Club InFuZion

A new club is out in Second Life, Club InFuZion owned by  Fox Daviau and has been opened for 3 weeks. Now managed by Form Club FreQ Owner Starry Sparkle:

InFuzion Logo

InFuzion: Hot new Club in Second Life.

” Infuzion is a place where we all can get together, joke around, play games, and have good conversation. Also we are very welcoming, to not just nekos but everyone who walks into the club. A lot have asked if just nekos are allowed to work here, but I always let them know that ANYONE is allowed to work here with experience.

I also keep an open mind to the fact that everyone has to start some where, and If I have the time to train some one I will. For example Isabell Starfall is a host here, and has never worked before. She is now employee of the week this week. Because she has offered so much help, and always is on time, she proves she loves working with us, and joining us when she’s not working.”

– Starry Sparkle

Club InFuZion have an array of activities to make your entertained and coming back for more. From ‘Best in’ contests to trivia balls and sploders that go up 2k L$ (Lindens). They even provide private parties such as engagement parties to birthday parties and will provide the DJ and Decorations.

To check out Club InFuZion 

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USMC files DMCA on SLCC’s

DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) has been sent to several SL creators… by the U.S. Marine Core!

According to the U.S. Marine Corps Trademark Licensing Office, the use of the USMC logo, the names USMC, U.S. Marine Corp or any likeness thereof is a violation of copyright law. This means that the creators in SL that have been using this logo or this name have since 2000 been commiting copyright fraud, IF they have earned over 15 000USD per year from the products. Knowing the Linden Rate, I doubt many creators have reached anywhere near those sums, however USMC Trademark Licensing Office decided that they had and filed DMCA’s on all creators that used these.

What baffles most is that they only went for the things available on the Marketplace, not the things available inworld and they never gave any warning to any of the creators. The logo and names in question is also available in US surplus stores, wich according to US law makes it fair use.

What effects will this have on the ones who wears these uniforms, logos and names in SL? Only time will tell, but I know there are a lot of ex-marines out there that are sad about these news, as the mark they wore with pride is taken away from them.

According to one creator, in the article called Hoorah to protect his identity, many ex-marines have praised the 13 items that was taken off the Marketplace, as they have been injured or in other ways been unable to continue their duty in the USMC. One of them even asked Hoorah to recreate the Bronze Star as he had sent his to the iraqui girl who found him and rescued him in the event that lead to the loss of his legs.

Copyright issues is a hard case, as most people are on both sides at the same time and it is hard to know what is a copyright infringement and what isn’t, but as a rule of thumb, if you aren’t the creator of the logo or the name, consider changing it before you sell it.

Steam’s Page 3 Girl #5

This is a super quick post as the item that Mtiifu found and wanted to share is part of the Just For Fun Hunt which finishes on September 30, so you got to be quick!

Today Mtiifu is wearing:
Hair – Diva: Chiharu, group gift
Eyes – Sterling Artistry: September exploration, store gift
Manicure – Sterling Artistry: Honeycomb Gold, store gift
Outfit including tattoo – [[721]] : Dump green, JFFH # 59 (see above for hunt blog)
Shoes - GABRIEL: Gladiator sandals, brown, group gift
Poses – Photo taken for free at the Free Photography Studio and Mall and edited in GIMP

As always the items shown were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

Keep having fun.

Words: Steam Engineer
Model: Mtiifu Aunerfal
Photography: Steam Engineer

A Girl & Her Bike

So I was talking to Mtiifu about the upcoming post on my blog showing off a great V twin custom street bike I found when she tped me over to another sim and this was what I found:

It was kind of like “don’t you know girls ride too?” I laughed hard and agreed to blog her on her streetfighter.

Today Mtiifu is wearing:
Hair -Tram: A330 hair, group gift
Outfit – <GC>: Kiev, lucky letter prize at the =BOS= Mall
Sunglasses – ROLE OPTIC: TOM, white, store gift
Tattoo – Wicked Tattoo: Vital Tattoo, lucky letter prize
Boots – Stiletto Moody: Tall boots (not free)
Bike – Turlaccor Custombike Store :Anima Superbike, not free, but go ride a demo for free

As always the items shown were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

Keep having fun.

Words: Steam Engineer
Model: Mtiifu Aunerfal
Photography: Steam Engineer

Cyber in INSILICO – Roleplaying In SL

The tall towers goes far off into the smog, all I saw was cold, dark steel. A beeping in my ear alerted me that someone was near. I turned around and scanned the humanoid who just arrived per the transport beam. It was my beloved Iz M. “Do you want to get a snack at Buddha’s Bowl?” she asked. I nodded in reply. We walked the long metal road to Buddha’s Bowl. “Ni hao” the hologram said. “Ni hao” I replied. “Ni xu yao dian xie shen me?” the hologram said. My translator box beeped in my ear and the mechanical voice said “What would you like to order?”. I looked at the dispenser and then at Iz M, asking her “What would you like? I just got my creds today, so it’s on me.”

Iz M and Morph in INSILICO

This is the second part of the Roleplaying In SL series, this time we are looking at the cyber world of INSILICO. Cyber is a mix between gothic futuristic settings and preapocalyptic techno-future. A sort of steampunk for the 50th century, so to speak.

I am playing an augmented human, a sort of cyborg-like being with bodyparts replaced with mechanical and digital devices to enhance things such as vision and hearing. Unlike cyborgs, augmenters still have their whole brain intact, except for maybe a few enhancements. They think like humans and act like humans, well, they are humans. Think Johnny Mnemonic!

The website for INSILICO tells more about this particular world.

Imprudence Releases New 1.4 Beta

Imprudence has just released their 1.4 Beta to the world. Imprudence is one of many open source viewers out there is based once again on the ever popular Linden Labs viewer 1.x.

According to the Kokua/Imprudence Blog, this is the second beta to be released and there are a few bugs that still need to be fixed. Another thing they note is that this will not have Mesh Support since they will not be using Henri Beacuchamp’s mesh for viewer 1 patches, and that they are working toward achieving that with Kokua which is their V2/3 based viewer,  though this is yet to be made public.

So Fans of Imprudence never fear for a mesh supporting Imp Based viewer will soon be here! For now, however check out Imp Beta 1.4


Succubis: A stunningly beautiful woman. Her voluptuous form is squeezed into a tight leather bodice. Large bat wings unfurl from her back, and she lets out a short gasp as she cracks a small whip against her milky thigh. A succubus is pleasure and pain rolled into one deadly package. Like all demons, she enjoys bringing death and misery to the mortal races — but that doesn’t mean she can’t have fun with them first.

Mtiifu was asking me about the wings in my Fallen Angel post and when I said they came with a full outfit, she went and grabbed it straight away – the picture above was the result.

Today Mtiifu is wearing:
Full outfit - Sassy: Succubus, Twisted Unseelie hunt #199 (ends September 30)
Hair – Diva: Mana type B, Onyx, store gift
Boots – Stiletto Moody: Tall boots (very definitely not free)

As always the items shown were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

Keep having fun.

Words: Steam Engineer
Model: Mtiifu Aunerfal
Photography: Steam Engineer

Fallen Angel

He swooped down from above, gliding silently ever downwards. As the sound of the acrid air rushed past his ears, he breathed in deeply relishing the sulphur as it filled his lungs. A wry smile creased his lips as he viewed the devastation he had wrought, noticing for the first time the blood that dripped from the blade of his drawn dagger, wondering which poor wretched creature it had once belonged too…. and he laughed:

Today Steam is Wearing:
Skin – ::[Mr Poet]:: Randal male skin, lucky letter prize
Shape –  ::[Mr Poet]:: Randal shape, lucky letter prize
Hair -  Me-i Humanoidism Hair: Yang,  SNH hunt #40 (hunt finished but gift still out)
Eyes – HooT: Wild Like Fire, Witch Hunt  (ends September 30)
Fangs - [ni.ju]: Fangs, store gift
Horns – Tekeli-li: Efreet - Horns, L$1 instore
Wings – Sassy: Sucubus wings, Twisted Unseelie hunt #199 (ends September 30)
Gloves – GABRIEL: Leather Gloves, L$1 at the Modavia Fashion Market
Dagger -Tekeli-li: Efreet - Dagger, included with horns
Necklace – Tekeli-li: Piscene necklace & Earings, L$1 instore
Tattoo – XWD: Stay Far From Me, gift at the Kmadd gift area
Shorts – Trapt: Black ripped Corduroy Shorts, 60 minute store camping prize

As always the items shown were available at the time of writing at no cost or the cost indicated , but no warranty is given that they will continue to be so – that is totally at the discretion of the Store Owner/Designer.

Keep having fun.

Words: Steam Engineer
Photography: Steam Engineer

The (relatively) new third party viewers

It seems you can’t keep a good viewer down as new third-party viewers have popped up with updated mesh support.  Astra, Catznip, and Niran have joined the family this September, providing an alternative to SecondLife’s Default viewer.


Catznip, created by Trinity Dejavu and Kitty Barnett is an a user-friendly third-party viewer which is based on the original V2. According to Catznip’s blog Catznip 2.6 & 2.8 were released on September 20, 2011. Catznip seems like the Imprudence of  V2, keeping things simple and does not over complicate the user experience. The Torch SL Guide recommends this viewer to first time Second Life users.


Niran’s Viewer is a German Based Viewer and is a Kristens Viewer modification. After discontinuation of the Kristen viewer, Niran developer NiranV Dean started on Niran’s blog :

Kirstens Viewer continues?

YES! , it’s not yet dead i want to continue it , im having fun merging bugfixes and features atm , building my own Viewer and using it =3 *proud is*
                                                                                                                                              – NirvanV Dean
Like Kristens this viewer is aimed at photographers, builders and film makers.


Astra is another open source viewer based on the Snowglobe Viewer 1.5. The Torch SL Guide could only get little information on Astra, and this was only found on the Living in a Modern World Blog, so check it out for more information on the Astra Viewer

Phoenix Viewer will Have Mesh Support?

According to Jessica Lyon, one the developer of Second Life third party viewer Phoenix/Firestorm, announced that their Phoenix Viewer might have Mesh support. Thou Viewer1-based viewers is supposed to be unable to hold mesh support, recent development with the Cool VL viewer, developed by Henri Beauchamp who is an avid fan of Viewer1, the technology for mesh in Viewer1 is now a real possibility.

There are a few things to concider thou. Phoenix is still a has-been project, and the development team is still directing their focus on Firestorm and will therefore not have support for Phoenix in the future. This is because Viewer1-based viewers are already on life support and the work with retrofitting the V1-based viewers is way much more than it would take to build new viewers based on V2 and V3. What took 9 months to do on V1 took only 2 weeks to do on Firestorm.

Another issue is that mesh requires SSE2, a protocol not supported by older computers, so a final Phoenix Viewer without mesh will also be released until you with older computers can upgrade. By then you should also have a computer good enough for Firestorm and Viewer2/3.