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Hidden Gems: Pala and Greyhaven

One of the many fishing areas at Pala & Greyhaven

One of the many fishing areas at Pala & Greyhaven

On this week’s Hidden Gems, I venture into the sims of Pala and Greyhaven. Pala and Greyhaven are owned and operated by Grey Nacht in Second Life. Both of the sims have been in Second Life for almost 4 years. The sims are unique in that they are set up entirely for 7Seas Fishing and offer a variety of customs and freebies from the Acardia Asylum.

 Greyhaven and Pala boast 12 unique and different themed areas for 7Seas Fishing. I caught up with owner Grey to talk about this hidden gem. When asked why there were 12 fishing areas, Grey responded with, “To keep things interesting”. And interesting indeed these sims are.

A quick tp in either Greyhaven or Pala will show a very unique ground level on both sims and a very handy teleporter. You will need the teleporter to navigate around the sims. My first stop was Greyhaven and I decided to go up to the Aquarium area and was delighted to see a large and cool looking Aquarium with a mysterious swirling door.

Aquarium on Greyhaven

Aquarium on Greyhaven

I agreed when Grey said that the Aquarium “screamed fishing area”. My next stop was the Aerodrome, which featured a steampunk like flying ship and offered a great view of both sims. I was soon off to Pala after spying even more interesting areas. I decided to check out the space station.  The space station on Pala was large and even featured a retracable space roof, which gives you a great view of the stars, if you use the starry night windlight in your viewer.

Aerodome at Greyhaven

Aerodome at Greyhaven

Spacestation on Pala

Spacestation on Pala

If you get lost while teleporting around either Greyhaven or Pala, remember to look for the handy black teleporters, as all other landmarks on the sims will direct you back to their telehub areas.

Both Greyhaven and Pala have daily 7Seas fishing events at 3:05 pm slt and just recently wrapped a very unique tournament. Fishing prizes are done in reverse with the person who finishes last winning the most. A new tournament starts in July and there will be a Greenie Memorial Tournament starting very soon.

The most unique aspect of both Greyhaven and Pala is the fact that both sims are 100% non-commercial. Rentals and shops are not present on the sims. The sims are provided for your enjoyment to fish, explore, and of course to look for freebies. Teleport to either Greyhaven or Pala and enjoy all of the unique locations and remember to watch out for the sea monsters in the lake!

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