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Fantasy Roleplaying in Second Life: Avilion Part 2

Trustees of Avilion reviewing the Combat Parade

Trustees of Avilion reviewing the Combat Parade

Our series, Fantasy Roleplying in Second Life, featuring the sims of Avilion is back with part 2, after a couple of week’s hiatus. In our first installment, we introduced you to the sims of Avilion. In part 2 we will look at the people of Avilion. For any great and fun sim in Second Life, there are avatars who make the location a great place to be and this is very true in Avilion. The owners of Avilion are Lord Malakh Giles and Lady Serenity Sieyes. Both of these two great people are supported by their trustees, Lady Suzie Sewell, Dame Juniper Darrow, and Lord Alterious Flanagan. Sim and group admins are Theta Cooperstone, TempestT Druth, TauCeti Darkstone, Set Ethaniel, Ryu Firehawk, Roland Gray, Osiris LeShelle, Opacus Jenkins, nokithecat Writer, Nena Blackheart, Giles Hawker, Firegriff Khandr, Daria Guisse, Aerowinand last but not least, Dawnbeam Dreamscape.

Dawnbeam has been our eyes and ears throughout this series and has sat down to chat with me about the various roles of Avilion. Dawn has been in Avillion for over 5 years and is involved in several of the sims’ groups. Her loyalty has paid off and she is a leader in several of these  groups and she has a council. Dawn describes her council as motivated, determined, and loyal to Avilion.

Gypsy Celebration in Avilion

Gypsy Celebration in Avilion

If you are interested in roleplyaing in Avilion then you have two main options. You can be a member of the Avilion Order, which is for entry-level players. This level is for avatars who frequent the sims but do not have the intention of making Avilion their main role play area. If you are intent on remaining in Avilion then the Guardian of Avilion is available. This title is earned by participating in public areas, events, and completing a guardian guest. The quest is designed to have avatars to explore the sims, obtain items for a “basket”. One of the main objectives of this quest is to make friends via obtaining help from fellow villagers. You do not have to live in Avilion to obtain this title.

Avilion Trustee Lady Suzie Sewell Speaking

Avilion Trustee Lady Suzie Sewell Speaking

Avilion has unofficial goodwill ambassadors to make new players feel at home and encourages new players to explore the sims, provided that they follow the rules, particularly the dresscode and covenant of the sims. Avilion has other positions available, including dj spots in the club, which is out of character or OOC. A person could hold multiple roles in Avilions but not multiple races. For example a person could be a dragon and take human form but must dress as a human.

Various other roles may exist within groups. For example Dawn edits the weekly newspaper and manages the event calendar. At the combat level, a person can only belong to one combat group.

In part 3 of our series, we will explore the locations and sims of Avilion.

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