The Survivors Of Suicide Project

The Survivors Of Suicide Project

Owner: Survivors of Suicide Group


It’s time for this months Helping Hand article and this time I’m going to show you a place that lies near my heart. It’s the Survivors of Suicide Project.

There's much information to get here

This is a place where you can turn if you’ve lost someone to suicide to help you with the grief, or if you have dark thoughts and need help getting out of them, or if you know someone that does. You can check it out even if you’re just curious about what makes us feel, this place has a lot of information about everything from Post Stress Disorder to how Serotonin affects the body and mind.

There are many people involved in this project to raise money for the prevention of suicide. There’s an art gallery (wich I of course can’t take pictures of, you have to visit it yourselves), where you can by paintings drawn by members and supporters of the project. There’s clothes you can buy for a small penny to show your support for the cause. There’s even Plant Pets to buy here for around 400L$. Plant Pets are prim plants that behaves like real plants, they need watering and each plant has its own behaviour, just like a real plant.

Even clowns have painful memories :'(

There’s a message board where you can read and post poems, artwork and such with a yearly contest of the best poetry and artwork. On the same wall you have the NoH8 groups that support victims of transgender hate crimes and suicides. They offer a few freebies and a lot of information about hate crimes and their preventions.

The main room most people go to when visiting this place is the Memorial, where there are hundreds of lit candles, each with names attached to them. Each candle repressent someone lost to suicide and each candle is lit by a visitor. To light a candle yourself, find an unlit candle, make a notecard with the name of your loved one and if you want, write something in the notecard itself. Then drop the notecard inside the unlit candle and watch it light up and the name of your loved one will hover above it. If someone clicks the candle, they will get the notecard you just put in there, so they can share your remembrance of the person (or persons).

If you chose to donate to the project via the donation bowl, you get this beatiful rose as a thanks for the donation.

There are even more things to discover, but as usual, I’ll let you discover these things for yourself as it would take a whole novel to collect everything that SoS has to offer.

Music: None but the soothing songs of birds

Lag: 2-3 (Little to no lag)

Newbie Friendliness: 9 (Not much of the mechanics explained, but there’s not much that needs explanation)

Personal Rating: 10 (I support this project with all of my heart)


Written by: Morphman

Pictures by: Morphman the Clown

About Morphman the Clown

I'm the nice kind of clown that entertains you before I eat you

3 comments on “The Survivors Of Suicide Project

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  3. […] World Suicide Prevention Day does not only offer support and activities in the real world, but the virtual world also. Second Life’s Survivors of Suicide offers 24/7 peer-to-peer support in world as well as education on how to prevent suicide and deal with depression.  […]

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