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End of A Generation

  Those of you other there who play on consoles have been gone through much this generation. The 360’s “Red Ring of Death” to last years PSN hack, which the British government has fined Sony £250,000 for.

   But it all could be coming to a close this year. Nintendo has had the opening 8th generation salvo with last Christmas’ release of the WiiU. Microsoft has hinted at the their 720 with ‘Major Nelson’ (that being Larry Hryb, Xbox’s director of programming,) post a countdown ending at E3 2013 on his blog saying only “And it’s on…” Sony has finished off the first round all off with the ‘Playstation Meeting 2013’ and their new site https://us.playstation.com/meeting2013/.

            So what could be in for the new consoles? Well at the moment there are only rumours. One says that the Xbox 720 will not be backwards compatible. Another says that the PS4 will have used game technology to stem the rise of used games. (Sony has patented the tech but whether they will or not added it is unknown.)

What ever happens at E3 and at the Playstation Meeting 2013, it is now very clear that the current generation of consoles is ending and the 8th generation is coming out of the mist. Personally, I’m sort of excited but then also not.

Words by Wil Morris.

About Wil Morris

I try to keep myself busy making stuff.

One comment on “End of A Generation

  1. Good, maybe a new generation of consoles will stem the flow of low-end ports to the generally far more capable PC.

    Then there’s the awesome Steambox concept as well as the increasing viability of Android-based living room devices including the NVIDIA Shield.

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