Francisa Darko

Meet the Author: Francisca Darko of ‘I Lit The Moon’

Young writer Francisca Darko met with the Torch to share her first book as well as her experience of being a young published author in  London. At 13 years old, she is an inspiration to young writers out there who believe that their dreams can come true.

She  commented about her writing experience, “I don’t really have much experience. I did spent a lot of time writing short stories when I was younger and I decided to try writing novels about a 3 years ago. I never finished any of the novels I began though. I would write a little then get bored with the plot or become too busy to continue. ‘I Lit The Moon’ is the first novel I’ve completed and that I published on my own.”

I Lit The Moon, tells the story of 13-year-old Payton, an orphan who resides at Cafford Orphanage. She is often subject to bullying by the other residents, that is until she is rescued by the mysterious Izzie, a new face to Cafford. Izzie takes an unusual interest in Payton, especially the incident surrounding her parents’ death and the only possession left to her, a magical book that is linked to the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Francisca spoke about the inspiration  behind the story, “ I love history, especially Mythology and since we aren’t really taught that in school, I would often research myth-based stories. My favourite ones are ancient Egyptian lore about the goddess Isis and that is where the idea for I Lit The Moon was born.”

Like many writers before her, Francisca has authors who have inspired her, “I read a lot and I don’t really have a favourite genre, I just enjoy reading it doesn’t really matter. There is a  long list of writers that I utterly admire, Malorie Blackman, Rick Riordan, Tess Geritssen, and Chris Carter are definitely on that list.”

We couldn’t leave the young author without asking her to pass on some of her wisdom to others. “My advice to any one who wants to write is to never give up. A story can start from the most simplest of ideas. You are never too young to have your work published. Just believe in what you’re writing, if you don’t then no one else will.”

I Lit the Moon’ isn’t the last we’ll hear from Francisca Darko, according to the young author she is working on another novel, that will have a more sci-fi touch to it.

 ‘I Lit The Moon’ is now available to buy on Amazon and is perfect for young readers.   ‘

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AirMech – Free To Play done right

I’ve seen many reviews of Free To Play games that makes the game look bad. Most often the game itself isn’t bad, it’s just that the developers are so insecure about their products quality that they don’t dare to give more for free in them. Complains I often see is the ability to buy better things for real money than you can for ingame money, meaning you will never be able to beat the other players unless you spend some of your cash, or that a popup reminds you every 20 minutes that you have a free account, trying to shame you into buying a premium account.

Bad restrictions is also a big problem in FTP games, such as limiting trading between players, ability to send messages or restricting chat channels to premium accounts. These are basically game breaking if you are playing any multiplayer games, which is why I want to lift a game that did not do any of these things. Continue reading


Inbal – Baby Blue

The story behind Inbal is truly heartwarming, just like her music. She was born in Israel and as a child she never saw much else and she had no money growing up. One thing that kept her going was the music and when she grew up to a young adult her music brought her from a life in poverty all the way through Julliard. She has since been performing her music non-stop on stage all over the world.

After working alongside the Deetown Entertainment producer Bryan Spitzer, Inbal recorded her first EP, Baby Blue.

This is when I noticed her talents. I, and many with me, sometimes suffer from a bad mood, may it be anger, depression or just generally feeling down. In times like that I seek out music that moves me, makes me feel. It doesn’t have to be cheer-me-up music, it can be any kind of emotion really. Baby Blue came to my rescue, starting off with a rather depressing note about missing a loved one, but quickly moves over to showing that the singer is ok with it and is learning to live with missing someone.
The song transforms into a supporting song towards the chorus, where the singer tells the listener (now acting as the loved one) to dry their tears and that everything will be ok, that the two of you will meet again and make it through.

It’s a song about not letting distances destroy friendships, that there are ways to keep going even if you can’t see each other. If you just hang in there and try your hardest, you will both get through it in the end.

I can’t help but feel that there is something Inbal tries to tell about her own life here, that the friends and family she left in Israel, or any other place that she has now moved away from, are supposed to be the subjects of the song. For my own sake, I can really see myself in Baby Blue, as I am about to move to another country and therefore have to leave everyone I’ve ever known behind, but it is for something I feel I have to do. My friends, my family, they will always be there and I can see them again. Moving is not the end of any friendship, because the distance on earth is much larger than the distance in the heart.

Baby Blue has helped me through a rough time and I hope that everyone who reads this will listen to it too, as often as I do, because it is one of the best songs I’ve heard this year.

Baby Blue can be listened to for free and bought for any price you feel it is worth, along with all the other songs on the Baby Blue EP, at Bandcamp. You can see Inbal’s live performances on Youtube.

Mobile Productivity – Top android apps to help your business (or schoolwork)

With mobile units increasing exponentially in popularity and sneaking into our everyday life, it’s time to put some of those resources to good use and let your tablet or phone work for you.

Today I will take you through some of the apps that have helped us get the most productivity out of our business while on the move (or basically anywhere where you don’t have access to your computer). This list isn’t ranked in any way, so the order is not really that important, all these apps have different uses and it’s up to you to see if it fits your business or work.

Android-VNC-Viewer (with VNC software on your computer) - free

VNC is an open source, free (for private use) system that lets you share your computer screen and functions to any computer or device in the world. You set up a VNC server on your computer (I use the free software TightVNC that has some encryption for safety) and set up permissions, then log in using Android-VNC-Viewer. You can now see and control everything on your computer using your tablet or phone (really recommend tablet for this one, as the screen is quite small on a phone). Continue reading

Second Life Black Friday Sales

Just like in real life, many shops around Second Life has Black Friday sales. I’ll try to collect as many of the stores I can here for you, the list will update as I find more stores.

Grumble Grumble has it’s annual Black Friday sale and also a lot of hunts going on along with daily giveaways for both VIPs and non-VIPs

Tribute City While it’s not a Black Friday sale per se, Tribute City has it’s Harvest Month Fair with loads of stores giving you discounts and freebies during the rest of November.

5th Avenue Boutique Black Friday sale going on as well as work for models

The Warehouse Massive 100L$ sale

Everything's Eventual

Book Review: The Man in the Black Suit – Everything’s Eventual by Stephen King.

My name is Gary, I was nine years old when I met him. I was fishing, I did that to help take my mind off of things. He told me horrible things, dreadful things. I got away from him then, but I have gotten older, I fear he may come back and I will not be able to get away from him now, I may not be able to get away from the Man in the Black Suit.

Everything’s Eventual is a collection of 14 short stories by the horror mastermind that is Stephen King. The Man in the Black Suit, Originally published in The New Yorker in 1994, tells the story of  nine year old Gary, who meets a mysterious man while fishing. His encounter leaves him terrified, and it stays with him through out his life. His fear comes from the fact that he is getting older, and if the man returns, his old bones will not allow him to get away from the man a second time.

This is a chilling piece of work, will have you living by the rule, ‘ Don’t talk to strangers’. It is possibly one of King’s finest work and worth a read.

Raid The Marketplace – Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is getting closer so it’s time to turn to our favorite internet hangout, the Marketplace.

Today I’ll guide you to some of the best affordable thanksgiving decorations, food and clothes.

For Her, we have this stunning Pilgrim outfit for no money at all, but hurry up, it will only be available until after Thanksgiving. The hat is modable, so if you’re a man and just want a pilgrim hat, this is a good deal for you too.

For the man who wants a complete outfit, this one for just 1L$ has many modable options with resize scripts in almost every part. It’s a bit darker than usual and complements the female outfit perfectly.

What is a Thanksgiving without the main attraction, the food? This complete set for 185L$ is copyable, so you can set out as many plates as you need to entertain all your guests. One of each is just 66 prims and our feast for 8 people, with a side of pie for everyone, is 147 prims.

Food is not enough on a Thanksgiving table, you need decorations too. This beautiful floral arrangement costs just 1L$ and is also transferable, so you can bring it as a gift if you’re one of the guests.

To cap the evening off, why not enjoy some of SL’s finest wine? This beautiful set covers two people and is transferable, so you can give each guest their own glass. If you have more than six guests, the set is completely free, so you can get as many as you need.

BW Weapons Gun Showcase with Klatu – The Grand Finale

Klatu of Urban Zombie was kind enough to let us see the latest range of BW Weapons, enhanced for the increased difficulty of Urban Zombie and BoomTown, without losing the ability to use them in other shooting sims.

The V5 range can be found in the store at Urban Zombie

As promised, the last part will also be the grandest. Not only does it feature 4 guns instead of just 3, but it also has some more insight in Klatu’s life and the most powerful rifle both in the V5 arsenal and the Real Life military arsenal.


Fever Series Retrospective: Darkfever by Karen Moning

MacKayla Lane’s life was perfect, she was a hot blonde with everything she could ever ask for. That was until she got a phone call that would change her life forever. A phone call about her sister.

The Plot

This is the first book in Karen Moning’s Fever Series. It centres around 22-year-old MacKayla Lane who is chilling by the pool at her home in Georgia USA, when she receives a call from Dublin Ireland telling her that her sister Alina has been killed. Hurt and angry, both from the fact that she has lost her big sister and being told by the Irish police that the case has gone cold and they have no leads, she makes her way to the City of Dublin, hoping to help the police uncover the secrets behind the murder of  Alina. MacKayla becomes even more determined when she receives a voice message left by her sister just moments before she died, with a cryptic message telling her that their life is a lie and to get a book called the Sinsar Dinah before HE does. During her first few days in Dublin, she realises that there is something very off about some of the people in the Irish capital, experiencing and seeing things that makes her believe that she is going crazy. MacKayla  meets the infamous Jericho Barrons, an owner of a book store  who offers to help her find the book, although MacKayla doesn’t trust Barrons for obvious reasons, she decides to let him help her. Barrons introduces MacKayla into a world that she never believed existed.

The Characters

Darkfever does a pretty good job of introducing its characters and setting them up. With MacKayla, you sympathize with the fact that she just lost her sister, even more so when she is thrown into not only a world that is confusing to her but a city that is as well. From the beginning of the  book you do realise that MacKayla is a strong woman despite being described as a person who is, for a lack of a better word seen as a ‘dumb blonde’ by the characters that she encounters. Her determination to find her sister’s killer and the interaction and distrust of the character Jericho Barrons, shows that she understands what she is getting herself into and isn’t blind to the idea that she is putting herself in danger and might end up the way of her sister, but she continues on anyway, wanting to bring to killer to justice  and also bring closure to herself and her family. Jericho Barrons is introduced as a mystery, and continues as such. Readers might be following MacKayla’s story but will stay to uncover who is Jericho Barrons. In the book he is described a cold and uncaring, and clearly using MacKayla to get to the this book, but by the end he seems to be fighting with himself…although there are four other books in this series.

There are characters  that are introduced who you might have to think twice about, some you will  grow to love and grow to loath.

Darkfever is a perfect start to the Fever Series, introducing characters and a plot that will suck you in. It sets up the characters and begins the story, focusing on MacKayla entering a new city and a new world that she has to quickly adapt to, it mainly focuses on her sister’s murder and her finding closure for her family. Finallyit opens a box of questions that will have you looking for the next book in the series Bloodfever.


Second Life Fashion: Que Bella for the Bigger Woman.

Second Life as a visual medium can be all about what you look like and does have a bit of an issue withuebella_002 body imagine. The virtual world is a place where you can be anything you want to, whether it’s a furry, a child avatar or even an 8 ’10 giant. It is hard to find clothes when you decide not to be within the “normal” shape and size. Child avatars do have stores that are made  for them, the same thing goes for furries, but what about humans that decide to be a bit more curvy than normal or taller. Que Bella, created by Issybella Quintessa, is one of a few stores found in Second Life that are aimed at the bigger more curvy female avatar. Their price ranges from around 50 – 120L$ so they are affordable. Continue reading