Types of Nekos

Types of Nekos

The lifestyle of being a neko is not an easy one, in fact being a neko is just like being a cat in the Real World. Keep in mind that because neko’s are so popular it has become very difficult to make a person stand out from the crowd because like cats in RL there are so many different ones out there to choose from and even then it also means that showing off unique you are is even more difficult. Below you will find a small list of some of the types of nekos there are out there.

First off there are the Steam Punk type nekos, who are much like the more modern version of the Victorian style clothing and have a bit more rustic look. It can sometimes be looked at as a as a modern cowboy/cowgirl style. It is simple to find things to wear in the online marketplace you can search for steam punk, Victorian, or even neko steam punk. These are just examples of ways to find great outfits.

The next great version of the neko is the fantastic post- apocalyptic type neko, who runs around with a mask on their faces because they cannot breathe the air. These type are often seen with grudge style clothing and will have tattoos and blood on them. Often they are wearing clothing that is torn, blood stained, and looking dirty. The best way to find these kinds of neko outfits is to look at the marketplace online and search just simply neko; this will give you the biggest variety that you can find on the marketplace.

The last one well discuss for this article is the cutesy type neko, these are typically children and can come a variety of different look from the dark and scary to the lovable little kittens many peoples see in Second Life. These little guys come in all kinds of shapes and designs with a number of different colors. The reason these are most often children is because they are often shown as much smaller than most other nekos and are often mistaken as a child av as well.  The best way to find these cute little guys on the Marketplace is to search under child neko, tiny neko, or just neko and weed them out for yourself.

These are the three most popular one that I have personally found and hope you enjoyed the little introduction on the styles. This article will have one more follow up for all those out there that have questions and need them answered please feel free to comment on this post or drop me a notecard or IM and I will post responses in my next article. I am planning on creating a few more articles for this series of articles on nekos but I need all my readers to take the time to let me know what you want to hear about. Thanks everyone, KittySmiles Soulstar, I hope you have enjoyed the articles so far.

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The March Military Expo

Another part of Second Life Culture is honouring the heroes who fought for us during the wars. An article was written for the Torch SLG which showcased  the SL US Military Veterans group. Now we are proud to say, for immediate release  the World War 2 Memorial Park will be hosting the March Military Expo:


DATES:  March 25-March 30, 2012

LOCATION:  WW2 Memorial Park

PURPOSE:  The March Military Expo will feature a Merchants fair, where we are inviting all military, weapons, aviation, and similar merchants of SL to set up a small merchant tent in the WW2 Memorial park area for 5 days.  You will be able to bring your creations and services to a wide variety of people in SL!.  This event is in SL Destinations as a featured SL Destinations event!  To bring even larger crowds, we will hold all of Amelia’s events that week near the military expo.  So guests will have contests, music, live DJs, as well as other contests.  We will promote the event as much as possible, giving you and your business free advertising.

*There will be limited space available for military affiliated groups who wish to exhibit**

Cost:  This expo is free of charge to all approved creators and merchants.

If you are a merchant who is interested in taking part in the Expo, get in touch with Jessii Warhol2009 in world and she still provide you with a signup notecard.

In the mean time why not pop over to the WW2 Park and have a look around.

Roleplaying in Second Life: Crack Den

Crack Den is the name of an urban role-play community, set in the fictional city of Hathian in present day NewCrack Den_003 Orleans. Hathian is filled with crime, back alley bar fights, strip clubs and dirty dealings. This community gives residents a realistic experience embedded in different aspects such as a college named Columtreal University, a newspaper called Hathian Observer and the ability to “call” the police as well as another emergency services.  The  portrayal of a real broken down society is what makes Crack Den an amazing spot to role-play in Second Life.

Crack Den is a part of Alterscape, a network of communities in Second Life, that focuses on urban and realistic role-plays. 

Crack Den_005

Not only does Alterscape cater to Second Life adults but also to Second Life kids and teens, with their university and elementary school.

Crack Den_006Crack Den_007

Crack Den gives step by step introductions on how to join the Hathian community as well as how to become different roles such as Victim, Deviant, Citizen and more important roles such as Police, Medical Staff and Fire fighters.

Crack Den_002

One of the many establishments in Hathian that offer role-play jobs to its residents. The information on how to apply for job roles are located on the Hathian Observer website but you will need to be accepted to be a Citizen. Once you are  you can also walk into any store or bar and click the ‘Help Wanted’ signs.


If I were to review this place, I would say that there is little to nothing wrong with Crack Den. Everyone is always willing to role-play, even if it is just about going to the local pub to get a couple of drinks. There are always people  there, it is very rare that you find the place empty. OK, there is one thing that might be wrong with Crack Den, and that is the lag, but that isn’t really their fault. Please note that Crack Den does have quite a bit of adult oriented role-plays going on there so if you are easily offended by seeing things such as, stripping, foul language, sex, drugs and everything else, don’t visit. If you aren’t offended by it, then have fun.

To Learn more about Crack Den or Alterscape and its different communities head over to their website.

Third Party Viewer policy change from LL puts third party viewers at risk

At 2pm PST yesterday (friday 2/24) Linden Labs announced that they will change the policy for third party viewers. This change brings a lot of discussion material to the table, as they seem to want to eliminate all third party viewers without actually ban them.

The most discussed change is section 2.k, that states that third party viewers will not be allowed to have any features that the latest version of the Linden Labs viewer doesn’t have. This affects things like Firestorms built in video recorder and avatar radar and the Phoenix object radar.

It also means that V1 and V2-based viewers are at risk, since some of those features have been removed in the LL V3.

Another big change is 2.i and 2.j that states that no system information is allowed to be transmitted to other viewers, and both Firestorm and Phoenix tag system is based on the fact that they can show what viewer others are on. This will affect those viewers ability to show other peoples viewers and also, due to some system specific coding, the ability to change color of the tags.

The complete change, and the LL response is shown bellow.

2.a.iii : You must not provide any feature that circumvents any privacy protection option made available through a Linden Lab viewer or any Second Life service.

2.i : You must not display any information regarding the computer system, software, or network connection of any other Second Life user.

2.j : You must not include any information regarding the computer system, software, or network connection of the user in any messages sent to other viewers, except when explicitly elected by the user of your viewer.

2.k : You must not provide any feature that alters the shared experience of the virtual world in any way not provided by or accessible to users of the latest released Linden Lab viewer

We encourage Third Party Developers to continue innovating with unique user interfaces, niche features, and ways of interacting with the virtual world, and we look forward to working in partnership with developers on ideas they have for new or improved shared experiences for all of Second Life. We want to incorporate more innovative new features into Second Life to improve the experience for all users, and we encourage TPV developers to submit proposals through our standard process.

Will this mark the end of SL, or is it something that the third party developers will work around? Who knows, but my bet is that LL will someday realize that the users wants more than they are willing to deliver.

Introduction to Kidz Korner: Kimka Fralto

family photo_001My name is KimKa.  I play a five (almost six!) year old on Second Life.  I have been a child for about a year now.
I chose to be a child in Second Life for a few reasons.  One reason was my desire for a family.  In RL (real life) I have been an orphan for a long time.  I don’t have much family that is alive.  I missed the bond that can only be explained as family.  I especially missed having parents.  Also, I am disabled.  Due to my disability, I function better as a child.
There are many ups and downs to being a child  in Second Life.  I will give a brief overview of some of these for you now, and more to come in a later article! 
I’ll start with a few of the negatives.  I have had to deal with rude people who, as an example, feel anyone playing  the game as a child is a freak.  There have been griefers (people who actually try to make you miserable enough to quit).  There have been failed families, inworld financial difficulties, moves, sibling rivalry and jealousy, abuse and neglect.  Life is not always fair or easy in either Real Life or Second Life.  These are things you may have to deal with if you choose to play as a child in Second Life.
There are some amazing positives, though.  There are parents, grandparents, siblings and friends.  There are hugs, kisses, playtime, being read to and tucked in at night.  There is the feeling of knowing someone cares about you and will be there for you.  There are fun places to go.  There are even schools to attend. Wait, shouldn’t that be a negative?  There are homes, hobbies and pets.  The list just keeps going on … trust me. 
Life as a child in Second Life is not always easy or perfect.  It can have some amazing rewards, though.  If you choose to be a child in Second Life, please do so with your eyes open.  It won’t always be sunshine and roses.  I ask you this, though, how do you truly appreciate the good if you don’t also experience a little bit of bad?

I hope that this has helped you in your decision making process.  It is a difficult and serious decision to make.  I wish you the best of luck in Second Life, whether you choose to be a kid, an adult, or a robot (or something else entirely!)

Second Life and its Media.

Second Life has a wide variety of Media, from Radio, Television to countless amounts of print publications ( blogs, magazines and online websites). The Torch SL Guide was able to get in touch with one of the show producers from the very popular TreetTV. Saffia Widdershins, is the CEO of Prim Perfect Publication, as well producer of Television shows Happy Hunting, Designing Worlds, and Metaverse Art. 

Saffia and Co host“I decided to get involved in Second Life’s media industry when I started reading blogs and magazines that helped to give residents advice on clothes, make up and hair. I looked for something similar that would give me tips on designing my first second life home and found that there was nothing. That how Prim Prefect came to be.”

Prim Perfect is a magazine dedicated to helping residents find the perfect items to help make their Second Life home a little bit more homely. It is the Home and Garden Magazine of Second Life, and it has become its own Designing Empire, pushing forward into a sister Television show also created and Co host by Widdershins named Designing Worlds, which does not only look at the homes but complete sims and locations. It is, for the British readers, the Location, Location, Location of Second Life.

dw-square“Designing Worlds started as Meta Makeover, “ States the show producer, “ in the early days of 2007. SLCN ( Second Life Cable Network, was asking people with ideas for shows to contact them so I did and suggested this home and garden show. We developed a format together -  a show called Meta Makeover where each week one or two designers would make over someone’s home. That was how it started but as time went on we expanded to a more design orientated programme, although we still do the occasional makeover.”

The Torch SL Guide began when our co creator Izzie Morgan began studying magazines and newspapers in the Second Life Metaverse. Originally in SL to do research on an essay about media in Virtual Worlds, she stumbled onto its popularity and its rapid growth.

Widdershins gives her take on this idea, “ I think it’s become popular for a number of reasons. On a fundamental level it’s an extension of the Social Networking era. There’s also an element of instruction – as your publication is doing – actually helping people to deal with things in new environments. There’s the element of being able to pursue dreams too. But I don’t think it is as popular as it might be. There are a lot of people in Second Life who still don’t know a lot about Second Life media, but we are slowly converting them".

There are a lot of publications and blogs developed in Second Life so much so that is it actually impossible to count. There a few SL Radio stations, the most popular being Frolic Mills’ BOSL radio ( Best of Second Life). There are several Television channels, such as TreetTV, Metaverse TV, Meta World and Metamix. Although it isn’t surprising that SL’s Print Media is phenomenally larger than SL’s TV media.

Widdershins gave us an insight on what is was like making Designing Worlds, “When I was creating Designing Worlds, it was quite scary we had to do a lot of Networking – in the early days we had persuade designers and residents who perhaps had never heard of us to let us make over their homes. Now people tend to get excited when we call.”

Making a television programme is a mass of work but its good to know that there are people out there, like Saffia Widdershins, who are always willing to give some much needed advice, “ You can’t do it alone, you need a team of people who are all equally enthusiastic as you are about your idea. You will also need a strong idea. It needs to be something that is visual (otherwise, why not do it on radio or as a podcast). You’ll need to draw up a plan with specific aims and basic ideas on what you want for your show. For example, would you like it be a weekly, fortnightly, monthly? How much time can you commit every week? Are all your team mates equally committed? For something like this to work you’ll need to tackle something that is always going to happen in Second Life, and that is drama. That is the real core. You’ll need a team that will get on with each other and work together, laugh together. Of course they will get irritated from time to time but you must hope that your passion is strong enough and they are committed enough to overcome all the stresses and problems that SL and other people will throw at them and at you.

For your team you will need to have someone to host, obviously. Others to produce, direct, someone to handle publicity, as well as someone to handle advertising. Ideally, there would be different people but sometimes roles can be combined. If you have a studio where you’re filming, you will need a studio manager which also means you’ll have to have a builder. Builders are helpful because of Second Life glitches such as if SL decides to ban mega prims and half your studio disappears. Most importantly you will need a cameramen/women and an editor. Some programmes  are single camera shooting and others are multiple camera shooting. On Designing Worlds we use multiple camera shooting while on Happy Hunting we have one camera person who is also the editor and she is very very good, she uses a HUD that allows her to get different camera angles.”

If you want to catch these magnificent shows or experience more of Second Life Television, head over to the TreetTV website where Designing Worlds shows every Monday 2pm SLT. Or Check out Happy Hunting which is shown fortnightly on Friday at 3pm SLT. Metaverse Arts is shown once a month usually at the end of the month and is broadcast on Sundays at 2pm SLT.

Second Life is more than online video game it is a community that thrives off of its users, consumers and content creators, get more involved with Second Life’s Media, by checking out the links below:

Metaverse TV


Radio & TV 

Second Life Periodicals

So You Want to Own a Business in Second Life – Part 1

HandshakeWithBorder by Z - edited version of the handshake by Nathan EadyAs a multiple Second Life business owner, I am often asked the following questions:  How can I start a business?  What would I need to start a business in Second Life?  What are types of businesses in Second Life I could own?

To help answer these questions and to contribute to the Torch SL Guide, I will post a series of articles on the subject of starting a Second Life Business.  Each series will focus on a specific type of Second Life business and give you tips on how you start, grow, and try to sustain your Second Life business.  In this first segment, I will give you an overview of the types of businesses in Second Life:

Clubs:  Everyone wants to be a club owner in Second Life!  This type of business requires a lot of time, patience, but can be fun and rewarding to grow a club from the ground up.

Content Creation/Merchants:  If you have a skill such as making clothing, furniture, or event trees, then this type of business may be for you!  This type of business will require you to be familiar with some third-party design software programs and to have great customer service skills when dealing with potential customers.

Affiliate/Franchise Owner:  This type of business is related to the Content/Creation Merchant’s category., except you are not making the actual content.  You can find many popular brands in Second Life, that will allow you to be a franchise/affiliate owner.  This type of business requires you to have property and the ability to scout out great locations.

Land/Property Rentals:  This type of business can be time-consuming and very costly and involves you owning land directly or renting out private estate land to others.  This type of business involves much customer service work, time, and effort to sustain a reputable land/property business.

Everything Else:  This is the pot luck category.  Second Life is full of people who provide services, such as photographers, bloggers (such as myself!), event planning, modeling, and contract services for scripting or even building.  There is much to cover in this category and we will try to review all the possible options.

Look for Part Two of “So You Want to Start a Second Life Business” next week, where we will tackle the complex and fun business of owning a club in Second Life.


My world as a Life’s Angel by Chipmunk Zhong

How would feel, to be an integral part of a an organization developed to help people all over the world?  To be part of leaving a legacy behind you, of helping to cure one of the worlds greatest causes of mortality.?  And if i could tell you that you could do this all seated where you are right now, in the comfort of your own home?  And ,,, have a great deal of fun, learning, and pride while doing this?  If so,,,  welcome to the world of Relay For Life In Second Life.  Thats right, you can be part of one of the largest fundraising efforts in the world of simulations.  Lets  have a little history of the organization first.

2011 Relay For LIfe of Second Life

History of Relay – Celebrating Hope

One person can make a difference. Nowhere is that more evident than with the story of the American Cancer Society Relay For Life, which began in Tacoma, Washington. In the mid-1980s, Dr. Gordy Klatt, a Tacoma colorectal surgeon, wanted to enhance the income of his local American Cancer Society office and to show support for all of his patients who had battled cancer. He decided to personally raise money for the fight by doing something he enjoyed – running marathons.

In May 1985, Dr. Klatt spent a grueling 24 hours circling the track at Baker Stadium at the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma. He ran for more than 83 miles. That first year, nearly 300 of Dr. Klatt’s friends, family, and patients watched as he ran and walked the course. Throughout the night, friends donated $25 to run or walk with Dr. Klatt for 30 minutes. His efforts raised $27,000 to fight cancer.

While circling the track those 24 hours, Dr. Klatt thought about how others could take part in his mission to fight cancer. He envisioned a 24-hour team relay event that could raise more money to fight cancer. Over the next few months, he pulled together a small committee to plan the first team relay event, known as the City of Destiny Classic 24-Hour Run Against Cancer.

In 1986, with the help of Pat Flynn – now known as the “Mother of Relay” – 19 teams took part in the first team Relay event on the track at the historic Stadium Bowl and raised $33,000. An indescribable spirit prevailed at the track and in the tents that dotted the infield.

Since then, Relay has grown from a single man’s passion to fight cancer into the world’s largest movement to end the disease. Each year, more than 3.5 million people in 5,000 communities in the United States, along with additional communities in 20 other countries, gather to take part in this global phenomenon and raise much-needed funds and awareness to save lives from cancer. Thanks to Relay participants, the American Cancer Society continues to save lives.

2011 Relay For Life of SL

What is Relay For Life of Second Life?

Relay For Life is the signature event of the American Cancer Society and has been active, and continually growing  in Second Life for 7 years.  In 2005, the first Relay For Life of Second Life (RFL of SL) was attended by a few hundred avatars and raised almost $5,000 US dollars for the American Cancer Society.  In 2009 the Relay For Life of Second Life raised over $250,000.00 US dollars and was attended by thousands of avatars.  In 2011 the Relay For Life of Second Life raised over $375,000.  We also surpassed the $1,000,000 mark in overall fundraising total in SL during our 2011 campaign!

The 2012 Relay For Life of Second Life will begin with the March 10th, 2012 Kick-Off and culminate the weekend of July 14th and 15th, 2011.   Relay Weekend  is a fun-filled, overnight event that unites SL individuals throughout the world to celebrate survivors (anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer), remember loved ones and raise money for the fight against cancer.

“Individuals who are willing to give their time and energy to this exciting event, as a volunteer or participant, have made a commitment to fight back against this disease and let the community know that you can beat cancer.”

Relay For Life Teams form in February and early March, and we begin with the 2012 Kick Off Party on March 10th.  Teams continue to fundraise from March through July by holding events.  The Relay For Life of Second Life finishes with the official overnight Relay on July 14th & 15th, 2012.  During that weekend, team members gather at their Team Campsites, walk the Relay Track, enjoy live music, participate in fun events, and explore the many Relay Sims as the event runs overnight and into the next morning.  In 2011, over 125 RFL of SL Teams and over 2000 avatars  participated in the largest virtual fundraising walk in the world and this year the number will be even higher.

The  Relay For Life of Second Life has the ability to virtually bring together friends, families, businesses, and support organizations from all over the world, all with the goal of raising money and awareness in the fight against cancer!

Fighting cancer is a team effort. The strength of people coming together for a common cause is greater than the strength of one.  Teams are the spirit of Relay For Life of Second Life!

Now that you know where we came from, how bout a sample of what it’s like to be part of all this?  This is the fun stuff!  And there is a ton of work to do, so let’s get started!  You are part of a Relay Team, one of many who work diligently all year to prepare for this 5 month siege against the mother of all disease.

Your  a designer, working on a beautiful one of a kind creation borne out of your desires within, above that , your making it to sell as part of  the Relay effort . where every Linden raised goes directly to the American Cancer Society.

Your helping  to put together a large concert event, talking to fantastic entertainers from all over the SL World.  Scheduling  the events,  building the sets needed,  Using your imagination to create something that people  will be buzzing about all over SL.

Or, using your talents to help create second Life’s greatest event, the Relay For Life itself, planning, designing, building, whatever your skill, putting them to the ultimate task.  Interfacing with hundreds of  people from all over the globe, all working to a great end.  Making friendships that you’ll have the rest of your life.

And when i say Fun, it truly is,  Working at a Carnival,  being part of an entertainment venue,  guiding others around an Art exposition,  or even  just dancing and conversing with  friends.  All in a days work, that will leave you breathless, once you hear stories of the individuals who have been helped by this.  It will definitely lift you, i promise that!

So how does this all happen?  How do our Lindens get to where they are needed?  First off, all of the monies donated  go directly to the American Cancer society.  We use Kiosks to collect the donations.  Each Kiosk is registered through the “net” and  communicates directly to ACS. Each one is verifiable, through an interrogatory process, that assures anyone donating that this is an official Kiosk.  So lets put that 50 Linden in  the Kiosk,,, it then passes through the account of the avatar that rezzed it, and goes directly to the ACS, the avatar sees it pass through and out of their act and on to ACS, it’s all automatic, and all verifiable.  The Kiosk will then show whats been dropped in, who dropped the donation, how much, and so on.  This has all been carefully done to avoid any kind of  scamming, or such, but mainly to appease the multitude  who think that this is just some scheme to make a profit by individuals, which id the farthest thing from the truth.
Consider the fact that Relay For Life In Second Life has generated more than One Million US Dollars in real money over the last 7 years, quite an accomplishment for an online Sim.

All this, we do voluntarily, with no reward other than the wonderful warm feeling  you get from knowing that you’re helping to ease pain and suffering, giving  a ray of hope to someone who has heard those dreaded words,,, you have Cancer.  To hear the survivors talk, of all they went through, and  of all the help they have gotten, this truly is one cause  that  we need to support,  One thing that  we ourselves can do, to truly help make a difference in the world we live in, and improve it drastically with peace and dignity.  Just knowing that I am doing this, putting my heart and soul into such a cause, it causes me to really ponder worldly existence sometimes, and I’m very proud, and very happy to be a part of it, to be here where i can make a difference, where i can be a true Life’s Angel.

Chillin’ @ +DV8+

+DV8+ is an affordable store that features some of the greatest alternative fashion this side of the Grid.  This Week I’ve been chillin’ @ + DV8+:

Outfit: +Dv8+ Nuada –  Jade ( Free Group Gift)

Boots: + DV8+ Hades Boots – Ultramarine (From Lucky Board)

Skin: ..::Beauty Killer::.. Nancy Skin Goth (Dark Lips) From 2011 +DV8+’s Twisted Hunt (NeverMore)

Hair: Truth Hair< Janelle – Crow 250L$


Outfit: +DV8+ Ataraxia – Merlot ( Free Group Gift)
Shoes: +DV8+ Innogen Boots – Black (From Lucky Board)
There are two things you have to like about +DV8+:
One is their amazing contribution to Second Life’s alternative fashion and hunt Culture and two is the countless free produces they give to those who would like to sample it but don’t have the money to fund their fashion addiction.
Oh..and the music!
There are actually three things you have to like about +DV8+, the music is just awesome and is surprisingly very easy to write to and very relaxing.

Check out the first article we wrote about +DV8+ and Cyber Culture 


Second Life Relationships: Rachy and Dark Folsom’s Story

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, this is the perfect time to talk about Second Life relationships. Like all chat rooms, social sites and other virtual worlds where people come together, a few are bound to pair together. Second Life is no different, but it seems that having a relationship in this virtual world has a little extra kick that makes it stand out from the traditional chat rooms and  dating sites. Over the next few weeks we will be telling the stories of three different couples who have met in Second Life and are now in a relationship. These are all long-term relationships. 

Dark and Rachy Folsom in Second Life

“ We first met in a club and Dark was standing in my way, I couldn’t hit the teleport button so I asked him to move. He was a big avatar, back then I guess we all were, it was SL’s Amazon Era. Anyway the way I asked him to move wasn’t very nice so once when I got into the club, I sent him an instant message and apologized for being rude. We started talking in IM for a few minutes and he complimented me on my dance moves. I was a little confused about this and asked him how he knew my moves were good. He was in club too and had been watching me this whole time, he then asked if I wanted to dance and I accepted. We danced together and just talked the night away.

The next day when I logged in he IM-ed me and asked me what I was doing that night, I honestly wasn’t expecting anything from him and I didn’t think that it would turn into anything. Nevertheless we went out dancing that night and I think its safe to stay that it all went from there. It just became a relationship without either of us ever saying it was. We just fell into naturally.

We have had arguments, every relationship does and at one point we did split up because he didn’t feel he could carry on with the relationship. The biggest thing was time difference, I lived in the UK at the time and he was in the USA so the time difference was by 5 hours. We did talk about it and I think the reason for the split was he didn’t  feel that he wanted just an online relationship and didn’t feel he could ask for it be any thing other than that.

We did bring some of the relationship into real life. We talked through Skype and phone calls. We often talked about real life and how we would like to meet each other and then about 3 months after meeting and talking I did fly over to see him and met face to face. I was

Meet Rachy and Dark in the flesh

there for 2 weeks. Our first meeting was a bit weird, because it wasn’t like I was meeting someone I met online, it was like meeting an old friend. We felt like we had known each other for years and that allowed us to take our relationship to whole other level. During my two weeks he asked me to marry him in Second Life. When I flew we did just that, then after eight weeks of being in the UK, I couldn’t take it any more. I packed my bags and flew back to the states for a three month visit. About three weeks before the three months were up, we started talking about what it was going to be like with me not being there, what it would be like back in the UK and to be honest it was too much to bare. We did a quick check with immigration to see what would happen if I stayed and about two weeks before my visa was up we got married in real life. We got the correct papers and everything and here I am in the states four years later, still very much in love and still playing Second Life.

August will be our 5th year of marriage in Second Life and Real life. Meeting in Second Life was a big advantage because if we hadn’t met in SL we would have never been together now because there is simply no way, no chance of meeting your soul mate who lives half way across the world.

I believe the reason why relationships in Second Life work out is because of communication, our relationship was based on communication because we didn’t have anything else, no TV, no Movies, no nights out just SL. When you’re in world what else can you? Yeah you can dress up but mainly it’s talking and back then it was all keyboard talk so you really get to know that person. Dark and I, are very like-minded and added to the fact that I really liked him in real life makes it even better. I got the best of both worlds, I got a man I could talk to, a man I found very attractive and a man who is my best friend. Of course everyone’s experience is different, I was just lucky, I guess. “

Now they have a family. Awwwwww!!!!

All Second Life relationships are different, not everyone will find their soul mate in this virtual world, but it seems that a lot of people are falling in love and sometimes relationships form but never go into Real Life.

Don’t miss the next Second Life Relationships, when another long-term SL couple will tell their story.