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Noobie Style Challenge II

I was stalking a few blogs earlier today and I came across a challenge that one of my favourite bloggers, Bouncer Criss had blogged about. I followed the link and thought, hey I’d like to give that a go! The rules are pretty simple, spend less than L$550, use only items currently available and don’t use […]

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Western Steam

You have no doubt figured that one of my favourite pass times is hunting in SL – this time around I had a go at The Runway Perfect Hunt – it runs until October 31. There are a whole heap of female goodies to be had and few nice items for us fellas as well, […]

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More Free Stuff For Blokes a.k.a. Smooth Operator

I remember once someone complained to me there isn’t any decent free stuff around for men…. au contraire was and still is my answer.. you just need to look harder and have a little more patience but we are all blokes right and we’ve got patience in spades…. well maybe some of us! Today Steam […]

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More Punk Style

I guess I’m lost somewhere in the punk genre of the 70’s because my blog posts always seem to return to the era! Maybe next time I’ll try and style something Ska, grab a sax and style an outfit that wouldn’t look out-of-place in a Madness clip. But not today:- Today Steam is wearing: Hair – Black […]

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You Got To Love Midnight Mania

Not so long ago I was in one of my favourite stores and I slapped the midnight mania board, I wasn’t paying much attention it’s just something I do, sometimes you get a great prize and by including my slap there’s a better chance everyone will get a prize. Well this day was definately a “sometimes” kind […]

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Awesome Abs

I have posted previously about the group gifts from Belleza and if you haven’t already heard, their latest skin, Jacob, has just been released as a group gift. So for a poultry L$250 joining fee, you can grab this skin in 10 different styles – its available in the notices section of the group for about another […]

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A Day In The Park

It was a warm spring day so I decided to go and catch some rays and chill down at the park: Today Steam is wearing: Skin – Belleza: Ashton, Group Gift (L$250 to join) Shape – Jungleboys: Datu, MHOH #139 Hair – Ink: Damn, group gift Eyes – Sterling Artistry: August Fantasy, store gift Outfit […]

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