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Hidden Gems of Second Life: Requiem

A glimpse of Requiem

A glimpse of Requiem

For this week’s Hidden Gems of Second Life, we will take a look at the cool sim of Requiem. I was told about Requiem from a good friend of mine, who goes here for 7Seas fishing.  The sim is big on 7Seas fishing and holds a daily event at 2:05 pm slt every day.  Requiem has not one, but FIVE ares to fish in, which you can find from their helpful teleporting signs as soon as you land.

Main Fishing Are at Requiem

Main Fishing Area at Requiem

Sim owner & operator, Roxy Rayna, has her own customs and creations that you can catch while fishing. Her customs include custom hats, mesh space hoppers, novelty fish, plenty of cupcake rods, and even other free types of mesh clothing, including a great free mesh evening gown. All these items you can have for free, simply by grabbing a 7Seas fishing rod and fishing throughout the sim!

The sim is is friendly to Mermaids and merfolks in generally  with an underground swimming and fishing area for those of you who are merfolks.  The sim also is home to the Weekly Fishing Group Headquarters, which helps new fishing sims or fishing avis who want to know about weekly 7Seas fishing events. Weekly fishing events, are tournament styled fishing contests that run for 7 days and pay the winners at the end of the 7 day period.  At the Weekly Fishing Group Headquarters on Reqiuem, one can grab a copy of the weekly fishing area list or join the official  Weekly Fishing Group, where you can be updated on contest areas frequently.

Unicorns Grazing in Requiem

Unicorns Grazing in Requiem

The sim also has other activities and sights. You may see unicorns grazing by the river or you can feed ducks by clicking on them and watching them scramble for food. There is a rusty tavern for you to sit in and have a drink and chat to others or fish.  Dancing is also available at the main fishing area and up on one of the hill tops. The sim also had many paths and hills for those of you who wish to walk around or go horseback riding.

Quaint Homes Available in Requiem

Quaint Homes Available in Requiem


The sim currently has several charming properties available for leasing and is being renovated in some areas. Schedule your visit to  Requiem today and enjoy a great, fun, and tranquil place in Second Life.

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