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Types of Nekos

Types of Nekos The lifestyle of being a neko is not an easy one, in fact being a neko is just like being a cat in the Real World. Keep in mind that because neko’s are so popular it has become very difficult to make a person stand out from the crowd because like cats […]

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The March Military Expo

Another part of Second Life Culture is honouring the heroes who fought for us during the wars. An article was written for the Torch SLG which showcased  the SL US Military Veterans group. Now we are proud to say, for immediate release  the World War 2 Memorial Park will be hosting the March Military Expo: […]

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Roleplaying in Second Life: Crack Den

Crack Den is the name of an urban role-play community, set in the fictional city of Hathian in present day New Orleans. Hathian is filled with crime, back alley bar fights, strip clubs and dirty dealings. This community gives residents a realistic experience embedded in different aspects such as a college named Columtreal University, a […]

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Third Party Viewer policy change from LL puts third party viewers at risk

At 2pm PST yesterday (friday 2/24) Linden Labs announced that they will change the policy for third party viewers. This change brings a lot of discussion material to the table, as they seem to want to eliminate all third party viewers without actually ban them. The most discussed change is section 2.k, that states that […]

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Introduction to Kidz Korner: Kimka Fralto

My name is KimKa.  I play a five (almost six!) year old on Second Life.  I have been a child for about a year now. I chose to be a child in Second Life for a few reasons.  One reason was my desire for a family.  In RL (real life) I have been an orphan […]

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Second Life and its Media.

Second Life has a wide variety of Media, from Radio, Television to countless amounts of print publications ( blogs, magazines and online websites). The Torch SL Guide was able to get in touch with one of the show producers from the very popular TreetTV. Saffia Widdershins, is the CEO of Prim Perfect Publication, as well […]

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So You Want to Own a Business in Second Life – Part 1

As a multiple Second Life business owner, I am often asked the following questions:  How can I start a business?  What would I need to start a business in Second Life?  What are types of businesses in Second Life I could own? To help answer these questions and to contribute to the Torch SL Guide, […]

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