each virtual world you go to is the pay rent is paid. In Second Life whether it is an apartment, or a parcel, , rent is paid weekly and in Lindens (L$). Sim tier is paid monthly using real life currency. Land is another topic we will be covering soon, since it is a very important part of your Second Life, for now let’s concentrate on finding you a cheap place to call home.

Here are a few that we were able to find:

Sage Rentals

Sage provides different types of housing, from skyboxes to apartment complexes, their prices range from 20L$ per week to 199L$ per week. It is all within an affordable price range.

Crystal Towers

Crystal Towers offers apartments, cottages, and sky boxes from 50L$ per week.


A rental place that provides free apartments for those up to 30 days.

These are just three cheap places in SL, if you have the time to look, check them out. Just search.


Tribute City Fashion Show 2013

Ava Jharmin
Jessii2009 Warrhol
Tribute City Fashion Week 2013
Tribute City and L’Amour  Management are pleased to announce Tribute City Fashion Week! The event will show off the best spring and summer fashions from some of your favorite designers in Second Life! The theme for the show is “April Showers Bring May Flowers”.
This show will feature and showcase designers who will present their modern, spring, and summer creations and accessories. In addition to the show, other festivities will include both a kick off and closing event and other entertainment.
Designers currently scheduled to present at the show include Allure, Evolve, Faboo, Flowerdreams, K-Code, Poposity, Shey, Syl’s, and Xen’s Hats.
Designers will be in Tribute City, from May 31, 2013 to June 9, 2013, to present their modern, spring, and summer creations.
L’Amour Management is owned and operated by Ava Jhamin.  Ms. Jahmin has vast knowledge not only as model, but also Model Coordinator, Producer, and Director. Tribute City is a very busy shopping and entertainment sim in Second Life. The sim has an Italian influence and boasts 5 club venues, various shops, and monthly events and contests. Tribute City is owned and operated by Jessii2009 Warrhol.
For more information about this event, please contact either Ava Jhamin or Jessii2009 Warrhol in Second Life.
Garden Of Dreams

Spring Days 4: The Forests of Second Life

When sims on Second Life are born, they are one of two things a desert and a grassland island, Residents who love nature preserve their sims natural look from time to time, creative, amazing sims that are perfect for photography and relaxation.

 Second Life several amazing nature sims for you to visit.


Tagia is a beautiful quiet peaceful forest found on the Tagia Awesome sim. Based on the Siberian taiga. The Stream Plays: 24/f smooth pop music.
Features: Beautiful Lake, an air ship to relax on, bike rides around the sim. Interactive relaxation spots, A cottage opened to visitors.Visitors can also go jet skiing on the lake as well as have a nice nature walk through the woods.

Garden Of Dreams

Garden of Dreams is a beautifully magical sim is lined with large trees., made to bring lovers together.
Stream playing: Romantic, classical , new age music.
Features: Interactive boards on landing spot for visitors to explore, such as vendors a store and teleport used to visit different parts of the sim.


A Forest close to our hearts is from the Isle of Dee, the forest is not only beautiful but is home to a race of beings called the Wylds, they aren’t too friendly about strangers wondering into their Forest. Nevertheless it’s a beautiful and peaceful place, well until you venture in there.

Wild Dee_001

A little friend from the Forests of Dee.

Happy Exploring.

Man Week Title Card

Man Week – B/W Weapons, a trifecta of awesome

Last year Klatu of Urban Zombie gave us a runthrough of the weapons in B/W Weapons V5-series. You can see the videos for that here(p1), here(p2) and here(p3).

Since then, B/W Weapons have come out with their newest versions, giving you even more power than before. Something not many knows thou is that Urban Zombie is a central part of B/W Weapons, as is Minstrel Weapons… well, let’s just take the whole story!

When Klatu started Urban Zombie he was determined to find the ultimate zombie shooting experience, so he collected a list of ALL weapon stores in SL and the marketplace. He loaded his account with 100 000L$ (that’s roughly 500US$, or as we say here in Sweden: A lot of money) and went through the whole list, buying samples of weapons from each of the stores. None of them worked as he wanted them to. Either they weren’t powerful enough (this was most weapons), they weren’t handled realistically or they didn’t work at all. He contacted all of the weapon creators, asking if they could set him up with weapons that met his criterias, which was hard, since he’s a RL veteran and knows weapons in a way few people on this planet does, along with a life-long zombie enthusiast, making him an expert in zombie shooting realism.

On the bottom of the list was a little gunshop named Minstral Weapons, owned by Sera Ontoro. Klatu asked Sera if it was possible, and Sera just replied with “I’ll be back”. Flash forward a couple of hours, and Sera teleported in to Klatus little place where he had some zombies set up for testing. Seras hands were filled with weapons and he handed one of them to Klatu. Klatu shot ONE test round of the newly created special bullet script and he immediately knew this was the weapon smith for Urban Zombie. Continue reading


AtomP Reviews: FTL: Faster Than Light [Subset Games]

By Tom Hooper aka Atomp

Once again I’m reviewing an oldish game, and once again it’s indie and once again it’s a rogue-like, I’m not sure if you’re seeing the same pattern as I’m seeing. In defense of how late this review is, FTL has proven to be a major pre-cursor of things to come, from crowd-funding to Steam Early Access and as such it’s an interesting case study of how things have changed in the last 18 months.

Ultimately the selling point of FTL is its blending of rogue-like randomness and perma-death with being a starship captain. That second bit is really the important part, as characters such as Han Solo and Mal Reynolds have created this fantastic image of the rogue starship captain that pulls their heap of junk yet much beloved starship through impossible trials against the odds. Who doesn’t want to at least pretend to be that!? That’s not to say that starships haven’t been done, far from it in fact as Elite and the numerous descendents of the genre have shown, massive universes and awesome trading and fighting opportunities have been in games for a long time. This is also true of the larger scale as simulations of capital ships exist normally peaking in a 4x strategy. These games don’t quite fit the bill, the Elite-likes focus too much on the piloting; too micro and the capital ship and up focus too greatly on the macro. FTL however fills a pleasant niche between the two, seeing the sensation of crew management and being captain fulfilled very nicely, in FTL the captain actually delegates and its all the better for it. Continue reading


Second Life Walkthrough: How to Get Lindens in SL? ( How do I get a job?)

Second Life has its own, very active, economy and currency. It is called the Linden Dollar (L$) and is about 0.01USD = 1L$. Time  for a few FAQ (or Frequently Asked Questions)

Why do I need Lindens?

To buy goods and services, such as clothes and a place to live.

How do I receive Lindens?

There are two ways:

1) Buy Lindens from the Second Life website using real money. You can do this by signing in to the Second Life website (using your SL username and password), go to your Dashboard, then to buy. It will ask you how much you want to purchase noting that the minimum allowed is at least 500L$ or 3.00USD.

2) You can get a job in world. There are several jobs that you can do in Second life. You can find these jobs through Job Agencies in world.( Search Job agencies). You can also create items to sell for Lindens or open your own business.

What kind of businesses/jobs are there in Second Life?

There are several jobs/businesses you can become involved in. The most common jobs are available through clubs and other music based establishments  , working as a DJ, Host/Hostess, and Dancer. There are others jobs that are less common such as Managers, Assistants, Models, Writers etc.

Businesses include Clothes Designer,Builder, Script Writer, Club Owner, Property Owner, Blogger (Fashion, News, Music & Destinations). These are jobs that takes a lot of commitment, so if you do not have the time and don’t want the stress the most frequent jobs would be more ideal for you. Some jobs, particularly the most common ones, have a promotion system (Start at the bottom and work your way to the top) but this depends on the owners. 

How do I find work?

Job agencies are a great way to find jobs. There are tons Job centres and agencies for you to find work. Most jobs require you to fill out an application form and send it to the employers. 

What are employers looking for?

Many employers are looking for Reliable employees, someone who will show up when they say they will and do their job well. As a result many employers will not hire you until you are 30 days old and in Second Life on a regular basis.

There are some jobs that will need experience and even training. Being a DJ in SL will require you to have training and experience (There are schools and help guides out there that specialize in  DJ training). Hosting is another job that requires training,  most clubs will offer to train you since  Hosts need  to use different marketing equipment to pull customers in.

Helpful Links:

So You Want To Own A Business in Second Life Part 1 & Part 2 & Part 3 & Part 4

Becoming a Dj in 8 Steps 

Jobs in Second Life Series

These are some of the questions that have been the FAQ for the Torch, if you have any more questions ask at

Well,  you have the money, how about we look for a place you can call home? Join us next time on Second Life Walkthrough.

Torchlight 2

AtomP Review: Torchlight 2 [Runic Games]

By Tom Hooper aka Atomp

Torchlight 2 has been around for awhile now, however the recent release of a fairly important patch has inspired me to review the experience. Torchlight 2 is an Action RPG in a style similar to Diablo 2 and the sequel to Runic’s original Torchlight from 2009 with some significant additions and changes. The glaring elephant in this room is of course Diablo 3; a supposed competitor, a game destroyed by ActiBlizz and their always-online RMAH rubbish. I have little concern for anything ActiBlizz, especially when the company is in full ‘cash-cow’ mode and therefore this will be the last you hear of Diablo 3 in this review.

The original Torchlight was a fantastic ARPG with a simple but attractive art style and addictive gameplay however it had pitfalls: The longevity of the game was limited as the main story could be completed relatively quickly and a good class might take 30 or so hours to level. This doesn’t sound too restrictive as there were three classes to play, however the limited variety of enemies and environments means that by that 30 hour point you’ve seen everything countless times. Torchlight was also single player only, which isn’t inherently a bad move but in the context of its Diablo 2 inspiration represented a fairly glaring feature omission. Despite these problems Torchlight still remained a very enjoyable experience and considering what I paid for it, my 37 hours were absolutely fantastic value. Continue reading