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Club InFuZion

A new club is out in Second Life, Club InFuZion owned by  Fox Daviau and has been opened for 3 weeks. Now managed by Form Club FreQ Owner Starry Sparkle: ” Infuzion is a place where we all can get together, joke around, play games, and have good conversation. Also we are very welcoming, to not […]

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USMC files DMCA on SLCC’s

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) has been sent to several SL creators… by the U.S. Marine Core! According to the U.S. Marine Corps Trademark Licensing Office, the use of the USMC logo, the names USMC, U.S. Marine Corp or any likeness thereof is a violation of copyright law. This means that the creators in SL […]

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Steam’s Page 3 Girl #5

This is a super quick post as the item that Mtiifu found and wanted to share is part of the Just For Fun Hunt which finishes on September 30, so you got to be quick! Today Mtiifu is wearing: Hair – Diva: Chiharu, group gift Eyes – Sterling Artistry: September exploration, store gift Manicure – Sterling […]

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A Girl & Her Bike

So I was talking to Mtiifu about the upcoming post on my blog showing off a great V twin custom street bike I found when she tped me over to another sim and this was what I found: It was kind of like “don’t you know girls ride too?” I laughed hard and agreed to blog her on her streetfighter. Today […]

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Cyber in INSILICO – Roleplaying In SL

The tall towers goes far off into the smog, all I saw was cold, dark steel. A beeping in my ear alerted me that someone was near. I turned around and scanned the humanoid who just arrived per the transport beam. It was my beloved Iz M. “Do you want to get a snack at […]

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Imprudence Releases New 1.4 Beta

Imprudence has just released their 1.4 Beta to the world. Imprudence is one of many open source viewers out there is based once again on the ever popular Linden Labs viewer 1.x. According to the Kokua/Imprudence Blog, this is the second beta to be released and there are a few bugs that still need to […]

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Succubis: A stunningly beautiful woman. Her voluptuous form is squeezed into a tight leather bodice. Large bat wings unfurl from her back, and she lets out a short gasp as she cracks a small whip against her milky thigh. A succubus is pleasure and pain rolled into one deadly package. Like all demons, she enjoys bringing […]

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